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The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Abstracted and submitted by Mrs. Charles E. Carruth
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.XII No.1, Pgs. 19-22

The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas
Saturday, February 16, 1901
Vol. XIX #19
Hervey F. MAYES, Editor and Proprietor


RUTHERFORD & HARPER--Staple and Fancy Groceries--Open and Ready for business.


Col. W. P. CAREY, of Chicago, chief stock holder in the Ballinger Lumber Co., visited our town Saturday, J. H. GRANT, of Brownwood accompanying him. Mr. CAREY's company has thirteen yards in Texas, all doing a successful business. The yard here is managed by J. R. MCVAY.

Ed MACKECKNILE, of San Antonio, State Inspecter of H. P. DROUGHT & Co., spent Tuesday in Ballinger on business with C. P. SHEPHERD & Co.

"The Small Pox Situation" ( a lengthy article abstracted)
     A. Henry GURLEY, came from Abilene and had spent two nights here before he reported his condition. He went to Dr. BUTLER and was placed in quarantine with Henry CONNER in charge.
     One young man named WENKEL, who slept in a bed the night after it was occupied by GURLEY has been placed in a detention Camp made for the purpose of quarantine. He shows no symptoms of the disease. No new developments have resulted.
     Mr. GURLEY seems to be an honest sort of fellow, is single, has been driving the stage between Guion and Abilene, and says he did not know when exposed. He says if others should take the disease he offers to nurse them free of charge.

Presiding Elder W. H. MATTHEWS passed through Ballinger Friday enroute to Winters.

J. W. POWELL sold this week lots 7 and 8 in block 16, Ballinger to J. J. HUBBARD, Price $150.00 cash.

Col. W. T. MELTON, the cattle and land dealer of Brownwood, is in Ballinger today on business.

Miss Daisy PITTMAN has been spending a portion of the week as a guest of Miss Francis CADY.

Mr. John H. WEBB, an influential and reliable citizen of Houston county is in Ballinger this week looking for pasturage for 200 head of cattle.

Nelse ALLMAN, of Brownwood, arrived in Ballinger last week and will hold a position with the saloon.

Miss Callie STOCKS, who is teaching at Miles, spent Sunday in Ballinger with parents and friends. She was accompanied by Miss Mary THIELE.

The BANNER-LEADER has just completed a bill of stationery for H. C. CONNOR, blacksmith and wheelwright at Talpa.

J. W. POWELL says he has bought a ranch in the city of Runnels known as the Poly SMITH place.

R. B. MCADAMS, of Caddo Mills was in Ballinger last week, leaving for home Sunday evening. He soon will become a citizen of this county.

T. J. RAWLS of Wingate, was in to see the BANNER-LEADER Saturday.

Miss Hermia SMITH spent Saturday and Sunday in Ballinger visiting her parents. Miss Hermia has a class of 26 pupils in music at Goldthwaite.

The BANNER_LEADER is in receipt of a letter from W. W. LEEPER of Caddo Mills with a subscription for W. C. FYFFE enclosed. Both Mr. LEEPER and Mr. FYFFE hope to move to Runnels county in March. They are from Hunt county.

Fred GREENWOOD, editor of the BROWNWOOD STOCK FARM AND IRRIGATION, was in Ballinger Sunday visiting his brother, A. L. GREENWOOD.

J. H. GRANT, manager of Brownwood Lumber Co., was in Ballinger Saturday looking over the business done by his firm here.

Palmer CLARK, of Crews was among the buyers of Ballinger merchandise Friday.

Prof. D. J. EVANS returned Monday to his home in Whitewright. The very disagreeable weather and the small pox scare combined to prevent him securing a class here at present.

Leo MARKOWITZ went to Coleman Monday evening.

George KNIGHT, a tobacco man, made this point Tuesday.

J. A. GRIMES has been faithfully discharging his duty as commissioner of Runnels county this week.

A. D. TALLY, one of the county's efficient commissioners, is in from Crews this week attending to the duties of his office.

Prof. F. HABERKORN has gone to Brownwood to get up a class in music. He will still retain his class here, making this place his headquarters.

The BANNER-LEADER secured the names of the following stockmen and citizens who went to Fort Worth Monday from Ballinger: G. M. VAUGHN, C. S. MILLER, Fred MILLARD, W. L. MCAULAY, Reuben GENTRY, G. W. NEWMAN, Edwin DAY, Charlie GALLAGHER, Will and Lee GOOD.

G. W. Newman is representing the Ballinger Camp of Woodmen in Fort Worth this week.

Ben BRIN is spending a few days in Brownwood enroute to Ballinger from Comanche.

C. J. HORTON, of Winters, is here this week looking after the commissioner's court business.

RUTHERFORD & HARPER purchased this week I. O. WOODEN's stock of groceries, cigars and shelf goods.

Miss Mary WALKER, who has been the guest of Ballinger friends, left the first of the week for her home in Schulenberg.

Harry SCOTT came up from Brownwood Tuesday night to make final arrangements toward opening the new saloon.

I. O. WOODEN has packed up and moved his stock of confectioneries. He will reopen as soon as he can secure a house.

Misses Minnie Guion FRANCIS, Lousue LUCKETT, Olive MCCLATCHY, Attie THOMSON and Maud ERWIN attended the San Angelo Valentine ball.

The BANNER-LEADER will hereafter call regularly at the home of J. S. MCKENZIE at Oletha, Tex., bearing with it the compliments of Mr. George WILSON of this city.

Dr. J. A. YOUNGER and wife returned Tuesday night from an extended trip to Los Angeles and other points.

Sheriff R. P. KIRK returned Wednesday night from AUstin where he went to interview the governor regarding the reward offered for Noah WILKERSON. He was able to secure only expense money, the governor saying he was not authorized to pay a reward for the man dead.

Mr. Will GOOD returned Wednesday night from Coleman where he had been attending court.

B. F. MASON, a former citizen of Brownwood, was in Ballinger Wednesday representing W. K. SHIPMAN & Co., of San Angelo, marble dealers. This is Mr. MASON's first trip over the road for this firm.

J. W. REMINGTON, representing HURLBUT Hardware Co. of Brownwood, was in Ballinger Wednesday. He was initiating Mr. KEY into the mysteries of the profession. Mr. KEY will hereafter make this territory for the same firm.

E. G. BENNETT and D. R. OLIVER, of Groesbeck, arrived in Ballinger Monday night and will locate with us.

J. F. CURRIE left for St. Louis Monday to buy his spring stock.

Mrs. G. M. VAUGHN returned Thursday afternoon from a brief visit to San Angelo friends.

C. O. HARRIS went to Brownwood Tuesday eve on legal business returning on teh next train.

Messrs. Conda WYLIE, Guion GREGG, Harry THOMSON and T. G. HESLIP went to San Angelo Thursday afternoon on the local to attend the Valentine ball.

W. P. KING, of Wingate, was in town Saturday returning home from Itasca where he had gone to see his little daughter who was sick. The daughter had recovered sufficiently to return home with him.

Miss Stella FORBES leaves on todays train for St. Louis where she will spend several weeks in thoroughly fitting herself in the latest and most up-to-date styles in millinery.

L. MARKOWITZ will start for market in a day or so.

J. T. BILLUPS and one of his little boys were down Thursday from the ranch near Crews.

Several parties in Ballinger are contemplating erecting new residences in the near future. Among them are Lee MADDOX, H. WINKLER and C. A. DOOSE.

J. W. POWELL says he has large and small houses for sale and on any terms the buyer wishes.



Geo. F. KORNEGAY, editor of the BLANKET MYSTERY, passed through Ballinger Friday enroute home. The BANNER-LEADER was grieved to learn that his sister, Mrs. Lucy GARDNER, whose illness was reported in these columns some weeks ago, had died at her home in Robert Lee on Tuesday. She was a devoted Christian woman, wife and mother and her loss will be deeply felt by a large circle of friends.


"Miles Items" by "W"

     The town of Miles hew buildings finished and in course of construction, such as: Three stores, three lumber yards, two hotels, meat market, barber shop, blacksmith shop and a fine school with an attendance of seventy pupils, Miss Callie STOCKS, teacher. A music school under the management of Miss Thresa THIELE, is in a flourishing condition.
     Town lots are selling right along at a good figure. Mr. Sam FARMER had Surveyor WILLIAMS to lay off an addition to this town on south side of the railroad.
     The Baptist and Methodist each have services twice a month. Rev. D. M. WEST of Ballinger, held services last week. A large and interesting Sunday School in a flourishing condition, Bro. S. M. WRIGHT, Superentendent.
     Miles possesses in the person of Jim HANCOCK an expert painter and paper hanger who has more than he can do. He has led an advertursome life; a soldier in Cuba under GARCIA before the Spanish American War; afterwards a Rough Rider wounded on the heights of El Caney; last but not least an unreconstructed confederate, clinging closely to the principles of CALHOUN and Jeff DAVIS, and not trying very hard to "bridge the chasm".
     I met Joe THIELE, who invited me most cordially to spend the night at his home. I was easily persuaded as I had been there before. He had just sold a section of land to Mr. TOWNSEND of Fort Worth for $5.00 cash per acre. I am glad, for nothing is too good for this wholesoul German-American citizen.
     The R. R. agent is a lady, Miss Blanche DAVIS. The patrons of that company find Miss DAVIS a most efficient and accommodating official.

"Wingate" by "A. X. Y."
     Mr. HORTON, of this place, wears an unusually pleasant smile this week. To all questions he answers it is a ten pound girl.
     Mr. Bob LYNN, who is teaching a school some few miles from here, was here a few days ago visiting friends and relatives.
     Mr. and Mrs. Pet King, of this place, who were visiting friends and relatives in Hill county, returned a few days ago. We are glad to note that their daughter is much better.
     Mr. J. S. KOATEN, of this place, was called to the bedside of her daughter at Bront, by a message saying she was very ill.

CONCHO TIMES--Paint Rock, Tex. Jan. 15, '01--Editor BANNER-LEADER

Everything in the Paint Rock section is getting along nicely except there was a little shooting scrape on John LOOMIS' ranch, about twelve miles from here, last week, between Tony GAETHEL and a colored man, both working on LOOMIS' ranch.

C. M. MURRAY made a business trip to the flat this week and says his sister, Miss Katie MURRAY, returned last week from Van Zandt county, where she has been visiting relatives. She also visited at Dallas and Rockwall.

Sam FARRINGTON returned from Llano county last week.

GARLAND & MONTGOMERY sold seventeen sections of Paint Rock land to Sam HENDERSON at $2 per acre. it was in Mr. Henderson's pasture.

Dr. FOWLER is recovering from a serious spell of la grippe.

Emmet BURLESON is in Paint Rock this week.

R. J. WEST BROOKS bought a span of mules last week for $115.

Chas. FORD is buying steer yearlings. He is paying $11 to $12.50 per head.

"Content News" by "Associate"

We have had two snows here the past week.

Perry MILLER happened to quite a painful accident last Sunday while skating on ice. One ankle was fractured considerably.

Prof. WEBB has enrolled 70 pupils up-to-date.


F. HABERKORN is in the city from Ballinger for the purpose of interviewing our musical people regarding a violin class.

Captain ROBINETTE, late of Corvell (Ed. Note believe this should have been Coryell as there is not now nor does it seem to have been such a county in Texas) county, now of Runnels county, is in the city and county visiting his children. He will take to his Runnels county home some specimens of Brown county stock in the shape of fine hogs.

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.