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The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Abstracted and submitted by Mrs. Charles E. Carruth
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.XIII No.3, Pgs. 132-134.

The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas
Saturday, April 20, 1901
Vol XIX #28
Harvey F. MAYES, Editor and Proprietor


Notice to Trespassers--
  Notice is hereby given that all trespassers on the ranches and lands owned or controlled by the undersigned  in Coke or Runnels counties for the purpose of hunting, fishing, cutting wood, gathering pecans, working stock or hunting hogs will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

G. G. ODOM, Ft. Chadbourne, Tex.

Rev. O. M. FITZHUGH will occupy the C. P. pulpit Sunday morning and night. (Ed. note--C.P. means Cumberland Presbyterian)


Mrs. Harry SCOTT and little daughter visited home folks in Brownwood last week.

Miss Attie THOMSON returned home this week from an extended visit to friends over the state.

J. H. BAKER, our district attorney, spent Sunday in Ballinger.

Mr. and Mrs. R. K. WYLIE left the first of the week for a months visit to Eastern points.

L. C. ALEXANDER is having a neat rent cottage erected, adjoining the Methodist parsonage.

B. C. KIRK, of the firm of VAN PELT & KIRK, is touring the country this week in the interest of his firm.

Harry E. SHARP has accepted a paying and permanent position with LANGE & DOOSE, the land agents, as abstractor.

Messrs. R. A. and C. F. DICKINSON and Byron JONES are at home from an extended trip to the Sonora country.

Horace THOMSON, Jr. came in Wednesday and is kept busy renewing acquaintances with friends here.

Alfred LUCKETT was in Ballinger the first of the week from the Nolan county ranch. His sister Miss Louise, accompanied him home.

Mr. and Mrs. G. G. ODOM, of Ft. Chadbourne, are in the city. Mrs. ODOM has been quite ill, but the trip to Ballinger seems to have benefited her.

For the raising of a bank bill, Ben TANNER, of Brownwood, was given two years in the pen and fined $100. He was convicted before the federal court at San Angelo this week.

J. W. CLAMPITT sold Thursday his residence, fronting Judge GUION's home, to Mr. T. WARD of the HALL Hardware Co. for $1550. Mr. WARD, who has lately moved to Ballinger from San Saba is now permanently located with us.

W. P. HUMPHREY purchased the Runnels county right of the patent oil burner stove attachment exhibited at the post office last week.

J. A. BURLEY, of this city, and J. H. GRANT, of Brownwood, were in San Angelo first of the week figuring on a deal which is not yet ready for the public.

W. G. FIELDS, late of the firm of FIELDS & MACE, has sold out and Tuesday left for Brownwood where he hopes to find permanent employment in a different line.

Messrs. W. T. WARD and W. A. HUMPHREY have been proprietors of the O. K. Wagon Yard since the first, J. C. HILL having sold to them on that date. He received $1750.

Miss Etta ABERNATHY is visiting friends in Brownwood.

Co. R. H. NEXBITT, one of Winters merchants, was in Ballinger Friday.

Miss Nell GUION returned to San Angelo Thursday night after a pleasant, but brief, visit with home folks.

G. J. GILLIAM, of this city, has purchased the Miles barber shop and was in town Tuesday arranging to put in piping for hot and cold baths.

Mrs. C. K. GWINN's family has been released from quarantine rules.

The Ballinger Gun Club organized Friday night with Walter CARPENTER as Captain and R. A. HALL secretary and treasurer. 10 members enrolled.

Miss Belle MATHES, who has faithfully and efficiently served as art and elocution teacher here for the past eight months, leaves Sunday for Hamilton to visit a sister. Later she will visit relatives in Memphis, Tenn.

Edwin DAY has leased the Ballinger Ice and Gin Co. plant for this year. He has already begun making ice.

Among the attendants on the federal court in San Angelo Monday and Tuesday were Henry KING, of Wingate, Walter MURRACY, of Winters, Jno. NORMAN, of Paint Rock, C. O. HARRIS, R. L. MADDOX, N. J. WARDLAW and Harry ACOTT, of Ballinger.

August GLOBER, Sr., of Hubbard City, is here this week visiting his sons.

Carl WILSON and Will GRESETT accompanied cattle to the territory this week, leaving Tuesday evening.

C. O. HARRIS went to Galveston Tuesday to attend the meeting of the grand lodge Knights of Pythias, as representative of the Ballinger lodge.

T. G. HESLIP, who has been seriously afflicted with acute tonsilitis left Sunday for his home in Caldwell, where he will remain until cured.

Mrs. Arch HOLMAN came down the first of the week from San Angelo

Ed KIRKPATRICK, charged with aiding in the murder of THORTON in Concho county, was placed in the Ballinger jail Saturday for safe keeping. His brother, it will be remembered was badly wounded by sheriff BRYANT at Sonora a few weeks ago while resisting arrest.

Mrs. Dick RATLIFF of Coleman was in Ballinger Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. RATLIFF.

Dr. B. A. FOWLER and wife, of Brownwood, were in Ballinger Sunday enroute home from a two day visit to Dr. D. D. FOWLER, of Paint Rock.

Miss Edna ODOM returned Saturday night from school at Austin, called home by the illness of her mother. She will remain only a few days.

Rev. J. W. HARMON, of Jasper county, Miss., arrived Sunday night and is guest of his son W. S. HARMON. He will spend several months in our city.



Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. D. GREGORY Monday, a fine looking boy.

Born Thursday morning to Mr. and Mrs. John JOHNSON, of South Ballinger, a girl.


W. A. GUTHRIE, at one time editor of the SAN ANGELO STANDARD, has forsaken the ranks of bachelordom and taken unto himself a fair bride in the person of Miss Mary ALEXANDER.


Winters News -- signed Stoic

Woodmen of the World are to give a supper and entertainment the night of the 23.

Winters Literary Society program (only names abstracted):
    Miss Eula HOOD--recitation "Rock of Ages"; Miss Attie GRANT--recitation "Old Darkie's Fish Story"; Miss Berta OVERBY--representation of a rustic lady visiting a large city' Miss Lillian SHEELEY, recitation

Content News--signed Associate

Miss McGEE of Abilene visited in our town last week. She returned home Monday.

Stella EDWARDS is, we are sorry to note, quite sick, having catarrah al fever.

Miss Cora FREEMAN was in Abilene first of the week.

P. WARNICA was in Abilene Wednesday.

Miss Callie SHAFFER, of Andra, is visiting in town the guest of Miss Eula HOOD.


Messrs. REED, Tom RAPE, W. A. PIGFORD and Col. CARPENTER, of Ballinger, were in the metropolis of the West Texas on a visit the first of the week.

Wingate News--signed A.X.Y.

Miss Mattie CURRIE, of Winters, is coming to Wingate to teach an instrumental music class. We hope she will have a full class.

Miss Minnie GANNAWAY was on the sick list last week, but is better at present, which we are all glad to see.

We are sorry that Miss Iva LYNN and her mother are to leave our midst. Miss Iva will, of course, be greatly missed.

Rev. ALLEN, the Christian preacher, has called in his appointment at this place, but we presume it will be filled by Bro. MOORE, the Methodist preacher.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.