Taylor County

1880 Mortality schedule for Taylor County, Texas

Schedule 5. - Persons who DIED during the YEAR ending May 31, 1880, enumerated in Precinct No. 1 and 2 the County of  Taylor, State of Texas, W. D.Gamble Enumerator.

Note: The Census Year begins June 1, 1879, and ends May 31, 1880.
Page No.1  Supervisor's Dist. 2nd            Enumeration Dist. No. 188

Name of the person deceased Age at last birthday Male or Female Single, married  or widowed/ divorced Place of  birth of this person Where was the father of this person born? Where was the mother of this person born? Profession  Occupation or Trade The month in which the person died Name or cause of death How long a resident of the county? If less than a year, state months Name of attending Physician
Preston, A. 1 M S TX VA Tenn   - June Deutitcan? 5/12 Barrington
Stone, Charles 3 M S TX KY KY   - Sept Flucks 5/12 Moody
?Ralonel, baby ?/12 F S TX PA VA   -   - Convulsions     - R.E. M?
Hulchins, baby 1/12 F S TX Tenn TX   - April Unknown 1/12   ?
Simpson, J.W. 23 F M AR NC Tenn   - Oct Consumption 9 W.L. Simmons
Davis, Johnnie 5 M S TX GA GA   - July Fever 4 Alerman, M.D.
Wright, L.M. 50 F M GA VA VA keeping house April Meningitis ?1   ?
T__ger, P.G. 1 M S TX TX TX   - April Meningitis 1 Perron
Darrought, H.B. 24 M S GA GA GA farming June Pneumonia 2 Talley Holt, M.D.
Foley,M.A. 1 F S TX S__land AL   Feb Hooping Cough 1 Be... Moody, 
S.R. 48 F M IL IL IL keeping house May Flucks 7 Moody, W.C. & McGee
Simmons, C. 72 M S TX MO Tenn laborer Jan Pneumonia 3 Davis
Clegg, AB 7/12 M S TX NC Miss   - Sept Meningitis 7/12 ___las
?Gwam, Champ 49 F M GA GA GA keeping house April Typhoid Fever 9 Barrington
Ellison, Hettie 5?12 F S TX - - - Aug unreadable    -   -
Tubb, Frances E. ?39 F S TX - - Jul Pneumonia - -

Microfilm held at the Clayton Library, Houston TX. Difficult to read. Corrections appreciated.
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