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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.




  Page 5—Mar. 5, 1804. Petition of David McCoy, Admr of Daniel McCoy, dec'd to sell 343 acres on Williams creek.  
  Page 6—Petition of John and Elizabeth Erwin, Admrs of John Erwin, dec'd to sell 240 acres on Williams creek.  
  Page 7—Theopilus Andrews, 13 years old, orphan of Wm. Andrews, dec'd, bound to Isaac Eason.  
  Page 8—Lewis, orphan of John Brown, dec'd about 14, bound to Edward Weaver.  
  Page 10—Mar. 5, 1804. Petition of John Dyson and John Cooper, Excrs of Nathan Ballard to sell 25 acres on Fishing creek adj. Phillip Ballard.  
  Page 11—Jesse Parker, near 17 years old, orphan of Wm. Parker, bound to James Ford to learn saddlery. Josiah Burk, a foundling now 14 years old, bound to Robert Pearman to learn the trade of hatter.  
  Page 19—Mar. 14, 1804. Thomas Jones' affidavit that a bond for title to Lot No. 6 in Washington, from John and Hannah Hunton under date of Dec. 10, 1797, has been lost.  
  Page 38—Mar. 23, 1804. Martha Wilson, Admx of Andrew Wilson, dec'd affidavit that a certain paper from Benjamin Hill and wife Betsy declaring they have received all land stock etc from said estate that they expect, has been lost.  
  Page 48—Mar. 6, 1804. Petition of Elizabeth Hollis, Admx and John Akins, Admr of Moses Hollis, dec'd to sell 217 acres on Hardins creek.  
  Page 49—Margaret McNeal bound to Benedict Hammock.  
  Page 50—Petition of William McClung and Robert Cunningham, Admrs of  

Page 176

  Patrick Cunningham, dec'd to sell 400 acres adj. Robert Killgore. Michael Grant 9 years old, orphan of Thos. Grant, dec'd, bound to John Ector (?).  
  Page 52—Aug. 7, 1804. Petition of William Chisholm and Adam Wylie, Admrs of John Chisholm, dec'd to sell land originally granted Jeremiah Cloud, to pay debts of dec'd.  
  Page 58—Aug. 8, 1804. Petition of Solomon Thornton, Sr., Admr and Sally Thornton, Admx., Thos. Gresham, Geo. Gresham and Solomon Thornton, Jr., heirs and distributives of William Thornton, dec'd to sell 400 acres in Jackson Co. on Oconee river.  
  Page 74—Aug. 10, 1804. Petition of Peterson Thweatt, Admr of Jefferson Williamson, dec'd, to sell 800 acres well known as Williamson's Mill Tract.  

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