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The Ballinger Eagle

published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol. VII, No. 4, Pgs. 179-185.

An original copy is owned by Mr. Bill LEFTWICH, Fort Davis, Texas 79734.
It was abstracted by Frank D. Jenkins on 18 Feb. 1980.

The Ballinger Eagle

Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas, March 12, 1887
Vol. 5, No. 28
Whole Number 236

I. C. Huege, Proprietor

PERRYMAN AND WINTERS, Attorneys at Law and Land Agents, Ballinger, Tex.

T. S. HILL and T. T. CROSSON, Attorneys at Law and Land Agents. Office on Hutchins and 8th Street, in Bank building.

W. J. WINGATE, Attorney at Law and Land Agent, Ballinger, Texas.

N. C. EDWARDS, Attorney at Law and Lang Agent. Office on North Side of Broadway, next door to Nesbitt Hotel.

M. C. SMITH, Lawyer. Office south side of Hutchings Avenue, opposite the Postoffice, Ballinger, Texas

FISHER AND TOWNES, Attorneys at Law, Georgetown, Texas.

C. S. MILLER, Attorney at Law and Land Agent. Office at W. J. MILLER's Store, Ballinger, Texas.

MORTIMER McILHANY AND FRANK GRADY, Attorneys at Law. Office on North side of Hutchings Avenue, Ballinger, Texas.

W. F. LEMOND, Practical Surveyor, Attorney at Law and Expert Accountant, Ballinger, Texas. Office with McGINNIS AND POTTS, where he may be found at all times when not professionally called out.

DRS. HELMS AND OLIVE, Physicians and Surgeons. Office two doors east of Post Office, Ballinger, Texas.

C. R. HARGROVE, M. D. Office at WALKER AND BEAKLY's Drugstore.

DR. W. H. WILSON, Physician and Surgeon, Runnels, Texas. Can be found at his residence.

The Pioneer Bakery. JOE WALKER, Prop. Next Door from corner of Hutching and 9th Streets

CHAS. S. MILLER, Dealer in Grain and Groceries, also agent for Challenge Wind Mills and Pumps. East Side of Square, Ballinger, Texas. Agent for McCORMICK's Harvesting Machinery. Keeps on hand a large stock of oats, corn, corn meal, flour and hay. Fresh Herring, Irish Potatoes, Butter and Eggs. Fine Apples, Onions, Louisiana Syrup and Genuine Cream Cheese.

J. C. WILEY and CO., Dealers in Hardware, Agricultural Implements, Farm Machinery, Etc., Ballinger, Texas. C. W. TURNER, Manager. Receiving, Forwarding, and Commission. Agents Water Pierce Oil Co. We carry in stock and are sole agents for Avery Plows, Standard Cultivators, Deering Binders and Mowers, Nichols and Shepard's Trheshers(sic) and Engines, Studebaker Farm and Mountain wagons, Tennessee Wagons, also the latest improved Cotton and Corn Drills, Disc Pulverizers and Harrows, a full line of Buggies, Hacks, etc., J. C. WILEY and CO.

WALKER AND BEAKLEY, Druggist, Ballinger

H. D. PEARCE AND CO., Local Agent for Ayer's Medicines, Runnels, Texas.

AUGUST GLOBER, Tin shop, Hutchings Ave., Ballinger

Theo HEYCK, Shipping and Commission Merchant. Agent for W. J. LEMP's Beer and Ice, Abilene, Taylor Co., Texas.

D. S. HOBSON, Ballinger, Texas Contractor and Builder

Mrs. D. E. BURNS, Ballinger, Texas.  Representing Women's Christian Temperance Union.

Palace Drug Store. W. A. RIVES and CO., Proprietors. Hutchings Ave., next door to Post Office.

DR. DURHAM's Drug Store, in BOSWELL and SOWELL's Brick House, Seventh Street, Ballinger, Texas.

WILLINGHAM and HARRIS, Ballinger, Texas. Loans on Choice Ranches. Representing SHATTUCK and HOFFMAN, 21 Soledad Street, San Antonio, Tex.

BAYLISS and BOWEN, 7th St., Ballinger, Texas. Dealers in Liquones, Cigars, and everything kept in a first class bar.

C. H. McGINNIS, Lawyer; M. W. POTTS, Ins. Agt. Opposite Passenger Depot, corner 7th and Railroad Sts., Ballinger, Runnels Co., Texas.

THOMSON AND O'NEILL, Ballinger, Texas. For sale: Land, Homes and Stock.

L. O. OLIVER, Prop. Wagon Yard between 7th and 8th Sts., Ballinger, Tex.

Mrs. D. R. WATSON, Hutchins Ave., Ballinger, Texas. Ladies Millinery

J. D. HARGRAVE, Prop., Photograph Gallery, Hutchings Ave., Ballinger.

FRANK GRADY, Editor, The Ballinger Eagle, Ballinger, Texas.

Joe JOHNSON in town this week.

A. B. CARTER boarded train enroute to new home in Los Angeles, Calif.

Mr. H. D. PEARCE of Runnels, one of the oldest merchants in the county, will move his business from Runnels to Ballinger in a few days.

J. J. ERVIN lost 350 head of sheep; branded with black brand O circle.

Hubert PEARCE, a promising young man, will make his mark in the world.

Mr. J. E. FLETCHER to Miss Ella WEBSTER. Married, Wednesday, the 9th instant, at the residence of the bride's parents.

Mr. J. W. CLAMPITT had his residence moved down from Runnels this week and placed it just above Dr. RAPE's.

Mr. N. HAIGHT moved his residence out of the disputed territory this week.

The laying of the sub-irrigation tubes in Mr. RUTH's garden east of town is attracting a good many visitors.

J. W. DAVIS. Letter dated March 11, 1887 cocerning (sic) cotton crop in county.

Warthall Warbles. Mr. R. A. SMITH and his accomplished wife are back from Austin and will remain in their western home until Fall. Mr. C. C. FITZGERALD has returned from his ranch. Rev. T. W. COTTEN delivered an interesting talk to a small but attentive congrefation(sic) at our prayer meeting Sunday. It is a great pleasure to have him in our midst. He has been a true soldier at his post with us. Mr. J. MUNCY says he receiced (sic) a valentine this week. His girl must have overslept herself or the P. M. neglected his duty. Mr. Marsten COTTEN is with us. Mrs. Nannie VAUGHN and Miss MUNCY were visiting Miss Cora DANNELLEY last week. Will close for fear of the waste basket. Success to the Eagle. Jake.

Dr. HARGROVE had an accident last Saturday which came very near being serious. His horse ran away with him. He is now walking on crutches, but will soon be all right.

J. R. McDONALD was in town last Thursday.

The Pioneer Bakery. Joe WALKER, Prop. Next Door from corner of Hutchings and 9th Streets. The best of Bread, Cakes and Pies always on hand.

ROSE Livery Stable, Seventh Street, Ballinger, Texas.

Wm. CAMERON and Co., Ballinger, Texas. The old Reliable Lumber Dealers A. MATTHEWS. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Corn, Oats, Meal, Bran and Hay. Public Scales. Corner Hutchings and 8th Sts., Ballinger, Texas

J. H. RINEHART, manager. Original Transfer Company.

L. R. CARPENTER, Shipping and Commission Agent, Large Warehouse Railraod (sic) Track. Advances made on Wool. Ballinger, Texas

Searcy BAKER, dealer in all kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Mouldings, Etc. West Hutchings St., Ballinger, Tex]

Jno. R. Day and Co., Successors to Jno R. JONES and Co. Ballinger, Texas. Dealers in Rough and Dressed Lumber, choice Doors, Sash, Blinds, Etc.

Mr. C. W. HELMS, Train Master, and Mr. CARSON, assistant master mechanic of the G. C. and S. F. R. R. were in Ballinger Tuesday morning.

Mr. W. A. Feazell was quite sick the first of the week, but is all right again.

Mr. August GLOBER brought his family up from Lampasas on Thursday last. Mesdames EDWARDS and CARNES called on the Eagle this week.

Messrs. High JOHNSON, Ed DICKINSON and Tobe EDWARDS were in town Tuesday night in attendance to the Odd Fellow's meeting. At the last meeting Mr. H. C. JORDAN was elected Recording Secretary and I. C. Heuge as Vice Grand.

Mr. John R. Day were bring his mother and sisters to this place and go to housekeeping.

Capt. James PATTERSON returned from Delta County Wednesday night.

Mr. Tom CROSS has joined an English naturalist who intends spending four years exploring the Rocky Mountains.

Mrs. W. E. MUSE left Wednesday for Brownwood MUSE will probably resign his position as express messenger at an early date.

C. H. McGinnis, returned from a trip to Fort Worth, Abilene and other north TExas towns last Saturday. He reports that Ballinger is the livest town he has seen.

The citizens of Ballinger should take concerted action in regarding to securing a permanent cemetery for the town. No place has been provided for burying the dead and several interments have been made in the most unsuitable places.

Runnels Rumblings. District Court convened on FEbruary 28, 1887. Hon. Wm. KENNEDY presiding; W. R. SPENCER, County Attorney, representing the State in the absense of Col. BENTLY; John M FORMWALT, Sheriff; Capt. W. L. TOWNER, District Clerk. Cases - - The State vs H. W. Berry. The State vs. R. F. Ferguson. The State against Wm. COLLINS charged with the murder of Albert KRENKLE, resulted in a sentence of fifteen years in the penitentiary. Case of J. F. WOODWARD vs. T. L. ODOM. Case of Louis COHEN vs. FREES and Son. Case of A. B. Chamberlain et all vs. Robert Wagner. Among the visiting attorneys are Mays and TIMMENS of San Angelo. Judge BURNS and Joseph FRANKLIN of Galveston, H. SIMS, J. O. WOODWARD and __ __ SNODGRAS of Coleman.

Mr. Jeff ERWIN's residence is now on its way to Ballinger. Sorry to see it leave.

Mr. John NORTHINGTON, leaves this week for Ballinger with his family.

The house of J. W. CLAMPITT got on wheels Thursday and rolled out for Ballinger. We couldn't clamp it to the county seat any longer.

An attorney from Colorado City, BURTON by name, sued Minnie WHEELER of Ballinger and appeared as a witness himself. In his testimony he relected upon Sam CAMPBELL of Ballinger who attacked BURTON. Sheriff FORMWALT acted.

H. R. SAULS, Mine is a girl, and weighs nine pounds Monday Morning.
J. F. VAUGHN. I will make a merchant out of my ten pound boy at Runnels Sunday night.

J. A. RINEHART. Mine a farmer girl and will be the happiest of all, Tuesday morning, on Los Aroya

W. J. COLLINS. Publicly apoligised for several weeks of drunkness.

H. VANDEVANTER. I hearby warn all persons to stop hunting, fishing or trapping in my pasture after this date. March 12th, 1887

Mrs. A. N. HARGROVE. She is prepared to cut and make gentlemen's suits in the latest style, mend garments, and make changes in clothing.

PETERS, 7th Street. Favorite resort of epicures. Fish and Oysters are always on hand. Board as cheap as anywhere.

Geo. SPEIDEL's Saloon on Broadway. A good glass of Beer only 5 cts.

Dan SULLIVAN's Pure Kentucky "Mountain Dew". Best liquors are always on tap.

BOSWELL and SOWELL, 7th and R. R. Street. best and cheapest groceries

JORDAN's for flues, stove pipes and tin-ware. Shop on Hutchings next to Chitwood's.

Dan SULLIVAN. Clifford Hotel for sale.

C. S. MILLER's on the hill. Fresh Irish Potatoes, Onions, Mackeral, Kraut, Apples, and New York Early Rose Seed Potatoes.

RILEY and Bros. Try the "Elgin", the finest cigar for 5 cents.

George SPEIDEL on Broadway, informs his many customers that he has just received a fine lot of luquors lately, and that owing to the hard times he will sell them at bottom figures. Fine billiard and pool tables for the guests.

H. D. PEARCE and Co. Runnels. Medical advertisement.

Estate of Catharine A. MIDDLETON, Deceased. Letters of administration issued to Wm. A. WEAKLEY, Administrator. SPENCER and WILLIAMS, Attys. February 1887

Rev. R. LANE, Pastor. Methodist Church.

Rev. M. C. SMITH, Pastor. Cumberland Church

Rev. Mr. WAGER, Pastor. Episcopal Church

Rev. J. H. ZIVERLY, Pastor. O. S. Presbyterian Church

Rev. W. W. FINLEY, Pastor. Baptist Church

J. R. BURT. J. C. TAYLOR, Supt. Sunday School. All held in Brooks Bldg. West Hutchings Avenue.

Mrs. N SHEETS, Proprietress, Hotel Gay.

B. A. TAYLOR. Will pasture horses.

Mrs. A. E. EDWARDS. On Broadway next to Nesbitt House. Will make ladies' and children's clothes.

H. C. JORDAN. Still with Searcy BAKER, West Hutchings, prepared to do all kinds of Notorial work.

G. W. RILEY and Bros. Sell the best nickel cigar in town.

R. L. HULSEY, Stockman and F. D. GURLEY, Manager. Colorado River Farm and Ranche located at Mouth of Valley Creek, Runnels County, Texas. Commission Merchants for the sale and purchase of horses and mules, feed and sale stable, at Ballinger, Texas, between 5th and 6th sts.

HURLBUT and SEMPLE, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Hardware, Lampassas and Ballinger.

George W. RILEY and Bro. Iron Building, Ballinger, Texas. Dry Goods and Clothing. Groceries and Ranch Supplies.

Alonzo DOUGLASS. House, Sign, Carriage and Ornamental Painter, Ballinger, Texas.

Confederate Ink That Fades. Attention of the legal authorities of Virginia has just been directed to a singular state of affairs. During the last three years of war, when communication with Northern manufacturing centers was cut off, the supply of ink in the South gave out, and it was manufactured in a hurry, and of course not according to the most approved methods. The county court records were kept in this ink, and now investigation of the courthouse books, in which deeds and suck things are recorded, reveals the fact that many of these are so indistinct as to be barely discernible. From this cause it is feared that unless steps are promptly taken serious complications will arise.

Wm. DOOSE, Boot and Shoe maker. Moved to Ballinger and located on 7th St.

R. V. LeGRAND, Ticket Agent, Ballinger, Texas, Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Ry.

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.