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The Ballinger Eagle

An original copy is owned by Mr. Bill LEFTWICH, Fort Davis, Texas 79734.
It was abstracted by Frank D. Jenkins on 10 Feb. 1980.
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol. VIII, No. 2, Pgs. 73-80.

The Ballinger Eagle

Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas, April 02, 1887
Vol. 5, No. 31             Whole Number 239
I. C. HUEGE, Proprietor

T. S. HILL & T. T. CROSSON, Attorneys at Law, Office at Hutchins & Eighth Street.

W. J. WINGATE, Attorney at Law and Land Agent, Ballinger, Texas.

N. C. EDWARDS, Attorney at Law and Land Agent, Office on North Side Broadway next door to NESBITT hotel.

M. C. SMITH, Lawyer, Office south side of Hutchings Avenue, opposite the Post Office, Ballinger, Texas.

FISHER and TOWNES, Attorneys at Law, Georgetown, Texas.

C. S. MILLER, Attorney at Law and Land Agent, Office at W. J. MILLER's Store, Ballinger, Texas.

Mortimer McILHANY & Frank GRADY, Attorneys at Law, Office on north side of Hutchings Avenue, Ballinger, Texas.

W. F. LEMOND, Practical Surveyor, Attorney at Law and Expert Accountant, Ballinger, Texas. Office with McGINNIS & POTTS.

Drs. HELM & OLIVE, Physicians and Surgeons. Office two doors east of Post Office, Ballinger, Texas.

C. R. HARGROVE, M. D. Office at WALKER & BEAKLY's Drugstore.

Dr. W. H. WILSON, Physician and Surgeon, Runnels, Texas. Can be found at his residence.

The Pioneer Bakery. Joe WALKER, Prop. Next door from corner of Hutching and 9th streets.

Chas. S. MILLER, dealer in Grain and Groceries, also agent for Challenge Wind Mills and Pumps. East Side of Square, Ballinger, Texas. Agent for McCormick's Harvesting Machinery. Keeps on hand a large stock of Oats, Corn, Corn Meal, Flour and Hay. Fresh Herring, Irish Potatoes, Butter and Eggs. Fine Apples, Onions, Louisiana Syrup and Genuine Cream Cheese.

J. C. WILEY & Co., Dealers in Hardware, Agricultural Implements, Farm Machinery, Etc. Ballinger, Texas. C. W. TURNER, Manager. Receiving, Forwarding and Commission, Agents Waters Pierce Oil Co. We carry in stock and are sole agents for Avery Plows, Standard Cultivators, Deering Binders and Mowers, Nichols & Shepard's Threshers and Engines, Studebaker Farm and Mountain Wagons, Tennessee Wagons, also the Latest Improved Cotton and Corn Drills, Disc Pulverizers and Harrows, a Full Line of Buggles, Hacks, Etc., J. C. WILEY & Co.

WALKER & BEAKLEY, Druggists, Ballinger.

H. D. PEARCE & CO., Local Agent for AYER's Medicines, Runnels, Texas.

August GLOBER, Tin Shop, Hutchings Ave., Ballinger.

Theo. HEYCK, Shipping and Commission Merchant, Agent for W. J. LEMP's Beer and Ice, Abilene, Taylor County, Texas.

D. S. HOBSON, Ballinger, Texas. Contractor and Builder.

The Ballinger Eagle, established 1882, in Runnels County, has the largest circulation of any Western Paper being read by All Far & Near. one year, $1.50.

W. A. RIVES & Co., Proprietors. Palace Drug Store. Hutchings Avenue. Next door to Post Office.

J. C. SWIFT. Livery and Feed Stable, 8th Street, Ballinger, Texas.

C. H. McGINNIS, Lawyer & M. W. POTTS, Ins. Agt. Opposite Passenger Depot, Corner 7th and Railroad Sts., Ballinger, Runnels Co., Tex.

THOMSON & O'NEILL, Ballinger, Texas. Real Estate, Live Stock and Loan Agents.

Mrs. D. R. Watson, Huthins Avenue, Ballinger, Texas. Millinery.

J. D. HARGRAVE, Prop., Hutchings, Ave., Ballinger. Photograph Gallery.

WILLINGHAM & HARRIS, Ballinger, Texas. Loans on Choice Ranches. Agents for SHATTUCK & HOFFMAN, 21 Soledad Street, San Antonio, Texas.

Frank GRADY, Editor, The Ballinger Eagle. Ballinger, Texas.

We feel sorry for the deserted village on the Concho; but then business is business.

The Abilene Reporter has the unmitigated cheek to declare that goods of all kinds are 25 per cent cheaper in Abilene than in Ballinger. The only class of goods that can be had in Abilene at such prices is Lies.

Rev. W. W. FINLEY will lecture Saturday evening in the W. C. T. U. Subject, Prohibition. All interested in the subject are invited to attend.

In four of the five killings that have occurred in Ballinger since last spring, intoxicating liquors have been involved either as a cause or an incident. Her is a good text for the prohibitionists.

Abstract. Sam H. WYNN, plaintiff, bought suit against J. B. DOAK, George BRIGMAN, and Thomas TEMPLETON for payment of $62.00 principal and $1.51 interest. Suit was filed at the town of Runnels, Runnels County, Texas, between Sept. 13th, 1886 and Dec. 3th, 1886. Court would be held at 10 o'clock a. m., on the last Monday in April, A.D. 1887. Order signed by H. D. PEARCE, J. P. Prec. No. 1, Runnels co., Texas, March 30, 1887.SPENCER & WILLIAMS, Attys. for Plaintiff.

W. N. COPELAND. This fine blooded stallion will stand at my stable one mile south of Runnels for the season. Charges $12.50 insured, or $10 a season.

Mrs. A. E. EDWARDS, North Side of Broadway, Ballinger, Texas. Dress making.

ROSE Livery Stable, Seventh Street, Ballinger, Texas.

Wm. DOOSE, Boot and Shoe Maker, Seventh Street, Ballinger, Texas.

Wm. CAMERON & Co., Ballinger, Texas. The Old Reliable Lumber Dealers.

A. MATTHEWS, Corner Hutchins & Eighth Sts., Ballinger, Texas. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Corn, Oats, Meal, Bran and Hay, Public Scales.

L. R. CARPENTER, Large Warehouse on Railroad Track, Ballinger, Texas. Advanced Made on Wool! Shipping and Commission Agent.

Alonzo DOUGLASS. House, Sign, Carriage and Ornamental Painter, Paper Hanging, Etc. Ballinger, Texas.

J. H. RINEHART, Manager. Original Transfer Company. Only in City.

Jn. DAY & Co., Successors to Jno. R. JONES & Co., Ballinger, Texas. Dealers in Rough and Dressed Lumber, Choice Doors, Sash Blinds, Moulding, etc.

W. S. CUNNINGHAM, John LACKEY, and E. A. NIMITZ witnessed and endorsed a grand concert to be given in Ballinger in the Sullivan Hall on next Tuesday, April 5th. Admission 50 cents, children 25 cents.

The Eagle received a call Tuesday from Mr. W. C. REDMOND, editor an proprietor of the Menardville Monitor.

Prof. B. D. BROWN closed his term of the public school yesterday, having completed his contract. Mrs. LEMOND retires also. The trustees have contracted with Prof. and Mrs. M. B. STOKES, late of Runnels, to continue the school some months longer.

Mr. Felix PROBANDT of the San Angelo Enterprise was in town the first of the week and paid the Eagle a very pleasant call. Auf wiedersehn.

Will VINING of Coleman was over on Monday.

Col. OVERALL of Coleman County was in town Monday on the lookout for sheepherders.

R. V. LeGRAND made a trip to Ft. Worth the first of the week.

R. S. McKEEN and family left for eastern Texas Tuesday, not to return.

Constable CONNER went to Colorado the first of the week with an attached witness. He goes to Brownwood next week.

The first service was held in the new Baptist church Sunday last by the Rev. W. W. FINLEY.

L. F. BUTLER is in San Angelo and talks of making his home there.

Mrs. M. F. LEMOND will open a select private school in the Baptist Church on next Monday morning.

Our jovial friend, G. B. SLATON, with his family, returned the first of the week from Mt. Vale, Tom Green County.

McILHANY & GRADY will negotiate loans on real estate, on long time and at reasonable rates of interest.

J. H. KELLIS has at his store, on 7th street, a young eagle. It is quite a curiosity.

The store house of H. D. PEARCE & Co., of Runnels, now stands on 7th street north of railroad.

Prof. STOKE's house was moved down from Runnels last week. We are glad to welcome them to Ballinger, and feel sure they will add much to the society of our town.

We had a pleasant call this week from Sam BROWN and Newt COPELAND.


The following is a list of subscribers
with the amount donated by each,
to the wool warehouse fund:










Searcy BAKER


Jno. R. DAY & Co.




















J. C. WILEY & Co.




More will be raised on the work progresses. The stone for the building is being quaried and the contract requires the builder to have the stone work done in twenty-five days. Mr. J. B. COTTEN has charge of the whole matter and will see that the interest of the town is served by the management of the warehouse. Whether storage will be free, or a nominal fee charged, has not been determined yet. But wool growers may rest assured Ballinger now offers inducements unparalleled by any inland town.

Lon LINCECUM returned from a protracted hunt on Devil's river last Saturday. He reports dry weather in that section.

T. S. YOUNG a brother-in-law of J. H. KELLIS arrived in Ballinger on last Saturday.

The examining trial of E. CASWELL came off Tuesday before Justice HARGROVE, and for want of evidence the defendant was discharged.

PETER's restaurant is the place to find oysters while in season.

N. P. JONES has leased his place to Theo. BOWEN for 99 years, for the purpose of developing coal mines that are thought to exist on his place.

Justice HARGROVE united in marriage last Wednesday Richard COOK and Miss Belle DAVIS.

W. H. LESSING, Esq., leaves tomorrow for Abilene, to appear next week in District court.

Messrs. MERCHANT and McCANLAN of Abilene have been in the city some days.

Thanks to Squire PEARCE for favors.

Mrs. E. A. KELLEY is expected home shortly and Emmett is happy.

Mrs. C. W. TURNER returned the first of the week from a visit to Brownwood.

See the card of Judge WINGATE in this issue. He is prepared to Insure your property at the lowest possible rates. Give him a trial.

Manning CLEMENTS Killed
A pistol shot was heard near night Tuesday afternoon in the Alamo saloon on 7th street, and it was soon learned that the ever-present six-shooter had got in its deadly work on Manning CLEMENTS, a stockman of McCulloch county, who has been in Ballinger several weeks shipping stock. Elements was a first cousin to John Wesley HARDIN, and like the noted John Wesley had spent more than one man to his long home. For the last several years had led a quieter life than in his younger days, having married and settled down.
The evidence taken at the inquest by Judge HARGROVE Tuesday night and Wednesday morning discloses substantially the following facts:
Deputy Sheriff Joe TOWNSEND, Sheriff FORMWALT and Manning CLEMENTS were in the Alamo saloon. The two latter had been drinking, and FORMWALT had fired off his pistol in HAMILTON and CONNER's saloon a short while before. TOWNSEND was endeavoring to secure his pistol. FORMWALT was drawing his pistol, and TOWNSEND had seized it, when CLEMENTS with an oath ordered him to stop, and was leveling a pistol which he had in the meantime drawn, on TOWNSEND. Retaining his hold upon FORMWALT's pistol, TOWNSEND instantly fired, the ball entering about an inch above CLEMENTS' left eye, ranging backward and upward. CLEMENTS fell to the floor in a sitting posture and immediately expired. His pistol was in his hand at full cock after he died, showing in all probability TOWNSEND only escaped death by depriving CLEMENTS of his life.
The Odd Fellows, of which society he was a member took charge of the body and prepared it for interment and expressed it to the home of the dead man. He leaves a wife, one daughter and son.

Messrs. O'NEILL and SULLIVAN are back from Galveston; but will leave -- the former next week, the latter in a short time -- to accept positions on the proposed Air Line road from Galveston to Paris.

Runnels Ramblings. Three houses moved this week, Prof. STOKES', Mr. DOOSE's, and the old postoffice building.

Miss Minnie DOOSE gave a farewell party to her young friends on Monday eve. Everyone present enjoyed the party immensely. Only one sad idea occurred to all alike -- Miss Minnie's departure.

Walthall Warblings. Mr. MUNCY and son John gigged three fish. They weighed respectively 55, 57, and 64 pounds. They also furnished one weighing 57 pounds for the fish-fry last Saturday.

Miss Sallie WILSON of Runnels is visiting in our neighborhood.

Free Lunch
This is to inform the public that I have added a Free Lunch Table to my saloon, where Pigs Feet, Schweitzer Cheese, Sausage and all Kinds of Vegetables will be served from 9 to 12 o'clock every morning.
A good glass of Fresh Beer for only 5 cents, always on tap. Drop in and you will be more than pleased.
Yours, for good health, George SPEIDEL, Monarch Saloon, Broadway, Ballinger, Texas.

PEARCE and Co., Runnels, Medical advertisement.

Born -- Thursday night at Capt. J. O'NEILL's, a boy

Mrs. N. SHEETS, Proprietress. Hotel Gay

H. C. JORDAN, Officing with THOMSON and O"NEILL on Hutchings, prepared to do all kinds of Notorial work.

Notice! -- The members of the Runnels S., R. E. and B. Association are required to attend the annual meeting of the Association to be held at the office of WILLINGHAM and HARRIS in Ballinger, on Monday April 4th, 1887. C. O. HARRIS, Sec.

BOSWELL & SOWELL. Cheap Groceries.

For fine liquors, at reasonable prices, go to Geo. SPEIDEL's on Broadway.

G. W. RILEY & Bro. sell the best nickel cigar in town.

Go to S. C. ROYALTY on Broadway for bread, cakes, and pies. He also keeps a fine stock of cigars.

Just received a fine stock of the latest styles of Wall Paper at RACKLEY & CREW's.

Storm proof cotton, German Millett and Amber cane seeds for sale at A. MATTHEWS.

Mrs. A. N. HARGROVE announces that she is prepared to cut and make gentlemen's suits in the latest style, mend garments, and make changes in clothing for dry goods merchants. Give her a call.

Go to Geo. SPEIDEL's saloon on Broadway for a good glass of Beer, only 5 cts.

For the best and cheapest Groceries go to BOSWELL & SOWELL on corner of 7th and R. R. Streets.

Go to JORDAN's for your flues, stove pipes and tin-ware. First class work guaranteed. Shop on Hutchings next to CHITWOOD's.

Fresh Irish Potatoes, Onions, Mackerel, Kraut, Apples and New York Early Rose Seed Potatoes, just received at C. S. MILLER's on the hill.

Try the "Elgin," the finest cigar ever sold for 5 cents at RILEY & Bros.

H. D. PEARCE & Co. Medical advertisement.

B. A. TAYLOR begs to say that if those who desire to pasture horses, will address him at Runnels, he will come after the horses and carry them to his pasture.

R. L. HULSEY, Stockman & F. D. GURLEY, Manager. Colorado River Farm and Ranche, located at Mouth of Valley Creek, Runnels County, Texas. GURLEY & Co. Commission Merchants for the sale and purchase of Horses & Mules, Feed and Sale Stable, at Ballinger, Texas, Between 5th and 6th Sts.

HURLBUT & SEMPLE, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Hardware, Lampasas and Ballinger, Texas.

George W. RILEY & Bro., Iron Building, Ballinger, Texas. The Cheep Cash Store. Dry Goods and Clothing.

Searcy BAKER. Dealer in all Kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Mouldings, Etc. West Hutchings St., Ballinger, Texas.

W. C. T. U. We have placed this column at the disposal of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Any one having communication, etc., for it will send them to Mrs. D. E. BURNS, Ballinger.

Among the Churches.
Methodist--First Sabbath, in each month. Rev. R. LANE, Pastor.
Cumberland--Second Sabbath in each month. Rev. M. C. SMITH, Pastor.
Episcopal--Third Sabbath in each month, morning and evening. Rev. Mr. WAGER, Pastor.
O. S. Presbyterian--Fourth Sabbath in each month. Rev. J. H. ZIVELY, Pastor.
Baptist--Every Sabbath Afternoon. Rev. W. W. FINLEY, Pastor.
Union Sunday School--Every Sunday morning at 9:30. J. R. BURT, Supt.
Baptist Sunday School--Every Sunday morning at 9:30. J. C. TAYLOR, Supt.
All these services are held in BROOK's building, west Hutchings Avenue.

RACKLEY & CREWS, Ballinger, Texas. The New Home Sewing Machine.

R. V. LeGRAND, Ticket Agent, Ballinger, Texas. The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.