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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.


 A Few Loose Papers Found In The Attic



Page 50


  COLEMAN, DANIEL, dec'd. Petition of Harris Coleman and Howell Harris, Excrs. to collect a note from Wm. Strother and Richard Aycock (the latter seems to be security), made Jan. 4, 1786, which Susannah Coleman and Sanders Walker who were then Excrs. have failed to collect, due Jan. 4, 1787. No date. Seaborn Jones, Petitioners Atty. List of receipts of Harris Coleman, Excr. Daniel Coleman, dec'd. returned Dec. 5, 1793 show receipts for tax for 1787-88-89-90. Proven accounts of James Bishop, Job Callaway, John Henley, Thos. Willborn, Sanders Walker, Thos. Brantley, James McCammon, John Glass, Philip Brantley, Dudley Hargrove, John Harris, Geo. Walton, Jesse Basdel, John Querns, Caty Coleman.  
  REYNOLDS, RICHARD, dec'd. Thos. Reynolds, Admr., administrated by Sarah Ann Reynolds sole Excx. dec'd. Amt. of sales, Thomas, Joseph and Benj. Reynolds each bought a slave, etc. Spencer, John and Betsy bought feather beds, dishes, etc. John Fennell, Thos. Terry, and Abner James, other purchasers. Apr. 3, 1793. Recorded in Book E. E. page 55 Sept. 17, 1793 by David Terrell, R. P.  
  NEWBY, JESSE, dec'd. Returns of Abner Tatom, Admr. Shows cash from John Lowry, Admr. of Bishop Hicks, dec'd. and from Robt. H. Taylor and paid Thos. Walton a Judgement. Nov. 22, 1801.  
  WHATLEY, CURBY, dec'd. Appraisement Nov. 13, 1793. signed by Wm. Veazy. Mare, cattle, sheep, beds and furniture delf ware, one slay, musket, etc. and notes on Wm. Fin for tobacco due Dec. 1793 and Dec. 1794. Recorded in Book E. E. page 76 Jan. 11, 1794.  
  McCOY, DANIEL, dec'd. David McCoy, Admr. Returns 1802-1805. Paid David and Sarah Hillhouse, Garland Wingfield, John Dyson, David Terrell, Nathaniel Willis, Wm. Thompson, John Gibson, Wm. B. Allison,  

Page 51


John Tarver, James Patterson, Daniel McCoy. Acct. of Wm. B. Allison against Mrs. Margaret McCoy, dec'd. for merchandise sworn to Aug. 9, 1803. Garland Wingfield's receipt for tax of Margaret McCoy for 1802 paid by David McCoy. David Terrell's receipt 1804 for temp. letters de bonis non to David McCoy on est. of Daniel McCoy dec'd.

Bill of John Gibson to Mrs. Margaret McCoy for groceries Nov. 30, 1802 paid by David Nov. 29, 1804. John Tarver bill for wheat, etc. Aug. 25, 1802 against Mrs. Margaret McCoy paid Apr. 2, 1804 by David. Widow McCoy, dec'd. to Elijah Pugh 1803 paid Apr. 1804


Daniel McCoy's receipt for pay on hogs for Margaret McCoy, dec'd. Sept. 1803. Bill of Wm. Thompson for visits and drugs against Mrs. McCoy, paregoric, anodyn, etc. James Patterson's account for black smith work.

  McCLENDON, ISAAC, dec'd. To Wm. H. Crawford, Judge of Superior Courts in the Northern Circuit in Chancery presiding. Petition of William McClendon, Simpson McClendon, Burwell Aycock and Penelope Aycock his wife, formerly Penelope McClendon, dau. of Isaac McClendon, late of Wilkes Co., dec'd. William Rich, excr. of Zimri Tait, dec'd. who in his lifetime intermarried with Clarissa McLendon another dau. of said Isaac McLendon, dec'd. That said Isaac McLendon died some time in the year 181..... That Zimri Tait and wife Clarissa died some time previous, that Lewis McLendon another son of said Isaac, dec'd. died before his father, leaving children, that Francis McLendon another son of said Isaac, dec'd. obtained letters of administration on estate of said Lewis, dec'd. and that James Walker of Wilkes Co. intermarried with Dorothy McLendon another daughter of said intestate. That said James Walker soon after the death of said Isaac obtained letters of administration and took into his possession eleven slaves valued at $4000.00, land valued at $1000.00 and other property of the value of $1000.00. That the land was rented by said admr. up to the present time, the slaves and other personal property sold and that said admr. has made no returns. Isaac, dec'd. advanced property to Lewis McClendon in his lifetime, also to James Walker, Francis McLendon, Simpson McLendon, William McLendon and Zimri Tate, which advancements far exceed the advances to your orators, and that in equity the said James Walker, the children of Lewis McClendon, dec'd. and Francis McClendon are not entitled to further participation and your orators ??ray that James Walker, admr. of Isaac McLendon, dec'd. and Francis McLendon, admr. of Lewis McLendon, dec'd. be ordered to court. John Dyson, Clerk orders them to appear. Signed Jan. 13, 1830.  

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