Counts Cemetery
Content, Runnels County, Texas

This is not a complete list.

Name of Interred

Date of Birth

Date of Death



Benjamin Jackson Jenkins September 1, 1861 06 February 1939 Born near Taylor, Williamson County, Texas
Son of Elisha Jenkins and Martha Jane Long
Terry Jenkins
Mollie Hammonds Jenkins November 1865 Dec. 25, 1911 Wife of Benjamin Jackson Jenkins
Mother of ten children
Born in Tennessee, Died on the family farm north of Crews, Texas
Died of tuberculosis
Ada Jenkins 1903 1903 Daughter of Benjamin J. and Mollie Jenkins
Eva Jenkins 1894 (March 03, 1931) Daughter of Benjamin J. and Mollie Jenkins
Died Lamesa, Dawson County, Texas
R. E. Lafoon January 16, 1884 March 6, 1964

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