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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.


Inventories and Appraisments Book "M M" 1807-1810



Book "M M"—1807-1810—Inventories, Sales, Etc.

  Page 6—BILLINGSLEA, SAMUEL, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 12, 1807. Alex. Norris, John Langdon, Francis Billingslea, John Hendricks, apprs.  
  Page 36—BARCLAY, JOHN H., dec'd. Sale Dec. 19, 1806. Sterling Jenkins, admr.  
  Page 66-103—BOOKER, WILLIAM F., dec'd. Inventory Nov. 25, 1807. Seems to have been a general merchant. An immense estate of slaves, etc.  
  Page 105—BENNETT, REUBEN, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 21, 1808.
Page 109. Appraisers appointed in Morgan Co. May 28, 1808.
  Page 123—BALLARD, JAMES, dec'd. Sale Jan. 3, 1807. Thos. Gafford, admr. Stephen Gafford father of Thos., Security.  

Page 117

  Page 134—BURROUGHS, AQUILLA, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 15, 1808. Geo. Willis, Pitt Milner, Wm. Davis, Isaac Eason, apprs.
Page 195. Sale Jan. 9, 1809. Bird Parks and Sarah Jordan, admrs.
  Page 211—BATES, DAVID, dec'd. Return of sales Nov. 5, 1810 by Anderson and Randolph Bates. Drusilla, Randolph and David Bates purchasers.  
  Page 265—BEASLEY, RICHARD, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 15, 1810. Nathan Holtzclaw, admr. Churchwell Blakey, Benj. Smith and Christopher Binns, apprs.  
  Page 269—BOYNTON, AMOS, dec'd. Inventory and sale June 6, 1814. Stoddard Boynton, admr.  
  Page 143—CARLTON, HENRY, dec'd. Sale Feb. 22, 1807. Lucy Carlton, admx. Henry, Stephen and Lucy Carlton and Joshua Charlton, purchasers.  
  Page 152—COATS, LESLEY, dec'd. Inventory July 22, 1808. Wm. Jones, David White, James Billingslea, apprs.
Page 170—Sale Sept. 9, 1808. John Coats, admr. Drusilla, Lesley, Sarah and John Coats principal purchasers.
  Page 175—DUGAS, LOUIS, dec'd. Sale Dec. 25, 1808. Nathan Formby, excr.  
  Page 161—EVANS, DAVID, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 28, 1808. Samuel and John Johns, and Weaver Cotton, apprs.  
  Page 1—FREEMAN, CAPT. JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 15, 1807. John Pope, Benj. Talliaferro, James Matthews and Marshall Martin, apprs.
Page. 24. Inventory of money and notes Feb. 28, 1807. Shaler Hillyer, admr.
  Page 197—FANNING, JOHN, dec'd. Sale Jan. 10, 1809. Josiah Jordan, admr. "Taken by Matthew Favor in full of his part or one-fifth $249.00. Put in for the use and board of the children $560.00."  
  Page 11—GAMMAGE, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 18, 1807. Walter Perry, Wm. Procter, John Booker, apprs.
Page 51—Sale Dec. 25, 1807. John Hendrick, admr. Charity, Nathaniel, Samuel, and Alsey Gammage purchasers.
  Page 44—HENDERSON, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory May 14, 1807. Hannah Henderson and Benj. Stovall, admrs. One State Troop Bounty for 800 acres of land in the name of Wm. Walton, Lt., in 8th. Co. commanded by Capt. James Jiles, together with Wm. Walton's power of attorney to Henry Josey, dec'd. Wm. Johnson, Ambrose Baber, Stephen Johnson, Spencer Crain, Jr., apprs.  
  Page 137—HEARD, STEPHEN, Sr. of Wilkes Co., dec'd. Sale Dec. 22, 1810. John Heard, admr.  

Page 118

  Page 185—HARTSFIELD, GODFREY, dec'd. Sale Lec. 8, 1810, sold by Josiah B. Holmes and Alsey Hartsfield. Allen, Warren, Alsa, Anderson and Andrew P. Hartsfield (Andronickicus in will), purchasers.  
  Page 167—IRWIN, ELIZABETH, dec'd. Inventory July 2, 1808. John Allison, Ags Scott, apprs.  
  Page 58—KILLGORE, JOHN, dec'd. Sale Dec. 26, 1807. Wm. Killgore, admr. Robt., Wm., James and Hannah Killgore purchasers.
Page 104. Inventory Oct. 29, 1807.
  Page 62—LACY, ELIZABETH, dec'd. Inventory Feb. 16, 1808. Notes on Meshack Turner and Bird Pruett, only property.  
  Page 125—LINDSEY, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Apr. 5, 1809.
Page 217. Inventory Oct. 31, 1791. John H. Foster, Robt. Shearman, and West Harris, apprs.
  Page 107—LEE, MOSES. (Index but not found).  
  Page 34—MINOR, JOHN M., dec'd. Inventory Mar. 10, 1808.  
  Page 116—MONTFORT, JOHN, dec'd. Returns Oct. 5, 1809. James Montfort, admr. James and Susanna Montfort purchasers.  
  Page 118—MCLAIN, MARIANA, dec'd. Sale Mar. 17, 1802 by Jesse Stallings, admr. Sally and Jesse McLain and Palasiah and Sally Stallings purchasers.  
  Page 119—MONTGOMERY, JOHN S., dec'd. Sale by Jane Montgomery, admx. Mar. 10, 1810. Rebecca and Jane Montgomery and Theodoric Stubblefield purchasers.  
  Page 209—MUSE, GEORGE, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 10, 1810. Wiley Pope, John Pope, John Hinton, apprs.  
  Page 147—OGLETREE, C., dec'd. Sale June 11, 1808. David Lockett, admr.  
  Page 110—PASCHAL, WILLIAM, Sr., dec'd. Inventory July 6, 1807.
Page 113. Sale Sept. 16, 1807. Mary and Wm. Paschal, admrs. Mary, Wm. Thos., Samuel, Sr. and Jr., Paschal, and Elijah Hammock purchasers.
  Page 28—RUSSELL, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory recorded Apr. 27, 1808.
Page 150. Apr. 28, 1808. Sale at the house of John Combs.
  Page 126—REEVES, ABNER, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 8, 1809. Harris Coleman, Geo. Willis, Malachi Reeves, John Milner, John Ford, apprs.  
  Page 157—RYAN, JOSEPH, Major, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 28, 1803. John Ray, Hickerson Cosby, Jonathan Webster, apprs.  
  Page 182—REVIERE, WYATT, dec'd. No date. Division of estate. To Leanna  

Page 119

  Ruddle certain slaves, walnut furniture, etc. To John Charlton slaves, piano etc. To Wm. Reviere certain slaves, sideboard, etc.  
  Page 184—ROWLETT, EDMOND, dec'd. Sale (no date) Stephen D. Rowlett, admr. Page 205. Inventory Apr. 11, 1809.  
  Page 226—ROAN, JAMES, dec'd. Sale Dec. 28, 1810. Jesse J. Rowan, admr. Mary, Jesse J., and Wm. J. Rowan purchasers.  
  Page 5—STALLINGS, JESSE, dec'd. Account of hire of slaves belonging to the orphans. Sanders and Sarah Stallings hired certain one. Signed by Salley Stallings.  
  Page 62—STEWART, GEORGE, dec'd. Sale Oct. 15, 1807. John and Mary Stewart, acting excrs. Mary, John and Joab Stewart purchasers.  
  Page 140—SIMPSON, JAMES, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 20, 1806. Div. of est.  
  Page 178—THOMPSON, GEORGE, dec'd. Sept. 4, 1809. Note due the estate, several payable at the death of Ann Thompson. Nathan Formby, excr.  
  Page 193—TYSON, ABRAHAM, dec'd. Sale, recorded Aug. 6, 1811. Felix H. Gilbert, admr.  
  Page 8—WALKER, PLEASANT, dec'd. Inventory Dec. 20, 1806.  
  Page 15—WILLIAMS, DRURY, dec'd. Sale, Jan. 2, 1807. List of articles delivered to James Gresham, Esqr., agreeable to the will of said dec'd. being one-third the personal estate.  

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