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The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Abstracted and submitted by Mrs. Charles E. Carruth
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.XIII No.4, Pgs. 185-187.

The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Ballinger, Runnels county, Texas
Saturday, April 27, 1901
Vol. XIX #29
Harvey F. MAYES, Editor and Proprietor


Program for Ballinger High School Graduating Exercises to be held at Court House at 8:45 p.m. on April 29, 1901
Invocation--Rev. W. A. MANLY: Violin Quartette--Misses May HARRIS, Irene GUION, Maurice TRULY and Viola TRULY: Salutatory--Miss Mary DUKE: Vocal Duet--Mrs. D. M. BAKER and Mr. T. A. O'REILY: Recitation--Miss Maggie SHARP; Valedictory--Miss Mary MEDLEN; Alumnus Welcome--Miss Ethel TRULY; Violin Duet--Misses May HARRIS and Irene GUION; Presentation of Diplomas--Rev. SHOPTAUGH.

Decoration Day Ceremonies--Graves will be decorated in the following order by the following young ladies:
Mrs. M. A. KELSEY by Miss Katie Bell GREGORY
Mrs. S. N. ALLISON by Miss Irby TOWNER
H. A. REED by Miss Bertha REED
J. H. DUNLAP by Miss Inez MOSER
S. M. DUNLAP by Miss Minnie WILSON
Mrs. S. M. DUNLAP by Miss Birdie PIERCE
Capt. H. A. RANSOM by Mrs. C. W. ODOM
A. L. BENNETT by Miss Jennie BENNETT
Lt. S. P. BROWN by Miss Ada STOCKS
G. A. McINTERF by Miss Della MILLER
Mrs. T. D. SCHEIDER by Miss Beatrice THOMSON
W. D. KNOX by Miss Nettie MASSEY
L. S. McKANDLASS by Miss Adrienne TRULY
Mrs. E. A. ROUTH by Miss Lula ROUTH
Mrs. Fannie TAYLOR by Miss Stella ROUTH
Mrs. S. S. FOWLER by Miss Agness GLOBER
Mrs. H. S. MURPHY by Miss Emma BENNETT
Mrs. ESKRIDGE by Miss Sammie PADGETT
Miss C. McAULAY by Miss Iola GREEN
Mrs. M. C. KIRK by Miss Lola BROWN
Flower girls: Misses Martha PEARCE, Verna MOSER, Mamie PATTERSON, Ethel TRULY, Katie GLOBER and Susie SHARP.


Mr. BILLUPS, of Crews, was in Ballinger Friday to consult the specialist Dr. BROILES.

G. C. DUNCAN, a Coleman cotton buyer, was in Ballinger Monday.

Mrs. J. A. ALLEN, of Norton, was in to get cured by Dr. BROILES last Friday.

THE BLANKET MYSTERY has changed in form, name and type and now appears as the BLANQUETTE GAZETTE, but retains as editor Mr. Geo. F. KORNEGAY.

Henry E. McCULLOUGH Camp No. 557 U. C. V. has elected the following members as delegates and alternates to Waco and Memphis:
     To Reunion in Waco, Texas, May 8th and 9th--W. L. TOWNER; J. M. CROSSON; D. C. SIMPSON; J. C. SWIFT; H. D. PIERCE and S. W. ALLISON, Delegates. D. P. MOSER; L. A. HARPER; Johnathan RODGERS; E. BOYKEN; G. W. NEWMAN; J. M. YOUNG, Alternates.
     To Reunion in Memphis, Tenn., May 28th, 29th & 30th--R. C. TILLERY; W. H. HAMILTON; J. T. WEBB; B. S. TAYLOR; H. D. PEARCE and J. H. ROUTH, Delegates. Warren WILLIAMS; J. G. MAYHEW; G. W. GANNAWAY; James P. WOOD; J. L. SHAFFER and J. H. HERBERT, Alternates.

Dr. Julian HERNDON of Miles attended church in Ballinger Sunday night.

WARREN & EVANS, of Robert Lee, have contracted to carry the daily mail to and fro between Ballinger and Robert Lee for the next two years.

Rev. D. M.  WEST, pastor of the Baptist church at Ballinger and Santa Anna, has purchased the Santa Anna NEWS.

C. R. CREWS and wife attended the revival, in progress at Santa Anna, Sunday night. The meeting was under the guidance of Rev. SANDERS, well known to Ballinger church goers.

W. J. MILLER returned this week from a trip to Beeville where he interested himself in the formation of an oil company to prospect near Beaumont.

The protracted services began at the Methodist church Saturday night with Rev. Murray MORPHIS, of Georgetown, as leader.

J. T. SNELLGROVE, of Norton, was in the BANNER-LEADER office Tuesday.

J. A. OSTERTAG returned Sunday night from a ten day stay in Memphis. While there he attended the MYERS school of Embalming and now has a certificate stating that he is thoroughly competent in all the lines of embalming.

Miss Belle MATHES left Sunday  for Hamilton to spend a portion of the summer holidays with her sister.

J. B. WILMETH was in Brownwood Monday on oil business.

A. M. MILLER left Tuesday evening for a trip to the territory. He will also visit Kansas City before he returns.

Mr. Alan MILLS and family, of Leon county, who have been visiting and prospecting in Ballinger, left Saturday for Gatesville.

Mose GARLINGTON's team of grays caused a commotion Thursday by running away with his wagon.

Messrs. C. E. WOODROW and J. HOOD, of Content, were on Ballinger streets Wednesday. Mr. WOODROW will soon move to Winters and begin the erection of his gin there.

H. B. WISEMAN, of Estelle county, Ky. is in the city visiting his daughter, Mrs. Francis MOUNTZ. His son, Wm. H. WISEMAN, of Clark county, is also a guest of the family. They may invest while here and become permanent residents.

Mrs. S. HAZELWOOD, mother of Mrs. J. A. FORBES, left Ballinger the first of the week for Halletsville to look after her stock interests. She will be away about 2 weeks.

The Misses KYLE, of San Marcos, are in Ballinger the guests of their uncles Messrs. J. J. and T. P. HUBBARD.

Mrs. R. W. REYNOLDS, of La Grange, arrived with her two children, last week to join her husband, who is prescription clerk at WALKER's.

HICKSON Bros., proprietors of the Racket Store, were visited this week by their as. S. J. BRONSON of Lafayette, Ind., and her son Dr. L. B. WRIGHT, of the territory. They returned home Monday.

Charlie GALLAGHER paid San Angelo a visit last Friday.

Miss Leslie LAWHON, of San Angelo, Sundayed in Ballinger.

Miss Emily MAPES visited friends in San Angelo last week.

Dr. C. A. McBETH and John ALLBRITTON represented Maverick's interests in Ballinger Tuesday.

S. D. WILLIAMS, co. surveyor, has been exercising his professional skill in Miles this week.



Mr. and Mrs. Jap N. ADAMS have a fine baby daughter at their home in West End, born Thursday, the 25th.

Editor Geo. F. KORNEYGAY, of the BLANQUETTE GAZETTE, is the father of two bright, blue-eyed boys, born the 18th of this month.

Mr. and Mrs. E. M. BACON, of Austin, are the proud parents of a pretty little baby girl, born the 17th of this month.


Lee Franklin, two year old baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. F. F. GRESSETT was fatally burned on Tuesday afternoon at the parents home. He was buried on Wednesday at 2 o'clock, Rev. MANLY conducting the services.

H. WINKLER received the sad intelligence this week of the death of his father in Germany.

The father of Dr. J. F. RIGGS died at Marshall April 11th, aged 80.


CONCHO HERALD--The grand jury found a bill against Eb KELLY for selling malt tonic in Paint Rock, and in default of a $100 bond was remanded to San Angelo to await trial here at the November term of District Court.

MAY ENTERPRISE--Thos. LILLY returned Sunday from an extended trip out west. He will locate in Runnels county.

CONTENT NEWS--by Associate--Mr. and Mrs. Mat McKENNEY accompanied by Miss Carrie BRIGHT were in Abilene Thursday trading.

Mr. Sterling EDWARDS went to Paint Rock first of the week.

Miss Callie SHAFER, after spending a fortnight in our burg, returned to her home at Audra first of the week.

Miss Lela CHATAM, who has been visiting Mrs. Dr. J. M. SMITH for quite awhile, left Friday for her home at Mound, Tex. Mrs. SMITH accompanied her as far as Coleman City.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe HOOD visited their son, Edgar, in Taylor county last week.

We are glad to report Stella EDWARDS up again.

C. W. MILLER is going to make an addition to his store soon.

M. C. BRIGHT was in Ballinger Tuesday.

Mr. Jim LANDERS and wife, accompanied by Mrs. ROSSON, all of Oak Lawn, were in town this week the guests of Mr. and Mrs. FREEMAN.


The addition to T. A. FANNIN's drug store is nearing completion.

A recital given by the Elocution class was a success. The teacher-Miss Lillian WHEELEY; Pupils performing: Misses Cordie KANE, Leta VANCIL, Gracie DAVIS, Helen SHERRIL, Bessie EOFF, Ethel EOFF, Lydia EOFF, Oneta SHELLEY, Myrtle EOFF, Mrs. CORNELIUS and Master Oliver FANNIN. Also performing was Miss Pearl LUPER a former pupil.


Green FARRINGTON made a business trip to Lipan Flat Sunday.

Dr. CRADDACK was called last Sunday to the bedside of Cam MURRAY living two miles north of here.

BROWNWOOD BULLETIN--Mrs. Wm. KEY left on last night's train for Ballinger, where she will join her husband for a few days in an overland trip to a number of the inland towns.


Letters and Postal Cards remaining in the Ballinger, Texas Post Office unclaimed for two weeks at the close of business on Saturday Apr. 10, 1901. In calling for these letters please say advertised, giving the date of this list: H. A. CADY, P.M.
  BOMAR, Miss Biancia (3); WELLS, Mrs. F. M.; WRIGHT, Mrs. Jane; CLEVELAND, Ashby D.; DOWHEN, W. H.; DRIVER, J. R.; DUNCAN, T. H. P.; MORRIS. W. L.; MOSLEY, S. L.; WATKINS, Mack; WRIGHT, Rev. John.

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.