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The Winters Enterprise

published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.VIII No.1, Pgs. 22-25.

The Winters Enterprise

Winters, Runnels County, Texas, Friday, April 24, 1908
Vol. 3 No. 50

"Last Monday evening the sorrowful news was told over our little town that Mrs. Joe VANCIL was dead.....Mrs. VANCIL was born June 26, 1870, married September 20th, 1891, died April 20th 1908. She was the oldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M. A. HUNTER; besides her aged parents, she leaves a brother, three sisters, husband and three children. Funeral services were conducted at the Rev. G. W. FENDER, pastor of the Presbyterian church of Ballinger. The choir composed of Mr. & Mrs. TUCKER, Mr. & Mrs. MURRAY, Hudy SPRINGFIELD & A. F. ROBERTS, rendered songs, the sentiment of which brought consolation to the hearts of sorrowing ones...

Charlie CHAPMAN returned this week from Waco, where he took a course in a business college.

Miss Ethel THOMASSON will marry Mr. L. A. BEDFORD at the bride's home near Weatherford. Mr. BEDFORD is a member of the firm of BEDFORD & ODELL.

Mr. O. H. GREEN & Miss Susie BRANHAM of the Moro mountain country, married in Ballinger on Wednesday of this week.

Dr. & Mrs. P. S. SMITH have a little Miss SMITH at their home.

This is to remind you that we have the W. A. CONLEE accounts for collection so if you are indebted on these accounts, call on us and make settlements at once. HOOD & DAVIS.

Winters Enterprise. By Ed P. EASON. Published every Friday at Winters, Tex.

Overton L. PARRISH asks for support in his race for the office of co. and dist. Clerk.

Card of thanks from J. H. TYLER for kindness of neighbors and friends during sickness of his wife and baby.

Grandpa HINDS is spending the week with relatives in the city.

Announcements Subject to action of Democratic Primary:
  Sheriff and Tax Collector: E. F. EDWARDS, R. P. (Bob) KIRK (re-election), Jim FLYNT.
County Attorney: W. S. McCARVER, J. F. SAYLE
County & District Clerk: R. A. TERRY, Overton L. PARISH
Tax Assessor: Edwin DAY
County Superintendent: E. L. HAGAN
County Judge: R. S. GRIGGS: T. T. CROSSON
Public Weighter Precinct No. 5: W. W. SCOTT, Simon FARRAR, Chas. P. BURGES, J. A. RANKIN
Commissioner Precinct No. 2: I. L. BEARD, J. E. McADAMS (re-election)
Justice of the Peace, Prect. 5; M. A. Hunter.

J. H. Hall, Notary Public.

Walter WHITE: All kinds of Notary Work.

Mr. & Mrs. A. M. SAWYERS have a new girl at their home.

J. T. DAWSON, Prop., Cash Grocery Co., Ballinger, Texas.

Ramsey ORR, the 17 month old baby of Mr. & Mrs. J. L. ORR, died at their home near Drasco the 17th and was buried at the Winters cemetery the 19th. Rev. W. I. DUNN conducting the funeral ceremony.

League Program. April 26, '08. Subject: a threefold ministry. Leader: Howell CRYER. Matt. 13:10-17: J. H. BEARD. Duet: Mr. & Mrs. G. R. TUCKER. To save, Luke 19:1-10: J. L. SPEER. Select Reading: Miss Willie HALL.

J. V. DAVIS & J. H. McCOMBS in Ballinger on Wednesday for business.

M. E. Church South: J. H. BEARD, Supt.; A. E. TURNEY, Pastor.

Baptist Church: J. V. DINWIDDIE, Supt.; Mrs. L. S. SMITH, Pres. Ladies' Aid Soc.; L. S. SMITH, Pastor.

Presbyterian: J. A. BLACK, Pastor.

Jeden 1 und 3 Sontag im Monat Gottesdienst in der Luth, Kirche Zu Winters, Texas: Geo. CZERKUS, Pastor.


W.O.W.: H. S. CRAWFORD, C.C.: Walter WHITE, Clerk.

Woodmen Circle: Mrs. Lola HALL, Guardian; Mrs. Ola WHITE, Clerk.

O.D.H.S.: Versammlung jeden 2 ten Sontag in Monat; F. ARMBRECHT, Pras.; W. M. REDTNER, Sect.

K. of P.: J. P. FLYNT, Ch. C.; J. H. HALL, K. of R. & S.

O.E.S.: Mrs. Hettie VANCIL, Matron; A. M. YOUNG, Patron.

A.F. & A.M.: J. T. BROWN, W. M.; W. T. BROWN, Sec.

M. A. HUNTER: notary work

Z. V. DRY: Dentist, Winters, Texas.

Dr. Fred TINKLE: Physician and Surgeon, Winters, Texas.

W. H. RODGERS: For sale - a good Jersey cow.

Rev. & Mrs. SMITH of Winters are assisting Pastor T. A. MOORE of Robert Lee Baptist Church in a meeting.

R. H. PRICE & J. P. FLYNT visited Ballinger Wednesday.

HIGDON MELTON JACKSON Co., Ballinger, Texas: Men's and Women's Clothing.

BRIDWELL & RAY, Props. (rest of article missing)

J. S. HOBBS of Pumphrey has a large lake on his farm.

Frank HOBBS reports having lost his watch yesterday while rabbit hunting near Drasco, on Mr. CROW's farm. That sounds a little fishy.

Mr. R. L. MOSELY of Pumphrey has a nice residence nearing completion.

My neighbor O. C. PUCKETT has lately put up a windmill at his residence.

Will MULLINS of San Angelo spent several days in the city on business.

Mr. McBEE (rest of article missing)

SPILL, C. E. WOODROW...EDWARDS spent Tuesday in Ballinger (torn page)

RODGERS, WHITE & TUERPE: The Progressive Real Estate and Insurance men.

Concho Lumber Co., Ballinger, Texas.

F. RAMSEL: The Farmers' Blacksmith Shop

R. R. MORGAN & M. B. PHILLIPS killed a large gray wolf near Mr. Morgan's.

B. WILSON purchased a fine blooded horse of Mr. RODGERS at Winters for $130.

I. M. PHILLIPS & B. WILSON were over visiting M. B. PHILLIPS Sunday.

J. N. COLEY & B. WILSON caught nine young coyotes Friday.

J. T. BRYANT & W. A. GLENN went duck hunting Saturday and killed several.

H. C. PERRY has purchased a new planter from BEDFORD & ODELL.

J. T. BRYANT had just about finished planting cotton when the rain came.....

J. N. COLEY has 100 acres in fine shape for planting cotton.

T. M. MOORE is making a black spot in turf on west end of Mr. JACKSON's place.

Bob BROWN has his wagon loaded for Mexico. He spent nine successful years with us.

Born to Mr. & Mrs. ANTHONY (of Antelope) last week a girl.

Wiley SOWELL has been talking to his wife across the water for the past week.

Mr. & Mrs. J. H. MILLS visited Winters Tuesday.

Mr. DEDMON drowned thirty prairie dogs, nine rabbits and two 'possums one day this week.

W. L. NEELY had business in Winters Monday.

E. M. DAVIS was transacting business in Winters Tuesday.

Miss Mollie WILSON has been visiting relatives in Taylor Co. the past week.

Mrs. T. R. HOLLEY was in the city shopping Tuesday.

C. G. MEEKS: New spring suits for sale.

RODGERS-WHITE Co. report selling to J. W. SMITH 160 acres of Glasscock Co. land at $10 an acre.

J. E. McADEN and family of Pleasant Retreat spent Monday with Mrs. W. T. WHITE.

C. G. MEEKS: The City Tailor Shop does cleaning and pressing.

Henry AARON of the Moro mountain county in Winters Wednesday.

S. Y. LITTLE was in from his farm on Route No. 1 this week.

Geo. ONKIN, road overseer on Ballinger road leading out from Winters...

T. M. MOORE in the city Monday.

J. I. GUFFEY spent several days last week on the east side of Bluff creek, where he went to barbecue the meat for rabbit hunters. The creek got up and he had to remain with the barbecue, so when he returned the scales showed a gain of twelve pounds.

BEDFORD & ODELL: Case and Avery Implements, Planting and Cultivating.

Mr. AVENT: Metropolitan Cafe in Ballinger. Used to run the Katy Restaurant...

C. HAWKINS: Tools for repairs on short notice.

H. Clay WHITE: WHITE's Wagon Yard.

A FOY: Groceries and Shelf Hardware

SPEER'S: COLD Drinks and Ice Cream. The best in Confections.

J. W. DALE: Lumber. Good window sash and frames.

H. P. HUDGENS:  Jones Improved cotton seed at 45 cents per bushel.

Prof. J. H. BEARD is assisting I. L. BEARD in the grocery business this week.

Mr. & Mrs. J. HOOD returned this week from Nolan county where they spent several days visiting their son, E. R. HOOD.

J. M. JOHNSON, pres. of Winters State Bank, ranches eight miles north of Winters...

The little son of Mr. & Mrs. S. B. WOOD got his arm broken; Dr. TINKLE attended...

Miss Avis CHAMBERLAIN left for her home at Burnett. She was second assistant in the Winters Public School.

ROBERTS Grocery Company: Cold drinks and ice cream.

HEATH & DRY: The Leading Dry Goods and Grocery Store in Winters.

R. L. McELRATH: If it is anything a Tinner can do I am ready to serve you.

MEEKS & STOOKSBERRY's Barber Shop: Two First Class Barbers.

Geo. ONKIN: Eggs from full blood Plymouth Rocks. Leave orders at J. W. DALE's.

Miss Inez BUTLER left for her home in Ballinger after teaching public school here.

T. M. ROSSON: Two horses and a wagon for sale.

G. A. WALKER: Milk cows and pigs for sale.

ROGERS, WHITE & CO.: Old line insurance co.

Mrs. T. M. ROSSON: All parties wanting washing done must bring it in Mondays.

Mr. & Mrs. J. H. SPEER, who live three miles north of Winters, in town Tuesday.

Tom LANDRUM of Pumphrey in town Tuesday.

E. F. EDWARDS, candidate for sheriff, spent several days in Coke Co. electioneering.

J. P. FLYNT, W. E. HARRIS, Manager: Feed for horses, mules, cows and chickens.

KIZER & BUCHANAN, Winters: Dress goods, boy's pants, ladies' purses, etc.

I. L. BEARD: Groceries, grain and produce.

Miss Maude SHELTON: School teacher.

Mr. & Mrs. HAVENHILL (sic) have a very sick son this week.

Miss Pearl RAINS is assisting in store of KIZER & BUCHANAN this week as saleslady.

Walter MULLINS and wife of Ballinger, for many years a resident of Winters, were here Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Vancil.

Mrs. O. J. HINDS is reported quite sick this week.

W. P. SPRINGFIELD and son Hudy visited Ballinger Thursday.

Mrs. C. J. BLACKWOOD was shopping in the city Wednesday.

Uncle Alex FISHER and wife spent several days of this week out on their farm.

Rev. J. M. TYER reports that Mrs. Tyer and baby are about well again.

F. L. MEEKS: I will take no more stock in my pasture for less than the price of one months pasturage.

W. T. PADGETT, accompanied by Mr. JOHNSON of Hill county, was looking over country with a view of purchasing a home.

W. PHILLIPS was trading in the city Monday.

C. C. MEEKS: Pants made to order $3.50 to $10.00.

Chas. COPELAND of Fort Chadbourne was in this country looking for fat cattle.

L. C. PROCTOR and family moved to their ranch ten miles west of town this week.

H. L. SMITH returned this week from Dallas where he took a course of telegraphy.

W. A. WADE went to Ballinger this week to meet his son Clarence, who spent the past month visiting his sister in Bell county.

Mrs. J. H. MILLS, from Antelope community, in town Tuesday.

L. F. JOHNSON, who lives five miles west of town was loading up on cotton chopping tools Tuesday.

DUNHAM's Drug Store: Creators of Competition.

Delegates at Large to the Nat'l Democratic Convention, May 2, 1908
No. 1 J. W. BAILEY No. 1 Cone JOHNSON
No. 2 M. M. BROOKS No. 2 O. T. HOLT
No. 3 Jas. L. STORY No. 3 C. F. THOMAS
No. 4 A. J. BAKER No. 4 Lee YOUNG
No. 1 B. F. LOONEY No. 1 Marshall HICKS
No. 2 J. R. KUBENA No. 2 P. C. DIAL
No. 3 J. R. BOWMAN No. 3 A. C. OUSLEY
No. 4 C. L. BRACHFIELD No. 4 Walter TIPS

S. S. PRINCE, Jr.: Painter and Sign Writer: special on buggy painting - $10.00.

C. N. CURRY: Poland China pigs for sale.

Miss Gladys OLIVER spent Thursday in city the guest of Miss Irene WHITE.

Shopping in the city this week were Mrs. GLENN and daughter Katie; Mrs. G. W. DAVIS and daughter Annie; Miss Laura HUDGENS.

Elmer TUERPE is working in Enterprise office; very steady boy.

Bro. TURNEY and family returned from visit to Brown county visiting relatives.

Mrs. Wm. HAVENHILL (sic) and children moved back to Winters; they have been living in Thorpe Springs since fall of 1906 to get the advantage of a high school.

Miss Helen GORDON returned to her home at Brownwood after spending two months here teaching music at public school.

Mr. C. L. GREEN: Now located next to A. FOY's; nice line of implements and vehicles.

J. M. YOUNG: Cabbage and tomato plants at 50 cents a hundred.

ROBERTS-TUCKER Drug Co.: See our line of watches just received.

H. J. McBee bought out BRIDWELL & RAY's interest in the City Barber Shop this week. In the future he will run it and will employ Messrs. BRIDWELL & STOOKSBERRY as barbers. Mr. RAY will probably go to the farm.

The Citizens National Bank of Ballinger.

ROGERS, WHITE & CO.: For insurance that insures.

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.