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The Winters Enterprise

extracted by Albert E. Baze
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.VIII No.3, Pgs. 131-133.

The Winters Enterprise

Ed P. Eason Editor and Publisher

Winters, Runnels County, Texas
Friday, December 6, 1918
Vol. XIV No. 20

List of land and lots in the City of Winters, Delinquent for Taxes for
the year 1917 and previous years.
R. Q. Adams E. F. Edwards Mrs. Fannie Jackson W. T. Parker
Alexander & Son A. C. Fishel Mrs. J. A. Johnson Sallie Pearson
J. K. Battles R. H. Fishel R. C. Lambie T. C. Perry
T. E. Baxter D. Floyd S. Lipp Mrs. L. I. Pierce
I. L. Beard Mrs. S. F. Flynt H. A. Long Mrs. M. F. Pierce
J. Bizzell W. A. Fort A. H. Manzer Will Pierce
D. T. Bomer John Gray P. L. Meeks J. J. Rape
H. B. Bradley A. N. George Mrs. P. L. Meeks W. D. Sanders
J. W. Broad W. T. Gillaspy W. P. Meeks A. T. Scott
R. L. Coker J. A. Greer C. W. Metcalf W. M. Smiley
J. Y. Cryer Paul Hamon C. A. Mitchell Mrs. M. L. Smith
W. O. Cryer S. C. Harris Bert Norwood Mrs. J. H. Tyre
L. Daughtery C. M. Hawkins J. W. Nolin Mrs. White
O. D. Dillingham J. M. Haynes Mrs. W. B. Oliver C. E. Woodrow
E. L. Donaldson J. R. Hughes B. F. Overton Sam Wyatt
List certified by:
E. A. Shappard, Tax Collector and City Secretary
D. B. Diggs, Notary Public J. Frank Paxton, Alderman
D. M. Hillyard, Alderman C. T. Spangler, Alderman
A. F. Robbins, Alderman H. O. Jones, Mayor
ADVERTISEMENTS appearing in the Dec. 6, 1918 issue
Birdwell and Sommers, City Barber Shop Owens Drug Store
H. W. Bowyer, Ford Headquarters J. H. Parramore, Pasture Sub-Division
City Drug Company Rosson Bros. Jewelers
Cramer-Elms Grocery Co. Rosson Produce Co.
O. D. Dillingham, Coal and Cordwood Dr. W. D. Sanders, Physician & Surgeon
Z. V. Dry, Dentist G. E. Seagler & Co., Coal, Wood and Feed
First National Bank E. A. Sheppard, Insurance & Loans
H. Giesecke, Ballinger, Tex., Land Star Telegram for Oil News
C. L. Green, Grain and Feed Walter T. White, Feed and Seed
W. A. Griffis, Land for rent. Winters Cotton Oil Company
Kornegay & Newton, Coal, $0.50 per ton Winters Enterprise, Ed P. Eason, Ed. & Pub.
Mrs. L. E. Low, Rhode Island Reds Winters Light & Power Company
Guy T. McDonald, Land & Loans Winters State Bank


FRANK JONSON, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. M. JOHNSON, won out over 79 other soldiers at Camp Sheridan, Ala. by catching, bridling, and saddeling a horse in 31 seconds, breaking the National Army's old record of 38 seconds.

Attorney and Mrs. B. F. HOWELL have been visiting his brother and other relatives in Winters this week.

Dr. T. V. JENNINGS writes Mrs. Jennings from Paris, France; date Nov. 11, 1918.

Mr. & Mrs. HEAVENHILL received a letter from their son Lieut. GARRISON HEAVENHILL, telling of his wounds at the front. Also they have a letter from another son, SEWELL HEAVENHILL, stating that he is getting along fine. With two sons and a daughter, Miss EUNICE, in service the family has been no small factor in winning the war.

The 8 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. SPEAR was operated on for appendicitis at the Winters Sanitorium this week. Dr. MIDDLETON was pleased with the speedy recovery.

J. H. KEEL is the owner of a new farm. It was purchased through the agency of MEADOWS and SHEPPARD. It was known as the DOBBS place.

CARL D. DAVIS's letter dated Oct. 27, 1918 to his parents mentions that he had a letter from LELA and CLYDE.

Mrs. FRANK WILLIAMS who has been seriously ill, is reported improving.

Mrs. JANE STROTHRA EASON, was born in Talladega, Ala. July 24, 1835, died at the ranch home of her daughter, Mrs. ALBERT BAZE, in Coke Co., Tex. Nov. 29, 1918. She leaves three children, Mrs. BAZE, WILL EASON of San Angelo, and Ed. P. EASON of Winters. Rev. P. H. GATES gave an impressive ceremony at the ranch. She was buried in the Robert Lee Cemetary.

L. T. CUMMINGS died at Midland on Dec. 3rd. His parents live here in Winters as does Mrs. Cummings' mother, Mrs. W. F. MEADOWS. Miss CARRIE MEADOWS went to Midland to be with her sister who was too ill with influenza to come to Winters. Rev. W. I. DUNN officiated at the new cemetery.

Mrs. W. O. GREEN and infant who died at West, Texas Dec. 3rd were buried at the new cemetary on Dec. 4th. Rev. J. L. SPEER conducted the funeral service at the grave. Mrs. GREEN was formerly Miss MAY BELL ADAMS, daughter of Mrs. A. F. ADAMS.

JESSE H. BALDREDGE, the new pastor at the Methodist Church, came from Ft. Worth.

G. R. HILL, marshall, serves notice that the practice of "matching" and "crackaloo" and other forms of gambling in Winters must stop.

The four service men from Winters who now are in Camp Mills, Phillipine Islands, are: WILL CURRY, CLOIS MEADOWS, ED. GEE, and JOHN CROWSON.

Mrs. J. C. MEAREDITH has a letter from her son, Sergeant J. C. MEREDITH, saying that he will be home from training camp at Leon Springs.

Mr. & Mrs. LUTHER BEAN and children moved from Winters to Eastland.

HORACE E. HOLSHOUSER, who was raised in Winters, enlisted in the Medical Corps while living in Oklahoma. The 90th Division cited him for bravery and he received the Badge of Honor. He is a brother of Mrs. WALTER NEELY.

Mrs. R. L. MOSLELY states that Jno. R. WOODFIN has arrived safely overseas.

W. A. FORT of Brownwood is in the City attending to business.

Lieutenant BARNEY McCASLAND is home from Camp Sheridan, Alabama.

D. F. EATON said bad weather prevented him from visiting some farms before his contract with Runnels County expired.

G. R. HILL says those indebted to C. W. MILLER will do well to see him.

ERNEST ADAMS was called from Camp Travis to attend the funeral of his sister, Mrs. H. O. GREEN.

Mrs. J. T. AYCOCK says the duofold and other furniture she has for sale can be seen at her Mother's ,Mrs. J. H. TYRE.

LEON BARTLETT who was hurt at the mill is recovering.

Dr. W. A. GRIFFIS returned from a visit to his Mother's in Limestone County.

EMMANUELL BULSTERBAUM has a disc plow for sale.

Exerpts from some general articles in the newspaper:

FifthWar Loan - Subscriptions will be from Dec. 5 to 10. Payable May 6, 1919.

West Texas Telephone Company resumed work Monday on dismantling the old "Boll Weevil" telephone system.

Washington, Dec. 3. - The Navy's new type seaplane, the Giant NCI, the largest seaplane in the world made a flight with fifty men aboard. It was a record of the number of passengers on any type of airplane.

San Angelo, that good old West Texas City, used to be so beer soaked and whiskey-sodden that you could smell her breath a mile out of the city limits -- a nuisance to every other town and community within a day's travel of her borders. But the few months' enforcement of state wide prohibition gave those good people time to sober up and consider their wys and when the opportunity was presented last Saturday they went to the polsl and voted to keep John Barleycorn (alcoholic beverages!) out of their city by the enforcement of local option by a majority of 245. San Angelo -- we are proud of you -- we congratulate you--.

There is an Editorial about the Commissioner's court in Ballinger regarding the hiring of a demonstrator. (Now called the County Farm Agent).

(Notes from Albert E. Baze: He states that his mother had kept this paper because it contained the Obit of his grandmother, Jane STROTHER EASON. The paper was owned and edited by his uncle Edmund Peavy Eason, who started out as a printer at age 15 at the Junction CLIPPER in 1887. He then worked on the Brady, Menard and Center Point papers. Later he published the KERVILLE NEWS, THE RECORD in Sherwood, THE SOUTHWEST TEXAN in Ozona, THE MILES MESSENGER and THE TALPA TRIBUNE and finally the WINTERS ENTERPRISE before moving to California to operate a job printing shop. Mr. Baze says that before his mother married, she was reporter, assistant editor, type-setter (by hand), and "delivery boy" as well as business manager for his Uncle Ed's newspapers. When the San Angelo STANDARD had open house on its 70th Anniversary, his mother sat on a high stool in the lobby and demonstrated hand type-setting. At that time she was 79 years old and still could do fast work.)

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.