County Clerk and other Public Records
Public Affidavit of W.L. Rea
Concerning Property of Daniel Fox

Public Affidavit Concerning
Early Race Track off William Doughty

Public Affidavit of P.A. Johnson
Concerning Property of Daniel Fox

Registered Owners of Brands
Book A, Pages 1 through 5
Begins 1840
Registered Owners of Brands
Book A, Pages 6 through 10
Citizenship Granted
Citizenship Papers Granted in District Court - 1935
Includes individuals from Nursery, Louise, Nordheim, Bloomington, Yorktown and Refugio
Commissioner Court Minutes
Debts Owed by Refugio County - May 20, 1850
Jury of Inquest and Assessment of Horses - April 28, 1860
Insolvent List - April 30, 1860

Indigent School Children - September 4, 1860

Commissioner Court Minutes - January 1861
Mentions prisoners, election precinct officials, construction of a doctor's office, etc.
Commissioner Court Minutes - January 6, 1865
List of Indigent Dependents of Soldiers, including number of children.
Distribution of Corn to Indigent Families of Soldiers - April 3, 1865
Conveyances of Slaves
Andrews to Holbrook - 1852 - Conveyance of Negro girl, Mary
Holbrook to McGrew - 1854 - Conveyance of Negro girl, Mary
Betts to Fagan - 1854 - Conveyance of Negro woman, Hannah
Rogers to Dorsett - 1856 - Conveyance of Negress, Emily
Parker to Kuykendall - 1856 - Conveyance of Negro girl, Harriet
Parker to Kuykendall - 1856 - Conveyance of Negro boy, Henderson

Dunman to Dunman - Conveyance of Negro family - 1856

Dunman to Dunman - Conveyance of Negro Boy Bob - 1856

Gay to Aldrete - Conveyance of Negro Girl Chanty - 1856
County Officials
County Officials During the Republic Era 1836-1845
First County Officials to Serve Refugio after Texas Became a State - 1846
County Records
Refugio County Records
Available on Microfilm from
Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Declarations of Intent to Become Citizen 
Michael Beirne - Declaration of Intention - 1881
Julian Roche - Declaration of Intention - 1886
Thomas McGuill - Petition for Naturalization - 1861
Confederate States of America
John Dorsey - Declaration of Intention - 1867
Declarations of Intent
One born in France, seven born in Mexico
Deed Records
See Land Records
District Court Minutes
Bailiffs - District Court - Spring 1879
Witnesses before Grand Jury - District Court - Spring 1879
This list contains names of men from Bee, San Patricio, Victoria and Goliad Counties, as well as Refugio County.
Criminal Indictments - District Court - Spring 1879
Criminal Indictments - District Court - Spring 1881
Criminal Docket - District Court - Spring 1881
Civil Docket - Spring 1881
Gammel's Laws of Texas
Abstracts from the Gammel's Laws of Texas 1822 - 1846
Jury Lists
Jury List - Spring 1847
Jury List - Spring 1851
Jury Lists - 1857
Grand Jurors - 1861
Jury List - 1861
This list contains 126 names.
Grand Jurors - Spring 1865
Grand Jurors - September 1865 - Revised by the Court
Jury List - Fall - 1868
Grand Jury List - Spring 1879
Grand Jury List - Fall 1879
Petit Jury List - Fall 1879
Grand Jury List and Bailiffs - Spring 1880
Petit Jury List - Spring 1880
Grand Jury List - Fall 1902
Jury List - October 1933
Grand Jury List - March 1935
Jury List - March 1935
Land Titles
See Land Records
Naturalization Records
Index to Naturalization Records 1854 to 1904
Immigrants from Mexico, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland and France
Oaths for Headright Certificates
See Land Records
Supreme Court Records
Texas Reports:
Hatch vs. Dunn
1867 Voter Registration
1867 Voter Registration
This voter registration is the first public record of African-American surnames.  It is a tremendous research tool.  The voters have been listed in the order in which they registered (rather than alpha order) so that the researcher can see who might have registered together.  This can often be a clue for additional research.


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