Obituary from Ballinger paper: The Banner-Ledger; published Friday Feb 15 or22, 1918.


Max (sic) Taylor, formerly of the Norton country, son of M.C. Taylor, and a brother of Jim Taylor, who died in Ballinger a few years ago, died at Ranger Tuesday. A message announcing the death was received in Ballinger Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Taylor was working at Ranger when he became ill with Spanish influenza and died from pneumonia. The remains of Mr. Taylor will arrive in Ballinger over the A. & S. Wednesday at noon and interment will be made in the City Cemetery.


The remains of Mack Taylor, arrived in Ballinger at noon Wednesday, coming from Ranger where Mr. Taylor died Tuesday. The remains were accompained to this place by the father of deceased, M.C. Taylor, brother Chas (actually, this was Dr Charles Rayburn, sister of Collie that attended Mack during his brief illness), sister, Mr. John Morgan (this is Mack's sister, Minnie), and his wife (Collie).

Members of the W.O.W. Lodge (Woodmen of the World Lodge) took charge of the remains and conducted the funeral, Rev Francis, of Norton, and Curry of Ballinger assisting. Mack Taylor lived for many years at Norton. He married Miss Rayburn, o fthe Norton country, and her mother and other relatives were here to attend the funeral.

Further Notes:
Mack C. Taylor
Born Sep 4, 1880 in Norton, Tx
Died Feb 12, 1918 in Ranger, Tx in the Spanish Flu epidemic
Mack's middle name is reported to be "Cullock" from his daughter, Jimmie Jewell (Taylor) Penn
Son of M.C. (Mas Cena) Taylor and Elizabeth Jane (Clark) Taylor ...both born in Baldwyn, MS and buried in Barclay, Falls Co, Tx @ Barclay Cemetery.
M.C. Taylor lived in Norton, Tx during the 1880's-1930's.
Mack was a member of Woodmen of the World Lodge.

Picture of Mack C. Taylor

Picture of Mack C. Taylor tombstone

Submitted by:
William Taylor Penn