Female Nicknames

The following are nicknames for female given names that you might come across while searching for your ancestors.   If you have others to add, please email me.




Abbie, Abby Abigail, Abagail
Addie, Addy Adelina, Adela, Ada
Aggie Agnes, Agatha
Allie Alice, Althea
Amy Amelia
Barbary Barbara
Becky, Bec, Becca Rebecca
Betsy Beatrice, Beatrix
Beth, Bessie, Bessy, Bitsy Elizabeth
Cammie Camilla
Carrie Caroline
Cass, Cassy, Cassie Cassandra
Cate, Kate, Cat Catherine
Cicely, Sis Cecelia
Cyntha, Cynthie Cynthia
Creasy, Crecy, Crecie Lucretia
Dicey Eudacia
Dru Drucilla
Effie Euphemia
Ella Eleanor, Ellen
Emma Erminia
Essie Esther
Ethel Ethelinda
Eudora, Dora Theodora
Eunie, Nicey, Nicy Eugenia, Eunice
Eura or Ura
Eva, Lina, Vangie Evangeline, Evaline
Fanny, Frank Frances
Flo, Flossie, Flora Florence
Gail, Abbie Abigail
Genie, Jeannie Eugenia
Gertie Gertrude
Gincey, Jenny Jane
Greta Margaret
Gris Griselda
Gussia, Gussie, Augie Augusta
Gwen Gwendolyn
Hallie Mahalia
Hatty, Hattie Harriett
Hepsy Hephzibah
Hetty Henrietta
Hulda Mahulda
Janet, Jeanne, Jennet, Jenny, Ginny Jane, Virginia
Jessie, Jess Jessica
Josie, Jo Josepha, Josephine
Jules, Julie Julia
Kate, Kathy, Kay, Kitty K(C)atherine
Leitha, Letha Aletha, Tellitha
Lena Helena
Letty Lettice, Letitia
Lila Delilah
Lina Salina, Selena, Melina
Linda Malinda
Livvy Lavinia, Olivia
Liza Elizabeth, Eliza
Lotta, Lottie, Lotty Charlotte
Lucy, Luce, Lucie Lucinda
Madge, Margie Margaret, Margery, Marjorie
Mae, May Mary
Mag, Maggy, Maggie Margaret
Mandy Amanda
Milly, Millie Emily, Amelia, Millicent, Mildred
Minnie Mary, Minerva
Molly, Polly Mary
Nabby Abigail
Nancy Agnes
Nan, Nancy, Nanny Ann, Anne, Anna
Neecy Permecia
Nell, Nellie, Nelly Ellen, Cornelia, Eleanor, Penelope
Netty Annette, Zanetta
Nicey Eunice
Nona Winona
Nora Eleanor, Leonora
Ollie, Livie Olivia
Patsy, Patty, Pat Martha, Patricia
Peg, Peggy Margaret
Phemie Euphemia
Pheny Josephine
Polly, Poll Mary, Paulina
Prissy Pricilla
Prudy, Prue Prudance
Rena Serena, Irena, Norena
Sadie, Sally, Sal Sarah, Sara
Sillah Drusiliah, Drucilla, Priscilla
Sis, Sissy Cecilia
Sophy Sophia, Sophronia
Sue, Suke, Suky, Susie Susan, Susannah
Tabby Tabitha
Tempy Temperance
Tess Theresa
Thursa, Thurze Theresa
Tilda, Tilly Mathilda, Matilda
Tina, Tiny Clementina, Christina
Trudy Gertrude
Vergie Virginia
Viney, Vinnie Lavinia
Willie Williamana, any feminine form of William
Zilla Zerilda, Zerelda, Luzilla, Barzilla






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