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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.




  Page 15—Mar. 4, 1805. Lucy Carleton, Admx of Henry Carleton, dec'd, petition to sell 250 acres adj. John Taylor and Nimrod Waller.  
  Page 16—Petition of Jane Bramblett, Admx and Jesse H. Bramblett, Admr of Ambrose Bramblett, dec'd to sell 150 acres on Clarks creek.  
  Page 28—Mar. 11, 1805. Petition of George Matthews attorney for Sally Harvie, Admx of Daniel Harvie, dec'd to sell 450 acres in Elbert Co., on Beaverdam and Falling creeks.  
  Page 31—Mar. 12, 1805. John Grant, minor orphan of Thomas Grant, chooses Major Henderson guardian, Joseph Henderson, Security.  
  Page 33—Mar. 13, 1805. Boling Johnson, son of Nancy Johnson now nine years and six months old bound to George Chatfield to learn carriagemaking.  
  Page 34—Jesse Mercer, Admr of Silas Mercer, petition to sell 320 acres of land the whole of the real estate of said dec'd.  
  Page 35—Polly Walker orphan of Joseph Walker chooses Lewis Glass, guardian, and he is appointed of Joseph, Samuel and Lettis, orphans of said Joseph Walker, dec'd. Joseph B. Johnson's petition to have a bond on Bernard Kelly to 130 acres on Clarks creek renewed.  
  Page 49—Aug. 5, 1805. Lee Atkins, orphan of Asa Atkins, chooses his brother Asa Atkins guardian.  
  Page 50—Petition of Leannah Revier, Admx of Wyatt Revier, dec'd to sell an undivided moiety or half the mill seat on Fishing creek and land adjoining.  
  Page 51—John Ayler appointed guardian of Anthony and Susannah Ayler, orphans of John Ayler, dec'd.  

Page 177

  Page 52—John Ayler, Admr of John Ayler, dec'd, petition to sell land.  
  Page 63—Aug. 7, 1805. Petition of West Harris to have a due bill payable by Samuel Tinsley to Thomas Mounger renewed.  
  Page 73—Aug. 8, 1805. Petition of Howard Kennon to have a deed of gift from Henry Kennon in his life time under date of Oct. 5, 1793 to be renewed.  
  Page 75—Robert Montfort chooses his uncle James Montfort guardian.  
  Page 76—Charles Duke appointed guardian of Nancy Ballard, orphan of Nathan Ballard.  
  John Burdit to whom James Ford was bound 1803, delivers him to the court and he is bound to Humphrey Burdit.  

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