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  The Story of Washington-Wilkes

Compiles and Written by Workers of the Writers'

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in the State of Georgia

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Submitted by Christina Palmer



Every Town is different from ever other town.

This conclusion constantly comes home to us who are engaged in compiling guidebooks, and its truth is more apparent with each new volume. Written records may supply accurate dates, but the true flavor of history is best brought out by conversation with those who have participated. This flavor, or atmosphere, we have sought to put into this book. Other cities may have more industrial variety, more establishments, more contrast between past and present; few so truly embody, without selfconsciousness, the gracious spirit of the Deep South. Some cities show their old house everyday in the year. Washington_Wilkes lives in them.

In a community such as this one, where the past is rivh but published records are few, it was necessary to rely to a great extent on the aid of citizens. This aid was give abundantly; we cannot speak too highly of the diligence and courtesy of those constultans will be found at the end of the book. We ask the indulgence of any who may have failed to receive credit for assistance. Even the greatest care cannot always insure the inclusion of all consultants.

When the May and City Council signed the sponsorship papers for "The Story of Washington-Wilkes," the Writers' Project in Georgia had been doing this work for about four years and had published similar books of Savannah, Augusta, and macon as well as the more comprhensive state guide. Therfore we had

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had the benefit of some experience. Partly for this reason and still more becuase of the co-operation we reeived in Washington and Wilkes County, events moved smoothly toward publication.

And so it is to the citizens of Washington-Wilkes that we present this book. We hope that those who are still living here will accept it as a token of appreciation and that those who have moved away will find in it something to remind them.

Samuel Tupper, Junior, State Supervisor

Minnie Stonestreet, Research Assistant


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