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The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Abstracted and submitted by Mrs. Charles E. Carruth
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.XII No.4, Pgs. 201-204.

The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas
Saturday, March 30, 1901, Vol. XIX #25
Harvey F. MAYES, Editor and Proprietor


Millinery Opening--Misses Lola & Jennie LEWIS at WINKLER's

City Beer--S. J. CARPENTER, Agt. Ballinger, Tex.

New Meat Market--next to WINKLER's--RUTHERFORD & HARPER

R. H. FLEMING, M. D., Physician and Surgeon--Miles, Texas


Epworth League Program--Leader-Rev. W. A. MANLY: others on program: Mr. Jas. BREWER, Mr. Gaston HARDGRAVE, Mrs. DICKINSON and Miss Adrienne TRULY

Rev. W. S. MADDOX will preach at the Baptist church Sunday night.

Christian Endeavor Program--On program: Miss Augusta HARDGRAVE, Miss Verna MOSER and Mrs. W. R. SPENCER.

On Friday night, April 15th, Miss Belle MATHES, art and elocution teach, will give a concert in the K. of P. Hall.

NOTICE--The city council having appointed Mr. J. McGREGOR as manager of City Election April 2nd and he having declined to act by reason of assuming new business. I, J. W. POWELL, mayor, hereby appoint Mr. C. P. SHEPHERD as manager of said election. J. W. POWELL, Mayor.

NOTICE--Having sold my interest in the Barber Business to J. A. DANCER, I want to thank the people of this county for their patronage in the past and hope that you will continue to patronize Mr. DANCER. Will say that I would like to have a settlement with all indebted to me, next week. Very Respt. John McCAMANT

The first two Sundays in April Rev. F. M. GILLIAM, of Brownwood, will preach at the Cumberland Presbyterian church in this city.


R. H. LAYNE, of Bronte, was in Ballinger Tuesday purchasing supplies for the inner man.

Mrs. J. F. WRIGHT is expected home this week from an extended visit to friends in the city of Dallas.

Thursday and Friday a group of five Ballinger men were viewing out the Paint Rock road. They were M. D. CHASTAIN, Ed DICKINSON, R. L. MADDOX, D. A. CAMERON, and F. L. GRESSETT.

Mr. Harry BRIN, wife and baby, arrived Sunday night from Commanche and will make Ballinger their future home. Mr. BRIN will have the management of BRIN's dry goods establishment here, while Jacob BRIN will return to Comanche.

Lee WATSON, a member of the firm of WEAKLEY & WATSON, hardware dealers of Brownwood, was the guest of R. A. HALL Thursday.

R. W. REYNOLDS, of La Grange, has accepted a position with E. D. WALKER as prescriptionist and arrived last Saturday night to assume his duties.

T. H. GRAY, of Crews, was in town Thursday.

Guion GREGG, the First National Bank's book-keeper, was in Coleman Thursday, attending the Presbytery of the Presbyterian church. Others in attendance were Rev. M. S. SMITH and Mrs. A. McGREGOR.

Thos. KETCHAM, alias "Black Jack", who was to have been hanged in Mexico March 22, was granted respite for 30 days. April 22 is the date now set for the hanging. He appears indifferent to his fate.

Dr. R. H. FLEMING, of Miles, was in our city the first of the week.

Editor H. A. SHURMON, of Paint Rock, was in town this week looking for business for his paper.

Messrs. G. W. FIELDS and C. P. SHEPHERD were in Winters Saturday, the first to take orders for custom made clothing, the latter on insurance business.

Camel MURRAY, of Paint Rock, was in town Monday attending court.

E. SUMRALL, of Robert Lee, a man who believes in keeping up with the times, was in Ballinger Monday to buy a windmill.

A sweeter charm was lent the already good music of the Presbyterian choir Sunday morning by the violin accompaniment of Miss Irene GUION and the cornet art given by Mr. LOPE.

The DUNLAP Residence heretofore used as a boarding house, was sold last week to John HOFFER, who will improve it throughout and occupy it as a residence. He also purchased of L. B. WILMETH the lot just back of his property and will move his barn on it, giving him more yard room.

As announced last weeks  BANNER-LEADER, officers were elected at the Christian church Sunday morning. They were as follows: C. R. CREWS and E. D. WALKER, Elders; C. O. HARRIS, W. A. NORMAN, W. N. COLLIER and Robert NEWMAN, Deacons.The pastor is Rev. SHOPTAUGH an ernest, consecrated worker.

The visitor to the Presbyterian church could not have been otherwise than pleased with the improvements to the interior. All the work was done through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. R. K. WYLIE (a description of the interior and improvements was included)

C. S. WOODWARD spent Sunday in San Angelo.

R. E. WILLIAMS, agent of the Santa Fe in San Angelo, has resigned his position.

Pink EATON, the ginner at Bronte, has turned out 1268 bales of cotton this season.

Capt. S. M. WOODS, representing a Sherman nursery, is here this week soliciting orders.

Miss Maggie UNDERWOOD is in Brownwood this week, the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Pomp ARNOLD.

Miss SWAFFORD, of Paint Rock, has been the guest of Mr. & Mrs. C. M. VAUGHN the past week.

Oscar PEARSON and wife were in Winters Saturday, where he was buying horses for army purposes.

Prof. IRELAND and Dr. W. S. STARKY, of Waco, were in Ballinger the first of the week looking for land to buy.

Mrs. Mary HUNT ODOM went to Galveston the first of the week to visit with her sons who are in business there.

R. L. MADDOX and City Secretary, P. McGREGOR, each received new roll top desks this week.

W. D. CURRIER, the chief man on the Miles MESSENGER, was in Ballinger Monday and of course his business was in the interest of his paper.

Abb McELRATH, former editor and owner of the SANTA ANNA NEWS, was in Ballinger Monday.

The contract was let to Jno. F. DREW Saturday by G. F. SCHROETER for the erection of a 30 x 120 foot stone building.

Dr. T. K.(?) BUTLER is sporting a new Embree-McLean single buggy.

Sam M. PARKS was in Brownwood Monday, looking after business interests.

Miss Alice THOMAS left this week for Amarillo where she will visit the family of an uncle.

A letter was received this week saying that Estelle UNDERWOOD, who is visiting in Brownwood, is quite ill. Miss Maggie left Monday for her bedside.

Attorney Jno. I. GUION and M. C. SMITH went to Austin Tuesday to attend to important legal matters. Master David GUION accompanied his father.

Messrs. L. W. SMITH and W. A. KNIGHT, Hunt county citizens, are here this week looking up a location. Mr. KNIGHT was a citizen of this county years ago and is now returning to his first love.

Max LANGE arrived in Ballinger this week from an extended trip to his Fatherland, Germany.

__ H. NESBITT, the one-price-___ house man of Winters, was in Ballinger Tuesday.

The Robert Lee and Ballinger Stage Route has been let the past week to J. M. YOUNG of London, Ky., who in turn will sublet it to the highest bidder.

D. H. BOWEN, a good citizen of Wingate country, was in town Thursday.

Judge J. M. CROSSON is one of those who attended Presbytery at Coleman Thursday.

Rev. O. M. FITZHUGH, of Ballinger, will assist in the installation of M. E. CHAPPEL, pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian church at Brownwood, Sunday, hence there will be no services in the Cumberland church here that day.

J. N. DARNELL came up from Coleman last week to arrange about opening a boarding house in the DUNLAP residence, but the sale of that property to Mr. HOFFER disconcerted his plans and he is now figuring on another deal of the same nature., which is not yet ready to be made public.

(not a regular column in this paper; taken from other parts of the paper

J. W. POWELL reports sale of lots 5, block 15 (DUNLAP Hotel)--Wm. DUNLAP to John HOFFER at $2,000.

W. A. DENMAN to Ross MOSS lots 2, 3 and 4, block 16 (Star Wagon Yard)--$1300

J. W. POWELL to Henry MOSS lot 9, block 16, $100



Little Johnnie CLARK, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben CLARK, was born Oct. 28, 1899 and died of membrane croup March 10, 1901. His body rests in Glen Cove cemetery.

Mrs. J. M. WEAVER died Monday night at the home of her father, D. FORBUS, near Norton. Messrs. RAY and SNELLGROVE, neighbors, came to Ballinger after the coffin. Mrs. WEAVER was a victim of consumption. She was buried Tuesday afternoon in the New Prospect church cemetery.

(see Content News--Exchange News--for additional notices)


J. R. McVAY says he has the finest, smartest boy in the land, at his house. He is a newcomer and will likely bear the name J. R. Jr.


Friday, March 22, at the home of the bride's parents, at Wingate, Judge T. T. CROSSON united in marriage Mr. Walter TURNER and Miss Hallie GANNAWAY.


Content News--by Associate

There was preaching three nights this week by Rev. STICKEM a Primitive Baptist preacher.

Rev. CROW will preach here again next third Sunday.

Prof. ARNOLD's writing school closed Wednesday night. The prize was given to Miss Gertrude COATS and Mr. Victor BRIGHT was called on to tie the "blue ribbon".

Mr. M. C. BRIGHT and son were in Ballinger Wednesday and Thursday after lumber to build an addition to his dwelling.

Mr. Joe HOOD was in Abilene the first of the week.

Sheriff KIRK was in Content on "business" the first of the week.

Melford WELL has eeczema, but is getting along very well.

Miss Ida BRIGHT is visiting friends and relatives here. Misses Cordie and Carrie BRIGHT gave a gathering in her honor.

Mr. Tom BUTTS, whose mother-in-law was buried a few weeks ago, is again stricken with grief, this time his son-in-law being buried.


Rev. A. F. BOWDEN is making arrangements to move within the next ten days to Runnels county and engage in farming near Ballinger.


The many friends of Owen RATLIFF regret that he decided to leave the city and locate elsewhere. He left Sunday night for Miles where he goes to open a drug store.

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.