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The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Abstracted and submitted by Mrs. Charles E. Carruth
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.XIII No.1, Pgs. 41-44.

The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas
Saturday, April 6, 1901, Vol. XIX #26
Harvey F. MAYES, Editor and Proprietor


Election results--There was very little interest in Tuesday's all only 81 votes were cast, with the following results: Mayor-John POWELL; Treasurer-J. B. WILMETH; Secretary & Collector-P. McGREGOR; Alderman-P. E. TRULY and Joe OSTERTAG. Only the Alderman positions were contested.


Albert TUERPE and F. P. FULCHER were in town the first of the week trading with Ballinger's merchants.

The news came to Sheriff KIRK Tuesday evening of the killing of two men at Sonora by Sheriff BRYANT. (lengthy article abstracted for names--JC). Mr. THORNTON was killed near Eden last week. Several men were sought in the slaying. They were suspected of being in the Sonora area so Sheriff BRYANT prepared for them. Three of the gang entered Sonora to purchase supplies. Two of them were confronted in a store by the Sheriff and his men. The shoot-out ended with one of the gang dead and another injured. The third man fled on horseback pursued by a posse. The man killed, confessed he was Will CARVER the last member of the noted Black Jack gang and had been in Concho county for quite a while masquerading under several assumed names. The wounded man is said to be Geo. KILPATRICK, of Concho county.

A party of Ballinger people went to Miles Saturday night anticipating a pleasant and enjoyable day at the 5th Sunday meeting of the Baptist Church next day. The fickle weather interfered causing them to spend the greater part of the day at the hotel. Those going: M. C. COBB and wife; B. C. KIRK and wife; Dr. A. S. LOVE and wife; Miss Mary CARDILL, Asa CARDILL: Hugh JACKSON and Jeff BROOKS.

Winters Literary Association Meeting--The president was unexplainably absent--after a long wait, R. S. KELLY was called to preside. The exercises--recitations and readings--were given by the following: Miss Helen SHERRIL, Miss Ethel EOFF, Miss Lillian KELLY and Prof. T. A. FANNIN.

Miss Kate THOMSON left Ballinger Thursday for Coleman to visit friends.

W. G. FIELDS has disposed of his custom tailoring business to Mr. WILLIAMS.

Miss A. S. LOVE is to leave this afternoon for Florence, Tex. to visit home folks.

J. R. CALDWELL, Jr., of Brownwood, is here this week sampling cotton for shipment.

Miss Mae HARRIS and her violin will assist Sunday in the dedication of the new Christian Church at Santa Anna.

Mr. DAVIDSON, a Limestone county smith, has arrived the first of this week and has secured a job with Mr. Geo. WILSON.

It seems that Ballinger is fated to have at least one case of small pox continuously. This time it is Miss Kate TURNER, daughter of W. J. TURNER, of WIngate, who is staying in town with her aunt Mrs. MITCHELL. The usual quarantine procedures are being followed.

Gaston HARDGRAVE has succeeded Herbert O'VANNON in the telephone office.

Lee RUSSELL, a Menardville stockman, was in town Wednesday on his way to the territory where he has his cattle pastured.

Dr. DUNCAN brought sight to the eye of Geo. HULL by removal of a cataract.

H. T. SIMS, a prominent Coleman lawyer, was in Ballinger the first of the week on legal business.

Dr. D. D. FOWLER, of Paint Rock, was in town Tuesday and while here purchased a splendid new buggy.

Mrs. J. J. ERWIN returned the latter part of last week from Austin. Her brother, Louie LONG, accompanied her home and will visit in our city.

Miss Minnie WILKE entertained a number of friends Monday night in honor of Messrs. LUSK and McCAMANT. Those present were Misses Alma DOOSE, Minnie WILSON, Emily MAPES, Mina DORSEY and Katie GLOBER and Messrs Lusk, McCAMANT, Bert DORSEY and Geo. WRIGHT.

H. A. MASSEY moved this week to his new residence near the Presbyterian Church.

W. W. LUPER returned Saturday from a trip to Hunt county, bringing his cattle back with him.

Marion M. WILLIAMS this week bought of M. BARBEE his Concho river ranch, 800 acres at $8.00 per acre.

Messrs. John McCAMANT, Robert LUSK and Herbert O'BANNON departed Tuesday for Dallas where they will enter the Metropolitan Business College.

S. D. WILLIAMS and family are occupying the two-story house adjoining C. C. F. BLANCHARD's residence.

Miss Jessie WOODWARD, who has been in San Angelo for several months is visiting friends in Ballinger this week.

Uncle Joe ROUTH celebrated his 60th birthday Tuesday of this week, or rather his daughters, Mrs. R. L. MADDOX, Mrs. W. P. NASH and Mrs. Hayden ROUTH, celebrated for him by cooking a fine dinner, taking it to him and inviting him to partake of it.

Ike WOODEN has retired from the Confectionery business and it is now B. M. DORSEY & Co.

A. W. SLEDGE, the LEDGER foreman has recently invested in Ballinger real estate, the lot just back of the Baptist church bought of R. L. MADDOX for $200.

T. J. BUTTS, of Winters, was a Ballinger visitor Thursday.

Miss Callie STOCKS, who is the very capable instructor of the Miles youth, spent Sunday in Ballinger with home folks



Cards have been received announcing the marriage of Miss Mona ROUTH ROUNDTREE to Mr. James J. BRUMLEY to take place at Sonora on April 17.

Will ESTEY and Miss ROBERTS - Coke Co. - See Exchange News - Paint Rock Items.


Will CARVER -- Sonora, Sutton county, Tex., Tuesday April 2, 1901--see New People section this paper.

BROWN--son of H. H. BROWN, Santa Anna, Coleman county -- March 30, 1901--see Exchange News this newspaper.

Mr. N. G. WESTFALL, aged 26 years, one month and 20 days, fell asleep in Jesus on Mar. 20, 1901 at Table Gap, near Content. He was buried in the Content Cemetery. He was sick 12 days. The 11th of March 1901, he was kicked in the side by a horse which caused an abscess. He was born in Blanco county and raised in Mason county where he married Miss Georgia BUTTS on 27th of May last and the first of January came to make Runnels county his home. He leaves a dear wife and sweet little girl baby to mourn his loss.

In Memoriam -- (a poem not copied) Lines in memory of Mrs. Tinnie BOWEN, who died April 23rd, 1900, near Wingate, Texas--by Mrs. Fanny Leeson WILLIAMS, of Calif.


Santa Anna, Tex. March 30 -- The 13 year-old boy of H. H. BROWN of this county, was instantly killed by a westbound Santa Fe local. It seems that young BROWN was trying to cross the railroad while the train was switching. They boy got between two cars and was crushed to death between the drawheads.

Winters News--signed by Nemo

Drs. GRANT and SHEELEY are kept busy visiting the sick these days. Dr. TINKLE is on the sick list.

Mr. Ed STONE bought 60 acres of fine land in the suburbs of Winters on the 2nd from Esq. PIERCE.

Mrs. CHURCH and daughter, of New Hope, were shipping in Winters on the 2nd.

Miss Lillian A. SHEELEY and her elocution class are preparing to give an entertainment in the near future.

Mrs. OLIVER, recently from Limestone county, is having a residence built on her ranch north of Winters.

W. M. SPAIN and family were visiting last Saturday and Sunday.

Will GUTHRIE and lady, of Content, were shipping in town one day recently.

Content News--by Bookworm and Associate

Concert in Content (abstracted for names)--According to previous announcement the Winters colossal concentration of dramatic comedy and high class musical talent exhibited here the 30th. Prof. C. T. GRANT was the principal Band leader. Program included the Band, Orchestra, readings, comedy skits and melodrama. Members and visitors from Winters: Messrs. C. P. CREWS, R. G. MIDDLETON, A. SPELL, Zeb NESBITT, George MURRAY, Michael OVERBY, Isaac BARTON, Mr. SMITH, Misses Attic CRANT, Claudie and Linnie HUNTER, chaperoned by Mr. & Mrs. T. W. BURK and Mr. and Mrs. M. W. HUNTER. Proceeds amounted to $21.40, one tenth of which was appointed to the school here. They can come back any time.

Messrs. M. C. BRIGHT, Joe HOOD, P. WORNICA and others were in Abilene the first of the week.

Nora SMITH is having quite a time with the chills lately.

Messrs. Mat McKENNY and Claud COATS left Monday for a ranch near Paint Rock with about 700 head of cattle.

Mr. and Mrs. CAROL were in Abilene Thursday trading.

There are several cases of Catarrhal fever in this community.

Paint Rock Items--from CONCHO TIMES

Mr. Will ESTEY returned this week from Nolan county, bringing back with him as a bride the charming daughter of Mr. ROBERTS, a prominent farmer of Coke county.

Mrs. BUTLER and son were in town Saturday on business.

Lark MURRAY was in town Saturday from Lipan Flats.

Mr. Bob CROZIER and Prof. SWAFFORD were in from No. 6 Saturday. Prof. SWAFFORD has a fine school of 31 pupils.

A. L. BURK's mother, sister and two brothers, came up to spend a few days in our little city. They are recently from the coast country. Mr. BURK is a prominent grocery man of Paint Rock.


T. K. WILSON, of Concho county, sold to Tom SHAW, of Ballinger, 450 4yr-old steers at $24.50, 300 2yr-olds at $18.50.


Lige BARBEE, who lives on little Concho, got his barn and shed burnt Monday night together with 75 bushels of oats, 7 hogs, 200 bushels of corn, two new saddles, a lot of poultry and cotton seed. Mr. BARBEE thinks it was the work of an incendiary. There was no insurance.


Billy DRENNAN, one of our old timers, was in the city Tuesday enroute home from Sonora to Ballinger.


HUME Bros. & DAY shipped today from Miles 1500 head of 3 and 4 yr-old steers to feeding grounds at DAVIDSON, I. T.

A. M. MILIAR sold to RICHARDS, of Bosque county, 700 head of cattle at about $1700. These cattle are to be fattened and shipped to Cuba.

T. J. WEBB shipped last week from Miles, 7 cars of cattle to his range at Elgin, Kansas.

W. M. SMILEY, of Winters, bought of Lon MAPES, of the Concho, 25 head of top cows at $35.00.


Letters in Ballinger, Tex. Post Office unclaimed for two weeks at close of business on March 16, 1901....H. A. CADY, PM

HART, Charley
SIMPSON, Miss Tommie
WILSON, Mrs. Alice

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.