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The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Abstracted and submitted by Mrs. Charles E. Carruth
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol. XI, No. 4. Pgs. 173-176.

The Ballinger Banner-Leader

February 9, 1901, Vo. XIX, #18
Hervey F. MAYES, Editor and Proprietor


For Sale--About 1800 acres of rich black land with mesquite timber. The J. S. MOORE and part of the WEBB survey near Crews, in Runnels county, are now offered in parcels of 150 acres and upward at $6.00 per acre cash, balance in 1,2,3,4, and 5 years at 7 percent interest per annum. This land can only be bought through me, hence apply direct to -- Charles S. METLER, BALLINGER, Tex.

To trade--A second hand wagon, used very little and in good repair, for feed, B. S. REED


Next Sunday the anniversary of the organization of the Cumberland Presbyterian church and the Christian Endeavor society will be celebrated by appropriate services at the C. P. Church both morning and night. At the morning hour the pastor, Rev. O. M. FITZHUGH, will preach. At the night hour the joint Christian Endeavor societies will render the program. Participants will be Miss Ethel TRULY, Misses Verna MOSER, Adrienne TRULY, Maurice TRULY, Viola TRULY, Mae HARRIS and Bessie MILLER. J. A. STARNES, Mrs. ODOM, Louis SCHAWE, Willie ALLEN and O. M. FITZHUGH.

Notice--To the Baptists of Content Association--We, the committee on Education commission, have arranged to have several rallies in the interest of our schools, one to be held at Oak haven, beginning Friday night before the second Sunday of February. Also one beginning at White Chapel, Friday night before the 4th Sunday in February. Come one, come all. All preachers are expected to be present and take part. D. W. TOWNSEND, Chairman of Committee, Ft. Chadbourne, Texas.

Notice--I will open a first class stock of Millinery goods in the J. F. CURRIE Dry Goods Store the 10th of March 1901--Mrs. Stella FORBES, Ballinger, Texas.

Notice--No preaching anywhere Sunday morning except the Cumberland church.


E. R. DONALDSON, who for a long time has been a citizen of Lipan Flats, was trading with Ballinger merchants Thursday and Friday.

Geo. West, a one-legged man hailing from Comanche, was arrested here Friday night for smashing the window lights in the front of the 'Horseshoe" saloon. It seems that West, line Mrs Nation, has been endeavoring to put the saloons out of business, his plan differing from hers, however, in that his idea was to drink all their liquors instead of breaking in the barrel heads and spilling it in the gutter.

Jno. GUION, Jr. is at home from the A & M college at Bryan.

C. WINKLER, the dry goods merchant of San Angelo, spent Sunday in Ballinger, the guest of his brother, H. WINKLER. He was enroute to the East to buy his spring and summer stock.

Hal RANDOLPH, a prominent Coleman attorney, was in Ballinger Saturday on legal business.

Mr. Frank STEWART, living in West End, lost his barn and its contents by fire Sunday about noon.

Willard MOSER arrived last Friday from Pecos country. The MOSER boys have leased a fine ranch, 30 sections, and are doing well. They are located near Sheffield.

T. S. LANKFORD was in Coleman Saturday night on private business.

J. F. CURRIE and S. J. CARPENTER were visitors in San Angelo Sunday.

Miss Bertha MAETZE, after a brief visit to the family of her uncle W. J. MILLER, returned Sunday to her home at Austin.

John HUFFMAN of San Angelo, had business in Ballinger the first of the week.

C. B. BLACK returned Sunday afternoon to Madisonville. He will likely return to locate in Ballinger before many months pass.

J. D. RATLIFF went down the Santa Fe to Coleman Saturday afternoon. He returned Sunday night.

Harry E. SHARPE is assisting J. T. PIERCE in taking stock this week.

Miss Minnie WILSON is the guest this week of Santa Anna friends.

W. R. BROWNE, of Winters, was greeting Ballinger friends the first of the week.

Lee C. WOOD is building a neat little cottage next to B. C. KIRK's new residence.

Dr. R. A. DICKINSON has resumed the practice of dentistry and is occupying rooms in the DAVIS building.

The young people of the city were agreeably entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. FRANCIS Monday night.

W. S. BOSWELL has sold his interest in the saloon business to his partner J. H. WILKE, who will continue the business at the same stand.

Howard HENLEY, who for probably a year has been working in the livery stable here, left Monday for San Antonio where he hopes to secure more profitable employment.

Zan WILKERSON received a telegram Thursday announcing that some of his relatives at Sipe Springs had been accidentally shot. The Banner-Leader failed to learn the particulars.

Will VAUGHN has planned to erect a handsome cottage on the hill facing D. C. UNDERWOOD's residence and if the weather is favorable will begin work on it next week.

I. O. WOODEN has purchased from HARPER & RUTHERFORD the corner lot, 60X140, opposite the street from Cameron's wagon yard and next the railway. Mr. WOODEN will not build before fall.

Mrs. Frank MILES has gone to Weatherford to visit her daughters, Misses Ida and Myrtle.

Miss Olive McCLATCHY, of Ardmore, arrived Tuesday night and is a guest of her sister, Mrs. Will ODOM.

Mrs. T. B. LATHAM returned last Friday to Brownwood after a pleasant stay with the family of M. C. SMITH.

Friends of Miss Francis CADY will be delighted to know that she is to return home tonight (Friday). She has been visiting her sister at Plantersville since the holidays.

Dud HUTTON came up to Ballinger Thursday from Talpa where he has been working for some time past. His father, A. D. HUTTON, is a prominent citizen of Rising Star country.

Friends of I. N. ABERNATHY, will be interested to know he is located at Atoka, in Coleman county, where he is engaged in the mercantile business and where he is also performing the duties of postmaster.

Fred St. JOHN returned Thursday afternoon to his home in Centerville. Prospects are good for an early return to Ballinger.

J. A. HAYS, the Bronte hardware man, was in town Saturday.

C. L. THOMSON and family, of Caddo Mills, Hunt county, arrived Sunday night and are permanent citizens with us. Mr. THOMSON bought land on Valley Creek, the SCHROETER place.

C. C. F. BLANCHARD, B. B. STONE, C. P. SHEPHERD and W. R. SPENCER were in San Angelo Tuesday on business connected with the changing of this judicial district.

Sheriff KIRK was in Winters and Wingate Friday.

S. S. MAPES visited in Brownwood Saturday afternoon on business.

L. MARKOWITZ traded off his little brown pony Friday and now drives a pretty gray mare.

Theo. GIVINS, of Knoxville, Tenn., passed through Ballinger Thursday enroute to his father's ranch.

The BANNER-LEADER will here after pay regular visits to Mr. E. F. DAVISON, a stock farmer of Falls county, with the compliments of Mr. S. H. LEE of this city.

Prof. E. L. HAGEN and wife of Gatesville are guests this week of S. C. ROYALTY and family. Prof. HAGEN was superintendant of the Ballinger schools some years ago.



Messrs. J. I. HUBBARD, J. L. McWHIRTER AND Walter VOGLESANG were chasing wolves on horseback in HUBBARD's pasture Sunday afternoon, when young VOGLESANG's horse fell, throwing the rider, and from the injuries sustained he died on Monday morning at 7:30. The funeral occured Tuesday at 2 o'clock from the residence of Sheriff KIRK, Rev. O. M. FITZHUGH conducting the services. Walter was just ripening into manhood and the news of his accident and death was a shock to his numerous friends and acquaintances. The BANNER-LEADER condoles with the famile(sic) in this distress and grief.


Mr. Claud ANSON who is known throughout West Texas as the horse buyer for the English government, is reported married to the daughter of Lord BERESFORD.

Sunday afternoon at 6:30 o'clock at the home of the brides parents near Winters, Mr. C. C. COOPER and Miss Leona HINDMAN were united in marriage by Rev. O. M. FITZHUGH.


See Exchange News-Standard

GEE Baby, see "Winters Items"


Brownwood BULLETION(sic)--(no date)

Walter VOGLESANG, son of prominent German farmer, near Ballinger, was killed while chasing wolves on horse back Sunday afternoon. The horse put his foot in a dog hole, the boy was thrown, and death resulted Monday morning at 7:30. He was just 23 years old Saturday, and was employed at GRESSETT's blacksmith shop. He was a member of the Pecan Valley Benevolent Association.

San Angelo STANDARD -- (Ed. Note--no date legible--in some places half of this column is missing--the rest is very plain--what can be read has been abstracted with blanks in parentheses where the word/s can not be ascertained; if the context of the sentence indicated there should be a certain word in that place it has been inserted in parentheses.)

The STANDARD learns (  ) English newspaper report (the) wedding of Claude ANSON (  ) daughter of Lord BERESFOR(D).

Lee GOOD, the Bronte (  ) man, was in the city Saturday.

N. J. WARDLAW, one of the (  ) substantial producers of (several words)nals county, was in San (Angelo) this week with another (  ) loads of "good truck".

J. H. LIDY the violinist  (  ) was with the Schubert Sym(phony) Club, has been engaged by (  ) FINGER to teach the violin (  ) will probably be here to A(ssume) the duties of his new p(osition) within the next three or (four) weeks

To Mr. and Mrs. Chris H(   )stein, January 27 a girl.

Dr. Thomas FLAVIN, after spe(nd)ing a few months in San Ang(elo) has decided to cast his lot at (Ball)inger and left for that place S(  )day. The doctor is an emin(ent) physician, who stands deserve(  ) high in his profession, and (San An)gelo regrets to see him (  ). However, we commend him (  ) Ballinger's good citizens. (  ) feel sure that he will soon (  ) recognition, both as a gentleman and a physician.

Last Sunday morning occurr(ed) the formal installation of Rev. (  ). B. WITHERSPOON as paster of the first Presbyterian church at S(an) Angelo.

Rev. M. S. SMITH, (of) Ballinger, conducted the regu(lar) morning service, at the close (of) which he delivered an impressiv(e) charge to the incoming pasto(r). Judge GUION, of Ballinger, followed with a very eloquent and thoughtful charge for the church, whic(h) ended the services.

WINTERS ITEMS -- by Nemo--(This column was the same as the above STANDARD with the exception that half of the entire column was unreadable as well as unfinished sentences and words).

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Gee a 12 pound girl on the 27th.

Miss Jessie BURLESON, of Bastrop, is visiting her brother, R. D. BURLESON, this week.

Mr. Granvil BLACKWOOD, of Grayson county, was visiting relatives here this week.

A. D. TALLY, commissioner of this precinct, was in Winters the (  ). He was looking after the county's business.

Tom AVERY is preparing the (build) again. This will be only (three) houses that he has built in Winters within the last 12 to 15 months.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. ARNOLD were shopping in our burg last Thursday.

D. F. LOLLAR was on our streets last Thursday.

Last Sunday evening Mr. Kit COOPER and Miss Leona HINDMAN were married at the home of the bride's parents, Rev. FITZHUGH officiating.


Advertised Letter List -- In calling for these letters please say advertised giving date of this list--H. A. CADY, P. M.

LAGING, Miss Hatty
WELLS, Mrs. S. E.

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.