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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.


Inventories and Appraisments



Remnant of a Book of Inventories, Etc.

Index Almost Destroyed—1793-94

  Folio 4-5—ANTHONY, MICAJAH, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 9, 1793. Slaves, guns and musket, household goods, horses and part of a stage wagon. Abraham Venable, Robt. North, James Lane, apprs.  
  Folio 4—BEARD, BENJAMIN (or Benney), dec'd. Inventory Rec. Feb. 2, 1794. Jesse Norman, Jos. Burks, Nimrod Waller, apprs.
Folio 76—Sale, Rec. Sept. 9, 1794, Jesse Norman, Henry Woodward, Nimrod Waller, John Taylor and Micha Beard, purchasers. Thomas W??tten, Test.
  Folio 29-30—BROWN, RODOLPHUS, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 28, 1794 by Silas Mercer and Thos. Wingfield, admrs. Dictionaries, histories, Bibles, hymbooks, Latin and Greek Testaments, horse, watch, great coat etc. Philip Wilhite, Samuel Whatley, Jacob Mercer, apprs. List of debtors might indicate he was a schoolmaster, all small amounts.  
  Page 77—BRIDGES, DAVID, dec'd. Sale Feb. 19, 1790. Berry, James, Barnes, Daniel and Nathaniel Bridges, Geo. Barber, Thos. Wootten, Drury Cade, Wm. Strong, Jos. Jr., and Sr., and Wm. Jones, Edmond Taylor, John McElroy, Robt. Campbell, Benj. Sutherland, Richard Wright purchasers. 5 Hogsheads of tobacco at Augusta. Nathaniel Bridges, admr.  
  Page 7—CRENSHAW, JESSE, dec'd. Sale begun 24th of ...., 1791. Precious C. Crenshaw, admx. Wm. Gammage, Precious C. Crenshaw, Widow Kelley, John Ramey, Andrew Willson, Maxey Moncreaf, Elijah Brown, Alex. Anderson, Wm. Smith, Aaron John Anders, Nehemiah Edge, John Dizmacks, Samuel Croft, Joshua Hammock, John Bush, Samuel and Robt. Harper, Jesse Talbot, Isaac Stewart, Aaron Parker, Martin Hughes, Thos. Curton, John Towns, James Newall, purchasers. Signed P. Ramey, crier.
Page 76—Add, Sale Dec. 24, 1793. Precious C. Crenshaw only purchaser. James B. Fleming, crier.
  Page 78—COX, MARY COLEMAN, dec'd. Account of the money received. Va. currency from Col. Lewis Burwell McClenbery and James Bouldin, $229.87. Henry Carleton, escr. See will, probated 1793.  
  Page 21—DOOLY, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Feb. 27, 1794. Wearing apparel and a bond on Newell Walton. Thos. Bond, Matthias Collers, John Ayler, apprs. Phillip Zimmerman, J. P.  
  Page 22—DARRACOTT, THOMAS, dec'd. Inventory Dec. 30, 1793. Large  

Page 110

  estate of slaves, farm produce, household goods and notes on John Hunton and Peter Williamson. Edward Butler, David Meriwether, Garland Wingfield and Peter Terrell, apprs. John Darracott and Richmond Terrell, surviving admrs.  
  Page 42—DOOLY, THOMAS, dec'd. Inventory Apr. 7, 1794. Horses, spurs, pistols, broadsword, belt and scabbard, saddle, saddle bags, silver watch, horsemans cap etc. Aquilla Nail, Wm. Ratcliff, Robt. Chappell, apprs. Wm. Bibb, J. P.  
  Page 11—ELLIOTT, BENJAMIN, dec'd. Inventory Dec. 28, 1793. Horses, cattle, sheep, tobacco, household goods, womans saddle, etc. Isaac Avera, John Sudduth, Ayers Holloday, apprs. Wm. Evans, J. P.  
  Page 19—GOODWYN, HARWOOD, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 11, 1794. Large number of slaves, cattle, produce and household effects. Nathaniel and Hawkins Bulloch and John Gholson, apprs. Spencer Branham, J. P.  
  Page 1—JACKSON, DANIEL, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 10, 1794. Cattle, horses, plantation tools, produce and household goods. Harris Coleman, Leonard Phillips, Edward E. Echols, apprs. A. Burroughs, J. P.
Page 39—Sale Feb. 13, 1794. Robt. Jackson debtor to rent of plantation. Robt. Jackson, Jeremiah Reeves, excrs
  Page 9—JONES, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 27, 1794. Large number of slaves, horses, cattle etc. Solomon Slatter, H. Peebles and Abner Flewellen, apprs. Richard B. Fletcher, J. P.  
  Page 18—JOHNSON, BURWELL, dec'd. Inventory Rec. Feb. 14, 1794. "Land and plantation," 1 slave Peter, cattle, horse and household goods. Henry Pope, James Prater and John Favor, apprs.  
  Page 79—JACKSON, DRURY, dec'd. Inventory Apr. 2, 1794. Horses, cattle, one slave Ned, household effects. Sanders Walker, Reuben Ballard, Jeremiah Bentley, Theodrick Stubblefield, apprs.  
  Page 62-64—LEA, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Rec. July 1, 1794. Several slaves, 36 gallons whiskey, still, cattle, horses, guns, plantation tools, household goods etc. Thomas Lea, John Wootten, Wm. Davis, debtors. Spencer Runnells, Wm. Williamson, Wm. Pearman, Richard Peteet, apprs. Sale Nov. 10, 1794. John Holmes, Pitt Milner, Sophia Runnells, John and Jos. Henderson, Aquilla Burroughs, Jonathan, Solomon and Nancy Lea, Joshua Elder, some of the purchasers. Debtors, Nancy Lea to rye, James Lea's excrs. to cash, John Lea, one saddle, Thos. Lea, whiskey etc, Wm. Lea, land.  
  Page 33—MARSHALL, MATTHEW, dec'd. Inventory Oct. 8, 1794. Horse, household goods, plantation tools. Wm. Covington, Wm. Dowsing, Hezekiah Bussey, apprs.  

Page 111

  Page 45—McKNIGHT, CHARLES, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 15, 1794. Slave Tom, horses, plantation tools, household effects etc. F. Billingslea, John Sappington, Rowland Williams, apprs. Wm. Hammett, J. P.  
  Page 24—PORTER, NICHOLAS, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 9, 1794. Slave Cato, horse, cattle, produce and one walnut chest, only furniture. James Willis, R. Christmas, Henry B. Gibson, apprs. Wm. Moore, J. P.  
  Page 25—POGUE, ROBERT, dec'd. Sale Feb. 9, and 20, 1794. John Griffey, Asa and Adam Summons, James Cunningham, John Hubbard, Christ. Garner, Jiles, James and Robt. Lee, Reuben McKelroy, Robt. Taylor, Patrick Dunnals, James Pittman, Andrew Bell, David Hunter, David and Jacob Averhart, Jos. McMurtee, Wm. Pool, James Wood, Wm. Peyton, Drury Cade, Jonathan Brooks, Nathan Johnson, Isaac David, John Prestidge, Wm. Jennings, Amos Ponder, John Thomeson, Wm. Harvie, Benj. J. Barnett, James Rogers, Geo. Glazener, Wm. Hardman, Richard Wright, Samuel Shannon, James Davenport, Chas. Coleman, Mark Barbee, purchasers. Adam Simmons, admr.  
  Page 3—RAMEY, PRESLEY, dec'd. Inventory July 17, 1794. Slaves Phebe, Rachel, Jenny and Harry, cattle, household goods. Geo. Allen, Dabney Gholson, Absolom Ramey, apprs. S. Branham, J. P.  
  Page 60—RIDDLE, LEWIS, dec'd. Inventory Rec. May 16, 1794. A large number of slaves, cattle, household goods, etc. No apprs or admr. mentioned.  
  Page 67—SPENCER, PETER, dec'd. Inventory Apr. 26, 1794. Wearing apparel, $4.61, Cash $2.57. Roland Williams, John Weaver, Jesse Walker, apprs. Accounts in Washington, Burke and Wilkes counties, Francis Billingslea, appr.  
  Page 70—SCOTT, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Rec. July 23, 1794. 600 acres on Kettle creek, nineteen slaves, horses, cattle, household goods, plantation tools. John Burdine, Chas. Tugel, John Wright, apprs.
Page 71—List of debts, Samuel and John Brown, Hardin Haines, John and Gabriel Penn, James Dillard and Henry Camden, all in Virginia currency, "all supposed to be desperate accounts." Leroy Upshaw, Samuel Meredith, Thos. Scott and James Gatewood, all for tobacco in Continental currency, due in the year 1777.
  Page 43—TURNER, MESHACK, dec'd. Inventory Apr. 8, 1794. Twenty-three slaves, cattle, household goods, etc. Chas. Deane, Philemon Bird John Ogletree, apprs. Jesse Talbot, J. P.  
  Page 36—WILLIAMS, FREDERICK Col., dec'd. Inventory Mar. 25, 1794 Ten slaves, prayer book, household goods, cattle, 900 acres of land, one land warrant, etc. Douglas Watson, Wm. Danill, John Collier, apprs.  
  Page 50-56—WILLIAMS, JAMES, dec'd. May 13, 1794. List of notes due  

Page 112

  estate, great many names. "The foregoing list all that has come to my attention, more in the hands of Seaborn Jones, Esqr. to be reported later". Signed Eliza Williams. Additional inventory June ye 19th, 1794. John Garretts order on Col. James Armstrong for œ460, dated Aug. 2, 1788. Wm. Sims receipt for land warrants and promise to pay the moiety of 1000 acres in Franklin Co. in 1792 and another for 990 acres in 1791. Judgment recorded by Thos. Williams vs. David Hillhouse for œ402 N. C. money, assigned by Richard Hunt to James Williams. Signed Eliza Williams.  

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