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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.


Remnant of Oldest Deed Book, 1784-1785



Not Bound—PARTLY GONE—1784-85

  Folio 1—FREEMAN, HOLMAN to Richard Call, Release of 600 acres on Fishing creek, Wilkes Co. Receipt Oct. 1, 1784, sworn before David Montaigut, J. P. at Savannah Mar. 9, 1785. Peter Clyma and Thos, McCall, Test. Recorded in Book "A" folio 2, May 6, 1785 Wilkes Co.  
  Folio 9—CLARKE, ELIJAH and wife Hannah of Wilkes Co., to Richard Call of the town of Augusta, 600 acres on Newford creek, Savannah river orig. grant to said Clarke 1784. Feb. 20, 1785. Robert Middleton, Horatio Marbury, Test.  
  Page 11-14—CLARKE, ELIJAH and wife Hannah to Richard Call of Augusta, 400 acres on Newford creek orig. grant 1784 to Clarke. Oct. 28, 1784. Samuel Beckcam, Robt. Middleton, Test.  
  Page 18-20—LONG, NICHOLAS, Jr. of Wilkes Co., to Richard Call of Augusta, 800 acres on Coldwater creek. Feb. 23, 1785.  
  Page 21—MORGAN, WILLIAM to Robert Shearman, planter, 200 acres adj Nathan Haynes, Geo. Reynolds and Luke John Morgan, orig. grant 1784 to Wm. Morgan. Mar. 12, 1785. Daniel Bankston, Jos. Henderson, Joshua Callaway, Test.  
  Page 22—KING, JOHN to Joshua Callaway, planters, 200 acres on Long creek where Callaway now lives. Nov. 5, 1784. Joseph Henderson, W. Morgan, Test.  
  Page 23—TOOMBS, WILLIAM to Joseph Henderson 200 acres orig. grant 1785 to said Toombs. June 6, 1785. Benj. Catchings, J. P., James Samson, Alex. Brown, Test.  
  Page 24—MERCER, SILAS and wife Dorcas of Halifax Co., N. C., to Dempsey Battle of Edgecombe Co., N. C., 750 acres on a branch of Shoulderbone creek orig. grant July 1784 to said Mercer. Oct. 9, 1784. J. Walker, P. Smith, Sanders Walker, Test.  
  Page 25—STARKE, WILLIAM of Wilkes Co., to Anthony Griffin of Lunenberg Co. Va., 200 acres adj. McNabb. orig. grant 1784 to said Starke. June 8, 1785. J. H. Foster, John Wingfield, Test.  
  Page 26—LIPHAM, FREDERICK to Matthew Martin 250 acres on Kettle creek. July 4, 1785. James Jack, Robt. Jack, Wm. Walker, Test.  

Page 235

  Page 27—JACKSON, WILLIAM and wife Elizabeth to Joshua Sanders, all of Richmond Co., 200 acres on both sides of Nortons Fork of Long creek, July 23, 1785. John Chandler, Joshua Ballard, Test.  
  Page 29—BISHOP, JAMES and wife Phoebe of Wilkes Co., to Jesse Pope of Halifax Co. N. C., 400 acres on south side of Ogeechee river orig. grant 1784 to said Bishop. July 2, 1785. Hart Champion, Jerritt Trammell, Test. Absolom Bedell, J. P.  
  Page 30—DAVISON, MARGARET, planter, to Jeremiah Duck 200 acres adj. Jos. Dunnaway and said Duck, orig. grant 1784 to said Margaret. Mar. 29, 1785. Peleg Rogers, Phillip Pittman, Wm. Duck, Test.  
  Page 31—FEW, IGNATIUS of Richmond Co., to James Gray of Wilkes Co. "Whereas Greenberry Lee obtained 100 acres of the Ceeded Lands bounded on all sides vacant, granted by Sir James Wright, Bart.
Mar. 21, 1775. The said Greenberry Lee on his death appointed said Ignatius Few to act in settling his affairs as Excr". June 10. 1785. John Roussau, Eleazer Camens, Test.
  Page 33—WALKER, WILLIAM to Pleasant Walker land on Mill Shoal creek adj. Reuben Bullard. Aug. 1, 1785. John Talbot, J. P., John Lindsay, J. P., John Nelson, J. P.  
  Page 34—BONNER, RUTH, widow to daughter Caty Bonner two slaves Hester and Nell abut 15 years old. Deed of gift. Aug. 2, 1785. To son Wm. Hall Bonner, a slave James about 14 years old. If Wm. H., should die without heirs to go to his brother Chas. Bonner. If Chas. dies without heirs to return to Ruth's estate. Jacob Hodge, Stephen Hoge, Wm. Downs, J. P., Test.  
  Page 35—SATTERWHITE, WILLIAM of Wilkes Co., to Wm. Barnett of Richmond Co., 200 acres near Ogeechee river adj. Thos, Watley and James Lovet, to fulfill a bond for title from said Satterwhite to said Barnett given Dec. 27, 1781. Aug. 15, 1785. N. Harris, J. P., Peter Crawford, Test.  
  Page 36—FRETWELL, RICHARD and wife Frances of Wilkes Co., and Wm. Fretwell of Cumberland Co. Va., to David Lockett of Buckingham Co. Va., 250 acres on north side of Ogeechee river in Wilkes Co. which said Richard purchased in 1784 of Henry Graybill. Sept. 28, 1784. Wm. Byram, Leonard Fretwell, James Wooten, James Alexander, Wm. Hamilton, Test.  
  Page 37—WALKER, SANDERS and wife Sarah to Stephen Clement 225 acres on Fishing creek, reserving two acres and the spring for the meeting house, part of 475 acres granted 1784 to Walker. Feb. 17, 1785. Richard Thurman, Wm. West, Wilis Miller, Mary Ray, Test.  
  Page 38—WHATLEY, WILLIS to Peter Tatum 250 acres on Little river  

Page 236

  adj. John White, Benj. Catching and Chas. Burks. May 21, 1785. Samuel Thornton, Edward Pryor, Test.  
  Page 39—RUNALS (RONNOLDS), GEORGE and wife Mary to John Smith 200 acres on Beaverdam creek part of a 400 acre grant to said Geo. Aug. 2, 1785. Will Terrill, Wm. Lackey, John Hammock, Test.  
  Page 39—JONES, PRISCILLA, planter to her son James Jones, after my decease, 350 acres on Middle creek where I now live, adj. John Whatley's land where he now lives. Mar. 22, 1785. Jesse Harper, Richard Barefield, Edward Sead, Test.  
  Page 40—BUSSEY, HEZEKIAH and wife Amey to Hugh Rees, all planters, 100 acres east part of orig. grant of 200 acres 1784 on Jacob Barnes headright. Mar. 2, 1785. Thos. Bussey, Judith Bussey, Test.  
  Page 41—CATCHING, JOSEPH of Wilkes Co., to John Thurman of Chesterfield Co. Va., 200 acres on Little river orig. grant 1784 to said Catching. Sept. 21, 1785. Benj. Catching, J. P., Milly Catching, Test.  
  Page 41—BRADY, WILLIAM to Lameck Beckworth and Loyd Kelly, 287 1/2 acres on the Oconee river adj. Capt. Phillips provided he does not appear in the next court to defend a suit brought against him by Col. Elijah Clarke. Apr. 25, 1785. J. Cook, Nathaniel Coats, Test.  
  Page 42—ANDERSON, GIDEON to the deacons of the Baptist Society of Uptons Creek meeting house, viz: John Bentley and Benedict Hammeck all the land whereon the said meeting house stands and two acres, and the use of the spring for five shillings. Sept. 24, 1785. Peter Smith, Mark Sanders, Test.  
  Page 43—WALKER, SANDERS and wife Sarah to Josiah Carter 200 acres on Ogeechee river orig. grant 1784 to said Walker. Apr. 2, 1785. W. Morgan, Jesse Stallions, Thos. Dean, Test.  
  Page 43—SMITH, CHARLES to Geo. Smith, both of Wilkes Co., power of attorney to settle all amounts due me in Va. Oct. 3, 1785. Josiah Doss, Thos. Reynolds, Test.  
  Page 44—DOOLEY, GEORGE to Duncan Bohannon, planters, 200 acres on Newford creek adj. said Bohannon. July 14, 1785. Holman Freeman, John Clarke, Jr., James Curvin, Test.  
  Page 46—WALKER, SANDERS and wife Sarah to Josiah Cole 300 acres on the ridge adj. the town of Washington. Sept. 15, 1785. Will Terrill, J. P., John Wingfield, Sarah Stallins, Test.  
  Page 46—EADES, JOHN, Sr., of Richmond Co. to Christopher Clark of Wilkes Co., 50 acres on north side of Broad river. Sept. 19, 1785. Christopher Clark, Jr., Martha Allin, Test.  
  Page 47—CANDLER, ELIZABETH and Henry, Admrs. of Wm. Candler  

Page 237

  of Richmond Co., to Christopher Clark of Wilkes Co., 500 acres on Falling creek adj. Gideon Davis and sold as the confiscated property of John Howard. June 19, 1785. Thos. Napier, M. Anthony. Ben Porter, Test.  
  Page 48—BAGBY, GEORGE to Job Callaway 290 acres orig. grant 1784 to said Bagby. Nov. 2, 1784. Walton Harris, Daniel Bankston, W. Morgan, Test.  
  Page 49—WHATLEY, ORNAN and wife Judah to Philip Hunter 250 acres Sept. 1, 1785. A. Bedell, J. P., Test.  
  Page 50—EVANS, WILLIAM and wife Tabitha to John Ray 200 acres on Kettle creek orig. grant 1785 to said Evans. Apr. 16, 1785. Zachariah Glass, Nathaniel Ragan, Jesse Partridge, Test.  
  Page 50—METCALF, ANTHONY, DANZA, & WILLIAM of Rutherford Co. N. C., to Col. Micajah Williamson of Wilkes Co. Ga., power of attorney to sign for three bounties of land for their services in the Minute Batallion. July 11, 1785. Wm. Claburn, Robt. Millican. Patrick Scott, Test.  
  Page 52—HARVEY, JAMES and wife Sarah to Josiah Carter 200 acres on north side of Ogeechee river orig. grant to said Harris 1783. July 2, 1784. John Harvey, Richard Hamlin, Henry Graybill, J. P., Test.  
  Page 53—LINICUM, MERIUM to Richard Childers 200 acres on Powells creek. Feb. 14, 1785. Thos. Ansley, James Bowie, Burrill Waller, Samuel Braswell, Test.  
  Page 54—LANG, JOHN late of Wilkes but now of Washington Co., to Henry Karr of Wilkes Co., 225 acres now in possession of said Karr. June 6, 1785. P. Clyma, Hugh Jones, John Lowry, Test.  
  Page 55—FITZJARRILL, WILLIAM and wife Elizabeth to Vines Collier 200 acres on Kettle creek orig. grant 1785 to said Wm. Sept. 3, 1785. Sampson Harris, Harmon Runnels, Test.  
  Page 55—REYNOLDS, MARY, wife of within named Geo. Reynolds, resigns her dower in above land. Nov. 10, 1785. Wm. Terrell, Henry B. Gibson, Test. (No deed conveying said land)  
  Page 56—FITZJARRIL, WILLIAM and wife Elizabeth to Sampson Harris 200 acres on Long creek, orig. grant 1785 to said Wm. Sept. 3, 1785. Vines Collier, Harm Runnels, Test.  
  Page 56—KELLEY, WILLIAM to John Kelley 100 acres on Long creek where said John now lives. Deed of gift. June 28, 1785. Isham Gardner. John Jones, Test.  
  Page 57—McCREE, WILLIAM to Wm. Morgan, bond for title to 640 acres  

Page 238

  on Brush creek which Hugh McDonald surveyed for Richard Peteet. Apr. 6, 1786. Peter Jackson, Jos. Moore, Test.  
  Page 58—GLASCOCK, THOMAS of Augusta, Esqr., to Wm. Bibb, gent. of the same place at present, 850 acres in Wilkes Co. adj. Simon Awtry, Jacob Wilkins, Richard Leavins, Robt. Carr and Wm. Terrell, July 8, 1785. T. McCall, Peter Carnes, Test.  
  Page 62—WILMOTH, WILLIAM to Wm. Wheeler 200 acres on Cedar creek, orig. grant 1785 to Wilmoth. Aug. 5, 1785. Edward McGarrey, Alex. McDugald, Test.  
  Page 63—HEARD, JOHN and wife Bridget of Wilkes Co., to Wm. Germany of Richmond Co., 300 acres on Savannah river at the mouth of Charles creek, orig. grant 1784 to said Heard. June 17, 1784. Wm. Stokes, Wm. Layson, Wm. Hughes, Test.  
  Page 64—HARLING, EZEKIEL and Elizabeth Patterson of Granville Co. S. C., to Zachariah Lamar of Wilkes Co., 100 acres on Savannah river and Pistol creek. July 8, 1785. Owen Shannon, Elender Shannon, Test.  
  Page 65—COMMISSIONERS of Confiscated Estates, viz: Hugh Lawson, Abraham Ravot and Hepworth Carter, to Joseph Pannil of Richmond Co., 500 acres in Wilkes Co., known as Three Springs, late the property of Wm. Manson. Nov. 11, 1783. Thos. Glascock, Chas. Simmons, W. Rogers, Test.  
  Page 66—WILLIAMSON, MICAJAH, Esqr., to Jos. Henderson, planter, 200 acres formerly the property of Daniel Phillips, adj. the land where said Henderson now lives. Sept. 6, 1784. John Dardin, Israel Miller, Test.  
  Page 67—BARNETT, NATHAN and wife Lucey to Thos. Meriwether 300 acres adj. Richard Webb and Mark Philips. Oct. 15, 1785. W. Barnett, Henry Tiler, Benj. Few, Test.  
  Page 68—BOSTICK, NATHAN and wife Martha of Richmond Co., to Wm. Seal Muse of Wilkes Co., 250 acres on Long creek, orig. grant 1785 to said Bostick. Nov. — 1785. J. Pannill, M. Williamson, Test.  
  Page 69—MARTIN, GANAWAY to Solomon Thornton 250 acres on Uptons creek orig. grant 1784 to Martin. June 3, 1786. Wm. Hammett, Williamson Bird, Test.  
  Page 70—BUCHANAN, JOHN and wife Ann to Fadda Jarrot 400 acres on Kettle creek, orig. grant 1785 to said John. June 2, 1786. A. Bedell, J. P.  
  Page 71—YOUNG, JAMES, planter and wife Eady to Wm. Welborn, blacksmith,  

Page 239

  200 acres on Clarks Fork of Long creek, orig. grant 1785 to said Young. June 20, 1785. Samuel Gilmore, Wm. Johnson, Test.  
  Page 72—WALKER, SANDERS and wife Sarah to Wm. Grimes 200 acres on Fishing creek, adj. Stephen Heard and Arthur Wright. Jan. 26, 1786. Wm. Read, John Read, John Milner, Test.  
  Page 73—GERMANY, JOHN and wife Elizabeth of St. Paul's Parish, Province of Ga., to Jacob Colson of Prov. of Ga., planter, 200 acres on Savannah river in said Parish orig. grant 1761. Mar. 30, 1773. James Collings, Barnard Heard, Test. Reg. 1786.  
  Page 76—BENTLY, JOHN to Balaam Bentley 100 on Loyds creek adj. Jacob Kinnebrew and Francis Trawick. June 7, 1786. Peter Smith, Robt. Hamilton, Test.  
  Page 77—OWEN, GLENN and wife Dorothy to Thos. Duke 300 acres orig. survey to the widow Petit and part of a grant 1784 to Geo. Lumpkin. Mar. 6, 1786. John Hardman, James Rutledge, Daniel Loyd, Test.  
  Page 78—SEAL, THOMAS and wife Elizabeth to Wm. Drake 200 acres formerly run by Anthony Seal but now part of 600 acres granted said Thos. Seal 1785. Nov. 14, 1785. John Rutherford, Robt. Rutherford, Test.  
  Page 79—LIPHAM, FREDERICK and wife Priscilla to Meredith Price land on Ogeechee river. Feb. 16, 1786. Moses Lipham, Aron Lipham, John Pinkston, Test.  
  Page 79—CALHOUN, DAVID of Meeklinburg Co. N. C., to Geo. Calhoun of the same place, a slave Pat. June 7, 1784.  
  Page 80—JONES, JOHN and wife Molly to John Wingfield 450 acres on Beaverdam creek orig. grant 1784 to said Jones. Jan. 9, 1784.  
  Page 81—CUPP, MICHAEL and wife Barbary of Wilkes Co., to Thomas Wingfield of Va., land on Rocky creek it being a third of a tract bought by Chas. Cosby, James Grigsby and Lesley Coats. Dec. 15, 1785. James Smith, E. Butler, John Wingfield, J. P., Test.  
  Page 81—GREGG,THOMAS to David Adams 250 acres on Warhatchee creek adj. Archer Burton, Jan. 15, 1786. Clement Wilkins, Archer Burton, Test.  
  Page 82—STEWART, JAMES and wife Clarisa of Washington, Wilkes Co. Ga., to David Hillhouse in behalf of Mrs. Sarah Hillhouse of New London, Conn., 200 acres on Beaverdam creek adj. Jacob Awtry and others. - - - - - 1786. Winfred Pollard, E. Barker, Test.  
  Page 83—OWEN, GLENN and wife Dorothy to James Rutledge 306 acres on Long creek part of a larger grant to Geo. Lumpkin Mar. 6, 1786. John Hardman, Thos. Duke, Daniel Loyd, Test.  

Page 240

  Page 84—REYNOLDS, HAMBLETON, heir of Richard Reynolds, dec'd. planter to Margaret Calhoun, wid. heir of David Calhoun, dec'd. all of Wilkes Co., 62 acres orig. grant Aug. 1785, including Geo. Reynolds improvements. July 12, 178—. Samuel Gilmore, Thos. Morris, Test.  
  Page 85—DUKE, THOMAS and wife Elizabeth to Mordecai Hill 200 acres orig. grant 1785 to said Duke. May 1, 1786. James Rutledge, John Duke, Mary Arnold, Test.  
  Page 86—PETTEE, BEN, planter to Taylor Duke power of attorney to sue for and receive a certain slave, Jack, supposed to be somewhere in N. C. Oct. 7, 1786. John Talbot, Mary Triplett, Test.  
  Page 86—WALTON, GEORGE of the State of Ga., to Thos. Wingfield, Sr., John Grimes and John Wingfield, Jr., of Hanover Co. Va., bill of sale to 1150 acres known as the Ridge adj. Washington Town and Col. Williamson and Daniel Coleman. July 24, 1783. Will Terrell, John Wingfield, Test.  
  Page 87—WILLIAMS, JOSEPH and wife Frankey of Wilkes Co., to Williamson Bird of Prince Edward Co. Va., 400 acres on Uptons creek adj. Gideon Anderson and Wm. Thornton, orig. grant. Jan. 26, 1785. Ganaway Martin, Geo. Gresham, Test.  
  Page 89—KARR, HENRY of Greene Co., to Zachariah Glass of Wilkes Co. 200 acres on north fork of Hardens creek. June 29, 1786. Walton Harris, Isham Hogins, Test.  
  Page 90—CUPP, MICHAEL and wife Barbary of Wilkes Co. to Chas. Cosby of Va., 200 acres adj. Nathaniel Coats and Geo. Bagby. Oct. 24, 1785. James Pollard, Garland Wingfield, D. Terrell, Test.  
  Loose Leaf—BAGBY, GEORGE and wife Meriam to David Meriwether 400 acres orig. grant 1784 to said Bagby. Dec. 30, 1785. Will Terrell, J. P., John Wingfield, J. P., Test.  
  Loose Leaf—WALTON, GEORGE power of attorney to Newell Walton and Isaac Herbert, all of Wilkes Co., to collect all money etc. due in the U. S. July 3, 1786. John Cowen, James Allison, Test. (Badly torn)  
  Scrap—AYCOCK, RICHARD, Sheriff of Wilkes Co., to Thos. - - - - planter land of Samuel Scott recovered in a suit brought by Robt. Middleton. 1786.  

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