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The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Abstracted and submitted by Jimmie A. Carruth
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.XI No.2, Pgs. 136-139.

The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas
Saturday, February 2, 1901, Vol. XIX #17
Hervey F. MAYES, Editor and Proprietor


M. C. SMITH--Attorney-At-Law--Ballinger, Texas

C. P. SHEPHERD--Attorney-At-Law--Ballinger, Texas

Chas. S. MILLER--Real Estate Agent, Abstracter and Conveyancer--Ballinger Tex.(Business Established in 1879)

Pink HUBBARD, Prop.--"Our Friends" Shaving Parlor

W. R. SPENCER--Attorney-At-Law--Ballinger, Texas

Dr. W. W. FOWLER--Ballinger

A. H. FRIEMEL & Co.--Steam Laundry

B. S. REED--The Ballinger Liveryman


Austin McKINLEY--In loving remembrance of little Austin McKINLEY, age 5, who died Dec. 10, 1900, in Ballinger

I am prepared to do all scavenger work. Leave orders at Lee MATTOX. T. W. MORRIS.

I am with S. B. HOPSON in the fruit tree business and will be pleased to have your order. Call on me at barber shop--J. A. DANCER.

NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between J. McGREGOR and J. W. FRANCIS under the firm name and style of "McGREGOR and FRANCIS" is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Mr. J. McGREGOR will buy all claims against the said firm and all notes, accounts and credit of all kinds should be paid to him on his order.  Signed McGregor & Francis, Jan. 12, 1901.


Ballinger has one of the best contractors in the state in the person of Jno. F. DREW. His work speaks for itself in the MILLER building, LANKFORD building, the DAVIS building, and there are no finer specimens of rockwork in Ballinger. Further, you will find him not only a skilled contractor, but also a pleasant gentleman with whom it is a pleasure to deal with.

Geo. F. KORNEGAY, the talented editor of the BLANKET MYSTERY and a former citizen of Ballinger, passed through Ballinger Thursday enroute to Robert Lee where he had been called by a telegram announcing the dangerous illness of his sister.

Surveyor WILLIAMS is confined to his room this week with la grippe.

L. MARKOWITZ went to Coleman Thursday night to look after his business interests there.

Miss Olive McCLATCHY, of Ardenmore, I. T.(Indian Territory), is expected to arrive Tuesday night and is to be the guest of her sister, Mrs. Will ODOM. Ballinger young people look forward with pleasure to her coming.

W. G. GATLIN of Norton, was a visitor at the BANNER-LEADER the sanctum early this week.

C. B. BLACK of Madisonville, has about decided to located in Ballinger but before making final arrangements will return to wind up some business matters there.

On Friday evening January twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and one, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. THOMSON, assisted by their daughter, Miss Beatrice THOMSON and Miss Maggie UNDERWOOD, extended to their friends a graceful hospitality. The guests included GUION, BLANCHARD, ERWIN, Will VAUGN, VAN PELT, LOVE, PEARCE, Misses UNDERWOOD, WINKLER, FOWLER, FRANCIS, Robert McGREGOR, Peter McGREGOR, GUION, ERWIN, Will VAUGHN, VAN PELT, LOVE PEARCE.

C. O. HARRIS had legal business at McGregor Wednesday.

S. M. PARKS went to Brownwood Sunday to look after some business matters connected with his father's estate.

Asa CORDILL enjoyed a trip to Winters Sunday.

J. S. CAIN, a good citizen of Winters country, was trading in our city Monday.

Mrs. H. H. LUCKETT came in the first of the week from the Nolan county ranch.

Jess BYNUM, the drug drummer, was asking for the patronage of the Ballinger druggists Thursday.

W. F. EXUM, of Crews, brought cotton to Ballinger Wednesday and returned with a load of supplies for home use.

The BANNER-LEADER  regrets the illness of Mr. Wm. DOOSE, one of its good friends.

Esquire W. H. WEEKS is slowly recovering from his recent illness and is occasionally paying the city a visit.

L. E. ALEXANDER began working at the First National Bank in this city Monday. He is a son of L. C. ALEXANDER who has lately moved to Ballinger from Brownwood.

E. D. WALKER's new prescription clerk, Mr. Geo. HOLMAN of San Saba, arrived Wednesday night and is now hard at work. He is a brother of Arch HOLMAN of San Angelo.

Mr. L. C. ALEXANDER's second boy arrived this week from Brownwood and for the present is working for J. H. KELLEY, the float man.

T. F. NICKENS, of Brown county, is a new settler with us. For the present he is located at Crews.

J. T. SNELLGROVE was a Ballinger visitor the first of the week.

Rev. W. A. MANLY was in Brownwood Friday on business connected with the tooth doctor.

C. S. WOODWARD, the land agent, spent Sunday in Coleman, the guest of his brother, Judge J. O. WOODWARD.

W. C. CARPENTER, a newcomer from Nolan county, was in Ballinger Monday. He has recently purchased the GURLEY place near Wingate.

J. C. HILL is enlarging his wagon yard.

A. A. GLOVER, one of the brightest boys in the employ of the TEMPLE Grocer Co. at San Angelo, was down Sunday and it is our opinion that a fair maiden of our town was the chief attraction for him.

M. BARBEE brought the BANNER-LEADER  man Tuesday a fully developed ripe strawberry grown in his yard. The winter has been so mild that the plants were not killed and have been bearing all through the winter.

J. T. BILLUPS was in town Wednesday of this week.

P. S. STARK, a merchant of Bronte, was in town Tuesday enroute to Brownwood, his former home. This was his first visit to that city since he left there several years ago.

W. G. CATHEY, of Wingate, and C. W. WARNER, of Bronte, were pleasant callers at the BANNER-LEADER office Tuesday. Both are substantial farmers. One is aged 62, the other 65 but we leave you to say which is which.

Mr. Ed BAKER has resigned his position with WILSON Bros., blacksmiths, and will shortly leave for Cleburne to accept a better position in that city. His place here will be filled by Wm. W. McKINLEY.


Paint Rock HERALD (Concho Co.)

Mrs. G. H. GARLAND by mistake took a teaspoonful of German Creosote this week. Dr. CRADDOCK was summoned immediately and she was given a e metric before the poisonous drug had effect.

The following are some of the land sales made by GARLAND & MONTGOMERY recently: Surveys 26 and 29, $2,170 cash to Carl SCHLINKE; survey 108 1/2 and 5-6 of 2110 for $1,666.67 cash to Thos. McCALL; 8 sections to Jim HENDERSON, $10,240 cash; eight sections in this and Menard counties to Al L. STROUD, $10,240; survey 117, S. P. Ry., in Tom Green county, $1,440; Jemima survey, 320 acres in Tom Green county, to W. JENNINGS, $640 cash.

B. R. BROWN bought of A. J. SEALE his stock of drugs and interest in lots and drugstore buildings here Thursday. Mr. BROWN will enlarge the stock of drugs and run the business until June 1st, when after that time one of his sons, who at present is attending a medical college, will take charge. Dr. BROWN, a son of B. R. BROWN, came up from Goldthwaite and engineered the deal. Mr. SEALE and wife will probably move to Ballinger


T. S. SHARPE returned from Ballinger Monday after a brief but pleasant visit.

Mr. John FINDLATER went to Ballinger last Friday to attend the meeting of Knights Templars.

On Monday afternoon at the pretty home of the bride's parents in this city, Mr. Murph MARCH and Miss Fannie PULLIAM were united in matrimony. The wedding was a quiet one, there being present only the relatives of the bride and groom and Miss May MONTGOMERY and Mr. T. S. SHARPE. Rev. Francis R. STARR, rector of the Episcopal Church, performed the ceremony. They will honeymoon in New York.

CONTENT NEWS--by B. W.'s Associate

Mr. Will MATHES and family have moved to their new home three miles east of Content.

Mr. Joe HOOD and Mr. Charley WOODROW are in Ballinger today.

Mr. and Mrs. Will BRIGHT of Askota and the former's sister, Mrs. Bush of Allen, Tex., who have been visiting relatives here left for home Monday, accompanied as far as Abilene by Mr. M. C. BRIGHT and Miss Carrie BRIGHT. Mr. and Mrs. BRIGHT will visit in Abilene a few days before returning to Askota. Mrs. BUSH was called home by a telegram stating that her husband was dangerously ill.

Frank JOHNSON an orphan boy who has been living with E. J. KILLEN en years, has decided to hunt another home, but we are satisfied he will never find as good a one as he left. Mrs. KILLEN gave him a cow and Mr. KILLEN bought her back, and paid market prices for the yearling calves, and Frank left in good clothes and enough money to hunt a new home.

Mr. Tom ROSSON returned Wednesday from Abilene with a load of lumber.

Mr. Joe HOOD went to Abilene Wednesday with cotton.

Mr. E. J. KILLEN was in Ballinger Wednesday.

Melford Ewell, little son of Prof. WEBB, has been real sick with a rising in his head.

Mr. Will MATHES went to Abilene Thursday.

Mrs. E. J. ROSSON was here last week calling on friends.

________, Winters--by Nemo

Judge T. T. CROSSON, Attorney DICKINSON, Sheriff KIRK and Esq. SMITH, of the principal city, were in Winters the 23rd. Come again gentlemen.

Mitchell OVERBY returned to the east recently after a short visit to homefolks.

What came very near being a serious, if not fatal, accident occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. CORNELIUS last Wednesday. Their baby's clothing caught fire from the stove and in a second almost the flames had burned off most of its outer garments, but by prompt action on the part of the mother the little fellow escaped without being burned in the least. Mrs. CORNELIUS' hands were severely burned while extinguishing the flames.

Dr. C. A. SHEELEY is having an addition built to his residence which will add much to the comfort of himself and family.

Prof. W. S. SYLER and lady have both been suffering with an attack of la grippe.

Tom AVERY and family returned recently from Louisiana. They went away but couldn't stay.

B. MANGUM and mother are moving into the A. FLETCHER residence this week.

Our esteemed fellow-townsman, Jno. W. DALE, received a telegram last monday morning bearing the sad news of the death of his father at Branford, Fla, Sunday the 27th. The store of EOFF & DALE will be closed all day Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. GANAWAY, of Wingate, were shopping in Winters the 31st. Mr. G. is not in very good health, we are sorry to hear.

W. W. SCOTT was seen on our streets the 31st.

C. P. CREW is so busy these days that he can not come to town during the day but comes at night when he is compelled to come for necessities.

F. L. PIERCE sold 320 acres of land to W. R. DAVIS the first of the week, at $4.75.


We went last Sunday eve to the residence of Mr. and Mrs. ROATEN, and a few hours were spent pleasantly singing.

Dr. GRANT of Winters, had two calls to Wingate last week. The patients were Mr. F. FLINT and Miss Lillie DURHAM.

Mr. R. P. KIRK made a flying trip here last week.


Letters and wholly written Postal Cards remaining in the Ballinger, Texas Post Office, unclaimed for two weeks, at the close of Business on Saturday, Jan. 5th, 1901. When calling for a letter please state that you saw it advertised in the BANNER-LEADER.....H. A. CADY, P.M.

BOSTIC, Mrs. V. A.
DUGAN, Miss Mattie
LAGING, Miss Hattie
DUGAN, Eddie

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.