Taylor County

1883 Wagon train settlers from

Calvert ROBERTSON County

Cedar Gap

"There are probably more connections here than we realize." Nola. Dec. 1999


"In 1883, a winding train of white-topped, covered wagons arrived in Cedar Gap, Taylor County, from Robertson County. Since all of the travelers were Baptist, it was inevitable that soon a Baptist Church would be organized. The only public meeting place in the community at this time was a one-room log cabin school.

Ten families were in the wagon train. These were the L.B. Pruitts, the George Pruitts, T.W. (Wash) Stephenson, and the W.H. (Bud) Chandlers, the C.J. Sandells, the Frank Traylors, the George Washington Anderson, and three other families whose names we could not learn. Most of the families were related. The two Pruitt men were brothers and also were brothers of Mrs. Chandler and Mrs. Stephenson. Sandell was a cousin to the Pruitt men. Mr. Anderson was the father of Mrs. L.B. (Mary) Pruitt. The families brought household goods, cattle and horses for riding and field work. Men on horseback drove large herds of cattle as in a regular cattle drive. When they reached Cedar Gap, they were ready to establish homes and to engage in farming and ranching on their arrival in the valley." Reference: Juanita Zachry page 183. ‘A History of Rural Taylor County’. Republished by Eakin Press, Austin, TX 1995 ph 1-800-880-8642

Wagon Train Occupants
Family Name Age 1883 Connection to head
ANDERSON George Washington 48 head
Josephine P. nee Smith 31 wife
John N. 16 son
William H. 16 son
Loula A. 10 daughter
Mattie 08 daughter
George 06 son
Eliza M.Smith 05 stepdaughter
CHANDLER W.H. (Bud) 26 head
Emma nee Pruitt 21 wife
Eura 01 daughter
HILBUN Elias B. 54 head
Matilda  nee Brantly 47 wife
Ruth J. Brantley 35 sister-in-law
Joseph Hilbun 24 nephew
Ezekiel G. Brantley  44 brother-in-law
HILBUN Franklin 29 son
Catherine 33 daughter-in-law
PRUITT Luther 29 head
Mary nee Anderson 21 wife
Exa 04 daughter
PRUITT Eligah D. 49 father
Emily E. nee Kay 54 mother
PRUITT George W. head
Mary J. nee Hilbun 23 wife
Lacy D. 01 daughter
Grissell infant son
PRUITT Oun 27 brother
Bell 22 sister-in-law
SANDELL Calvin J. 26 head
Julia nee Jones 25 wife
Earnis infant son
STEPHENSON Thomas Washington 32 head
Charity E. nee Pruitt 25 wife
Effie 7
TRAYLOR Frank 31 head
Eliza Smith nee Coley 26 wife
Albert Sidney 01 son

Rreference : Taylor Co. 1900 Census ED 151 SD 4 Sheet 6  
                Taylor Co. 1910 Census ED 270  SD 16 Sheet 6B line 98

George Washington Anderson
William David Anderson was born in 1829 in Tenn.a brother to George W. Anderson who was born in 1835 in Texas my gr. gr.-f.. They lived in Robertson Co from at least 1840-1880. George W. m. Barbara Ann Swingler Sept. 29 1860 in Robertson Co. Barbara had 2 dau.s' Sarah and Julia Jones. Barbara was born in Baden, Germany. Sarah Jones m. Nathan Bradford and ? Woodfin. Julia Jones m. Calvin J. Sandell. George and Barbara had 6 children together before she died. They are:
Mary            b. 1861-m- Luther Pruitt
John N.        b. 1867-m- Effie Stephenson and Pearl Graham
(Note: no child born for 5 years George away 3 yrs Civil War service )
William H.  b. 1867-m- Louella ?
Loula A.      b. 1873 -m- Levi B. Cope in 1889 Cedar Gap, Taylor Co.
Mattie         b. 1875 -m- J.A. McDaniel
George Jr.  b. 1877 -m- Mattie

George W. married next Josephine Smith she had one dau. Pearl Smith she married Willie Brookeson
George and Josephine had three children:
David C.      b. 1887 -m- Callie ?, and Jesse b ?
?J. S. R. J.   b. 1889    son
Bessie D.     b. 1891 -m- Lee Sandell
My Grd-Mother Loula A. Anderson Cope had 10 children she was 40 yrs old when last child was born. George W. Anderson is buried in the Drummond Cemetery in Lawn, Taylor Co. TX

My grandmother Loula Alice Anderson Cope was born in 1873 Becks Prairie, Robertson CO. TX. Loula and Mary Anderson Pruitt are sisters. Loula Anderson married Levi B. Cope in Cedar Gap, Taylor CO. TX 1st May1889. Calvin J. Sandell married another sister to Mary and Loula Anderson. He married Julia Swingler Jones who is a half sister to Mary and Loula Anderson. Julia and her sister Sarah were the dau.s of a unknown Jones man ..… Also the Pruitts' were at my grandmother's (Loula Anderson Cope) funeral in 1953 in Roscoe, TX.
Information courtesy of  David Cope Mamie P. Smith b. Mar. 1886. (dau)

Elder W.D. Anderson performed the marriage ceremony for Eliza COLEY to H.B. Smith 20 Feb. 1877 in Robertson Co. Eliza soon became a widow when her husband was dragged to death by a team of mules.  On 5 April 1881 Eliza married E. Frank TRAYLOR.

JOHN N. ANDERSON JOHN N. ANDERSON came to Taylor County on the wagon train with his father and three sons and two daughters. The mother had died a few years prior to their migration to Taylor County. G. W. Anderson went into the Merkel area to the west of Abilene. John soon returned and married Effie Stephenson, a daughter of another of the families coming from Robertson County. Soon thereafter he acquired some 300 acres of land along the present U.S. highway 84 just to the south and west of the Cedar Gap school house. There John Anderson reared a family of five children:

The first wife Effie, died in 1921 and Mr. Anderson, in 1923 married Miss Pearl Graham, the daughter of John L. Graham. Annie and Micie Jane were born to "Miss" Pearl as she was called even after her marriage. Max and Bert are dead, Bernice, Lola and Jewell each live in Houston, TX and Mickie Jane in Tuscola and still operates the John Anderson farm at Cedar Gap. Reference: A Baker’s Dozen: We were Thirteen. The story of the Casey Family of Tuscola by Clifford Casey.

William "Bud" CHANDLER
1900 census for Taylor County , TX Justice Precinct #2
SD4, ED 151 sheet 12
Family 221 neighbors of beside Eligah and Emily Pruitt.
William b. Nov. 1857 in Mississippi and his wife Sarah F.  38 b. Mar 1862 in Texas had been married eighteen years and raised five children all living in 1900.
Eura D.                 b. Nov 1882
Fianist E.              b. Sep 1886 (son) 
Harris E.               b. Nov 1891
Elmus K.               b. Jan 1894 (son) 
Onah                    b. Jul 1896 (dau.)

Old Franklin, Robertson Co., TX & Eli Chandler
1850 census Robertson Co.


1880 Census for Robertson County
ED 146, Vol.27, Sheet 34, Line 41
                                                   Age         Born
Sarida (Serida?) Chandler              53           MS    widow
Wm. H. Chandler                            23           MS
Annie E. Chandler                          21           MS
James A. Chandler                         16            TX
Florene (Florence?) E. Chandler  14            TX

Florence Chandler married B.E. Bugg, Jamuary 8,1895 in Taylor County. The 1900 Census for Taylor County: Anne (sp? - hard to read) living with Florence & B.E.Bugg. William's brother, James A. Chandler, never married, lived with Florence & Brantley Bugg in Nolan County. They are buried in Nolan County - Coffee Cemetery.

In 1910 Census for Estancia, Torrance County, N.M. ED 274, Pg 8B:
                                      Age          Born
William H. Chandler              53           MS
Sarah F. Chandler               48             
Elmus K. Chandler               16            birthplace not listed
Ona D. Chandler                 13            birthplace not listed
Myrtle Chandler                   7             birthplace not listed

1920 Census for Estancia, New Mexico
William H., Sarah, Elmus & Myrtle are listed. Sarah probably died in NM. William H. may have moved to California & possibly died there, but may be buried in Estancia.  

William H. & Sarah F. Chandler are listed in the 1910 Census for Estancia, NM. There are 3 children listed.  Sarah died in 1920 and is buried in Estancia, but this information has not been verified.

R.O. & Sallie Chandler Brown were early settlers in Mulberry Canyon. They were married in Robertson County in 1879. They died in Sweetwater and are buried in Sweetwater Cemetery. Who is Sallie Chandler Brown?
Information courtesy of Margaret Joyner. Posted Nov. 6, 2000

As for Hilbuns in the wagon train, I feel it highly probable. I need to look at land records in Robertson Co., Taylor Co. and Runnels Co. Land transactions tell where the persons lived and can indicate if they moved before or after the transaction date.

Dora Ann Hilburn was born c.1834 in Lowdes Co. AL and moved to Bienville Parish, LA as a child. When about twenty-six she married Joshua Traylor. 30 April 1857. The Traylor family moved to the Beck’s Prairie area of Robertson Co. TX where other Hilburn relatives from Bienville Parish had settle including Elias B. Hilburn and wife Matilda ["Mattie" C.] (nee Brantly), her mother, Mary S. (Wimberley) Brantley, brother Ezekiel G. b. 1839 and sister Ruth Jane Elvira Brantly d. 1904 Taylor Co. TX. "Dora Hilburn was a sister-in-law to old Grandmother Hilburn that lived up where Greens lived west of Moro School" wrote Cora Traylor, daughter of Frank and Liza Traylor. The wife of Elias B. Hilbun was Matilda Brantly, the sister of Adelaide W. Brantly that married David W. Hilbun, brother of Dora Ann Hilbun.

Dora's brother, Davod W. Hilbun died young and had only one child, Joseph H. Hilbun. The father of Dora was Joseph Hilbun b. 1796 in GA? d. 1 Jan 1858 in Bienville Ph. LA. He married (2nd) Mary Conway on on 11 Feb. 1829 in Montgomery Co. AL. This was before Lowndes Co. was cut out of Montgomery Co. A number of Hilbuns lived in Lowndes Co. AL. and most moved to various parts of LA. Joseph went to Bienville Parish before 1850.   Information courtesy of Emma Hill

Cora Reynolds Pruitt who grew up at Elm Grove, recalls that most were Methodists. Prayer was important to these early citizens. Cora recalled hearing the story of her Grandmother Hillburn being quite ill. Family members desired that some devour Christian be called to pray with the family. Cora's future mother-in-law Mary (Mrs. George Pruitt), rode behind her father on a horse a great distance to get Elisha Pruitt, whom local folk called a dedicated Christian. Elisha Pruitt travelled about the country in a cart drawn by one horse. He prayed with the family and the grandmother recovered. Cora’s father was Joe Ed Reynolds. Ref: Juanita Zachary's ‘A History of Rural Taylor County’

Cora's future mother-in-law was Mary Hilbun who married G. W. Pruitt in Robertson Co. TX. Her sister Carry m. W. W. McCrary.  Mary & Carry are daughters of Elias B. and Matilda (Brantly) Hilbun. Matilda is the daughter of James Brantly and Mary S. (Wimberly) Brantly. Mary S. is the daughter of David Wimberly. Matilda was living with a son-in-law Ben F. Hawkins in Abilene on 1910 census of Taylor Co. p. 141

1850 Census Bienville Ph. LA Family 445
1870 Census Bienville Ph. LA. pg 32/135 Ward 7 P.O.Sparta
253/253 Brantly E. G. 26 m farmer AL [he is Ezekiel G.]
Mary 50 f GA [mother of EG, Ruth Jane, Matilda, Adelaide]
Jane 21 f AL [she had married a Williams]
254/254 Hilbun E B 40 m farm AL
Matilda      35 f AL wife
Franklin     15 m LA
Thomas     14 m LA
Noamy       12 f LA
Mary         10 f LA [m. G W Pruitt]
Carry         8 f LA [m. W W McCrary]
Chance      3 m LA

1880 Census Robertson Co  ED 144, SD4 page 19 family#
159: Anderson
160: Eaves, H.  wife S.C.
161: Hilbun, F.P.
166: Watkins with widow Eliza Coley Smith who later married Frank Traylor.

1900 Census  Taylor County , TX Justice Precinct #4
SD4, Vol.  101 ED 151 page 15 line 86
Franklin Hilbun b. Jan 1854 LA, m. 22 years, farmer. Father b. AL. Mother FL
Wife Catherine M. b. Dec. 1858 LA mother of 8, 7 living in 1900 Children:

?Jewell J.      b.Oct 1884 TX (son)
James B.       b. Jun 1887
John R.         b. Oct. 1889
Edward B.     b. Jan 1892
Daniel B.       b. Oct 1894
Hiram B.        b. Mar. 1880 TX m. Lillie B. b. Nov. 1877 TX        

John Pruitt b. 1760 m. Mary Hopper, beget twelve children including Elijah D. Pruitt, b. July 27, 1802, South Carolina; m. Sarah Eaves, July 05, 1834, Marengo Co. AL. Elijah D. and Sarah Eaves Pruitt settled in Trinity Co. TX.  Another son of John and Mary Hopper, Ezekiel Berryman Pruitt 1800-1880 m. Charity Eaves 1800-1879 and beget four children:

Burrell Eaves Pruitt            b. 1819 m. Martha Criswell in Robertson Co. TX
D. Lee Pruitt
Arvissus Avie Zeona Pruitt b. 1825
Elijah Deconde Pruitt      b.1832-1880 

Lige Pruitt,

Elijah (Lige) PRUITT

Elijah Pruitt b. Feb. 1832 Marengo Co., Al. came to Taylor County from Robertson County in 1883 along with Thomas W. Stephenson and others. The families scattered over the valley extending from Cedar Gap in the extreme eastern part of the valley to the hills west and Buffalo Gap to the northwest. Mr. Pruitt settled on 360 acres of land along the foot of the hills west of Tuscola. For a time he and his family lived in a one-room log cabin which served as their home and as a relay station for stages going to the west. He later enlarged the place to an eight-room house with porches all around. Mrs. Vada Pruitt Kidd of Tuscola is one of the descendents, along with Miles W. (shine) Pruitt of Fort Worth, Texas. "Shine" was for many years typesetter and latter editor and publisher of the Tuscola paper, which in its last years was known as the Jim Ned Valley Reporter. Reference: A Baker’s Dozen: We were Thirteen. The Story of the Casey Family of Tuscola by Clifford Casey. Elija died in south Taylor Co. in 1914 and is buried in Buffalo Gap Cemetery. His wife, Emily Emaline Kay b. Nov. 1829 S.C. Married Oct. 03 1850. Died 1913. Mother of eight children.

Luther Bunyan  b. June 22, 1854, TX; d. Sep. 30, 1920, south Taylor Co.TX 
George W.       b. April 1853, Texas; d. 1938, south Taylor Co.TX 
Oun D.           b. May 1856, TX m. BELL; b. Oct. 1861, TX.
Charity E.       b. c. 1859
Mary A.          b. c. 1860 TX
?Lanora M.     b. c. 1866 TX
?Sarah           b.

Jim Hutchins  .
Pruitt genealogy courtesy of Nola
Curtis Jacob's Records in Old Tyron County Historical Society in Forest City, NC. courtesy of James M. Eaves
Taylor Co. 1900 Census ED 151 SD 4 Sheet 6
Taylor Co. 1910 Census ED 270  SD 16 Sheet 6B line 98

Luther Bunyan PRUITT
Both families of Pruitts, the Chandlers, Sandells and Andersons, settled in Cedar Gap for a time. The Traylors went to near Moro; later the Sandells went to the Bethel community, Mr. Anderson and his children to Mulberry Canyon and the Bud Chandler family to Bluff Creek. The Stephenson family bought land east of the present Cedar Gap schoolhouse. Lou Pruitt bought the Guy Hawkins place and settled about a mile west of the Cedar Gap cemetery. Lou, and his wife, Mary Elizabeth, and Wash and Vie Stephenson helped establish the Cedar Gap Baptist Church in 1884, and became charter members. Pruitt sold his farm in 1892, and moved to Fisher County, where he rented land from Dot Langham. In January 1895, the family moved to a farm west of Tuscola. Later they moved to Bluff Creek and bought land.

Luther B. Pruitt b. Jun 22 1854 Trinity Co. TX married Mary Elizabeth Anderson b. July 29 1861 Robertson Co. TX on April 1 1875 in Robertson Co.TX. Mary was the dau. of George Washington Anderson & Barbara Swingler ( born in Germany ). George and Barbara were married September 29 1860 Robertson Co. TX. Lou died Sept 30, 1920, at age 66. Mary died August 11, 1927 at age 66. Their children were :
Exa                       b. Oct. 1879     d. 1969     oldest child, m. Wm Green, 2nd m. A.M. Daniel. Juanita Daniel Zachry is a descendant.
Hebia (Hebie)    b. Aug 1882      d. 1915     m. 29 Jun 1898 L. Ed Thomas
Ottie Duma         b. Oct. 1884     d. 1970      m. America McCollum
Ploma Roxie       b. Oct 1886      d. 1959      m. John Moss Griffith
Eva N.                 b. Feb. 1889     d. 1967     m. Emmet Hickman ?m. Hill White
John Bunyan       b. May 1891     d. 1960     m. Jessie Donaldson
Warren Dee       b. Aug. 1893                     m. Lee Spurrier
Vestus Elbert     b. Dec. 21 1895 d. May 17, 1966, south Taylor Co. TX. m. Ida Mae Williamson
Vera P.              b. Dec. 12 1897 d. in infancy 30 Jan. 1898 while the family was at Bluff Creek
Ava Villa          b. Apr. 1899      d. 1981     m. Morris Hafner
Ola Vada           b. 1902             d. 1981       m. Ernest Simmons
Miles Herman   b. 1904             d. 1979      m. Allene Raulston

Only Villa and Vada were alive in 1980. Dee Pruitt's son is Warren Pruitt (Warren is now an attorney in Vernon, Texas)
RootsWeb Social Security Death Index Interactive Search
Warren Pruitt     b. 12 May 1917 d. 04 Aug 1996 76385 (Vernon, Wilbarger, TX)
Villa Hafner       b. 23 Apr 1899 d. Feb 1981 79605 (Abilene, Taylor, TX)
Pansy Pruitt     28 Feb 1892    May 1980 79603 (Abilene, Taylor, TX)
Gaston Pruitt   18 Jul 1896      May 1985 79536 (Merkel, Taylor, TX)
Carrie Pruitt    21 Dec 1883    Dec 1981 79603 (Abilene, Taylor, TX)
William Pruitt   08 Jun 1880    Apr 1967 79603 (Abilene, Taylor, TX)
Effie Pruitt      12 Jun 1895    Nov 1992 79602 (Abilene, Taylor, TX)
Cora Pruitt      09 Jul 1892     Nov 1983 79601 (Abilene, Taylor, TX)
Eli Pruitt         07 Jul 1889      May 1971 79602 (Abilene, Taylor, TX
Willis Pruitt     10 Jan 1897     Apr 1977 79602 (Abilene, Taylor, TX)

A.M. (Matt) Daniel third marriage was to Exa Pruitt Green in January of 1913. She was widow whose husband had died five years previous, leaving her with an infant son Clarence. Matt Daniel died at Potosi, September 25 1942. Mrs. Daniel died July 4 1969. Both are buried at Potosi. (Their children are Emma Dell (Mrs Sammie Griffith), Juanita (Mrs B.A. Zachry [author of ‘A History of Rural Taylor County’]) and Mattie (Mrs Roscoe Vinson) Ref: Juanita Zachary's ‘A History of Rural Taylor County’ page 183:

References: Juanita Zachry page 102. ‘A History of Rural Taylor County’.
                Taylor Co. 1910 Census ED 270  SD 16 Sheet 6B line 98
                Nola wrote: Cora Reynolds Pruitt was the wife of the twin Elias Pruitt, they had sons T. G. Pruitt, F. M. Pruitt, Marvin Pruitt and Aulton Pruitt. F.M. Pruitt was the Chief of Police in Abilene, wife (DALE).

GEORGE W PRUITT  was born April 1853 in Texas, and died 1938 in South Taylor County Texas. He married MARY JANE about 1880. She was born May 1860. George Willis Pruitt went by the name of " Bill".  Children of GEORGE PRUITT and MARY JANE are:

i.  Lacy D. b. Aug. 1882

ii. Grissiell b. Mar. 1883. (dau)

iii.Mareic E. b. Mar. 1885. (son)

iv. Elias  b. July 07, 1889.

v. Eli E. b. July 07, 1889, TX; d. May 1971, Abilene TX m. Cora

vi. Mary A.  b. Jan. 1893.

vii. Willie Matildia  b. Jan. 10, 1896, Abilene TX; d. 1970, Newark, OH.

viii. George Willis  b. Jan. 10, 1896, TX; d. April 1977, Abilene TX.

Ref: 1900 12th census of the US
Justice Precinct No. 2. Taylor Co. TX
11 day of June 1900
sheet 6, SD 4 ED 151 (page 64)
Family 95 line 14 Pruitt, George head, wife and eight children.

Family 96, line 24
Neighbor is George Anderson b. Oct 1835 age 64 TX
wife Josephine b. Oct 1887 age 47 MS

Family 98 Line 34
Pruitt, Oun, head May 1856 age 44 b. TX LA LA
Pruitt, Bell, wife, Oct 1861, 38, m. 22 years. TX KY TX
Nila, dau Oct 1891, 8, TX

Family 100 Line 46
Sandell, Calvin, head, Feb 1857 age 43 b. LA MS MS m. 20 years.

C.J. SANDELL> family
Calvin J. Sandell b. LA married Julia Jones, G.W. Anderson step-daughter
Children: ?Eanis C b. Dec. 1883
             Ewan L. b. Jun 1886
             Mandie b. Oct. 1888  
Ref: Taylor Co. 1900 Census ED 151 SD 4 Sheet 6 Line 46        

Thomas Washington Stephenson
T.W. (Wash) Stephenson
settled on a farm near Cedar Knob in the north east of the valley about two and half miles from Cedar Gap school house. Mr. and Mrs. Vie nee Charity E. Pruitt Stephenson were charter members of the Cedar Gap Baptist Church that was organized in 1884. The church, constructed in 1897, stood on the hill just to the north of Cedar Gap schoolhouse. There children were:
Ticie         (Mrs. Joe Perry)
Effie         (Mrs. John Anderson)
Jewel        (Mrs. John Thomas)
Eunice      (Mrs. Grover Powell)
Velma       (Mrs. Jack Townsend)
Ray         (was cashier of a bank at Slaton, TX)

Mr. Stephenson died in 1918 and his wife in 1942 and both lie in the Cedar Gap Cemetery of the Baptist Church which they helped to organize soon after they arrived in the area. Reference: A Baker’s Dozen: We were Thirteen. The Story of the Casey Family of Tuscola by Clifford Casey.
Robertson Co. Marriages 1838 - 1875 Jan 29 1874 Thomas W. Stephenson - Charity E. Pruett.

oshua Traylor was born in South Carolina in the year 1818, and at an early age moved with his parents, John and Nancy Traylor to the state of Louisiana. Joshua had the misfortune of losing his first wife Emilene (maiden name unknown) and was left with four small children, Frank, Amelia, Lou and Sarah and was forced to leave the young girls to be raised by relatives in Louisiana. Immediately after the Seminole War Josh returned to Louisiana and married Miss Dora HILBUN of Sparta in the year of 1854. To the second union five more children were born including James Hamon, Izora Joan and Joseph Morris who were all born in Louisiana. They had moved from Sparta, Louisiana and settled a short time at Calvert, Robertson County at Becks Prairie, where Leona Gertrude was born October 12, 1872 before moving to Mills Co. TX. Josh returned to Robertson County to drive back a herd of hogs. It took three weeks for him to walk and drive them from Robertson County to Mills County. The Josh Traylor family including Mrs. Love and her two daughters Jeanie and Kate settled in Mills County, Texas in 1874. Mrs. Lyde LOVE was Josh's sister-in-law and widow of Captain Love.

Edward Frank Traylor was born 24 February 1852 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana. The 1880 census for Robertson County shows F.E. Traylor born in Louisiana, age twenty-one, single, a laborer and that he had a broken leg. On 5 April 1881 in Robertson Co., TX Frank Traylor married Mrs. Zilpha Eliza COLEY SMITH who was born 21 January 1857, Arcadia Parish. Her parents John Coley, a gambler, and Mary FUNDERBURG were both born in Louisiana but by 1880 resided in Robertson Co., TX. Their eldest child Albert Sidney Traylor b. April 11 1882 Calvert, Robertson Co. TX. The had a ranch at Bluff Creek where they grew cotton. Mary Coley, Eliza’s mother is buried in Bluff Creek Cemetery, Taylor Co. TX. Oral family history from Ada, Homer’s wife (still alive) says Edward "Homer" Traylor born May 16 1884 came to Taylor Co. from Robertson Co.in the wagon train. Probably not!

Fraudulent Lineages

Taylor County Cemeteries
Compiled by West Texas Genealogical Society. Printed 1978.

NOTE: There are only eight of the thirty one cemeteries in Taylor County shown on this page. Additionally, the burial lists shown here are only partial lists associated with the original settlers. For a list of all cemeteries and access to complete burial lists for all but 3 of the 31 cemeteries,

Bluff Creek Cemetery

Brantley R.J.E. (Row 6)    b. 10 Dec. 1846    d. 7 Feb 1904
Brantley, E.G. (Row 6)    b. 24 Nov. 1839     d. 28 Nov. 1903 [died at Audra age 59]
Hilburn, E.B. (Row 6)    b. 7 Jan 1829     d. 27 Aug. 1903

Chandler, W.D. (Row 9)    b.3 Nov. 1833   d.14 Feb. 1893
Chandler, Emma (wife) (Row 9)    b. 23 Nov. 1848    d. 5 Mar 1926

Coley, Mary (Row 3)    b. (no dates)      D. mother of Zilpha Eliza Traylor

Hilbun T.B. (Row 7)    b. 5 May 1856      d.18 Mar 1892

Pruitt, Vera Priscilla    b. 12 Dec 1897      d. 30 Jan 1898

Traylor, E. Frank b. 24 Feb 1852    d. 5 Feb 1927
Traylor Z. Lizza b. 21 Jan 1857    d.: 3 Aug. 1942

Bradshaw Cemetery

Pruitt, Catherine  b.17 Jan 1851     d. 28 May 1919 (wife of J.E.) (K38)
Pruitt, J.E. b.1 Nov 1849 ( another source has born 21 Nov 1849) K-37    d. 9 Nov. 1945

Pruitt, Robert C. b.: 22 Oct 1903    d. 25 May 1906 (K40)     Son of J.W. Pruitt

Traylor, Homer  1884 –1946

Buffalo Gap Cemetery

Pruitt, Carrie 1885-1981 6A
Pruitt, Eliji D. 1832-1914 8A CSA No marker
Pruitt, Emily 1828-1914  8A
Pruitt, George W. 1897 -1977 8A Veteran
Pruitt, G.W. (Bill) 1853-1938 8A
Pruitt, Nina 1888 -1889 8A

Sandell, Bessie 1891-1962 5B
Sandell, George 1922-1926 5B
Sandell, O. (Baby) 1912-1912 5B
Sandell, Lee 1886-1959 5B
Sandell, Virgil 1903-1973 5B

Cedar Cap Cemetery

Anderson, Effie May b. 22 Jan. 1876     d. 11 Nov. 1921

Hilburn, Mattie C. b. 12 Jan 1836      d. 7 Sept. 1918

Stephenson, Mrs. C.E. b. 1858     d. 1942
Stephenson, T.W. b. 1851     d. 1918
Stephenson, Iris b. 9 Feb 1880     d. 6 Apr. 1954
Stephenson, Roy b. 11 Sep. 1889    d. 24 Apr. 1955
Stevenson, Carl W. b. 1885    d. 1963
Stephenson, Leonce b. 31 Dec. 1918    d. 14 Apr. 1918
Stephenson, Louvernia b. 1885    d. 1912

Drummond Cemetery

Anderson, G. W. b. (no dates) d.

McBee Cemetery

The McBee Cemetery is located in the south Taylor County north of Lawn on County Road.
Row 8 east. Anderson, Eleanor, wife of J.H. b. 1885 d. 1967

Rose Hill Cemetery, Merkel

Block 2 West Lot 14
Hilbun, A.J.
Hilburn F.P. 19 Oct 1884 - 22 Jun 1906 son of F.P & C.M. Hilbun

Pruitt, F.M. 1912-1986
Pruitt., A.L. Block 10 East Lot 8

Pruitt, B.L. Block F. West Lot 14
Pruitt, Ottie Dean 1884-1951
Pruitt, America Etta 1880 –1951
Martin, Lindle E. "Curly" 1909 –1975

Pruitt, E.B. Block 2 East Lot 4
Pruitt, Elie E. 7 Jul 1889 - 27 May 1971
Pruitt, Effie 12 Jun 1895
Pruitt, Elias B. 7 Jul  1889 - 8 Aug 1959 father
Pruitt, Cora E. 9 July 1892 - 5 Nov 1983 mother

Tuscola Cemetery

Row 1 begins in SW corner and moving north.
Row 2 Anderson, Annie May b.1885 d.1918

Sandell E.P. (Fred) b. Dec 22, 1883 d. Nov. 19. 1969
Margaret Born: April 28, 1894
unmarked grave

Row 3
Sandell, E.P. (Fred) b. Dec. 22, 1883 d. Nov. 19, 1969
Sandell, Margaret b. April 28, 1894 (no death date)
unmarked grave.

Sandell, E.W. b. Nov 22 1996 (? error ?1886) d. no date (His navy picture on monument)
Claudy Sandell b: Sept 8, 1888     d. April 15, 1894

Sandell, Calvin J. b.Feb. 18, 1857 d. July 1. 1943
Julia A. Sandell b. Feb 19, 1858 d. June 13, 1943

Row 4
Triple headstone "Well Done"
Luther B. Pruitt b. June 22, 1854 d. Sept 30, 1920
Mary E. Pruitt b. July 29, 1861 d. Aug 11, 1927
Vestus Elbert Pruitt Sr. b. Dec. 21 1865 d. May 17, 1966

Row 1
Pruitt - double headstone
Infant son of John and Jessie Pruitt b. July 8, 1920    d. July 18, 1920  
John B. Pruitt b. May 3, 1891  d. March 6, 1960

Row 7
R.H. Coley b. Oct. 2 1855 d. April 26, 1929
Nancy Ann July 1, 1858 d. Jun 17 1944
Coley baby F.H. (mark)

Row 9
    Pearl A. Graham  b.1885 d.1946
    John Newton b.1867 d.1945
Large space between these and the next grave. Unmarked grave

TAYLOR County Texas Survey

Block Grantee - To whom the land was awarded Section/Abs
64 J. ANDERSON 148 1621
64 W. CHANDLER 150 1843
64 W. CHANDLER 150 1858
64 PRUITT 150 1889
4 G. ANDERSON 04 1852
5 G. ANDERSON 14 1803
64 W. CHANDLER 146 688
64 J. ANDERSON 262 1620
64 J. ANDERSON 234 1622
4 C. SANDELL 20  1770
3 E.C. PRUITT 08  1768
1 E. PRUITT 04 1767
64 G. PRUITT 156 1606
64 F. HILBUN 156 1755
64 G. PRUITT 156 1605
64 F. HILBUN 156 1585
64 L. PRUITT 142 1604
64 E. TRAYLOR 138 1614


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1850 Census Benville Parish LA family 209 Joshua Traylor
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William David Anderson and George W. Anderson and E.D. Pruitt were all in the same company. Company F. 21st TX Inf. CSA that signed up at Owensville in Robertson Co. TX. 1862. They served protecting the Port of Galveston. So their ties go back twenty years at least.

Elias B. Hilbun in Co. E. 31st Louisiana Infantry. He was a private on enlistment and still a private at discharge. He was also listed under E. B. Hillbun.

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