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The Miles Messenger

Abstracted by Vetal Flores
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol. IX, No. 4, Pgs. 154, 156.

The Miles Messenger

Vol. IV, No. 52, Saturday, June 24, 1905

KORNEGAY and Co's. Clearance Sale:
  Men's Gongola Oxfords $3.00
  Men's Suits $8.00
  Boy's Pants 80 cents
  Ladies' Hamilton Oxfords $2.50
  Ladies' 2 Strap Slippers $1.25
  Dimity 10 cents yard
  Organdie 25 cents yard
  Grecian Voile 17 cents yard

J.C. WILSON reported a severe wind storm at his place. He lost his home and furniture but all the family got into the storm cellar.

J.B. and Mrs. PICKLE and little Janis boarded the east bound train last monday for Tennessee.

T. M. MURREY returned the latter part of the week from an extended trip to Jones County and other places.

J. F. ATKINS reports a fine rain on his farm.

Percy DAVIS has accepted a position with MATTHEWS & BEVINS in their grocery store.

Rev. T. J. TALLY of Temple has been secured to assist in the meeting at the Baptist Church.

C. T. DAVIS is pastor of the Methodist Church.

C. L. EWING is pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.

The Church of Christ meets in the Music Hall every Sunday morning with W. R. SKAGGS preaching the first Sunday in each month.

Drs. TREADWAY and DeLONG, special attention given to diseases of women and children. Offices at Voss' Drug Store.

J. B. WATE, Attorney-at-Law will practice in all the courts.

The young folks spent a very enjoyable time at the home of Mrs. M. A. WEST last Friday evening. Those present were Misses Ada WHITE, Jewell GOSLIN, Irene VANLOE, Cora BUTLER, Lutie, Gertie, and Haddah PERCY, Lottie WEBSTER, Pearl TOLBOTT, Bessie YOUNG, and Myrtle CURRY. Messers. John and Earl COLEMAN, Cleveland CURRY, Denver and Grady WEBSTER, Emmit FARIAR, Henry MORRISON, Lonnie DANNELLEY, Charlie PATTERSON, Robert TOLBOTT, Clarence HESTER, Will BRYANT, and Mr. JENNINGS.

The young folks passed off the time in social conversation and singing. Refreshments were ice cream and cake.

Miss Lizzie LEWIS is leader of the Epworth League.

Ed WILLIAMS is leader of B. Y. P. U.

Judge C. C. CULWELL attended commissioners court at Ballinger the first of the week.

O. M. ALLEN has Stetson's staple and fancy hats for sale $1.00 to $2.65 each.

* * * * * * * *

Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.