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The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Abstracted and submitted by Mrs. Charles E. Carruth
published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.XIVNo.2, Pgs. 81-83.

The Ballinger Banner-Leader

Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas
Saturday, May 18, 1901, Vol. XIX #32
Harvey F. MAYES, Editor and Proprietor


Commissioner's court, composed of Capt. J. E. SMITH, C. J. HORTON, A. D. TALLY and J. A. GRIMES, has been in session this week.


W. M. WATSON, of Gatesville, was in Ballinger Sunday and Monday called here by the fatal illness of her sister, Miss Adine, whose death occurred before he could reach her bedside. Mr. WATSON is in the bottling business at Gatesville and has a flourishing trade.

Fritz ERNST has returned from a seven month absence in Round Rock and Ballinger will hereafter be his permanent home. He will also lead the Ballinger band.

Judge J. W. POWELL has gone to Baird and will endeavor to persuade Mrs. POWELL he needs her at home. If successful, they will return Monday or Tuesday.

Miss Laura HAYS has finished her school work for the year at Runnels and last Friday left for her home in Buda, Texas.

W. FAIRMMA, a mill and gin man, of Goldwaithe, spent a few days this week in Norwood, the guest of his friend A. L. GREENWOOD. He returned home Thursday.

Mrs. M. A. NATIONS piano was raffled a few days ago. Messrs. H. E. SHARP and J. L. CHASTAIN holding the lucky number. Harry disposed of his interest to Litt.

Prof. W. S. SYLER and wife, of Winters, were in town Saturday.

Harry SCOTT went to Brownwood Thursday afternoon, his little daughter accompanying him.

D. M. BAKER, cashier of the First National is attending the Bankers Convention in Galveston.

Mrs. M. C. BOYD, of Brownwood, has been the guest this week of Mrs. Harry SCOTT.

D. Portus GAY, Jr., went down the Santa Fe first of this week.

J. W. NORMAN, of Paint Rock and Carl SCHLINKE have entered into a written agreement, by which Mr. NORMAN is to drill for oil within the next twelve months on the ranch of Mr. SCHLINKE a few miles below Paint Rock on the Concho.

Jno. W. MALONE, of Brownwood, representing the Mayfield, Ky., Woolen Mills, was in Ballinger Wednesday.

W. R. WHITE, school census enumerator for Ballinger district No. 9 says he has about completed his work and requests that anyone who was missed get blanks at J. F. LUSK's and fill them out. The time has nearly expired.

Miss Neil GUION came down Saturday from San Angelo on the special which brought the picnicers (sic) to Crows Nest. She returned on the regular train Monday night.

J. T. SNELLGROVE was in town from Norton Tuesday interviewing the commissioner's court with references to changing the boundary lines of his school district in order to include certain parties who are compelled to transfer each year.

Mrs. J. H. MILLER is in San Angelo this week consulting Dr. MARBERRY with reference to her health which has not been good for some time.

B. F. STARNES, whos visit to his brother Prof. J. A. STARNES was noted in last issue, returned Saturday to his home in Edgewood, Texas.

Lee BELL, of Brownwood, was in Ballinger Sunday. Mr. Bell was located here several years ago, buying cotton for his brother.

Mrs. R. L. DUNMAN, of Coleman, spent Monday in Ballinger the guest of her daughter, Mrs. J. D. RATLIFF.

Miss Hermia SMITH returned Friday night from Goldthwaite and will spend the summer at home.

Mrs. B. C. KIRK was in Abilene this week visiting relatives and friends.

Horace THOMSON, Jr., went to Ft. Worth Monday.

Guion GREGG, we regret to know, has been on the sick list the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter ROBINSON of San Angelo, passed through Ballinger Monday en route to Merkel to visit Mr. ROBINSON's people.

Miss Franc BAKER left Ballinger last Friday for Houston and Beaumont where she will visit friends. Her kindergarten school has closed for the summer.

W. N. COLLIER has recently associated himself with the land firm of WOODWARD & GWINN.

Marion MULLINS, the "force" of the MILES MESSENGER, was in Ballinger a few hours Saturday.

J. A. BURLEY, recently appointed manager of the San Angelo Lumber Co., was down Sunday to spend the day with his family.

Dr. Thomas A. RAPE and wife returned Monday from New Orleans where he has spent the last two months attending lectures and reviewing in medicine and surgery.

Rev. M. S. SMITH held services in Paint Rock Sunday.

Bedford CAPERTON, of Maverick, was greeting Ballinger friends Tuesday.

Mrs. G. W. REYNOLDS returned Wednesday night from a brief visit to friends in San Angelo.

Dr. A. S. LOVE and wife returned Monday night from Florence. Mrs. LOVE's mother accompanied them home. While away the Dr. attended the State Medical Association meeting in Galveston.

W. A. NORMAN went to Santa Anna Tuesday night, accompanying his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. NORMAN that far on their way to their home in Bearden, Ark. Miss Alice NORMAN of Paint Rock was also a passenger and will visit in Bearden during the summer.



Miss Adine WATSON, daughter of T. J. WATSON, died last Saturday on her 17th birthday. Her death was caused by an attack of appendicitis. Mr. WATSON only recently moved his family to Runnels county from Bell county. (note--see also New People, Visitors and Newsmakers)

Miss Delsia BROOKS, daughter of T. H. BROOKS died in San Angelo on Wednesday, of typhoid fever. She was buried Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock, the funeral taking place from the residence of C. S. WOODWARD. (she died in San Angelo but was a resident of Ballinger and was buried there--JC)


A. A. WYNNE, once a printer on the Ballinger BANNER-LEADER, but now foreman of the San Angelo PRESS, was married in that city Sunday to Miss Flora FAUBIAN.

Mr. A. W. SLEDGE and Miss Loula ROUTH were wed Wednesday evening at 9:15, in the home of the brides pars, by Rev. O. M. FITZHUGH. Attendants were: Mr. W. N. COLLIER and Miss Katie Belle GREGORY with Mrs. W. R. SPENCER playing the wedding march. Mr. SLEDGE is associated with the LEDGER as foreman. Mrs. SLEDGE is the daughter of W. T. ROUTH. At the present Mr. and Mrs. SLEDGE will make their home with Mr. and Mrs. R. I. MADDOX intending to build near the Baptist church shortly.


"Coleman Items"--signed Coleman

Miss Katie THOMSON is visiting her cousin Miss Evangeline THOMSON, of Santa Anna this week.

Chas. PERTECT, manager of A. T. BROWN's ranch was found Saturday afternoon in one of the pastures in an unconcious (sic) condition and his chin showing evidence of having received a very hard blow. He has no idea how he came to that condition but thinks his horse threw him then kicked him in the chin.


Rev. A. H. NORRIS and Miss Willie M. McDANIEL were married last Sunday afternoon at the home of the bride's father, Col. W. T. McDANIEL, seven miles west of Haskell. They will live in Abilene. He lived in Ballinger for several years.

"Content News"--signed by Associate

The phone is a great help to our little burg, and as soon as the line is completed to Coleman City we will be wanting electric lights.

We intended to say Mrs. Chanc SARGENT was sick last week instead of Mr. SARGENT.

Mr. H. T. EDGAR was in Abilene first of the week.

Miss Carrie BEIGHT(sic-should be BRIGHT) is visiting in Winters this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Will MATHES went to Crews Sunday.

Mr. W. R. HALE and family and Miss Pearl HALE, of Coke county, are visiting Mrs. Georgia SMITH this week.

Lonnie BALDWIN was hurt Saturday by a runaway team. One of the horses kicked him and the wagon wheel run over him; but we are glad to note he is getting along very well.

Memorial exercises were held at Content last Sunday those taking part: (names only abstracted) Bro. TILLERY, Mrs. J. N. S. WEBB, Mr. and Mrs. MURRAY, Mr. C. T. GRANT and Miss Mattie CURRIE.

"Wingate"--signed A.X.Y.

The Tax Assessor, Mr. Bud PADGETT, was hustling around quite lively among Wingate people last week.

J. L. TEER, one of Wingate's thriving merchants, was in Ballinger last week on business, and brought back with him a pair of $60.00 scales that weigh out correct for himself and customer.

Dr. WYATT has taken possession of his new home at Wingate. His family will join him in a few days.

Miss Katie ROATEN made quite an agreeable and extensive trip to Coleman last week to attend the League Conference.

Look out girls Mr. Henry KING has made a purchase of a new buggy.

Miss Iux LYNN will attend the summer normal in Ballinger.

Mr. Lee McKANDLASS has deprived us of his most pleasant and agreeable company here of late.

Mr. Sterling DUGAN has returned home. He has been visiting this place for some time.


Mack CHASTAIN, one of the leading merchants of the growing city of Ballinger, was over this week on a visit to his old home. His little boy accompanied him.


The charming Misses Felix and Mattie KYLE, of San Marcos, cousins of Messrs. J. J. and T. P. HUBBARD, of Ballinger, were in the city Wednesday, the guests of the Landon, while Mr. Jim HUBBARD was investigating the plans being drawn by our local architect, Oscar RUFFINI for a two story rock building to be erected on a corner lot of the main street of Ballinger.


Advertised letters and Post Cards remaining in Ballinger, Texas Post Office on May 11, 1901..... H. A. CADY, PM

Jones, Miss Pinkie
McADAMS, Miss Laura May

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Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.