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The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Abstracted and submitted by Mrs. Charles E. Carruth
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.XII No.3, Pgs. 141-144.

The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas
Saturday, March 23, 1901, Vol. XIX #24
Harvey F. MAYES, Editor and Proprietor

(Ed. Note: Issue #22 -- Mar. 9th & issue #23 --Mar. 16 are missing from this roll of microfilm


Rev. W. A. MANLY requests the BANNER-LEADER to keep before the public the fact that a revival will begin at the Methodist Church in this city on the 3rd Sunday in April.


Editor Tom DURHAM, of the COKE COUNTY RUSTLER, visited Ballinger last Saturday in the interest of his paper.

J. N. DARNELL arrived from Coleman Thursday night. He expects to take charge of the Dunlap hotel as soon as it is vacated by its present occupants.

Some recent cattle sales in the Paint Rock country are: 9 cows and calves sold by D. E. SIMS to F. A. MATER at $22.50; 6 dry cows sold by F. A. MATER to C. SCHLAKE at $16.50. The same party sold to H. HANKES 6 cows and calves at p.t.

C. K. GWINN, having fully complied with the law with reference to vaccination, fumigation, etc. is now out of quarantine and attending to business. His son, who had the smallpox, is about well and none of the family have taken it.

Jack GREEN of Coke county, is in Ballinger, a guest at the home of his sister, Mrs. H. A. MASSEY. He is suffering from a severe carbuncle on his neck but is getting better.

Dr. C. A. McBETH, of Maverick, was in town Saturday. He is complaining of remarkable health in his community.

Mr. George WILSON left Monday for Limestone county to bring back cattle for a relative who is soon to move to Runnels county.

Mrs. E. L. HAGAN returned to Gatesville Monday after an extended visit here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. ROYALTY.

G. W. FITZHUGH, father of the Cumberland Presbyterian preacher was in Ballinger this week visiting his son. Mr. FITZHUGH's home is at Tolar.

Dr. T. A. RAPE and wife have gone to New Orleans where the doctor will attend a course of lectures on medicine and surgery. They will be away about two months.

Messrs. Jack COGGIN, Ben STONE and Jess CROSS, all of Brownwood, were in Ballinger Monday, secured a team and hack here and went to Eden intent on buying a ranch. They returned home Wednesday.

Mrs. J. F. CROSS, after a most pleasant visit with her sister Mrs. Will VAUGHN, returned Saturday afternoon to Brownwood.

Steve FRANCIS was among the many Ballinger visitors this week.

L. P. WOOD, of Runnels, came to town Saturday on court business.

R. H. WILSON and wife visited friends in Santa Anna Saturday and Sunday.

J. C. SWIFT of Runnels was greeting Ballinger friends the first of the week.

F. L. PIERCE came in from Winters the first of the week to attend to court matters.

T. A. FANNIN, the Winters druggist, was in Ballinger Monday, summoned as a juror.

A. L. GREENWOOD and wife went to WILSON's ranch, near Norwood, Saturday to assume charge.

J. H. BAKER and B. B. STONE were visitors in Coleman Sunday and reported a pleasant occasion.

Dr. Dick RATLIFF and wife, of Coleman, were in Ballinger Sunday, guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. RATLIFF.

Dr. J. H. GREEN, one of Winters' successful physicians, spent a few days in Ballinger the first of the week.

Gus NOYES, the Menardville capitalist, has been in Ballinger this week looking after his property interests here.

Willard MOSER was a passenger on the east bound train Saturday--destination unknown. He returned Sunday night.

Mrs. Eugenia HOLMAN, who has been visiting at the home of Mrs. G. M. VAUGHN, returned Sunday to her home in San Saba.

C. P. SHEPHERD had business in the town of Miles Saturday. He reports that town flourishing with bright prospects ahead.

A letter from Max LANGE announces that he has left Germany and is enroute home. He is expected about the first of next week.

Will GREGG wound up his month's vacation last Saturday and returned to Pilot Point to resume his work in the drug store there.

W. N. COLLIER returned Tuesday night from a brief visit to home folks at Hubbard City. He attended, while gone, the burning of the negro at Corsicana.

T. J. WATSON, late of Bell county, but now settled in the best county in West Texas, has added his name to the BANNER-LEADER list.

Miss McCLATCHY, who has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. W. E. ODOM, for several weeks, has returned to Ardmore.

R. A. HALL went down the road Sunday on business returning on Wednesday.

C. H. WILLINGHAM has been in Ballinger this week as attorney in the Vaughn vs. case.

Shelley ROATIN, accompanied by his sisters, Kate and Verlie, was in from Wingate Wednesday.

I. N. ABERNATHY, former proprietor of the New Racket Store, was in town Thursday from Atoka, which place is his home now.

Messrs. W. D. CURRIER and Marion MULLIN, proprietors of the newspaper at Miles, were in Ballinger Wednesday soliciting patronage of the merchants here.

Mr. John HOFFER, Ballinger's new grocery man, went to Clarendon last week, returning Sunday night with his family. For the present they are stopping at the Massey house. Mr. HOFFER will buy or build shortly.

A case of small pox is reported at the WYLIE ranch on Valley Creek.

J. M. STEVENSON, a former Ballinger citizen, but now living at Content, was shaking hands with friends here Thursday.

Messrs. Thomas and John ESTESS, father and son, were called to Kansas City this week as witnesses in a murder case.

Mrs. Cicero SMITH, who has been visiting at the home of Mr. ROPER in this county, returned Wednesday to her home in Mineral Wells.

W. P. HUMPHREY, manager of the SMITH Lumber Yard here, left Wednesday for Mineral Wells to confer with Cicero SMITH with reference to business matters.

W. D. CONAWAY, of Comanche county, was in Ballinger this week. He was a cattleman of the Ballinger country 18 years ago and still has cattle interests on the Concho.

Mrs. J. D. RATLIFF went to Coleman Wednesday evening to spend a few days with home folks.


(none for Ballinger this issue--see EXCHANGE NEWS)


Newsy letter from Winters---signed "Nemo" (no date shown)
Last Thursday, the 14th, at 6 o'clock p.m. the death angel visited the home of our esteemed citizen, Mr. A. J. ROPER, and took there from a jewel to adorn the courts above in the person of Mrs. A. J. ROPER. The entire community condoles with the bereaved relatives in their great loss. Weep not loved ones your loss is her gain.

W. H. HUNTER is building a residence on the lot north of Mr. Ed STONE's place.

S. P. BURNETT is hauling lumber to build in our midst.

Miss Lillian A. SHEELEY has an enthusiastic class in elocution. Miss SHEELEY is one of the best elocutionists it has ever been our pleasure to hear.

Among the very interesting things on the program of the Literary Association last Saturday night, was a solo by Mrs. T. W. MURRAY accompanied by instrumental music executed by Miss Mattie CURRIE. Also a select reading by Prof. R. S. KELLY and two recitations by Miss SHELLEY were highly enjoyed.

T. W. MURRAY is our new P. M. Uncle Sam made a wise choice in selecting him to look after his interests in these parts.

Miss Ella BOWEN was called to Bangs last week to be at the bedside of her aunt who is very low.

R. G. BURLESON drove a head of steers over to his ranch in Coke county recently.

Mrs. BISHOP, Sr. is very sick at present, we are sorry to note.

Wingate's Latest--signed "Your Aunt"--(no date shown)

Last Saturday night a crowd of young people, consisting of Messrs. Earl MOORE and Shelley ROATEN, Misses Ethel MOORE, Kate ROATEN and Agness TOWNSEND spend quite an enjoyable evening visiting Mr. Robert and Miss Minnie GANNAWAY. But "hully gee" such a ride as they had. They rode on an old freight wagon and you know the rest, especially where they had such a good driver. Miss Minnie, they sure did enjoy their stay at your home, but the following Monday the two boys and one girl were reported sick.

Messrs. Earl and Will MOORE have returned to Hamilton, to which place they were summoned to court.

Mr. Burt LYN is playing Professor these days.

Mr. Bryan JONES has been keeping company with the boys all week.

Mrs. E. A. ROATEN left Wingate for Ballinger's hat market Wednesday.

Messrs. Ab GANNAWAY and Ed DEAN pay innumerable visits to New Hope here lately.

If you was a sack full of chickens call on Mr. Earnest CATHEY, or a bin to put them in call on Miss MOORE.

Content News--signed "Associate"--(no date shown)

Mr. R. C. MALONE, of Abilene, was in Content Friday and Saturday the guest of Messrs. Joe HOOD and Chas. WOODROW.

Rev. CROW, a missionary minister, preached here Sunday night the 17th.

Prof. ARNOLD is teaching a writing school here. Owing to the public school through the day he teaches his class at night.

Mr. & Mrs. Elic EDWARDS have a sick baby, it having moistening ecz-ma.

Mr. A. A. HANSCOMB was in Ballinger last Friday attending court.

Mr. P. WARNICA went to Abilene Monday, returning Tuesday with a large load of goods.

Prof. WEBB and Mr. M. S. EDWARDS were in Ballinger last Saturday. Mr. EDWARDS remained till the last of this week, serving on the Grand Jury.

Mr. Chas. WOODROW spent a few days in Dallas the first of the week.

Mr. Mose BRADY was in Ballinger Friday. He was accompanied by his son, Willie.

Mrs. M. C. BRIGHT was in Ballinger Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Will MATHES were in Coleman a few days last week.

Mr. Elic EDWARDS is in Ballinger attending court.

Miss Cordie BRIGHT is to be a splendid assistant teacher for our school. She is giving perfect satisfaction.

Mr. Miller BALDWIN is reported quite sick. We hope he will soon be up again.

Sand Town--signed "Paddy"--(no date shown)

Miss Maggie WARDLOW returned home last week from a visit to friends in Coke county.

Mrs. Gus DELOACH has returned home from a six-month stay in Williamson county.

Mr. POWELL and wife and three sons left last week for Tom Green county to improve a fine section of land he recently purchased. Mr. POWELL and wife will return shortly but the boys will remain there.

Mr. Frank BAIRD left for Glen Cove the first of the week. He will be absent a couple of weeks.

Miss Belle ABERNATHY visited Miss Florence HARRISON Saturday night and Sunday.

Mrs. Willie ODILL of Abilene is visiting her sister Mrs. Walter MIDGLEY.

Mrs. HARRISON spent several days this week visiting her brother, Mr. Harry MIDGLEY on the Concho.

Mr. Robert CORUM paid Valley Creek a visit Sunday. Wonder what the attraction is?

Mr. Jim CABE of Bluff Creek paid a pleasant visit to Mr. and Mrs. CORUM last Wednesday night.


Advertised Letter List--Letters and wholly written Postal Cards remaining in the Ballinger, Texas, Post Office, unclaimed for two weeks, at close of Business on Saturday Mar. 16, 1901. In calling for these letters please say advertised, giving date of this list. H. A. CADY, P. M.

ATHEY, Charles
BROWN, Morgan
CLARK, Mrs. Mabel
JOHNSON, Mrs. Olivia

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.