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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.


Returns of Administrators and Guardians



Book "I," 1809-1816

  Page 1—BOOKER, W. F.—estate. Returns for 1809. Chas. R. Carter, Admr. Paid William M. Booker as per account. Paid Nancy H. and M. A. Booker board. Paid Thomas F. Booker, board and clothes.  
  Page 25—ARNOLD, MOSES—estate. Returns for 1810-1811. Stephen Arnold, Excr. Receipt in full of Stephen Arnold, Jr., for his legacy except his part of a slave Ned the property of John Favor during the life of his wife, who is the widow of Moses Arnold, dec'd.  
  Page 26—ATKINS, ASA—estate. Georgia Morgan Co. Feb. 20, 1811. Receipt of Jeremiah Atkins in full for his part of his father Asa Atkins, estate it being in the hands of John Bllingslea guardan first, at his death turned over to Jeremiah Miles, guardian. Louis Miles, James Billingslea, J. P., Test.  
  Page 26—ARNETT, EDMOND, dec'd. Returns of Catharine Arnett, Admx., for 1811. Paid William Arnett $127.00. Paid William Hunt tuition.  
  Page 57—BINS, WILLIAM, dec'd. Returns of John B. Leonard, Exer. for 1813, shows paid Hillhouse for printing.  
  Page 59—BINS, BURWELL, dec'd. Returns for 1815 and 1816, Joseph Anthony, Admr., shows board paid to Betsy Bins, and paid Betsy Bins her dower. Paid Wiley B. Mayhon (?) for Kitty and Sally Bins tuition.  
  Page 61—BOREN, JAMES, dec'd. Returns of William C. Boren, Excr. for 1810 shows a saddle and bridle bought, which was in part a legacy to Annis Boren.  
  Page 63—BOREN, JAMES, guardian. Receipts 1811 of David and Hannah Boren for land, etc., and John Boren's for his legacy.  
  Page 65—BOREN, WILLIAM C., guardian of Nancy Boren. Returns for 1810 shows "cash for sundries while at school" and tuition. For 1812 œ20 Va. money left her in the will of Edmond Browning, dec'd. $300.00 and two slaves left her by her father.  

Page 227

  Page 67—BRAMBLETT, JESSE, guardian of William Bramblett. Returns for 1813 shows "By your legacy in part."  
  Page 70—BOYNTON, AMOS, estate. Stoddard Boynton, Admr. Returns for 1812 shows paid Elijah Boynton, Atty. for Abel Nutting a distributive share in right of his wife, paid Elijah Boynton in full of the distributive share of Israel Nowland, and kept for himself pay for the care of an infant of the deceased for two months.  
  Page 71—BALLARD, JAMES dec'd. Thomas Grant, Admr. de bonis non. Returns for 1817 shows account of Thomas Gafford former Admr.
Page 73—Returns of Thomas Grant shows paid for letters of administration 1806 and for grant drawn in the Land Lottery. Paid Dinwiddie Harrison part of his share of the estate of Moses Willis for which Ballard became responsible in his life time.
  Page 76—Returns of Robert Chivers, guardian for the children of James Ballard, dec'd. Paid for letters of guardianship 1808. Paid Fanny Gafford for maintenance of the children for 1808-1812. Paid Leonard Pearson tuition for Louisa Ballard 1809. Paid Fanny Gafford for schooling Evey and Sophia Ballard 1810. Returns for 1813 shows board paid for Lucy, Sophia and Matilda and tuition. For 1814 tuition for Sophia, a saddle bought for Lucy and board and clothing for Sophia and Matilda. Daniel Owen, guardian.  
  Page 77—Returns for 1815-1816 shows about the same, Matilda still boarding with Fanny Gafford.  
  Page 81—BAILEY, JESSE, dec'd. Returns of William Bailey, Admr. shows paid for letters of administration.  
  Page 83—BOOKER, Wm. F., dec'd. Chas. R. Carter, Admr. Returns for 1813 shows paid C. F., N. H., M. A., and Thomas F. Booker.  
  Page 87—BENNETT, REUBEN, dec'd. Returns for 1810 shows paid James Findley, surveyor, and paid for a grant of land in behalf of the heirs. Stephen Evans, Admr. Returns for 1811 shows paid Elizabeth Bennett for herself and as guardian of Reuben and Polly Bennett, and paid Winston Bennett and John Strozier large sums, no account mentioned.
Page 89—Returns for 1812 shows paid to the heirs of Reuben Bennett, $11.00 each, $132.00. Returns for 1814 shows paid William, Richard and Winston Bennett, John Strozier, John Laws, Parmenas Cochran, William Powers, Elizabeth Bennett for herself and as guardian of Polly and Reuben Bennett $121.00 each, and received of William Bennett, Excr. of Peter Bennett, dec'd. certain sums.
  Page 91—BARRETT, MARY, dec'd. wife of Lewis Barrett. Returns of John Spearman and Robert Toombs, guardians for 1814, shows board for Robert, Lewis, Erasmus and Benjamin Barrett, dry goods bought  

Page 228

  for Nancy Parmelia Barrett, a side saddle and tuition in singing school for Nancy.
Page 93—Returns for 1812, 1813, 1816 the same.
  Page 95—BLACK, EDWARD. Returns of John W. Butler, Excr. for 1816 No data.  
  Page 101—BEASLEY, AMBROSE, dec'd. Returns for 1815, Royland Beasley, Admr., shows sale of 350 acres adj. Willis Pope to Tim Holtzclaw, a horse to Royland Beasley, saddle to James Brown. Open accounts on Stephen Martin living in Miss. Terr.
Page 109—Returns of Royland Beasley for 1816 shows "Received of Capt. William Butler $23.79."
  Page 105—BAILEY, JOHN, dec'd. Thomas Hudspeth and Russell Bailey, Admrs. Returns for 1816, shows receipts of Fanny and Dorcas Bailey, William Cornealson, J. Robinson and Jesse Russell.  
  Page 107—BRAMBLETT, WILLIAM. Account to Jesse H. Bramblett, guardian for 1814 and 1815.  
  Page 109—CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD, estate. Returns for 1807, 1808 shows "Amount due the estate for rent for Congaree land" Robert Cunningham, Admr.  
  Page 113—COATS, LESLEY, dec'd. Returns for 1809-1810, Drusilla and John Coats, Admrs. No data. Page 115—Benjamin Sherod, guardian of Lesley and Frances Coats. Returns for 1811 shows part of legacy paid both by a note on Peter Harris. For 1812 receipt in full from Lesley Coats for the note from Benjamin Sherod, "full satisfaction for all the property that was in his possession or mine."
Page 117—Returns of Drusilla and John Coats, Admrs. of Leslie Coats, dec'd., shows paid Leslie Coats, paid James Corbett for Fanny and Sally Coats, paid William and Felix Gilbert for Sally Barron, paid Peter Harris his distributive share, 56 acres and slaves Nat and Ben. Paid Jacob Cain 56 acres and two slaves. Paid S. Barron 66 1/2 acres and two slaves, amount of his share. Paid James Corbett for Mrs. Drusilla Coats and John Coats accounts. Signed John Coats, Admr. Jan. 7, 1817.
  Page 123—CHIVERS, THOMAS, dec'd. Returns for 1812 shows paid Thos. H. Chivers, Pleasant Wilkinson, Francis West, Robert Chivers, Samuel Wingfield, Joel Terrell, guardian, John Mercer, Joel Chivers, all seem to be legatees. Signed Robert Chivers, Excr.
Page 131—Returns for 1813 shows paid all above and James Chivers the same amounts. Signed Samuel Wingfield, Excr.
Page 131—Returns for 1816 shows paid Admrs. of Pleasant Wilkinson. dec'd.
  Page 125—CHRISTMAS, ROBERT. William G. Gilbert, guardian. Returns  

Page 229

  for 1813 show board, clothes and tuition and by one moiety of the estate, and "Received of the estate of John Christmas, dec'd and now held as the property of Robert Christmas, Jr., three slaves Len, Lindsey and Dixon." Wm. G. Gilbert, Admr.  
  Page 127—CATCHING, BENJAMIN, estate. Returns for 1810 show receipts of Silas and Joseph Catching "it being part of our father Benjamin Catching's estate." Spencer and Mildred Carleton, Admrs.  
  Page 129—CREIGHTON, ANDREW, dec'd. Returns of Christopher and Jonathan Orr for 1816. Sale.  
  Page 131—COLLEY, JOHN, dec'd. Francis Colley, Excr. Returns for 1816 show paid Spain Colley, $100.00.  
  Page 135—CORBETT, JAMES, dec'd. Returns of Joseph W. Robinson, Excr. for 1816. No data.  
  Page 129—DARRACOTT, FRANCIS, guardian of Elizabeth Cummins. Returns for 1815 show paid Sylvester Johnson, husband of said Elizabeth one slave Richmond.  
  Page 137—DICKEN, CATHARINE, orphan of Joseph Dicken, dec'd. Returns of John Dicken guardian for 1810, shows received of Richard Dicken for the use of Catharine $60.00. Paid for letters of guardianship and for grant of land.  
  Page 137—DUKE, CHARLES, dec'd. Returns of Dorothy Williams formerly Duke, Admr. for 1814 shows paid William Killgore, Christobel, Rebecca and Lavinia Duke.  
  Page 139—DOUGLAS, WILLIAM, dec'd. Samuel and Martin Douglas, Admrs. Returns for 1810 shows received in full real estate for Thomas, Francis, William, and Samuel Douglas and Sterling and Francis Jenkins and John Sherman. Signed S. Douglas. Returns for 1817, shows paid above legacy in cash, signed S. Douglas.  
  Page 141—EVANS, DAVID, dec'd. Mary and Arden Evans, Admrs. Returns show Mary rented the farm 1809. Jesse Evans 1810. Paid James Bates legatee, 1809. Signed Arden Evans, Admr. Sept. 3, 1810. Returns of William Evans, guardian of Rhoda orphan of David Evans, dec'd. shows paid Mary Evans board 1808-1810, and his receipt to Mary of Rhoda's distributive share. Signed Aug. 5, 1811.
Page 143—Returns of William Evans, guardian of Hannah Evans, same data. Returns of Mary Evans, guardian of Sophia and Susannah shows board for both for 1808-1810. All signed Aug. 5, 1811.
Page 145—EVANS, JAMES, orphan of James Evans, dec'd. Returns of guardian Micajah Bennett for 1812 shows received of Stephen and William Evans, Admrs. of James Evans, dec'd., certain sums. No expenditures.

Page 230

  Page 147—EVANS, ARDEN, guardian of Rhody and Susannah Evans, orphans of David Evans, dec'd. Returns for 1813 shows board for both and tuition paid Jesse J. Roan and John L. Martin for both. Returns for 1815 for Susannah shows board and tuition to Jesse J. Roan. Page 149—Returns for 1816 for Rhody and Susannah shows board for both.
Page 151—Returns for 1810 shows paid for grant of land and received of Stephen and William Evans certain sums and paid David Lock tuition.
Page 153—William Evans, guardian. Returns for 1813-1815, shows expense board, clothes and tuition.
  Page 153—ELSBERRY, BENJAMIN, dec'd. Final settlement of Benjamin Elsberry, Excr. Jan. 4, 1808. Paid Needham Norris and Absolom Sparks their part in full. Jan. 22, 1808, Paid Nathan Sparks his part in full. Dec. 29, 1808, paid John Goodwin and Jeremiah Nisbet their shares in full. Signed Nov. 10, 1810.  
  Page 155—EDWARDS, JAMES, dec'd. John Hill, Admr. Returns for 1811-1813 shows expense to Abbeville and Elbert and hire of slaves.  
  Page 155—ERVIN, ELIZABETH, estate. Receipt of Matilda Hutchens in full for a slave, Dan, bed and $50.00. Receipt of William Jones for slave, Lydia, bed and $50.00 in full "in behalf of my wife Phalba Hutchens, but now Phalba Jones." Signed Thomas Hutchins, Excr. May 4, 1812.  
  Page 157—FERRINGTON, AARON, estate. Returns of Enoch James, Admr. for 1806-1811 shows paid James Platt board for two orphans. May 1806 to March 1809. Signed Mar. 4, 1811, Enoch James, Admr.  
  Page 159—FANNING, JOHN, dec'd. Bird Parks, Admr. Returns show paid Matthew Favor board for four children 1809-1810, calico bought for Nancy, paid David Kerr tuition 1811, hire of slaves, Page 161—Returns for 1813 shows saddle bought for Bryan Fanning, paid Matthew Favor board for Patsy Fanning for 1812. Signed Nov. 7, 1814.
Page 163—Returns for 1807 shows paid Josiah Jordan guardian of the orphans of Benjamin Jordan, dec'd. on note, paid Marvin Jordan note in full.
Page 165—Returns for 1814 shows paid Matthew Favor board for Patsy Fanning, shoes etc bought for her.
  Page 165—FREEMAN, JOHN, Capt, estate. Shaler Hillyer, Admr. Returns for 1807 shows expense of a trip to Oglethorpe Co., Milledgeville, and to Savannah to Federal Court. Expenses to Athens and Greensboro 1810-1811. Signed July 1, 1816.  
  Page 173—FERRINGTON, AARON, estate. Enoch James, Admr. Returns for 1809, 1810, 1811, paid James Pratt for board for Nancy and Mandy. Paid Henry Turner in right of his wife Lucinda in 1812.  

Page 231

  Page 173—GUEST, THOMAS, estate. William Anderson, Excr. Returns for 1809 showed paid Wiley May for coffin and cash paid Elizabeth and Thomas Guest.
Page 175—Returns for 1811 show cash paid Elizabeth Guest and cash paid Sarah Perkins, trustee for Elizabeth Guest. In 1813 cash paid Jesse C. Perkins trustee for Elizabeth Guest. William Anderson, Excr.
  Page 177—GUNN, GABRIEL, orphan. Johnson Wellborn, trustee. Returns for 1810-11 hat etc bought.  
  Page 179—GORDON, MOSES, estate. George Hamilton, Excr. Returns for 1808 show cash paid Isaac Gordon one of the legatees and to Josiah per order of Isaac. Returns for 1811 show paid Isaac for tuition and board for Elizabeth Gordon one of the orphans. Paid Pallashia Stallings for Delila Gordon one of the orphans. Paid John Dyson tuition for Elizabeth.  
  Page 181—GAMMAGE, N., Receipts for himself and as guardian of William Gammage and of Samuel Gammage for himself and as guardian of Lydia Gammage, all being in full of my share of my father William Gammage's estate. Signed Dec. 29, 1808. John Hendrick and George Harper, Admrs. Receipt of Charity Gammage, guardian of Sarah, Mary, William, Davis, and Fanny, orphans of William Gammage, dec'd. Returns show board, clothing and tuition Mar. 1808 to Mar. 1813.  
  Page 183-193—GIDDINS, WILLIAM, dec'd. Francis Giddins, Admr. Returns for 1796 shows paid William Bostwick for coffin. Returns for 1805 shows sundries bought of William & F. Gilbert for Rachel, and tuition for her, paid Frederick Rainey tuition for children, paid John Moss tuition 1810. Cash paid in 1809 to Roger Giddens in part of his account against the estate. Roger Green's account proven in 1796, receipt given Francis Giddens, Admr. June 2, 1815. Francis Giddens, Jr. debtor to one horse and saddle furnished by Admr. Returned July 15, 1816. Francis Giddens, Admr.  
  Page 193—GILBERT, FELIX H., estate. William G. Gilbert, Excr. Returns for 1815 shows a partnership, and paid to David P. Hillhouse, John Taylors legacy, Nancy Hay, Betsy Shepherd, Caroline Gibson, Maria Hay, $2000.00 each. William G. Gilbert gives note for the $20,000.00 trust fund for daughter of deceased.  
  Page 195—GARTRELL, JOSEPH, dec'd. Rebecca Gartrell, Excx. Returns May 6, 1817. No data.  
  Page 195—GRESHAM, JAMES D., guardian of Thomas Gresham orphan of Thomas. From 1812 to 1815 shows board and tuition in 1812 to Moriah Mercer. to William Booker 1813.  
  Page 133—HUGULEY, ZACHARIAH. Receipt to his guardian John W. Cooper for $883.83 in full of his part of his dec'd father Job Huguley's estate. Feb. 17, 1817.  

Page 232

  Page 197—HENDERSON, WILLIAM, dec'd. Benjamin Stovall, Admr. Hannah Henderson, Admx., rented land and slaves. Obtained for State Troop Bounty land Warrant a note for $2.00 payable May 1, 1811 to James Bozeman and Booker Jenkin. Signed July 1, 1811.  
  Page 199—HENDERSON, HANNAH, guardian of Dolly, Hannah and John Henderson minors, board for 1813.
Page 201—Returns for 1812 show paid Hannah Henderson guardian of Dolly her share of the estate, paid Hannah and Henry Henderson. Paid John Heard, guardian of Josiah, Elisha, William and Thomas Henderson, paid James Henderson, paid Hannah Henderson, guardian of Hannah and John Henderson $543.39 each as legatees. Hannah is called "the widow".
Page 213—Final settlement, Sept. 4, 1815. Paid James and Hannah Henderson their shares in full. Paid Hannah as guardian of Dolly, Hannah and John. Paid Henry Henderson his own part. Paid John Heard guardian of Elisha and William Henderson.
  Page 215—HARTSFIELD, GODFREY, dec'd. Josiah B. Holmes and Alsey Hartsfield, Excrs. Returns show paid mother for the use of the family. Paid Andrew N. Hartsfield a slave, Sebo, according to the will. Signed May 5, 1812.
Page 217—Received of Alsey Hartsfield which was paid to Warren Hartsfield. Paid Warren Hartsfield, legatee. Paid Anderson Hartsfield several sums. Paid Luke Williams legatee. Signed May 5, 1812.
Page 221—Last return March 1816.
  Page 223—HEARD, STEPHEN, dec'd. John Heard, Admr. Paid Allin Martin, George Crain, Henry C. Dawson, Stephen G. Heard, William Dawson, Elizabeth Heard, legatees. March 2, 1812.  
  Page 227—HEARD, JESSE, dec'd. Ebenezer Smith, Admr. Returns 1806-1816 no data.  
  Page 229—HOLMES, BENJAMIN, dec'd. Joseph Holmes, Admr. "Cash received of William Holmes". Signed March 3, 1817.  
  Page 230—HUGULEY, JOB, estate. George and Allcy Huguley, Admrs. Funeral expenses paid. John Huguley's account paid. Signed March 6, 1815. Receipts of John Huguley for $50.00 and hire of slave for a year to Admrs. above. Returns of John W. Cooper, guardian of Zachariah Huguley shows paid for a mans saddle and paid Allcy Huguley tuition and board. Mar. 6. 1815.  
  Page 235—HUGULEY, ALLCY or ALLEY (?), guardian of Amos, Sarah, Nancy, George, Alley and Betsey Huguley orphans of Job Huguley, dec'd. Tuition for Amos, Nancy and George, clothing etc for the others. Returns for 1815 signed July 1, 1816.
Page 237—Returns as Admr., shows paid Benjamin Talliaferro, Asst,

Page 233

  Assessor for listing a lot of land out of the 4th. collection District Mar. 4, 1816.  
  Page 241—HURLEY, HENRY, dec'd. Fanny Hurley and John Lewis, Excrs. Returns. for 1812 paid for coffin.  
  Page 243—HILLYARD, RICHARD, dec'd. Returns 1816. William Hillyard, Excr. Board for Richard, Elizabeth, Sarah, Nancy and John for 1814.  
  Page 247—HOLDERNESS, McKINNEY, dec'd. Lewis McLendon, Admr. Expense of four trips to North Carolina for the estate. Paid Lewis Irions in full of his distributive share Dec. 7, 1812.
Page 251-252—Returns for 1814 and 1815 no data.
  Page 251—HAMMOCK, THOMAS, estate. Joseph Henderson, Admr. Sep. 2, 1816.  
  Page 255—HOLDERNESS, JAMES M., Lewis McClendon, guardian. Paid Henry T. Anthony for board. Returns May 6, 1817.  
  Page 257—HENDERSON, HANNAH, dec'd. Paid the several heirs, William B. Simmons, James, Henry, William and Elisha Henderson, Dec. 29, 1815. Signed Hannah Henderson.  
  Page 257—HARTSFIELD, ANDREW N., dec'd. Josiah B. Holmes, Admr. Paid for letters of administration. Signed Mar. 4, 1814.  
  Page 259—HILL, SARAH, dec'd. Abraham and John Hill, Excrs. Returns for 1813 No data.  
  Page 259—HANSON, JOHN, dec'd. Mary Hanson, Excx. Returns 1813 no data.  
  Page 261—HOLTZCLAW, NATHAN, estate Jincy Holtzclaw, Excx. No data.  
  Page 261—HANSFORD, CHARLES and Eliza, children of. Charles Hansford guardian. Paid for letters of administration Apr. 4, 1814.  
  Page 263—HENDERSON, CATY, late Caty Thornton, Elisha Reid, guardian. Paid her part in full of estate and two slaves Ann and Wilkes. Jan. 7, 1817.  
  Page 263—JENKINS, STERLING, Jr., dec'd. Thomas Douglas and Martha Jenkins, Admrs. Returns for 1812 show paid for letters of administration.  
  Page 157—JAMES, AARON, dec'd. Enoch James, Admr, Returns for 1808 shows paid Dudley Meland (?) for boarding two orphans viz: Nancy and Amanda Ferrington for 1807. Signed Mar. 7, 1809.  
  Page 49—PULLIN, MICAJAH, dec'd. Augustine Edwards, Admr. Returns for 1805 shows paid for coffin and burial clothes.  

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