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Early Settlers of Runnels County

Published by San Angelo Genealogical Society in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"

Originally submitted by Mr. Frank Jenkins
Published in "Stalkin' Kin" Volume IV Number 3

Permission to post here granted by the society.


Michael Collier BRIGHT was born 30 March 1834 in Greene, Tennessee, and was a son of Michael BRIGHT and Catherine (HAVER) BRIGHT, according to a statement once made by James Weaver BRIGHT.
     When the Civil War began, he enlisted from Greene, Tennessee as a second lieutenant in Company H, 64th North Carlina Infantry, in the spring onf 1862. He participated in the siege of Cumberland Gap in August on 1863 at the time that it was surrendered. He was taken prisoner and remained captive at Chicago, Illinois, until June of 1865 when he was furnished transportation back to his home.
After the Civil War, he married Hiley G. STONECYPHER. She was born in 1843.
In 1875 he moved to Benton, Oregon. In November of 1882 he moved to Content, Runnels County, Texas. He was elected county commissioner in November 1886 and was re-elected in November 1888. He was by occupation a successful farmer.
Michael Collier BRIGHT died on 24 June 1922. His wife died in 1910. Both were buried in marked graves in COUNTS Cemetery, Runnels, Texas. Their children were:

  1. Lydia L. BRIGHT, born 5 August 1869; died 8 August 1892; married 1 November 1888, Runnels, Texas, William A. WEAKLEY
  2. Cordie BRIGHT, born 1871; died 1952; married 28 February 1909, Runnels, Texas, Paul HAMON
  3. Carrie BRIGHT, married 31 December 1902, Runnels, Texas, J. W. DALE.
  4. Henry Stonecypher BRIGHT, born 18 December 1876; died 10 December 1967; married 28 June 1927, Icy A. CASH
  5. Albert Sidney BRIGHT, born 2 February 1879; died 15 July 1952; he never married.
  6. James Weaver BRIGHT, born 4 March 1881; died 3 October 1948; married Anney EMERY
  7. Victor Hugo BRIGHT, born 12 June 1885; died 12 October 1962; he never married

All members of this family, with the exception of Carrie (BRIGHT) DALE are buried in marked graves in COUNTS Cemetery, Runnels County, Texas.
In 1883 the Marion Landon BRIGHT family moved to Content, Runnels County, Texas. Mrs. Icy A. (CASH) BRIGHT stated that Michael Collier BRIGHT and Marion Landon BRIGHT were first cousins. She also stated that the mother of Marion Landon BRIGHT was nee LANDON.


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The above article was written by Frank D. Jenkins.

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