J. Sam Hall Cemetery

published by
San Angelo Genealogical Society
"Stalkin' Kin" Volume 3 #4

reproduced here by permission

This cemetery is located in a field about a third of a mile northwest of the Norton Cemetery. it is surrounded by an iron fence.
The following records were compiled by Frank D. Jenkins on March 20, 1974

Hall, J. Sam (Civil War) 9 June 1848 16 December 1924 SAGS
Hall, Mollie E. (born in Dyer County, Tennessee, first wife) 10 October 1848 24 March 1897
Hall, Ida F. (second wife) 29 June 1860 28 February 1906
Hall, Leona (daughter of J.S. & M.E. Hall) 25 January 1884 17 October 1884
Hall, William J.D. (born in Coryell County, Texas) 26 August 1876 23 May 1898

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