William Benjamin HALLEY, M.D.

In 1897 Dr. Halley initiated the practice of his profession, but it was not until one year later that he established himself in Ballinger, where he has since continued with all success, adding something of value to his excellent standing each year, and finding himself more securely placed in public confidence and esteem with the passing of time. He conducts a general practice, and in addition to his private practice, has served as county health physiciain in the years from 1900 to 1906.

W.B. Halley was born on August 9, 1869, in Salado, Texas, and is a son of Captain R.B. and Lydia (Edrington) Halley. The father, who was a native Georgian, while the mother was born in Memphis, Tennessee, came to Texas in 1854 and settled in San Antonio. In 1858 he went to Salado, in Bell county, and there took up his residence. He was a cattleman and stock farmer, and he made Bell county the center of his activities until he died in 1875. He was a soldier of the Mexican war. He was also a Confederate veteran, having served valiantly in the Confederate army throughout the Civil war, and he was captain of his company, in General Baylor's Cavalry Regiment. When the war was over he resumed stock farming in Bell county, and there reared his family, which included eight children.

Dr. Halley is the next to the youngest of the children of his parents. He gained his education along rudimentary lines in the schools of Salado, after which he took a medical course in the University of Texas, being graduated from that institution in 1872 with the degree of M.D. Other courses of study have further prepared the Doctor for his work, he having in 1900 taken a post-graduate course in the Polyclinic of New York City, and in 1906 a similar course in the Polyclinic of Chicago, while in 1910 he further augmented his preparation by taking another post-graduate course in the New York Post Graduate, so that he is well fortified in his training, and ever alert to the advances and discoveries made in his profession.

The first location of Dr. Halley for actual practice was at Palestine, Texas, where he was in charge of the I.G.N. Railroad Hospital, and he continued there for one year, coming to Ballinger in 1898. His stay here has been a continuous one, broken into only by his absence in post-graduate studies. He is known in the medical profession as a hard-working and ambitious man, and his advance has been consistent with the labor he has expended in his work, and wholly worthy of him. From 1900 to 1906 the Doctor was county health officer, a post which he filled with efficiency, despite the demands it made upon his time and attention. In 1905 Dr. Halley and Dr. Love established and built the Halley & Love Sanatorium, situated on the highest point in Ballinger(sic) county. It has accommodations for eighteen patients, with modern operating room and all modern conveniences.

A Democrat in his political faith, Dr. Halley has given some little attention to affairs of that nature, though he has never been one to look for official preferment. He is a Mason with Knights Templar and Shriner affiliations and has taken the thirty-second degree in the Scottish Rite body of Masonry. He has been high priest of the Chapter, and served in the past year as master of the order, and is now Worthy Patron of the Order of the Eastern Star. He is vice president of the Ballinger Club, and has membership in the Christian church.

On June 4, 1906, Dr. Halley was married in Georgetown, Texas, to Miss Velma Bailey, a daughter of J.L. and Adeline Bailey, now of Temple, Texas.

Source: A History of Texas and Texans by Frank W. Johnson, The American Historical Society, Chicago and New York, 1914, pg. 1209