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Roy Wagner suggested this list of Taylor County Cemeteries would be more effective if the name(s) of the nearest town(s) be shown. This certainly makes sense especially for those who are not famaliar with where the towns are in relation to the cemeteries. In some instances there will be more than one town or community listed for a single cemetery. No association is shown for family cemeteries.

ABILENE MUNICIPAL CEMETERY ---This cemetery is located in downtown Abilene just off N 10th street. It is a very old cemetery in excess of 18,000 grave sites.

ABILENE STATE SCHOOL CEMETERY--- Located in the city limits of Abilene it is closed to the public and burial information is not available. The cemetery has been in use since 1903.


BLUFF CREEK CEMETERY---Located in far Southwest Taylor County near the community of Shep. It is located on Bluff Creek (hence the name) but there was no "Bluff Creek Community". The location for the community of Moro ( also call Mount Moro or Oil Springs) is unknown but most historians suggest it was probably four miles North of the present highway FM 2086 near Bluff Creek. This is almost exactly where Bluff Creek Cemetery is located.



BRADSHAW CEMETERY---Just outside the community of Bradshaw.

BUFFALO GAP CEMETERY---Located just outside the town of Buffalo Gap. Because of the interaction between Buffalo Gap and Abilene (both were the county seat), there are a number of Abilene residents buried there.

CAPS CEMETERY---Located in the community of Caps. Caps is very near the Abilene City Limits and the Drummond Cemetery is only a few miles to the South.

CEDAR GAP CEMETERY---None of the Cedar Gap community exists today. The cemetery is about midway between Abilene and Tuscola.

CHAPEL HILL CEMETERY (aka Little Elm Cemetery).---Located inside the Abilene City Limits.

COLONY HILL CEMETERY (aka Eagle Colony Cemetery) Located just outside the Abilene City Limits and very near to the town of Potosi.

COPE CEMETERY---Located about 5 miles East of Tuscola.

DEWEY CEMETERY---Located near the community of Lawn

DRUMMOND CEMETERY--- Located near Caps, View, and Abilene


EAGLE COLONY CEMETERY (aka Old Colony or Colony Cemetery)

ELLIOTT-HAMIL CEMETERY---Located in Abilene it is just across the road from Elmwood Memorial Cemetery. This cemetery opened in 1996.

ELMWOOD MEMORIAL PARK CEMETERY---Located in Abilene, this cemetery has in excess of 18,000 graves. It first opened in 1947.

GARDEN OF MEMORIES CEMETERY (aka Trent Cemetery)---Located just across Interstate 20 from Trent. Fairly close to Merkel Texas and it is very few miles to the Nolan County line and Sweetwater, Texas.


IBERIS CEMETERY---Located just a few miles South from the Abilene City Limits.

LEMONS GAP CEMETERY---Nothing remains of the old community of Lemons Gap but the is cemetery just West of Tuscola. Oplin was another nearby community.

LITTLE ELM CEMETERY (aka Chapel Hill Cemetery)

McBEE CEMETERY --Located very near Tuscola and the old Oplin Community.

MERKEL CEMETERY (aka Rose Hill Cemetery).---Located at the Eastern edge of the Merkel City Limits. Abilene is nearby as is Trent. The burial list for Merkel was compiled in 1987 so many burials are not listed.

OLD COLONY CEMETERY (aka Eagle Colony Cemetery)

POTOSI CEMETERY---Located in Potosi but Abilene is nearby.

ROGERS CEMETERY---Located near the site of the old Rogers Community. The nearest town now is Tuscola some 6 miles to the West

ROSE HILL CEMETERY (aka Merkel Cemetery)


SHEP CEMETERY---Located in the Shep Community.


TRENT CEMETERY (aka Garden of Memories Cemetery)

TUSCOLA CEMETERY---Located in Tuscola

TYE CEMETERY---Located in Tye, Texas between Merkel and Abilene

WHITE CHURCH CEMETERY ---Located in Western Taylor County there is nothing left of the old White Church community. There are burials from the nearby Mulberry Canyon ranches, from the Buffalo Gap area, from Shep and from Merkel. Though no longer viable, the communities of Blair and Nubia were nearby. This cemetery is almost on the Taylor/Nolan County line so one must assume there were some Nolan County burials and that some local residents of Taylor County residents were buried in the nearby Dora Cemetery in Nolan County. 


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