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The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Abstracted and submitted by Mrs. Charles E. Carruth
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.XI No.2, Pgs. 98-101.

The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas
Saturday, January 26, 1901, Vol. XIX #16


Christian Endeavor Program-Cumberland Presbyterian Church:
  Leader, O. M. FITZHUGH; "Our Missionary Debt", Miss Mary MILLER; "The Missionary Spirit in Christian Life", Gaston HARDGRAVE

In Memoriam--In loving remembrance of Dwight Witherspoon SMITH who departed this life on Jan. 18, 1901.

Another little lamb has gone
  To dwell with Him who gave;
Another darling little babe
  Is sheltered in the grave;
Amidst His shining band
  So He beat with loving smiles
And clasped our darling's hand.
  Written by a Friend

A New Grocery Store---A. SLAUGHTER and John KIRKPATRICK have formed a partnership, have rented the Cameron Wagon Yard on 8th street, and are lining up a stock of groceries.

Notice---There will be no services at the Presbyterian church next Sunday. Rev. SMITH will be in San Angelo assisting in the installation of Rev. E. B. WITHERSPOON as paster of the church.

A call meeting of the Brownwood Presbytery was held in Ballinger Thursday. Those present were Revs. J. C. GROW, of Comanche; C. Z. BERRYHILL, of Coleman; M. S. SMITH, of Ballinger; Elders J. M. CROSSON, of Ballinger and A. R. NESBITT, of San Angelo.

Notice---Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between J. MCGREGOR and J. W. FRANCIS under the firm name and style of "MCGREGOR and FRANCIS" is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Mr. J. McGREGOR will pay all claims against the said firm and all notes, accounts and credits of all kinds should be paid to him on his order.  Signed: MCGREGOR and FRANCIS Jan. 12, 1901

City Business--Mayor POWELL named the Auditing Committee for the city books: C. C. F. BLANCHARD, R. L. BENNET, W. R. SPENCER and D. C. UNDERWOOD.  Pete MCGREGOR, City Secretary.

Announcement--Messrs. F. L. HARPER and R. RUTHERFORD have purchased the stone building owned by W. A. GLENN and now occupied by J. F. LUSK and Co. and on, or soon after the first will open there a first class meat market. J. F. LUSK and Co. have rented J. H. MILLER building near the post office for one year from Feb. 1st and will move in on that date and soon as the building is completed.

Correction--We are informed that the BANNER-LEADER erred last week in stating that Mrs. HARDGRAVE's home place had been purchased by D. M. BAKER. The place is not on the market.

Announcement--Mrs. J. M. WOLFE, an aunt of J. N. DARNELL of the New Racket Store, has rented the Dunlap hotel, to take possession about March the first.


Mr. J. A. STREET, of Wingate, was jolted from his wagon Monday while crossing Valley Creek, one of the wheels passed over his body. Although first thought dead, a physician was sent for and he was restored to consciousness. Extent of his injuries are not known at this time but he seems to be recovering.

The following officers of the Ballinger Lodge No. 29 were duly installed last Monday night: Guin GREGG, Chancellor Commander; C. A. DOOSE, Vice Chancellor; F. L. PIERCE, Prelate; H. WINKLER, Master of Work; Max LANGE, Keeper of Records and Seal; J. L. CHASTIAN, Master of Arms; Dr. W. W. FOWLER, Master of Exchequer; L. MARKOWITZ, Master of Finance; Sam H. PARKS, Inner Guard; Wm. REINBOLDT, Outer Guard.

W. L. LOLLAR was in after lumber Thursday. Mr. LOLLAR owns a fine little farm near Maverick.

J. A. OSTERTAG returned this week from a buying trip to Ft. Smith, Ark. He brought back with him something he didn't go after--a genuine case of la grippe, and has been confined to his bed since.

Last Monday evening a very pleasant musical evening was passed at J. W. FRANCIS' home. Mr. FINGER presided at the piano, Mr. HABERKORN, the popular violinist, handled his bow with perfection, and Mr. COLLINS was cornettist.

J. W. POWELL bought this week lots 7, 8 and 9, of block 16, paying $75 each for them.

Mrs. Wylie MOSS, living in West End, is quite ill with la grippe and pneumonia.

L. E. PATTERSON, owner of the feather cleaning outfit, was in Ballinger Thursday.

W. A. DENMAN, who this month purchased the Star Wagon Yard, is enlarging the same and has bought through J. W. POWELL lot 4 in block 16, paying $105 for it.

L. MAROWITZ, after spending a few days in Galveston will continue on to St. Louis.

S. L. POWELL, of Gatesville has been quietly prospecting in Ballinger this week and it resulted in the purchase of the J. S. COTTEN place, down the river, 223 acres at $8.00 per acre.

Messrs. L. A. HARPER and W. A. MULLEN of Winters, were in town Thursday after lumber.

C. J. FINGER, the pianist, has been in Ballinger a few days this week looking after his music class.

Messrs. Jack McGREGOR and Leo MARKOWITZ spent several days in Galveston this week, leaving Ballinger Monday evening.

August GLOBER went to Menardville Saturday where he had been employed to cover a roof.

J. F. SHAFFER is in San Angelo this week trying his luck at ensnaring a finny tribe.

A c Dr. J. A. YOUNGER, dated from Los Angeles, California says he and his wife have reached that point and are having a good time, with no cold weather or other discomforts.

A. W. SLEDGE returned Sunday night from his trip to his folks back east.

M. CORNELIUS, the Winters merchant, was on Ballinger streets Tuesday.

R. L. HULES and wife of Winters, were customers of Ballinger merchants Tuesday.

S. J. CARPENTER took passage on the Santa Fe "flyer" for San Angelo Monday night.

Dr. R. C. MAYES, father of the editor, spent Tuesday in Ballinger. His home is at Gindale, Bell county.

W. E. ALLEN returned Tuesday evening from the West. He is suffering, like a great many others, from symptoms of la grippe.

Mr. Ben BRIN, of BRIN Bros., went to Comanche last Saturday afternoon expecting to return Monday but while away was caught by an attack of la grippe and his visit was necessarily lengthened considerably.

W. H. HAMILTON is in the city again and will likely locate with us this time.

Mr. Rec. THOMSON arrived in Ballinger Tuesday night from Austin. He has been visiting there a month.

Oscar LYKES, of Norton, was in Ballinger Wednesday while on his way to visit his brother in another part of the country.

Miss Beatrice THOMSON returned home the first of the week from an extended visit to friends in other parts of the state.

R. P. KIRK went to Wingate on business Monday.

Abe ADAMS, of Winters, spent Tuesday in Ballinger.

C. H. WILLINGHAM came in Thursday from Austin.

John T. AGEE, of Coleman, spent Thursday in Ballinger on business.

D. F. LOLLAR, one of Runnels county's substantial farmers was trading in Ballinger Wednesday.

John EOFF, of the firm EOFF and DALE at Winters, was transacting business in the city Monday.

Dr. M. M. WOODWARD, of San Angelo, was in Ballinger Thursday as a guest of his brother, C. S. WOODWARD.

Capt. W. L. TOWNER has a severe attack of la grippe.

Frank PIERCE, now addressed as "Your Honor", the justice of the peace of Winters precinct, was transacting business on our streets Tuesday.

Mr. T. J. STOCKS has bought the old planing mill, had had it moved to the center of the block, has had it improved and repaired and will occupy it as a residence.

Miss Iola GREEN left Ballinger Tuesday afternoon for Dallas to purchase a supply of speing millinery.

Messrs. A. M. and G. A. TREDWAY, of Vansickle, while here this week, purchased the J. K. THOMSON farm and ranch, two miles from Ballinger.

Mr. SOMERS, of Fayette county, is now a citizen of Runnels county, having arrived this week with his bride, whom he married a week ago. Mr. SOMMERS bears most excellent reccomendations. He is a brother of Joe SOMERS, who lives south of Ballinger.

Max LANGE started Wednesday for a visit to his parents in Berlin, Germany.

Mr. and Mrs. T. B. LATHEM of Brownwood, arrived Tuesday night to visit the family of M. C. SMITH. Mrs. LATHAM and Mrs. SMITH are sisters.



Dwight Witherspoon SMITH--On Friday night of last week Death visited the home of Rev. M. S. SMITH and wife and carried away their infant son, Dwight Witherspoon SMITH. The funeral took place from the residence Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock, Rev. E. B. WITHERSPOON, the Presbyterian pastor of San Angelo, conducting the services. The sympathies of the BANNER_LEADER and other friends are with the family.



L. MOSBACHER made a trip to Ballinger last week and reports that town on a great boom.

Mr. B. L. SLOAN, of Ballinger, was in the city on a business trip Tuesday.

HARRIS Bros., on Tuesday last, bought of R. K. WYLIE, of Runnels county, seventeen full blood Durham bulls and will put them on their Coke county ranch.

H. E. PROCTOR, of Runnels county, bought of Bob HILLIS, last Saturday, 320 acres of land on Lipan Flat 3 1/2 miles east of San Angelo.

Alfred DOOSE and Miss RICHARDSON were married at Moody on the 15th. Mr. DOOSE is a prominent real estate man of Ballinger, and a brother of Mrs. Park SMITH, of San Angelo.

B. D. HOWELL, from Wingate, Runnels county, purchased from Bob HILLIS, yesterday, the Louie P. MOORE survey of 1700 acres situated three miles south of San Angelo on Lipan Flat. This is the second time that Mr. HILLIS has sold this property in forty days.

W. P. HUMPHREY, foreman of Cicero SMITH's lumber yard in Ballinger, came up with his little daughter, Miss Flora, Sunday and both were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bide FREELAND. While here Mr. HUMPHREY had an operation performed by Dr. MARBERRY and returned to his home Monday.


John Handy MASON left on last Tuesday evening via Jeff MURRAY's fast freight line for Ballinger. The citizens of Menardville regret indeed to give him up but our loss is Ballinger's gain. As a testimonial of appreciation of his worth, Dock MADDOX, L. W. AINSWORTH, Johnnie BIGHAM, Frank TIPTON, ye editor and others, went to the river to see him safely off. May his shadow never grow less, his appetite for Coon Hollow whiskey remain above par, and his boring capacities continue to startle manking (sic).

(unreadable) Town Dots by Paddy

We are glad to see Miss Florine HARRISON out again.

Mr. Virge SELMAN and mother returned home last week from a visit to relatives and friends in Edwards county.

Mr. Perry BISHOP, wife and father spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Pete LAXSON.

Mr. MURRAY, of Lipan Flat, spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. B. F. CORUM.

Miss Maggie WARDLOW attended the social of Mr. and Mrs. Joe BACHELOR's of Miles, last Saturday night.

Mr. Clabe ARMSTRONG who has been boss on Mr. R. K. WYLIE's ranch for the past few months, has retired from ranch life and has moved to our burg.

Mr. Joe PERRY moved a bunch of his horses to the Miles country this week. Mr. Robert CORUM assisted him in the move.

Mr. John POWERS was so unfortunate as to lose his fine saddle mare last week.

Mr. Will MANSKEV has purchased for himself a fine stalk cutter sold by Lee MADDOX.

Mr. Lee HARPER and mother are visiting their sister and daughter, Mrs. Will JACKSON. THis lady and gentleman were in the Galveston flood.

CONTENT NEWS--by B. W.'s Associate

Mrs. Jeo HOOD and little daughter have been confined to their bed several days with la grippe.

Mr. and Mrs. Mat McKENNEY have moved into the house with Mr. HANSCOMB.

Mr. and Mrs. Ab LOCKET have moved into the house recently vacated by Mrs. E. J. ROSSEN who has moved to her daughter's near Abilene.

Mr. Ford ROGERS lost a horse with blind staggers last week.

Mrs. Mat MCKENNEY, accompanied by Misses Corda and Carrie BRIGHT started to visit Oak Lann Monday but their steed refused to go under their light hands, so they returned home, after an hour's 'walk and ride', with the assistance of Mr. MCKINNEY.

Mr. Charley HOOD will be home this week from Williamson county.

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.