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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.


Inventories and Appraisments Book "L L" 1806-1807



Inventories and Appraisements- Book "L L"

1806-1807 Indexed


(Not everything in this book taken, part of it covered by Will Book "G G" 1806-1807).

  Page 17—AYLOR, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 29, 1804. Lemuel Zimmerman, Christian Poss, Nathaniel McMechin, apprs.  
  Page 71. Returns for 1805, John Aylor, Admr.  
  Page 55—ANDREWS, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Oct. 13, 1804. John Wood, Thos. Jarrell, John Dicken, apprs.  
  Page 148—ANTHONY, MICAJAH, dec'd. Amount of sales, Jan. 30, 1805. Armistead E. Stokes, gdn.  
  Page 3—BATES, JOHN, dec'd. Sept. 4, 1806. Wm. McCling (McClung), Robert Killgore, Robt. Stamper, apprs.  
  Page 10—BRANHAM, SPENCER, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 3, 1804. Geo. Smith, John Rice, Isham Chaffin, apprs.  
  Page 110—BRADLEY, ANDERSON, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 8, 1805. Wm. W. Smith, Archibald Riddle, Rene Cole, apprs.
Page 137. Amount of sales. Jan. 11, 1806. Thos. Wootten, and Henry Dowdy bought slaves, and John Dyson, gdn. of Susanna Bradley a slave.
  Page 125—BEAL, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Oct. 19, 1805. Elizabeth Beall, admx. John Dyson, John Heard, Jr., Geo. Hamilton, apprs.  
  Page 141—BUTLER, MICAJAH, dec'd. Sale Oct. 16, 1805. Sworn to by A. Edwards.  
  Page 153—BALLARD, JAMES, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 24, 1806. Lewis Willis, John Robertson, Robt. B. Washington, apprs.  
  Page 182—BARCLAY, JOHN, dec'd. Apr. 4, 1806. Lewis McClendon, John Graves, Isaiah Scudder, apprs.  
  Page 241—BILLINGSLEA, JOHN, dec'd. and Asa Atkins in co-partnership,  

Page 113

  State of Ga. Baldwin Co. Inventory May 27, 1807. Henry and John McCoy and Alex. Autry, apprs. James Billingslea and Asa Atkins, admrs.  
  Page 52—CALLAWAY, JOHN, dec'd. Sale Oct. 27, 1804. Wm. Callaway, admr. Articles bought by Wm. and Jos. Callaway.  
  Page 29—DORSE (DOSS), WALTER, dec'd. Inventory May 23, 1804. Joshua Render, Wm. Hughes, John G. Heard, apprs.  
  Page 191—ELSBERRY, BENJAMIN, dec'd. Sale of personal estate July 25, 1807. Mentions notes given Excx. in her lifetime. Benjamin Elsberry, excr.  
  Page 221—EVANS, WILLIAM, Sr., dec'd. Inventory Nov. 7, 1807. Geo. Boswick, Wm. Pollard, Samuel Jones, apprs.
Page 248. Return of sales Dec. 20, 1806 and Jan. 16, 1807. Stephen and Wm. Evans, admrs. Stephen, David, Susanna, John C., Elisha and Wm. Evans, purchasers.
  Page 36—FANNING, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory of debts Sept. 15, 1804. Bird Parks, Josiah Jordan, apprs.
Page 37—Goods etc. Sept. 9, 1803.
  Page 129—FERRINGTON, AARON, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 8, 1805. Azariah Bailey, Stephen Mallory, Jos. Heard, apprs.  
  Page 73—FLUKER, MARY ANN, dec'd. Inventory Dec. 14, 1804. John C. Evans, Purnal Truitt, David Evans, apprs.
Page 75. Sale. John Johns and Archibald Simpson, admrs. Owen and Isaac Fluker, James, Chas. and Harris Gresham purchasers.
  Page 94—GRESHAM, THOMAS, dec'd. Sale Dec. 31, 1803. Mary Ann Fluker, admx. Recorded by James Gresham, admr. Mar. 13, 1805.
Page 109. Inventory June 3, 1805.
  Page 130—GIBSON, SYLVANUS, dec'd. Inventory 1805. Daniel Gunn, Chas., Crawley, Richard Hudspeth, apprs.
Page 133. Sale. Jan. 3, 1806, John Gibson, admr. John, Walter, Wm., and Sylvanus Gibson, Jr., purchasers.
  Page 227—GAMMAGE, WILLIAM, dec'd. List of debts. Samuel and Alsey Gammage, debtors Sept. 7, 1807. John Hardwick, admr.  
  Page 31—HOLDERNESS, McKINNEY, dec'd. Inventory July 23, 1804. Synthea Holderness, admx.  
  Page 53—HEARD, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Oct. 29, 1803. Christopher Binns, James Anthony, Thos. Anderson, apprs. (This does not seem to be the John who left a will in Book "D D.")  
  Page 101—HENDRICK, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 23, 1805. Jonathan Oxford, Robt. Harris, Robt. Jackson, apprs.
Page 106. Sale May 9, 1805. Elizabeth Hendricks, admx.

Page 114

  Page 107—HOOKS, ASA, dec'd. Inventory May 26, 1805. Wm. Hopkins, Wm. Killgore, John N. Simpson, apprs.
Page 147. Sale, Sept. 31, 1805. Agatha Hooks, admx. Holliery, John, and Agatha Hooks purchasers.
  Page 67—JOSEY, HENRY, dec'd. Sale recorded Sept. 10, 1806. William Henderson, admr. Mary Josey purchaser.
Page 246. Sale, May 1, 1807, Mary Josey, admx.
  Page 44—KILLGORE, ROBERT, dec'd. Inventory Sept. 29, 1804. John Graves, Jilson Hopkins, John N. Simpson, apprs.
Page 144. Sale, Dec. 21, 1804, Wm. Hannah, Elizabeth, Wm. Sr., and John Killgore purchasers. Wm. Killgore, James Curry, admrs.
  Page 6—MONTCRIEF, SAMUEL, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 6, 1804. Henry Garland, John Langdon, apprs.
Page 91. Sale, Oct. 13, 1805. Martha Montcrief, admx. Martha, Isaiah, Wm., and Noah Montcrief purchasers.
  Page 28—McCLEAN, BETSY, dec'd. Sale May 21, 1803. Jesse Stallings, admr. A slave Silvy all the estate.  
  Page 57—McLAIN, MARINEY, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 5, 1804. John Ray, Hickerson Cosby, Wm. Mitchell, apprs. Estate consists of several slaves and a trunk.  
  Page 59—MONTFORD, John, dec'd. Inventory Dce. 7, 1804. W. F. Booker, A. Lipham, Jacob Cain, apprs.  
  Page 95—MATTHEWS, ROBERT, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 16, 1805. James Kinman, John Allison, Jos. Cohron, apprs.
Page 103. Sale Apr. 25, 1805, signed by Solomon Matthews. Mary, Robt., Samuel and Reddick Matthews purchasers.
  Page 97—MATTHEWS, MARY, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 16, 1805. One note for $556.00 entire estate. Same apprs. as for Robert.  
  Page 115—MOORE, JONAS, dec'd. Inventory Aug. 7, 1805. Philip Ballard, A. Riddle, apprs.  
  Page 233—MINOR, JOHN M., dec'd. Inventory Aug. 3, 1807. Thos. Terrell, Thos. Willis, Wm. Wilkins, apprs.  
  Page 23—NOWLAND, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Apr. 14, 1804. Richard Heard, Stephen Mallory, Stark Brown, apprs.
Page 61. Sale, Thos. Anderson, admr.
  Page 4—PINKSTON, JOHN C., dec'd. Inventory Mar. 6, 1804. Wm. M Kain, Elizabeth Pinkston, admrs. John Parks, Wm. Triplett, Thos. Talbot, apprs.
Page 84. Sale Oct. 26, 1806, Wm. M. Kain, admr. John, Wm. M., and Maurice Kain, Elizabeth and Greenberry Pinkston, purchasers.
  Page 79-80—POPE, JOHN, dec'd. List of debts due at his decease: Note on F. W. Bolin in Va. Mar. 1784. Note on Robt. Lea in Va. 1788. Note on James Triplett in Va. 1791. Note on Wm. Tyler in Va. 1793. Note on Henry Washington in Va. 1800. Note on Wm. Barnes in Va. 1802. 1 Bond by Pope (Ky.) for conveyance of 2000 acres of land in Jefferson Co. Ky. Jan. 29, 1795. Returns Mar. 2, 1805. Sale of personal estate Nov. 15, 1804. John H. Pope, admr.  

Page 115

  Page 173—PARRISH, RALPH, dec'd. Inventory Dec. 29, 1806. Signed A. Edwards.  
  Page 185—PHARRINGTON, AARON, dec'd. Sale May 3, 1806. Signed Enoch Jones.  
  Page 68—REVIERE, WYATT. Inventory June 11, 1804. Andrew Ruddle, James Boren, Jonathan Webster, apprs.  
  Page 156—ROGERS, RICHARD, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 16, 1801 (Seems to have been a tailor). Thos. W. Gaines, Richard Worsham, Benj. Branham, apprs.  
  Page 162—RYON, JOSEPH, dec'd. Sale Jan. 16, 1804. F. H. Gilbert, admr.
Page 173. Sale of his property, claimed by Gilley Lewis Jones, Jan. 1, 1805.
  Page 34—STALLINGS, JESSE, dec'd. Inventory Aug. 20, 1804. John Ray, Bolling and James Anthony, apprs.
Page 59. Sale Nov. 12, 1804 Sier Stallings bought slave.
Page 213. Division of estate by above apprs. Jan. 7, 1807. Laid off in eight lots, Robt. Sherman in right of his wife drew lot No. 2. Saunders Stallings drew lot No. 1. One-third for the wid. not named. Sale Jan. 10, 1807 Sarah and Saunders Stallings, Robt. Sherman, purchasers. Signed Sally Stallings.
  Page 61—SLATON, ARTHUR. Sale Dec. 23, 1804. Elisha, Daniel and Joseph Slaton, purchasers.  
  Page 105—SEMMES, ROGER, dec'd. Inventory May 3, 1805.  
  Page 123—SAXON, DAVIS, dec'd. Sale Oct. 11, 1805. Obediah Edge, admr. Polly Saxon, Wm. Towns and Betsy Cohron purchasers.
Page 132. Inventory Aug. 19, 1805. James Kinman, Geo. Harper, Owen Holloday, apprs.
  Page 231—STEWART, GEORGE, dec'd. Inventory July 8, 1807. John Lewis, Jacob Lewis, Jr., Neheimah Edge, apprs.  
  Page 102—TYSON, ISAAC, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 25, 1805, as estimated by Elizabeth Tyson, admx. Wm. Jones, John Rodes, Nathan Bryant, apprs. Page 128. Sale May 25, 1805 signed Betsy Tyson.  
  Page 46—TAYLOR, THOMAS, dec'd. Inventory Sept. 30, 1804 of balances  

Page 116

  due on the shop books of the dec'd. and Ebenezer Smith. signed by Ebenezer Smith.  
  Page 175—TERRY, MOSES, dec'd. Sale, Jeremiah Terry purchaser. Recorded Nov. 10, 1807.
Page 205. Returns for 1806, Jeremiah Terry, admr.
  Page 13—WHITE, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 31, 1804. John Gibson, John Tarver, Owen Holloday, apprs.  
  Page 14—WILLIAMSON, ELLA WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory, Mar. Term 1804. Peter B. Terrell, Thos. McLaughlin, Jos. Henderson, apprs.  
  Page 39—WEAVER, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Sept. 7, 1804. Weaver Cotton, Henry McNabb, Daniel Suptrine, James Rone, apprs.  
  Page 81—WILSON, ANDREW, dec'd. Sale May 25, 1804 by James Patterson and Martha Wilson, admrs.  
  Page 58—WILLIAMSON, JEFFERSON, dec'd. Sale Dec. 30, 1803. Peterson Thweatt, admr.  
  Page 81—WADE, ACRE, dec'd. Sale Jan. 1, 1805, Moses Wade, admr.  
  Page 114—WRIGHT, WYLIE, dec'd. Inventory Aug. 31, 1804. Moses Alexander, admr.  
  Page 120—WILDER, JAMES, dec'd. Inventory Sept. 23, 1805. Drury Stovall, Chas. Beddingfield, Samuel Bradford, apprs.  
  Page 171—WALKER, JESSE, dec'd. Sale Feb. 16, 1805. David Glaze, admr.  
  Page 202—WILKINSON, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 10, 1806. Thos. Grant, Wm. L. Kennon, R. B. Washington, apprs.  

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