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The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Abstracted and submitted by Jimmie A. Carruth
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.XII No.2, Pgs. 72-74.

The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas
Saturday, March 2, 1901, Vol. XIX #21
Harvey F. MAYES, Editor and Proprietor


Cicero SMITH--Lumber, Ballinger, Texas

R. A. HALL--the Hardware and Implement man

J. A. OSTERTAG & CO.--Ballinger, Texas--furniture

J. F. LUSK & Co.--groceries and grain

C. A. BROOM, San Angelo--Agent for the Chicago Live Stock Commission Co.

R. H. FLEMING, M. D.--physician and surgeon, Miles, Texas

The W. C. PARKS Banking Company, Ballinger

M. C. SMITH--Attorney-at-Law, Ballinger, Texas

C. P. SHEPHERD--Attorney-at-Law, Ballinger, Texas; offices with C. H. WILLINGHAM

Chas. S. MILLER--Real Estate agent, Ballinger, Texas

G. W. WILSON--Blacksmith & Woodworker

W. R. SPENCER--Attorney-at-Law, Ballinger, Texas



Rev. W. A. MANLY will begin a revival at the Methodist church in this city on the third Sunday in April, the 21st.

Teachers of Runnels County
The following is a list of the teachers of Runnels county, with their several addresses, as gotten from the County Judge's records at the courthouse:

Miss Laura HAYS Runnels W. J. GARDNER Winters Mrs. Julia HALEY Norton
Miss Annie GANN Crews W. A. PERRY Bolf Chas. P. HALE Maverick
Miss Edna SHARP Ft. Chadbourne Miss Inez BUTLER Bolf Chas. E. BROWN Crews
W. S. SYLER Winters Mrs. L. E. DANIEL Ballinger Miss Rosa LOLLAR Crews
J. N. S. WEBB Content J. B. SAVAGE Ballinger Miss Myrtle DICKINSON Runnels
Miss E. V. HOBBS Content Miss Nannie TURNER Ballinger J. A. STARNES Ballinger
J. A. MEDLOCK Hylton Miss Lizzie TURNER Wingate M. G. HODNETTE Ballinger
C. E. BULLOCK Maverick Miss Fannie SIMMONS Wingate Miss Edna MYERS Ballinger
Miss Zadie ROYALTY Ballinger Marion McKEE Wingate Miss Stella COUCH Ballinger
Jno. M. KING Paint Rock R. S. KELLY Winters Miss Augusta HARDGRAVE Ballinger
Jno. T. OVERBY Winters Miss Angie BUTLER Ballinger Miss Daisy PITTMAN Ballinger
Mrs. Emma MULLIN Winters Miss Callie STOCKS Miles

A young man by the name of Will PAINE is wanted in Ballinger and San Angelo to answer to the charge of passing worthless checks. P. J. BARON is the victim here to the extent of $5.00. Several parties in San Angelo are out small sums.

     Will you please give me the name of some responsible man who is farming? I want to correspond with him about your country, as I contemplate moving to Texas. If you will do this it will be a favor to me. Yours truly, W. J. LEWIS Appleton, Ark. Feb'y 23, 1901


Mr. C. J. FINGER of Ballinger and Angelo entertained the Boston Concert Company at his handsome studio last Sunday afternoon.

Rev. W. H. MATHEWS, presiding elder of this district was in our town this week. On Sunday night he preached to a large congregation at the Methodist church.

Frank CARADINE, of Santa Anna, who has been feeding cattle in Conchoe county was in Ballinger Wednesday night and for a time he was taken for Will PAINE, the man wanted for passing worthless checks. He soon proved his identity to the satisfaction of the officers.

A. M. HARTUNG, of Brownwood, was here Tuesday to see that the opening of his Photo Gallery should prove a success.

M. H. DENMAN, a sheriff of Brown county, and C. H. JENKINS, attorney, passed through Ballinger Tuesday enroute home from San Angelo.

Dr. W. B. HALLEY left New York Wednesday from Ballinger. He will stop a few days in Dallas and will reach home the first of next week. He has won honors while in the Polyclinic and has been tendered a very responsible position.

Messrs Dick and Ashby TILLERY late of Crews, were in town the first of the week. They have recently purchased a fine tract of land in Concho county and were moving last week.

Henry DRANE, a Brownwood attorney, was in Ballinger, Tuesday. He had been to San Angelo to represent Ben TANNER, charged with raising a two dollar bill. TANNER was given the priviledge of making a $500 bond to await the actions of the grand jury at Fort Worth March 4th. The bond was not given and TANNER is still in jail at San Angelo.

Dr. C. A. McBETH, of Maverick, was in town Sunday and Monday.

Will DAY was a Ballinger visitor the first of the week.

Messrs. Harry THOMSON and T. G. HESLIP spent Sunday in San Angelo.

M. CORNELIUS, a successful Winters merchant, was in Ballinger Monday.

H. H. LUCKETT and wife were down from their Nolan county ranch this week reaching Ballinger Tuesday.

Tom LUCKETT spent a few days in Ballinger the first of the week. He is working on the G. G. ODOM Coke county ranch.

Miss Clara GUION returned to Ballinger Friday evening of last week, after an extended visit with San Angelo friends.

J. W. NORMAN, the merchant prince of Paint Rock, was in Ballinger Monday enroute home from a business trip to the east.

R. E. GENTRY, accompanied by his wife and son, was in town Monday and a part of Tuesday from the Maverick country.

T. M. COTTON was in town Monday and had the address of his BANNER-LEADER changed to Paint Rock, which place will be his future home.

W. S. MOREHEAD, a BANNER-LEADER subscriber at Crews, was in town Monday dealing with our implement men.

J. H. HENDRY, Wingate's postmaster, was in Ballinger Wednesday.

W. G. CATHEY, of Wingate, was paying his respects to Ballinger the first of the week.

Rev. W. S. MADDOX, of Coleman, was in Ballinger the first of the week visiting his son Lee.

J. F. CHELF, of Wingate, was in town Thursday getting prices on the latest improved farming implements.

Mr. Thomas NORMAN and wife, late of Dresden, Tenn., have located in Ballinger and are occupying the CLAMPITT house.

Will GREGG has grown tired of "town life" and has gone to the MOSER ranch near Miles to spend a few days as a guest of Dan MOSER.

J. W. MURRAY, of Winters, was in Ballinger Tuesday. It seems it was a mistake about his sale of the remnant of the Winters gin to Content parties.

C. K. GWINN has moved from the CLAMPITT residence to the E. W. SMITH place. The move took place Wednesday.

G. E. SCHRAETER has sold his stock of groceries to Mr. John HOFFER, late of Clarendon. Mr. HOFFER comes highly recommended as a man and a grocer.

J. F. CURRIE has let the contract to J. F. DREW to extend his store building 60 ft.

W. M. WOFLE, of Snyder, passed through Ballinger Wednesday enroute home.

Stanley HULL cut his foot quite badly this week with an ax, while chopping wood. He is suffering, but is getting along as nicely as could be expected.

Judge J. M. CROSSON is at home from an ex-confederate rally at Hillsboro. Needless to say he thoroughly enjoyed meeting with his comrade-in-arms.

Mr. Joe THIELE, stockman and farmer of Miles, was in Ballinger Wednesday.

Messrs. Ed PARKS, Robert RANKIN and Ernest KIRKPATRICK, of Brownwood passed through Ballinger Wednesday in a private conveyance headed for the west on a hunting and prospecting trip. Junction City was their objective point.

Rev. W. A. MANLY and his most estimable lady gave a dining to several of the Ballinger young men Thursday at noon. The occasion was made enjoyable by the presence of two charming waitresses in the person of Misses Mary MILLER and Adrienne TRULY. The thanks of Messrs. A. W. SLEDGE, Jas. E. BREWER, C. P. SHEPHERD, S. B. RABY, Willard MOSER, H. E. SHARP, J. Boone ROYALTY and H. F. MAYES were given to host and hostess.

Mr. Will DUNLAP is improving his homeplace with a new fence and new paint.

D. H. BENTON, of Coleman county, was prospecting in Ballinger a few days last week and he will as a result, soon become a citizen of Runnels county.


J. W. POWELL sold to John PACHACEK lot one in block 16, Ballinger, $150 cash.

J. W. POWELL sold to H. B. HALFMAN 338 1/2 acres of the J. E. ELLIS survey, south of Ballinger, for $4.00 per acre, one third cash, 1 and 2 years on balance.


  I'll give you a few dots to let you know how Paint Rock City is doing.

There was a preaching at Dry Hollow Sunday eve by Bro. RICE, the pastor of the Methodist Church at Paint Rock.

Walter SMITH, son of A. J. SMITH, was given up to die this week but is improving now.

Robert MURRAY spent Saturday and Sunday with his brother Cam.

Miss Ruby STEVENS returned Friday from Temple, where she has been visiting her brother Willie.

Mr. J. O. SMITH was in town last Saturday and told lots of news.

Mr. H. FARRINGTON and son had business in town Saturday eve.

Mr. Cam MURRAY purchased a new disc plow from VAN PELT & KIRK in Ballinger.
Your Old Reliable--CONCHO TIMES

From the San Angelo STANDARD

Mr. H. G. MACLEAN, the big Eden merchant, was here Wednesday. His store at Eden was burned January 14th, being a complete loss, and while here he told a STANDARD man that on Feb. 1st he received from the London, Liverpool & Globe Fire Insurance Co., a settlement in full for the loss. Mr. MACLEAN spoke in terms of highest praise of the square dealing and promptness of Penrose N. IONS representing the company, in adjusting and settling his loss. Mr. MACLEAN left Wednesday evening for Ballinger to look after his business interests there.

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.