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The Banner-Leader

Abstracted and Submitted by Mrs. Charles E. CARRUTH
and published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol. X, No. 3, Pgs. 136-139.

The Banner-Leader

Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas, January 5, 1901
Vol. XIX, #13
Hervey F. MAYES, Editor and Proprietor


BANNER-LEADER published every Saturday; subscription $1.00 per annum

C. P. SHEPHERD & Co. (successors to B. C. KIRK & Co.)--Fire, Life, Sick and Accident Insurance

T. S. LANKFORD--The Saddle and Harness Maker; Skilled workmen: J. E. COLE, Charles E. COLLINS, G. E. HUBBLE, Preston McKINLEY, EL J. CATTHY and A. L. GREENWOOD

CREWS & MCGREGOR--Furniture dealers

Asa CORDILL--The Jeweler

Lee MATTOX--Implement Business

MILLER Mercantile Company--Staple and Fancy Groceries

E. D. WALKER--Druggist

LANGE & DOOSE--Real Estate and Loan Agents--Abstracters and Conveyancers

Central Wagon Yard--D. A. CAMERON, Proprietor

J. Y. PEARCE--Wall Paper


Rev. D. M. WEST--Pastor of the Baptist Church

Chas. S. MILLER__Ballinger, Texas--Real Estate Agent, Abstracter & Conveyancer

WILSON & WILSON--Blacksmiths & Woodworkers

R. B. TRULY--Attorney-at-Law--Ballinger, Texas

Pink HUBBARD--Prop. "Our Friends", Shaving Parlor

W. R. SPENCER--Attorney-at-Law, Ballinger

Drs. HALLY & LOVE--Ballinger

Thos. A. RAPE, M. D.--Ballinger

Dr. W. W. FOWLER--Ballinger

A. H. FRIEMEL & Co.--Ballinger Steam Laundry

Ballinger Lumber Co. J. R. McVAY, Manager

DAVIS & Co.--Groceries


Dr. MULLINS, of Fort Worth, specialist in diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat, will be in Ballinger, Jan. 28 and 29 at Royalty Hotel.

Dr. T. H. P. DUNCAN will be in Ballinger every three months. I make a specialty of Eye and all its diseases and defects. Consultation FREE. Largest stock of high grade lenses ever brought to Ballinger. Beware of peddlers and fakes going through the country...consult someone you know. Every three months in Ballinger, office in front of Banner-Leader office.

Card of Thanks: I wish to express my sincere appreciation to those who remembered us so kindly. May God's richest blessings rest on you. Again thanking you for your thoughtful and liberal kindness I remain Very Respectfully, Mrs. Nannie MATTHEWS

HARRIS & SMITH dissolved partnership on Jan. 1, 1901. Henceforth they will practice apart.

Rev. B. B. SANDERS, the evangelist of the Christian church, has been conducting services in this city this week. He is an able preacher and will benefit those who hear him.

Pay Your City Taxes: We wish to pay all interest due on Water Works bonds for 1899 out of this years taxes. I hope all will come up and pay at once as times are good and they must be paid. Come to the city secretary, get straight with the city and help to keep the city's credit up and oblige.

Yours etc, J. W. POWELL, Mayor


H. A. THOMSON's fine house on the hill came near burning Monday night about 12 o'clock. Prompt action on the part of neighbors and some young people attending a reception at Miss LUCKETT's put out the fire.

This week I. N. ABERNATHY sold his interest in the New Racket Store to Messrs. J. D. RATLIFF and J. N. DARNELL who are now sole proprietors and managers. Mr. RATLIFF, it will be remembered, was associated in business with Mr. ABERNATHY before. Messrs. RATLIFF and DARNELL are both from Coleman and are young men of experience in business.

Mr. Cicero SMITH spent Saturday in Ballinger. He had intended going to San Angelo, but finding such a shortage of lumber here and such an unprecedented demand for it, he boarded the train Saturday for the mills to rush cars this way.

Miss Ida MILES, after a week spent with home folks, left Sunday afternoon for Weatherford where she is teaching music in the Cumberland Presbyterian seminary there. She stopped at Santa Anna to spend a few days with her sister, Mrs. V. L. GRADY.

Misses Ora and Norma HARRIS, who have been spending the holidays as guests of the family of Judge J. W. POWELL, returned Tuesday to Lampasas.

B. B. STONE is at home from a trip to Marlin.

Harry E. SHARP spent Sunday with young lady friends in the city of Coleman. Harry is now a valued employee of the Santa Fe depot force.

Miss Hettie PROBANDT, after a week's pleasant stay with Ballinger friends, returned to San Angelo the latter part of last week.

Delegates to National Live Stock Association meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah January 15 to 18 are the following: Geo. J. BIRD, San Angelo; Jos. FUNK, Sherwood, Geo. B. HENDRICKS, Miles Station; E. R. JACKSON, Sherwood; J. M. MONTAGUE, M. B. PULLIAM, San Angelo; R. K. WYLIE, Ballinger

One of the most unique and delightful entertainments ever given in Ballinger was tendered the young people Saturday night by Miss Clara and Neil GUION. It was a "Bellamy" party and to those not posted as to what a Bellamy party was, it was explained that the guest were expected to attend dressed backwards. Those present were: Misses Beatrice THOMSON, Kate THOMSON, Maud ERWIN, Ernie UNDERWOOD, Lousue LUCKETT, Minnie GUION FRANCIS, Edna MYERS, Ora and Norma HARRIS of Lampasas, Olga SCHAWE, Belle MATHES, Edna ODOM, Minnie McGREGOR, Pinke DRAKE, Clara and Neil GUION, Messrs, Phil LEE, Russell HAMILTON and Percy BAKER of San Angelo, Walter SCHAWE of Brenham, Horace THOMSON, Portis GAY, Guion GREGG, S. M. PARKS, Conda WYLIE, Harry THOMSON, S. B. RABY, W. N. COLLIER, Prentice GREGG, John RYAN, and H. F. MAYES.

Mrs. Grace WINKLER after a brief visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. WEBB, of Maverick, returned Saturday to her home in Big Spring.

Mr. Walter SCAWE, of Brenham, spent the holidays visiting the family of his uncle, A. SHAWE, of Ballinger. He returned home Sunday evening.

Portis GAY left Wednesday to spend a few days in Waco.

G. W. WOULLARD, of Bronte, transacted business in Ballinger Saturday.

Hugh PARAMORE, of Winters, transacted legal business with C. P. SHEPHERD Thursday.

C. H. WILLINGHAM sold to W. F. RODGERS and J. A. BEDFORD this week 1370 acres of land for $3.50 per acre.

W. N. COLLIER will be found during 1901 in WALKER's drug store ready to serve his friends and customers.

Miss Beatrice THOMSON and her brother Horace attended the Shamrock Club reception at Dublin the first of the week.

P. H. WILLIAMS of Killeen, who recently purchased a tract of land near Wingate was out this week making arrangements to move shortly.

Edgar CUNNINGHAM, formerly with E. D. WALKER, left Ballinger Thursday evening for Terrell where he has secured a position as a druggist with a prominent firm.

Miss Edna SHARP, after spending a week with home folks, returned to her school duties on Oak Creek.

T. J. RAWLS returned Thursday night from Itasca where he has been spending the holidays with relatives and friends. He reports a very pleasant time.

John A. WEEKS, the Llano druggist, spent a week with his parents in this city.

D. C. UNDERWOOD is at home from his trip to Chicago, where he placed his daughter, Miss Adele, in a school of art.

Prof. J. N. S. WEBB, of Content, was in town last week and the BANNER-LEADER remembers a pleasant visit accompanied by an order for job printing.

C. S. WOODWARD was compelled to move Tuesday and as he had and could get no house, he sent his wife and daughter, Miss Jessie, to San Angelo to visit his brother.

A. H. VAN PELT purchased this week lot 16 in block   ?   at the rear of WINKLER's store and will at once begin the erection of a warehouse 60 X 60 feet in which to store his heavy goods such as wagons, plows, cultivators, etc.

W. P. KING, of the Wingate country, is in Hill county, where he was called by telegram to the bedside of his little girl who is dangerously ill with scarlet fever. We hope nothing serious will result.

Messrs. Charlie ANDREWS, C. H. B. SPRADDLING, C. L. THOMSON and W. W. LUPER, of Caddo Mills, are in Ballinger prospecting for lands and if the BANNER-LEADER mistakes not Caddo Mills will soon lose four good citizens and what the town loses Ballinger will gain.

R. L. WEAVER has been advanced from street man to manager of the sales department of A. SCHAWE's dry goods and grocery store for the year 1901.

John HARVEY went to Lampasas Wednesday.

F. T. RATHER was in town Thursday.

Hugh PARRAMORE paid Ballinger a visit Thursday.

A. T. TUERPE was trading in Ballinger Thursday.

Sam M. PARKS went to Brownwood Wednesday evening on business.

I. N. ABERNATHY went to Coleman Wednesday to look for a missing horse.

Dougal CAMERON spent last Sunday in the village of Zephyr with relatives.

J. E. GENTRY and wife were in Ballinger Thursday from their home near Maverick.

J. C. OLIVE was in town Thursday from Norton. He reported no news except that all the cotton was about picked.

E. W. SMITH has purchased the McGINLEY place, 160 acres, 1 1/2 miles west of Mylton and will move out at once.

B. C. KIRK has been advanced to the position of partner in A. H. VAN PELT's Hardware establishment.

J. P. WATSON was in town Wednesday from Miles.

Mr. Harry BRIN, a brother of the dry goods merchants here was in Ballinger, visitor several days this week.

Mr. Ben BRIN will leave for New York about the 15th to buy his spring stock.

A private party and vocal recital was given by Miss Lousue LUCKETT to a select circle of friends on New Year's eve. Among those named as attending were: the editor of the BANNER-LEADER, Rev. FITZHUGH, Mr. Bob McGREGOR and Mrs. Will ODOM. (a lengthy article abstracted for names)



Shanghai PEARCE, "the famous millionaire stockman", is dead of Bright's disease. He was a leading man in the stock circles of Texas. He was a native of Rhode Island, came to Texas before the war, stood six feet and four inches, and weighted 275 pounds. His life shows what a boy of honest nature and energy can do. He was a natural horseman and became a cowboy. His life was one of hardship, but he reached success. He owned 400,000 acres of land. (Ed. note: there is no mention of where the land was located; which war, where he died or where he lived at the time of his death.)


A fine boy arrived Thursday morning at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Nath ALLEN.

A baby girl arrived on the 28th of December at the home of R. MEDLEN.

On the day after Christmas a fine baby girl was born to the wife of Louis JAMESON.


Taken from the SAN ANGELO STANDARD--no dates given:

Jim HUBBARD, of Ballinger the rollicky bull of the Mystic Knights of Bovina, was over to see the boys Thursday.

T. J. WEBB, the Maverick cattleman, was in town Wednesday. He says cattle are too high for him to invest in at present.

From Brownwood correspondents:

Mrs. Etta HODNETTE, nee Etta HUTCHINSON, has visited Brownwood friends.

Mr. & Mrs.  L. C. MALLOW are visiting their daughter, Mrs. W. J. BOWDEN, at Ballinger.

George B. and Wallace HENDRICKS were in town last night en route for San Angelo. The former is a prominent ranchman at Miles and the latter a prominent Fort Worth lawyer.

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.