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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.



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  Page 18—Feb. 25, 1800. Elizabeth, Ann, George and Mary Heard, minor orphans, John Ramey guardian.  
  Thomas Norris, guardian of Mary Billingslea.  
  Absolom Ramey, guardian of Ann, Sarah, Daniel, Francis, and Edmon Ramey. Nancy Mason, Admx of John Mason, dec'd.  
  Anthony Ivey, Admr of Allemy Ivey. Chas. Porter, Admr of Nicholas Porter, dec'd. John Simpson, Admr of James Simpson.  
  William Berry and Joseph Evans, Admrs de bonis non of Marmaduke Mendinghall. Nathan Stubbs, guardian of Elijah Mendinghall.  
  Page 20—Feb. 26, Joseph Echols, Admr. of James Johnson, dec'd., and of William Daniel. Solomon Thornton, Admr of William Thornton.  
  Baldwin Robinson and wife late Peggy Walker, Admrs of Jesse Walker, dec'd. John Todd, Admr of John Todd, dec'd.  
  George Hamilton, Admr of Moses Gordon, dec'd. Elizabeth Corbin, Admx of John Corbin, dec'd. Winnifred Wilder, Admx of William Wilder, dec'd. Henry Potts, Excr of Moses Potts, dec'd.  
  Wm. G. Gilbert, Admr of Robert Christmas, dec'd.  
  Jesse Mercer, Admr of Silas Mercer, dec'd. Thomas Terrell, Admr of Joel Richardson, dec'd. John Taylor, Admr of George Freeman, dec'd. James Matthews, Excr of Robert Carleton, dec'd.  
  Page 22—Feb. 27, 1800. John Pope and James Cade, Admrs of Richard B. Wootten, dec'd. Garland Wingfield, Excr of John Wingfield, dec'd., and as guardian of John, Charles and Stephen Pettus. John and Samuel Rice, Admrs of Nathaniel Rice. Betsy Duncan, Admx of John F. Duncan, dec'd. Nathan Ballard, Admr of John Ballard, dec'd. Burwell Aycock, guardian of Sarah Aycock. William Henderson, Admr of Henry Josey, dec'd.  
  Page 24—Feb. 28, 1800. Edward Butler, Admr of Edward Black, dec'd. Peter Terrell and Bernard Moore, guardians of William and Polly R. Terrell. Jesse Heard, Excr of Jacob Early, dec'd. William Barnett, Excr of John Oliver.  
  Page 28—Mar. 3, 1800. Thomas Mounger, guardian of Henry H. Mounger. David Terrell, guardian of Lucy Mounger. Arnold Atkins, Admr of Asa Atkins.  
  Page 30—Mar. 4, 1800. Sally Williamson, Excr of William Gilliam, and of Micajah Williamson. Bolling Anthony, Admr of Micajah Anthony. John Pope, Admr of Willis Pope. Adam Simmons, Admr of Robert Pogue.  
  Page 31—Aquilla Burroughs and Joseph Henderson, Admrs of William Lea. Wylie Pope, guardian of Henry, Joel, Rebeckah, Richard and Winnefred Aycock and Winnefred Pope.  
  Page 33—Mar. 5, 1800. John M. Carter, Admr of James Carter. John Ogletree,  

Page 142

  Admr of Wm. Phillips. Roland Taylor, Admr in right of his wife of James Aycock. John Taylor and Francis Freeman, guardians of heirs of George Freeman.  
  Page 38—July 28, 1800. Martha and Samuel Douglas, Admrs of William Douglas. Francena and Benjamin Elsberry, Excrs of Benjamin Elsberry, dec'd.  
  Page 43—July 31, 1800. John M. Carter, guardian of Farish Carter. Elizabeth Phillips, Admx of Joel Phillips.  
  Page 47—John Gresham, Admr of John Scott. Henry G. Walker, Admr of D. Terondot.  
  Page 50—Aug. 1, 1800. John Ramey, Admr of George Heard.  
  Page 52—James McLean, Admr of John O'Neal, and guardian of Elizabeth  
  Cowen (?). Jonathan Webster, Admr of John Webster.  
  Page 53—Harris Coleman, Excr of Daniel Coleman. Francis Giddens, Admr of Wm. Giddens. Sylvanus gibson and Griffin Hogan, Excrs of Walter Gibson produced two receipts one from Thomas Hogan, and one from Nathaniel Davis for legacies in full.  
   Isaiah Goolsby, guardian of John K. Goolsby. Stephen Gafford, Admr of Wm. Sutton produced receipt in full from the guardians of the heirs. Jordan Anderson, guardian of William and James Goodwyn. James Kinman, Excr of John Smith. Wm. Darracott, guardian of James Darracott. Obediah Wynne, Excr of John Rolston. Frederick Kieder, Admr of C. Phoenis. James Turner and John Flint, Admrs of Robert Allcock. James Turner, guardian of Polly Turner. James and John Turner qualified as Excrs of Rebecca Turner.  
  Page 54—Sept. 1, 1800. Benajah Smith, Admr of Robert. P. Smith. Peter Jeffers, Excr of Wm. Jeffers. Stearn Simmons, Admr of John Dooly. Joseph Prather, Excr of Samuel Jones. John Shareman, Admr of Amos McClendon.  
  Page 63—Jan. 22, 1801. Jesse Mercer, Admr of Silas Mercer. Fadda Jarrett and wife, Admrs of Shadrack Pinkston. Robinson Hendon, Admr of Thomas Murray. Wm. Moore, Admr of Joseph Moore. Robt. Killgore, Admr of Elizabeth Peters, final settlement. Polly Williamson, Excx of Chas. Williamson. John Walker and Chas. Smith, Admrs of John Smith. John Ronden, Admr of Glover Crane.  
  Page 63—Feb. 23, 1801. John Milner, guardian of Simeon and John Milner. Mary Mahoney, Admx of Wm. Mahoney. Nathan Barnett, Admr of Nathan Barnett.  
  Page 64—Thomas Norris, guardian of Mary Billingslea. James Billingslea, guardian of Clement and Howell Billingslea.  
  Page 70—Feb. 24, 1801. Palisiah Stallings, guardian of orphans of Moses  

Page 143

  Gordon. Richard Dukins, Admr of Jo. Dukins. Jesse Norman, guardian of Norman Pope. James Wootten, Admr of Benjamin Wootten. Josiah Jordan guardian of heirs of Benj. Jordan. Winnifred Wilder, Admx of Wm. Wilder and Larkin Collier.  
  Page 76—Feb. 25, 1801. John Ogletree, guardian of Polly H. Phillips.  
  Page 77—Samuel Harper, Admr of Wm. Bowen. Reuben Maddin, Admr of Dennis Maddin.  
  Page 79—Feb. 26, 1801. John Graves and F. Strother, Admrs de bonis non of Thomas Holloday. Moses Bays, Admr of Joseph Bays. John and Richard Heard, Admrs of Chas. Heard.  
  Page 80—Feb. 27, 1801. Chas. Stewart, Admr of John Stewart, James Cowen, Admr of William Cowen.  

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