Evergreen Cemetery
Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas

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Samuel P. Brown 28 January 1896 He moved to Runnels County in 1879 and settled near Blue Gap and was instrumental in organizing the county. He was the first Justice of the Peace in his precinct. He moved to the town of Runnels in 1885 and moved to Ballinger in 1887. In Ballinger, Samuel engaged in the hotel business and was elected County Commissioner in 1890 and was reelected in 1892. picture Terry Jenkins
Martha Jane (Long) Jenkins Brown
December 1842 01 February 1914 Martha Jane Long was born in December 1842 in Georgia. She was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Long and Millie (Mittie) Roe.

Martha married Elisha “Eli” Jenkins in Williamson County, Texas on 13 September 1860. They had one child: Benjamin Jackson Jenkins, born 1861. Eli was killed in the Civil War in 1864 at the Battle of Pleasant Hill.

In 1876 in Williamson County, Martha married Samuel P. Brown. The marriage took place at the home of B. F. Goats. Unsure of the connection between these two families. They had one daughter: Eva Rebekah Brown, born 1877. They moved to Runnels County in October 1879. He settled near Blue Gap and was instrumental in organizing the county.

Samuel died on 28 January 1896 and was buried in Ballinger’s Evergreen Cemetery. Martha lived with her daughter, even after her daughter’s marriage to Joseph L. Spoonts, until her death on 01 February 1914. She is buried beside Samuel in Ballinger. There is a single marker showing the achievements of Samuel Brown during his Civil War years. obituary picture

Andrew J. Spann December 21, 1839 October 27, 1926 Co F, 1 Regt, KY Inf. CSA
C.A. Doose 1875 1947
William Doose Sr. 1848 1917
Anna Catherine Doose 1849 1910
C. C. Cockrell October 29, 1855 April 10, 1920
Hugh C. Parramore 1867 1924
Chas. H. Willingham 1855 1924
T. J. Stocks
1849 - 1925
1849 1925
G. G. Odom
1852 - 1930
1852 1930
Thomas T. Crosson 1855 1950
Mary Hill Crosson 1882 1913
William Henry Weeks August 27, 1842 October 3, 1920 Pvt Co K 17 Texas Inf. Confederate States Army
William T. Caudle January 11, 1842 September 11, 1926 Co F, 48 Regt, Ala Inf. CSA
Henry H. Luckett 1848 1923
John I. Guion January 4, 1852 October 27, 1920
T.D. Shieder March 11, 1844 August 26, 1920
Otto Vogelsang Mar. 7, 1852 Apr. 16, 1929
Hellena Vogelsang Mar. 6, 1853 May 31, 1939
Emilie Pape Dec. 1, 1861 July 9, 1930
Henry F. Pape Dec. 4, 1862 Feb. 25, 1907
N. T. Guest January 22, 1845 January 29, 1920 Born in Itawamba Co., Miss
Elizabeth P. Guest January 30, 1854 December 27, 1934 Born in Knox Co., Tenn
M. C. Smith March 7, 1847 April 8, 1921
Conda H. Wylie 1882 1969
M. E.Batts February 7, 1861 July 11, 1912 wife of T.J. Batts
T.J. Batts May 10, 1846 February 18, 1910 Co F., 11 Regt., Tenn Inf., CSA
John W. Clampitt November 25, 1849 May 20, 1927
Callie M. Clampitt July 16, 1864 June 14, 1917
Flynt, Jim Petty 1878 1966
Flynt, Carrie Jane 1876 1967
Baskin, Eugene Clifton 9 Jul 1873 5 Sep 1951 Carol Baskin Tatum
Baskin, Alice Jones 31 Jan 1887 25 Mar 1961 wife of Eugene Clifton Baskin
Park, Eugenia Baskin 1909 1969
James R. Taylor 23 Nov 1883 12 Feb 1915 born probably in Norton,Tx; died Ballinger Tx
"Our darling one has gone before to greet us on the golden shore"
Member of the Baptist Church & Masonic Lodge in Norton, active in Ballinger business & social life.

William Taylor Penn
Mack Taylor 4 September 1880 12 February 1918 born in Norton, Tx; died in Ranger, Tx in the Spanish Flu epidemic
Mack's middle name is reported to be "Cullock" from his daughter, Jimmie Jewell (Taylor) Penn
Son of M.C. (Mas Cena) Taylor and Elizabeth Jane (Clark) Taylor
during the 1880's-1930's. Mack was a member of Woodmen of the World Lodge
Collie Jewell (Rayburn) Taylor 25 February 1885 6 June 1971 born in Water Valley, Mississippi; died in Ballinger Tx. Wife of Mack C Taylor / daughter of Mathias Irvine Rayburn & Valentine Robison Rayburn, both buried in Norton Cemetery. Collie settled in Norton after moving from Mississippi in a horse-drawn wagon in 1900, married Mack in 1913 and after his death in 1918, worked as a dental assistant in Ballinger. She resided in the home originally owned by her parents at 900-10th St.
William Clark Penn 4 April 1866 28 November 1928 born reportedly in Rutherford Co, Tn; died in Ballinger Tx
Owned cotton brokerage business in Ballinger and was on School Board during 1920's.
Bought the house at 501-5th St in Ballinger and lived there with his family from approx 1905 to 1925.

From written account by Tom F Penn, son of W.C. Penn "WC Penn was born ..in a small town on the Tennessee-Kentucky boundry line in 1866. He came to Dallas early in life and became a cotton buyer there and places close to Dallas. Later, he moved to Brownwood and married Ida Lee Noel. They had seven children, daughters May, Myra, Jane, Ida and Nelle; sons Noel and Clinton B. Dad lost his wife and moved to Ballinger where he met my mother Kate. He owned his cotton office firm, and was president of the Ballinger School Board when a beautiful new red brick building was constructed in 1925-26."
Katharine Thomson Penn 3 January 1878 20 December 1920 born in Burleson County, Texas; died in Ballinger Tx.
Wife of William Clark Penn / Daughter of Annie Lee (Hope) Thomson & John Fontaine Fletcher Thomson
both of her parents are buried in Old Runnels Cemetery.

From written account by Tom F Penn, son of Kate: "My mother was very outgoing, loved her close family dearly, her friends, Methodist church, and my dad. Beautiful person. She became ill from cancer about four years before dying on Dec 21, 1922. Mother was cheerful, thankful for her family up to the day she died."
Clinton B. Penn Taylor 21 December 1892 20 September 1956 Texas Color Sgt. HQ CO 133 FA World War 1

Born Brownwood Tx / Died Dallas Tx
Married Ona Floy Hartman of Comanche, Tx

Clint was a 'cowboy' type and broke horses for the Army during WW1 for a short time.

He resided at 501-5th St in Ballinger during 1930 and was in the cotton business with his brother, Noel.

Adaline Gill Overton 1834 1902 born probably Heard Co., Ga.-died Runnels County, Texas
widow of Albert Overton of Coosa County, Alabama
daughter of Green Washington Gill and Martha Cooley of Heard Co., Ga.
Jan Elliott
Snell, Zachariah A. 1864 1927 husband of Emma Snell Darlene Tracy
Snell, Emma Ann 1870 1939 wife of Zack A.
Arra Richard Jones 1890 1931 husband of Alma Snell Jones
Alma I. Jones 1893 1955 wife of Arra Richard Jones
daughter of Zack and Emma Snell

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