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The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Abstracted and submitted by Mrs. Charles E. Carruth
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol. XI No.1, Pgs. 15-19.

The Ballinger Banner-Leader

January 19, 1901, Vo. XIX, #14
Hervey F. MAYES, Editor and Proprietor

(Stalkin' Kin Ed. note--Items marked * were found filmed as an undated, loose sheet between Jan. 19 and Jan. 26. It appears to have been printed prior to the 26th but after the 19th. This paper was a weekly so none would have been printed between those dates.)

Lee MADDOX--the Implement and Vehicle Dealer
MILLER Mercantile Company
Central Wagon Yard--D. A. CAMERON, proprietor
J. Y. PEARCE--Wallpaper
E. D. WALKER's Drug Store
Dr. T. H. P. DUNCAN--visiting eye doctor--every three months in Ballinger
C. P. SHEPHARD & CO.--Insurance
__(torn)___ S. MILLER--Real Estate Agent, Abstractor and Conveyancer--Business established in 1879
WILSON & WILSON--Blacksmiths & Woodworkers
R. B. TRULY--Attorney at Law
"Our Friends"--Shaving Parlor--Pink HUBBARD, Prop.
W. R. SPENCER--Attorney-At-Law
Drs. HALLEY & LOVE--General Medicine and Surgery
Thos. A. Rape, M. D.
A. H. FRIEMEL & Co.--Steam Laundry
Ballinger Lumber Co.--J. R. McVAY, Manager
T. S. LANKFORD--The Saddle and Harness Maker
Lots of Coal--5 cars now on hand and for sale--Call W. E. ESKRIDGE at the cotton yard.


Card of Thanks: We take this method of thanking our neighbors and friends for kindness and help shown and rendered during our late affliction. The Lord's blessing upon every hand that ministered to our darling sufferer. Wm. W. and Mollie McKINLEY
(Stalkin' Kin Ed. note--this pertains to the death of their son; see Vol. X #4)

Christian Endeavor Program--Sunday afternoon, C. P. CHURCH
Topic--"Abiding Influence"; Leader--Miss Adrienne TRULY; song; prayer; song; Scripture Lesson Reading; Select Reading--Miss Augusta HARDGRAVE; song; Right and Wrong Influences--Joe B. WILMETH; prayer; open discussion on topic; song.

Epworth League Program--Sunday, Jan. 20, 1901
Topic--"Abiding Influence", Heb. 11:4; Leader--Mr. James BREWER; song, prayer; Scripture Reading and Comment--Leaguers; song; Select Reading--Miss Ethel TRULY; song; Paper--"Generating Influence"--Mrs. MANLY; Topic Thoughts--Miss Sammie PADGETT; song; Benediction.

The first issue of the "Commoner", Wm. J. BRYAN's paper, will be issued the 23rd of this month. The BANNER-LEADER and the COMMONER 1 year for $1.5 5.


Mr. Sam SHARP has lately bought a place near Hylton and the first of this week began moving his household goods there.

Hon. C. H. WILLINGHAM, at Austin, representing this district was appointed Monday by Speaker PRINCE, a member of the following committees: Public Lands, and Land Office; Agricultural Affairs; Stock and Stock Raising.

Eight Anniversary Reception
Last Friday afternoon, from 3 to 6 o'clock, a reception was given by Mrs. F. C. MILLER to celebrate the eighth anniversary of her marriage. Mrs. MILLER kindly remembered her host of friends, as was evidenced by the number present. it being one of the largest gatherings of Ballinger's four hundred. Mrs. Miller was assisted in receiving by Mesdames D. M. BAKER, SPENCER, O'REILLY and C. R. MILLER. The evenings entertainment was opened with a piano solo by Mrs. T. A. O'RAILLY. This was followed by two vocal solos rendered by Miss Augusta HARDGRAVE. Miss HARDGRAVE is a soprano of rare ability, and her "Rose of the Nightengale", a selection from the opera "Fencing Master", was rendered with skill and taste.
The dining room doors were opened and the guests invited in to partake of delicious refreshments consisting of two courses. The color scheme, red and white was carried out in the floral decorations and refreshments.
The afternoon seemed complete. But all things, it matters not how delightful, must come to an end, and only too soon did the enjoyable affair prove but a happy remembrance to the following ladies: Miss HARDGRAVE, Mesdames DAVIS, MILLIKEN, Abe MILLER, STARNES, HUMPHREY, WYLIE, ALLER, BAKER, WILMETH, LOVE, O'REILLY, SPENCER, C. R. MILLER, HALL, HODNETTE, RAPE, MATTHEWS, BUTLER, BOWDON, BRADFORD, WILLIAMS, RYAN, ODOM, VAN PELT, ERWIN, Geo. VAUGHN, Will VAUGHN, FRANCIS, J. McGREGOR, THOMSON, McGREGOR, GUION, PEARCE and BLANCHARD.

W. A. BALLARD, of Eden, was in Ballinger Monday. Mr. Ballard has lately sold out his hotel and feed business and has purchased the McGREGOR section of land, on which he will build a home. He was getting out the lumber Monday.

H. P. HUDGENS, of Mertens, Hill Co., arrived last Friday night. He owns property near Wingate. Just now he is wanting to buy property near town and start a market garden. He is a carpenter by profession.

T. D. BISHOP and son of Winters were trading in our city Tuesday.

Rev. J. W. RABY, of Valley Creek, was a welcome visitor in the BANNER-LEADER sanctum this week.

J. D. RATLIFF, one of the New Racket Store men, made one of his regular visits to Coleman Sunday.

Mrs. Oscar PEARSON returned Saturday night from a month's visit with relatives at Utah, Ala. Oscar is "living" once more.

Capt. J. D. McCAMANT arrived Sunday night from his home in Jones county to visit his son, Jno. M., and his daughter, Mrs. DAY.

S. M. PARKS visited homefolks in Brownwood Sunday.

Miss Kate THOMSON visited friends in Runnels a few days this week.

Dr. J. F. RIGGS, a San Angelo dentist, was in Ballinger Thursday hunting up more patrons.

The BANNER-LEADER learns that its young friend, Preston McKINLEY, is quite ill with La Grippe.

J. W. PICKENS went to Brownwood Tuesday afternoon to accept a situation with the BROWNWOOD BULLETIN.

E. M. BROWN, the Coleman cotton buyers, with headquarters at Ballinger, shipped 100 bales of cotton out of Angelo last week.

Mrs. B. F. DAVIS, and her two youngest children, went to San Angelo Sunday night to visit her parents. She will likely spend a month there.

J. C. OSGOOD, from the Oak Creek country, was in Ballinger Monday and while here remembered his friend, the BANNER-LEADER, with a call.

Mrs. J. E. SMITH, wife of the esteemed commissioner and justice of the peace, went to Mullin Sunday to attend her daughter, who is reported quite sick.

M. C. BRIGHT came down from Content Tuesday to do a little trading.

Messrs. Joe VANCIL and J. W. MURRAY were down from Winters Tuesday with cotton which was damaged in the recent gin fire there. Out of six damaged bales they managed to get five good bales when re-ginned.

Friends of Mr. C. P. DAY will hear the genuine regret of his serious illness at the Landon Hotel in San Angelo. Drs. TUCKER and COOPER are attending.

B. C. KIRK has purchased the railroad corner lot near, and on the same side of the street, W. M. WRIGHT's residence and has already put the lumber on the ground with which to build a neat and comfortable cottage.

Litt CHASTAIN was the victim of an unfortunate accident Monday afternoon and as a result he will carry his hand in a sling for so me days. He was pumping up his bicycle when the handle of the pump broke and the rod went through his hand near the center, even forcing a part of the wooden handle so near through that Dr. LOVE cut it out from the back of the hand.

Col. W. T. MELTON, of Brownwood, passed through Ballinger Sunday afternoon enroute home from San Angelo.

Mrs. G. W. ROYALTY and little daughter, after a pleasant visit with relatives in this city returned Sunday to Gatesville.

H. G. McCLAIN, the dry goods and grocery merchant at Eden, has been playing in hard luck lately. The news came to Ballinger Monday that his store and stock was burned Saturday night all a total loss, with little insurance. This is the second time he has burned out in a year. Friends in Ballinger sympathize with him in his loss.

C. W. DUKE was a business caller at the BANNER-LEADER office Saturday.

W. S. SYLER, one of the county's successful teachers, was in town Saturday from Winters.

Mr. Jno. McMINN, of Brownwood, was in Ballinger Saturday from a business trip to Menardville.

W. P. NASH is working temporarily for the LEDGER, in the absence of A. W. SLEDGE, the foreman.

Mr. Fred ST JOHN spent Sunday in San Angelo. He likes the town and was surprised at its size, but he remains partial to Ballinger.

*Stanley HULL went to Hylton this week to assist Mr. Sam SHARP in moving there.

* The City Hotel, M. A. NATIONS, proprietor, is among the patrons of the BANNER-LEADER job office this week.

* Mr. and Mrs. R. K. WYLIE were in the city the first of the week returning from an extended trip to Eastern cities.

* W. H. Lee, of Waco, an expert machine man, arrived the first of the week and is now employed with R. A. HALL, the hardware dealer.

* Miss Lenora HARPER, who had been a guest of her brother in this city returned Saturday evening to the home at Corn Hill, in Williamson county.

* J. H. HOLLAND left Thursday afternoon with J. E. NUNN for Ft. Davis. Both gentlemen are on a prospecting tour and may purchase if they can find bargains.

* Mr. SEAL, a druggist at Paint Rock, was in our city Tuesday looking for a house in which to open a drug store here. He is also negotiating for a residence for himself and family.

* A Mr. CONNER and family, of West Tennessee, arrived in Ballinger last Saturday and will make this their home. However, not being able to find a house to rent they are now camping near Mr. S. N. ALLISON's residence, six miles from town.

*M. D. L. BARNETT of Valley Creek was in town Wednesday.

Dr. J. M. SMITH, the Content physician, remembered the BANNER-LEADER this week with an appreciated order for stationary.

Reed McLAMORE came in Sunday afternoon and next day went out to visit his sister, Mrs. J. M. SEDBERRY on the ranch.

* Mrs. Arch HOLMAN, nee Miss NORTHCUTT of San Angelo, spent Sunday and Monday in Ballinger.

* T. J. WEBB, the Maverick ranchman was in Ballinger several days this week.

* S. F. CARROLL, of Content, visited Ballinger on business Monday.

* Dr. RIGGS, the dentist, is in the city and can be found at the Royalty Hotel until Saturday, the 26th.

* W. K. POWELL, a justice of the peace at Marque, has his eye on Runnels county as a good place in which to locate and the BANNER-LEADER will visit him regularly hereafter to keep him posted as to the happenings of the best county in the west.

* J. E. NUNN of Runnels, left this week for Ft. Davis, to make that his future home. He lived at that point several years, sold out, returned to visit old associations at Runnels and now returns to Ft. Davis. He has not yet decided as to the business he will engage in.

* Mr. Sam PERRY, from Brownwood, i a newcomer to Runnels county, having located near Norton.s

* J. W. SHERRELL of Wingate visited the city Tuesday.



Mrs. Cynthia A. TANNER--Mrs. C. A. TANNER died Monday night at 1:30 after an illness of several months. The funeral services took place this afternoon at the hotel, the burial being at Greenleaf cemetery. For many months she had been a patient sufferer, but she has now entered upon that peaceful rest that has no ending--BROWNWOOD BULLETIN. The deceased was the mother of Mrs. M. C. SMITH of this city. At the time of her death Mrs. SMITH was at her mother's bedside doing all in her power to aid the sufferer. Miss Hermia SMITH was in Goldthwaite but drove through the country to Brownwood to attend the funeral.

Little Ora LOUDDER, the 5-year old daughter of Mr. John LOUDDER, died Monday night in this city at the residence of W. T. PADGETT, of heart disease. Mr. Loudder is a newcomer, had bought land near Maverick, and his family were stopping temporarily with Mr. Padgett until a house could be built for their occupancy. The remains were placed in the cemetery at Maverick.

* L. G. GRESSETT, the blacksmith, received a letter Thursday morning saying that on Wednesday his father, J. D. GRESSETT, peacefully departed this life at his home near Comanche. Mr. GRESSETT was more than 84 years of age. He lived for a term of years in Ballinger with his son Frank and will be remembered by many.


"Chas. S. MILLER, Jr.", was born at the family residence in this city Monday afternoon. The BANNER-LEADER trusts he may grow to mature years and make a worthy successor to his father's business.

"It's a boy" said Mr. Watt HARVEY Sunday morning, to a reporter, "and it weighed 11 1/2 pounds." The young gentleman arrived at the Harvey home Saturday.

Born to Mr. & Mrs. S. S. MAPES, Friday of last week, a pretty baby girl. Mother and babe doing well and S. S. happy.

Marriages and Marriage Licenses:

Mr. Louis WARDLOW, of South Ballinger left Saturday for Coke County where he began teaching school Monday. Before leaving Ballinger he called on County clerk TOWNER, secured marriage license, and then stopping at Maverick he was happily wed to Miss Mira GREGORY of that place.

Rev. J. W. RABY of Valley Creek in befitting words and with due ceremony united in marriage Mr. Harvey A. GRIMES and Miss Donnie THAXTON last Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, while the young people were seated in their buggy at the preacher's gate.

* Capt. J. E. SMITH, justice of the peace, was summoned to the Temple of Justice early Monday morning,. Arriving there, he found a loving couple anxiously awaiting him. They stated their wishes, so in his usually happy style the two were made one. The happy couple were G. B. STACY and Mrs. J. R. MILINDER.

* Marriage License issued since last Friday are Frank SOMMERS and Katie BURGER; H. A. GRIMES and Donnie THAXTON; Charlie MEYERS and Ruth Ann BURNS; G. B. STACY and Mrs. J. R. MILINDER; C. Alfred DOOSE and Miss Emma RICHARDSON.



Frank RUSSELL returned from the Day ranch Thursday night. He reports our little neighborhood, Miles Station, on a boom. There are three lumber yards in full blast and they can't supply the demand. Carpenters are wanted there badly. In the vicinity of Miles Station there have been some forty or fifty houses put up within the last three or four months. Eb. BOYKIN, ex-mayor, is adding to his hotel. Ike FERGUSON, manager of CAMPBELL Lumber Co.'s business at Miles, will soon begin the erection of a nice residence.

Mr. RUSSELL says that it may make a man feel like getting a hustle on himself to visit Miles.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.