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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.


Inventories and Appraisments Book "N N" 1811-1812



Book "N N"—1811-1812-Inventories, Sales, Etc.-Indexed

  Page 86—ARNOLD, DANIEL, dec'd. Sale Oct. 22, 1803. Sally Arnold, admx.  
  Page 114—ARTHUR, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory May 15, 1811. Jane Arthur and Timothy Roby, admrs.  
  Page 32—BENNETT. REUBEN, dec'd. Sale Apr. 7, 1809. Stephen Evans, admr. Richard, Winston, Wm., and Alex. Bennett, Stephen and Wm. Evans, purchasers.
Page 93-96. Returns for 1811, Chas. R. Carter, admr.
  Page 96—BINNS, WILLIAM, dec'd. Sale May 4, 1813.  
  Page 69—CHIVERS. THOMAS, est. Division of slave Nov. 20, 1810. Distributees, Thos. H. Chivers, Samuel Wingfield, Robt. Chivers, Francis West, James Chivers, John Mercer, Joel Chivers, Pleasant Wilkerson.  
  Page 77-81—COATS, LESLEY, dec'd. Nov. 5, 1810. Peter Harris saying he had notified the distributees of the estate that he would apply to the court for a division the dec'd. having been dead two years. Benj. Sherror, Wm. Jones, Thos. Terrell and Garland Wingfield app. to divide it, there being seven distributees, including the wid. viz. Drusilla  

Page 120

  Coats, Peter Harris, Lesley, John and Francis Coats, Samuel Barron and ..... Cane.  
  Page 43—DOUGLAS, WILLIAM, dec'd. Sale Mar. 1, 1810, Martha and Samuel Douglas, admrs. Martha, Wm., Thos., and Francis Douglas purchasers.  
  Page 81-85—EVANS, DAVID, dec'd. Sale Nov. 1, 1808. Mary and Arden Evans, admrs. Mary, Elizabeth and Wm. Evans purchasers. Land sold to Jesse Evans. Aug. 5, 1811, Arden Evans, admr. asks the court to divide the estate, Samuel Jones, Weaver Cotton, C. W. Gresham, app'd. Property given in his lifetime by David Evans to Wm., Jesse and Arden Evans and John Bates called in by Arden Evans, admr.  
  Page 14—GORDON, MARY, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 23, 1812. Several slaves, two horses. Wm. Wilkins, admr.  
  Page 6—HURLEY, HENRY, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 8, 1811. Fanny Hurley and John Lewis, excrs.
Page 143. Sale Dec. 1811. James Hurley, Jr., purchaser.
  Page 161—JENKINS, STERLING, Jr., dec'd. Inventory July 15, 1812. Thos. Douglas, temp. admr.  
  Page 12—MUSE, GEORGE, dec'd. Sale Mar. 13, 1810. Elizabeth Muse purchaser.  
  Page 130—MURPHY, FRANCIS, dec'd. Inventory Sept. 16, 1812. Rickerson Booker, admr.  
  Page 108—McLEAN, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Oct. 19, 1811 Raphael Wheeler, Wm. Killgore, apprs. Medical books listed. Wm. G. Gilbert, admr.  
  Page 111—MELONE, CADER, dec'd. Inventory Feb. 12, 1813. Wm. Evans, admr.  
  Page 134—MOORE, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Sept. 25, 1811. Wearing apparel all the estate.  
  Page 121-129—NELSON, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Sept. 13, 1811. John Nelson purchased several books, philosophy, astronomy etc. Elizabeth Nelson, furniture. Chas. Nelson personalty. David Simpson, admr. Elizabeth Nelson rented the home place on the road from Washington to Philips Bridge.  
  Page 141—NELSON, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Sept. 13, 1811. Elizabeth Nelson and David Simpson, admrs.  
  Page 42—PINKSTON, JOHN C., dec'd. Sept. 5, 1808. Robt. Cunningham, John Wingfield and Wm. Triplett ordered to divide the estate. No names giver but the minors quota, one-half the estate amounts to $287.14.  
  Page 5-6—RUSSELL, JOHN and Elizabeth, dec'd. Debts due the estate  

Page 121

  account of the sales of the property of John Russell, dec'd. Apr. 22, 1808 by Nathan Blackbourn and Geo. Malone, admrs. No date but about 1811.  
  Page 1—SHEETS, JACOB, dec'd. Inventory Dec. 13, 1811.  
  Page 2—SIMPSON, JAMES, Jr., dec'd. Inventory Mar. 7, 1812. John Simpson, admr.  
  Page 8—STALLINGS, JESSE, orphans of. Returns of Sarah Stallings and John Ray, guardians 1810 to Mar. 1811, namely, Simeon, Louisa, Sally, Jesse. and Jeremiah Stallings. Simeon in school. Jesse and Jeremiah allowed so much for their labor.
Page 9. Sally Stallings returns for same period as admx. Lent Sanders Stallings. $50.00. "Paid Robt. Sherman and took receipt."
  Page 11—SIMS, HENRY P., dec'd. Inventory Jan. 2, 1809.  
  Page 45—SHORTER, HENRY, Sr., dec'd. Sale Dec. 19, 1808. May 1810, James, Henry and Jacob Shorter purchasers.  
  Page 31—TOWNS, WILLIAM, dec'd. List of notes etc. delivered to Rebecca and Pleasant Towns, present admrs. by Nehemiah Edge late admr. Amount purchased by Rebecca Towns, the wid. as per amount of sales $517.12. Walter Perry purchaser. Receipt of Rebecca and Pleasant Towns for above to Nehemiah Edge late admr. Washington, Sept. 11, 1812.
Page 150. Sale Dec. 23, 1811 Nehemiah Edge, admr. Rebecca Towns principal purchaser.
  Page 45—WOOTTEN, RICHARD B., dec'd. Returns 1800-1810, John Pope and James Cade, admrs. Paid Fielding Thurmond in right of his wife. Cash paid J. Wootten. Boarding, schooling and maintaining five orphans for ten years.  
  Page 105—WINGFIELD, JOHN, dec'd. Division of slaves Jan. 19, 1811, by Thos. and John Terrell, A. Lipham and T. Wingfield. Distributees, Patsy Wingfield now Simpson, Garland, Fanny, Elizabeth, Sally, Nancy, John and Overton Wingfield. The widow and excx. Mary Wingfield having retained enough for her support.  

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