Surname First Names Years of Interest Town or Community
BROWN William Everett 1887-1958 Matador
CLARK Francis Eugene 1870/1880 Matador Land and Cattle Co.
EDMONDSON     Motley Co.
ELLIS Lytle 1887-1950 Matador
FARLEY Roy Alger/Alger Roy   Matador
FLORENCE David T. Florence and wife Isobel "Belle" Boyd 1915 Northfield
FORT Emma Elizabeth 1888-? Matador
GOLIGHTLY Samuel Price 1861-1910 Motley Co.
HARRIS Hartwell High 1833-1902 Whiteflat
HEEREN Marie Bernardina 1890-? Matador
HIGGINS Walter Yates 1871-1949 Matador
JENKINS     Motley Co.
JINKINS     Motley Co.
MEACHAM   1920 1930 Roaring Springs
NEWMAN Mary Elizabeth 1877-1960 Matador
PATTON Matthew Edmond 1887-1971 Matador
PENDER Nelson Cornelius 1879-? Matador
POLAND Myrtle   Matador
POWER POWERS   1892-1905 Whiteflat & Matador
RUSSELL Elmer/John J/Adele    ca. 1890 - 1920 Matador 
TURNER Houston abt. 1889-? Matador
WEDEMAN Hiram Daniel   Motley Co.


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