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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 11, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.



ORIGINAL PAPERS [Part IV, pages 289-319]

  SHANNON, PATRICK dec'd. est. John Fletcher app admr, May 3, 1817, having married Mary Shannon, wid and former excr. Receipt of Edward Short, excr to Mary Shannon former excx for $464.87, 1813.  
  STONE, JOHN dec'd. Agreement of heirs, Dec. 17, 1806 viz, Jas. Stone, Ansel Cunningham and Drury Stovall to divide the est among themselves which the death of Millender Stone wid and relict of said John Stone warrants according to the will, and also the profits arising from the est of Eusebius Stone, dec'd by virtue of his will. John Wynn and Wm. Willis, test.  
  STALLINGS, JESSE dec'd est. Partitioners allowed to assign to James, Simeon and Jesse Stallings certain slaves each Jan. 4, 1814 on petition of Jas. Receipt of Jeremiah W. Stallings Feb. 1820, to Guy Smith. admr and gdn of my wife Jeremiah (?) one of the heirs, in full of legacy. (This marriage can not be found. As Jeremiah was bound to a carpenter, it stands to reason this was not a girls name, probably Louisa Stallings).  
  SHARMAN-SHERMAN, ROBERT, Sr., dec'd. est. Receipt of Clement Sharman 1818-19-20, of John L. Zachry 1819-20, of Abraham Tinsley in right of his wife Catharine Parks, Dec. 1818, of Jas. Sharman 1818, of Cecelia Parks, 1818 and Sharman Parks 1819, for their legacies. (See will Vol. 1, p. 98).  
  STEEL, WILLIAM dec'd. est. Eve Steel, admr. Returns Mar. 1817, paid Geo. Harris for feeding a horse 15 days, attendance on Wm. Steel and for coffin, and Dr. Semmes bill. "Paid to Geo. Harris where said Steel died in Warren Co."  
  STROUD, THOMAS dec'd. Amount of sale, Wm. Moss only purchaser. One tract of land 330 acres, one of 200 acres, cattle and household goods. Feb. 10, 1784.  
  STROUD, GAINES J., orphan of John D. Stroud, dec'd. Complaint being made that Reuben Scott and his wife Margaret T. Scott, formerly Margaret T. Stroud are wasting the est. Letters revoked, no date. Peter Lamar app gdn Feb. 18, 1829. Orders of court that Reuben Scott and his wife appear at court to answer charges, to be held in Richmond Co., Feb. 4, 1834. Peter makes returns for board, tuition etc through 1834.  
  STROUD, MARTHA, power of atty to Jas. Arnold to recover of Richard Dozier of Columbia (Co?) and all others, not named, any indebtedness to her, Oct. 2, 1816.  

STAPLES, STEPHEN dec'd. Jas. Dozier, Robt. Harris, Thos. Staples, John Saggus (of Wilkes Co.), Wm. Dodson, Daniel Vaughn, Benj, Hardin of Columbia Co., Sherwood Roberts, Jacob Hoge, Jas. Hardin, Wm. Berry, gdn of Judith Staples, Richard Dozier, admr of Leonard


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  Dozier, dec'd., of Warren Co., legatees of Stephen Staples, dec'd. to Sherrod Little, deed of conveyance of the land with improvements on Little river, whereon said Stephen Staples resided. Nov. 19, 1818. Wm. Harris, legatee of Stephen Staples, dec'd by marriage resigns his title as such to Mary Staples wid of said Stephen, dec'd, for life, in slaves Fanny and Sucky, to Julia Staples, now a minor, at her death. Aug. 1, 1807. Proved in Warren Co. Dec. 7, 1811 on oath of Z. Franklin who was a witness.  
  SAXON, DAVIS dec'd. est. Polly Saxon and Obediah Edge, admrs. Robt. Matthew's bill for coffin Apr. 5, 1805. Paid Andrew B. Stephens tuition for two children, 1805. Paid Jas. Edge for boarding two children 1806. Davis Saxon's account to Sally Saxon for two cows, 1804, which John McCluskey and Sally his wife acknowledge to be just, May 1806.  
  SHERRER, JAMES, deed of gift to his children, viz, Eavey. Steel for life, her children at her death, Wm. Sherrer, Polly Duke, John Sherrer, Susannah Rutledge, Nancy and Elijah Sherrer, five slaves, 507 acres on Loyd's creek and Lot 25, 5th Dist. Wilkinson Co., horses, cattle, furniture etc. Feb. 3, 1810. Wm. Sherrer, excr. Receipt of Elijah Sherrer, gdn of Ann Steel Apr. 1817 for her legacy. Receipts of Elijah Sherrer, Allen Mabry, Jas. Moreman, Eve Ragland, legatees, 1813. Returns 1825 paid John Sherrer his legacy.  
  SLAYDEN, ARTHUR dec'd. est. Samuel Wilson, excr. Receipt of Susanna Bankston legatee and of Samuel Slaton for slaves, cash etc in full Mar. 1810.  
  SLAYDEN, DANIEL dec'd. est. David Simpson, Wm. Slayton, admrs. Returns for 1818 receipts of Edmund Rainey and Wm. Lee, legatees. Wm. Slayton, gdn of Anne E. and Susannah, minors of Daniel. Returns 1824-25, paid for clothes. (See Vol. 1. p. 151).  
  SLAYTON, SAMUEL dec'd. Wm. Robertson, admr. Order of Alex. Leard to Mrs. Sally Slayton for his account Jan. 1823.  
  STINSON, GEORGE dec'd. Apprmt of est Nov. 8, 1821, Robt. Killgore, admr. Receipts of Pheobe Stinson, wid, Phoebe Stinson the younger, Ellison Groce in right of his wife Jane, Mark Anthony, Susan and Mary Stinson, Sarah Binns, Thos. Reeves in right of his wife Barthena, Thos. Wootten, admr and Dudley Stinson, all their distributive shares in the division ordered by court 1824. Dudley Stinson's receipt 1822 for part of legacy.  
  STINSON, GEORGE, Martha Ann, William, Hickerson S., and Cordelia, orphs of Dudley Stinson, dec'd. Wm. Q. Anderson app gdn Mar. 7, 1831.  
  STARK, JOHN, Receipt to Wm. Stark for debts in his hands for collection, Jul. 30, 1797.  

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  STARK, THOMAS dec'd. est. Wm. Stark and Alex. Cummins, excrs. Sale Jan. 1807. Jones and Thos. Stark, Nancy Stark wife of John Stark, Mrs. Mary Staples, purchasers. Receipts of P. J. Stark 1808 for part of his legacy from est of Mrs. Elizabeth Stark, dec'd. Alex. Cummins, excr. Petition of David Terrell in right of Alex. Cummins and wife Elizabeth and Nathaniel Willis in right of Philip Jones Stark and Thos. Stark, Jr., to divide 475 acres on Beaverdam and Rocky creeks near the town of Washington, Feb. 26, 1807, to be divided into seven parts, which was done and assigned the heirs as found in Thos. Stark's will, Vol. 1, p. 65.  
  STARK, PHILIP JONES, dec'd. est. Wm. Robertson, admr. Receipt of Polly Stark 1812; of Wm. Stark 1818 for his legacy from Philip J. Stark, dec'd and from the est of Susannah Evans, dec'd, 1818; of John W. Stark in both estates, "my father and grandmother," 1824; of John Blasingame for Sally Stark in part of legacy, 1823; of Thos. Stark 1820; of John Blasingame in full 1824; of Bartholemew Johnson for Louisa and Jones Stark's legacies in full, no date; of John W. Stark, gdn of Pheby L. Stark for her legacy 1826.  
  St. CLARE, JOHN, dec'd. Daniel Price app admr Feb. 4, 1796, Wm. Martin, Sec. Returns July 1797 Abraham Silvey's account for board from July to Nov. 1795. Judith Silvey's account for washing and sewing 1795. Thos. Cooper's account for two months work of two boys 1795. Martin Anderson's balance for brandy 1794. Daniel Price's account for dry goods Oct. Dec. 1795.  
  SCHRODER, ISABELLA dec'd. est. Henry Thompson, excr. Receipts of Alex. and Isabel Schroder and of Wm. Going for Nancy Going in full of their legacies, L5 each, Nov. 12, 1796.  
  SHEATS, SAMUEL dec'd. Nicholas Sheats, admr. Returns Aug. 1803. Note of Samuel Sheats and Isaac Welborn Dec. 1798 to Denial Gunn $100.00. Note to Peter Hoff of Oglethorpe Co. 1795. Returns Sep. 1820, receipts of Anderson Hartsfield Dec. 1803; of Chas. and Lindsey Sheats Jan. 1817; of Tarlton and Archibald Sheats, 1819 for their legacies in full.  
  SIDWELL, JOSEPH dec'd. David Sidwell, Jr., app admr Apr. 24, 1797. David Sidwell, Sr. and David Anglin, Sec. Returns 1799, Dr. Gilbert Hay's acct Dec. 3rd and 4th, 1796. Receipt of G. DuBois Cervanges to David Sidwell for cash loaned his bro. Jos. Sidwell 1797. Receipt of Wm. West to David Sidwell for Joseph's subscription to Rocky Creek Academy and David's also July 1798. Jos. and David Sidwell's hire of slave Minor for 1796, property of Thos. Terrell. David Sidwell, Sr's acct for board for 8 months in 1795 and man and horse three weeks in 1796.  
  SIDWELL, THOMAS, minor, Samuel Darden, gdn. Board and tuition 1827-1829.  

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  ST ALMAND, AMBROSE dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jan. 17, 1799. On Mar. 12, 1799 N. Leprestre, one of the admrs, declares that the whole of the property that has ever come into his possession or in possession of Lewis Maguire was $1689.00 which was paid them by the dec'd in a bargain for land, but he died before the bargain was finished, and they acknowledge their responsibility for it and two slaves Lubern and Simma, a total of $2364.00. Returns Sep. 1798 to Oct. 1799, shoes, hats, tuition and board for Bonhomme and Washington St. Almand for 1799, at the request of Mrs. St. Almand, now Mrs. Duhamel. Cash to Hermione in Augusta for her necessary expenses. Board for Mr. and Mrs. Duhamel and their three children and two servants 21 days. Paid Capt. Hunton for waggoning them and their baggage to Augusta. (Mrs. St. Almand had married Mr. Duhamel prior to 1799). Paid Mr. Duhamel in the Island of San Domingo, for the orphans $1000.00 and two tracts of land in said island. (N. B. the eldest son of the dec'd called Bonhomme was christened Alex. and the second called Washington was christened John). The admrs pay rent on land and mill "which is very old" 1799. Copy of guardians bond made in 7th, year of French Republic by Citizen Dehamel and his wife Rose Elizabeth Desmortiers for children Alex., John and Mary Antonier St. Almand, sprung from her first marriage to Perrinett St. Almand. Returns Aug. 1803, land sold by order of court July 1801.  
  SMITH, FRANCIS, Sr., dec'd. est. Petition of Thos. A. and Ebenezer Smith, John T., Reuben and Wm. T. Smith, and the heirs of Peter Early, dec'd. all heirs of Francis Smith, Sr., to divide 666 acres on Fishing creek, Oct. 10, 1825. One lot allotted to Adriel Sherwood, admr of Ann A. Sherwood, dec'd, late Ann A. Early Feb. 1826.  
  SMITH, FRANCIS dec'd. Stephen Martin app admr Mar. 11, 1805. Wm. A. Smith, Johnson Wellborn, Sec.  
  SMITH, JOEL T., dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Aug. 12, 1823. Wm. Rorie qualified excr. Returns for 1828, paid Wm. Smith $29.00, Susan Cole $185.00. Paid Jane Smith for keeping slaves and board for the children 1828. Jane Smith app gdn of Wm. R., Evelina C., and Martha Q. Smith, orphs of Jos. Smith, Nov. 6, 1828. Wm. C. Armor and Wm. Cole, Sec.  
  SMITH, DAVID dec'd. est. Mrs. Peggy Smith, admx. Dr. Gilbert Hay's acct 1779, attendance on dau. Benajah Smith's acct 1793-1794 for mdse and whiskey.  
  SMITH, ELIZABETH of Franklin Co., one of the heirs of David Smith, dec'd of Wilkes Co., to John Colly "one-sixth part of my dec'd fathers real estate, whereon said David Smith resided, described in a deed from Margaret, Thos., Janet and Wm. Smith to said Colly, Jas. Smith having already taken his share, Aug. 29, 1814.  

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  SMITH, ROBERT PEYTON dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jun. 18, 1796. Benajah Smith, admr. Purnal Truitt, Daniel Wagnon and Wm. Simmons, apprs. Inv. Jul. 8, 1798. Slave Major 45 years old, slave Solomon in hands of Col. Graves, slave woman. slave Ned 21 years old, Sam 60 years old in hands of Rebeckah Osborn. Returns Feb. 1800, slave Solomon sold to L. B. Wilson, Major and Ned sold to Yelverton, Sam and slave woman to Rebecca Osborn. Returns Sept. 1800, legacies paid Littleberry Wilson and wife, E. P. Wilson, Roda Smith and Rebecca Osborn, $320.00 each.  
  SMITH, NATHAN dec'd. est. Elbert Smith, Jas. Dorough, excrs. Division of slaves according to the will, at the death of Sally Smith, the wid "and she is now dead." Nov. 6, 1820. Jas. Dorough, Elbert Smith, children of Sarah Phillips, dec'd, Leonard Chaffin, Robt. Moss, Nathan, Wm. B., and Jas. Smith legatees. Samuel Rice, gdn of Wm. B. and Jas. signs for their share.  
  SMITH, CAPT. JOHN dec'd. est. Jas. Kinman, excr. Returns 1796, made 1800, cattle sold and killed for the use of the family. Jas. Kinmans acct. for tax on slaves Betsy, Esther and Joe, 1780. Jas. Kinman and Thos. Grier, excrs ordered to appear before court Mar. 5, 1800. Elizabeth Smith, Chas. Smith and John Walker, admrs. Sept. 1, 1800, warrant of apprmt. Returns for 1802 expense of dividing 408 acres of land in Greene Co., between Nancy Smith, John Walker and heirs of John Taylor Smith, which land was granted John Smith, dec'd. Drawing of lots for land of John Smith, dec'd by heirs and legatees Apr. 6, 1801, signed by Harris Coleman, John Pope, John Walker, Jas. Wootten and Chas., Benj., Wm., Milly and Nancy Smith, and the heirs of John Taylor Smith. Receipts of Benj. and Wm. Smith for their pay as overseers of the est 1799. Receipts of Betty Smith Dec. 4, 1800 and Feb. 19, 1801 for her dower and one-third of the crop. (Betty must have been the wid of one of the sons, probably John T. Smith, as Capt. John Smith's wife was Sarah, (See will Vol. 1, p. 65). Receipt of Thos. Wootten, Jr. 1806 for $95.00, being money allowed for horse, saddle, bed etc. Receipt of Benj. Smith 1801-1802 for legacy from fathers est. Receipt of Chas. Smith, gdn of Nancy and Mildred Smith, orphs of John Smith, dec'd and gdn of heirs of John Taylor Smith, dec'd, 1802, 1803, all to John Walker, admr. Division of personal est of John Smith, dec'd, Mar. 4. 1813, no admr mentioned, Robt. Matthews gets Easter, David and Matilda; Jas. Smith gets Lewis and Jordan; Bethiah C. Smith gets Joe and Stephen Smith gets Betty, Burwell, Phereby and Rachel. (See Vol. 1, p. 183). Receipt of Thos. Wootten, Jr. to Chas. Smith, gdn for $501.00 part of his legacy in right of his wife Mildred from her fathers est.  
  SMITH, JAMES dec'd. Nathan, John and Jos. Smith, excrs. Inv. Jul. 17, 1799. Returns of John and Jos. Smith Feb. 1801, paid Jos. and Nathaniel Smith, paid Wm. Barron, paid David Collum and Wm. Chaffin,  

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  in right of his wife Zechie Smith, for their wives in part of their legacies. Returns of Jos. Smith, excr Feb. 1802. Receipt of Abel McIntosh, gdn of the heirs of Jacob Smith. Returns Mar. 1803. Receipts of David Collum, Nathaniel Smith, Wm. Chaffin, Abel McIntosh, gdn, Wm. Thompson for himself and Demcy White, Nov. 1802 in full of their legacies.  

SMITH, JOSEPH dec'd. Wm. C. Armor, admr. Receipt of Wm. Smith 1826 for cash loaned to bear Joseph's expenses to see the land he drew in Habersham Co. Receipt of Lemuel Wootten to Jane Smith, admx of Jos. Smith for his tax 1827. Tuition for dau 1825 to Elijah Norman.

  SMITH, SARAH G., dec'd John H. Dyson app admr May 25, 1830. Inv. Slaves Eliza and Leonard all the est.  
  STARR, JOSHUA dec'd. est. Receipt to Isaiah T. Irvin, excr from John Miller, gdn for $2971.00 in full of cash in the hands of Joshua Starr at his death as gdn of Jacob, Nicholas and Lemuel Miller, orphs of John P. Miller, dec'd. Nov. 11, 1822. Returns July 1823 paid Wm. Slaton for Elizabeth and Polly Arnold, $16.87.  
  STARR, ASA D., dec'd. est. Richard C., orph. of. Samuel Starr app gdn Feb. 1, 1819, Joshua and Benj. Starr, Sec. His receipt to Benj. Starr, excr 1822 for $707.00. Returns for 1823 paid for plat and grant $11.00. Affidavit of Lambeth Hopkins, C. C. O., Newton Co. Nov. 17, 1830 that Samuel Starr has given bond as gdn in that county.  
  STOY, DANIEL dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Nov. 7, 1818, Samuel B. Head, admr. Horse, gold watch, sleeve buttons, gold stud, travelling trunk all the est.  
  SPRINGER, REV. JOHN dec'd. Inv. Jan. 4, 1799. Debt of $309.00 due from Trustees of Cambridge College. Ann Springer, excx. Returns for 1800-02-03 are in the form of letters to the court. One quite lengthy refers to the terms of the will, two children named in the will died before Feb. 1801 and two more born between the signing and probation of the will, who take the place of those dec'd, not named. Div. of est Mar. 4, 1811. Catharine, Wm., and Lucinda Springer receiving the slaves willed to the two dec'd children, and Mrs. Ann Springer, all the legatees, in addition to their own shares. Receipt of Jas. Alexander for $100.00 Dec. 7, 1812, part of legacy of my wife Catharine Springer, in 1813 for their part of proceeds of Clarks creek land, in 1815 for 126 acres of tract in Wilkes Co., called "Walnut Hill."  
  SEMMES, DR. IGNATIUS, dec'd. Returns of Thos. Gibson in right of his wife Mary, late Mary Semmes who was sole excx of his will. Returns 1842 dated Warren Co.  
  SEMMES, ETHELBERT F., dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Dec. 2, 1823. Jos. W. Luckett, admr with will annexed.  

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  SIMS, THOMAS W., dec'd. Thos. W. Bolton, admr de bonis non. Warrant of apprmt Sep. 4, 1820. To the Sheriff of Wilkes' Co. to levy on a tavern in the town of Washington known as Globe Tavern on Main street and 230 acres adj Reuben Scott and others, so that John B. Lennard for John B. Lennard, minor, can secure the dower of Mary Sims, wid of Thos. W. Sims, dec'd who has since married Chas. F. Sherburne, which dower said Leonard has bought. Assigned to John B. Lennard during the life of Mary Sherburne, house and lot in Washington known as White House, occupied by John Holiday, formerly real estate of said Thos. W. Sims, dec'd. Dec. 16, 1822.  
  SIMS, ROGER dec'd. Receipt of Sterling Jenkins, Sr., Mar. 2, 1805 for $1.12 1/2 for brandy bought by dec'd.  
  SIMS, THOMAS W., orphan of Frederick Sims, dec'd. John Wingfield, gdn. Returns for 1802, board and clothes.  
  SIZEMORE, WILLIAM dec'd. Inv. May 1, 1784. Chairs, plates etc, one Bounty Certificate L6. Abner Legett, Wm. and Taylor Duke, apprs.  
  SLACK, MARY, orphan of Benj. Slack, dec'd. Benj. Slack app gdn Jan. 20, 1829.  
  SUDDUTH, JAMES dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Oct. 4, 1796. Laurence Sudduth, excr. Wm. Smith, Benj. Gresham, Abner Tatom, apprs. Returns Jan. 1805, one sorrel mare purchased for use of wid.  
  SUMMERLIN, HENRY dec'd. Jas. Hart app admr Nov. 24, 1791, Benj. Allen, Sec. Warrant of apprmt same day. Inv. horses, cows, rifle gun, furniture etc. Thos. Duke, Benj. Allen, John Nall, apprs. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 138.  
  STOKES, ARMISTEAD, who intermarried with Sally Anthony, relict of Micajah Anthony, dec'd. Sally Stokes the said relict and Micajah Anthony the only child of said Micajah, by his gdn Armistead Stokes. Their petition stating that in 1787 Micajah in his life time entered into an agreement with his brother Jos. Anthony to build a saw and grist mill, now known as Browns Mills, formerly Anthony's Mills on Fishing creek. In 1789 said Jos. applied to said Micajah to buy his part and give in exchange 200 acres on Fishing creek, it being the land whereon said Micajah lived, provided Micajah would allow his mother to live on said land as long as she lived, which Micajah allowed and she lived some years afterwards. Soon after the death of said Micajah. Jos. had the land surveyed but refuses to convey it to your orators. Subpoena issued Dec. 11, 1804.  
  STOKES, RICHARD H. and JOHN C., vs Marcy Ann and Sylvester B. Cratin, excrs of John Cratin, dec'd, for their property left by their father Richard H. Stokes, who died 1812, of which John Cratin and Archibald Stokes were excrs, and Archibald now gdn or Richard and John C. Jun. 14, 1833.  

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  SIMMONS, ADAM, debtor to John Davenport for attending four apprs. etc, Feb. 8, 1794.  
  SIMPSON, JAMES dec'd. John and Lucy Simpson app admrs Oct. 30, 1794. Jos. Anthony, Sec. Inv., 7 slaves, horses, household goods etc. Bolling Anthony, Robt. Killgore, Wm. Green, apprs. Div. of est. Lucy Simpson, Molly Simpson, Jonathan Fouche in right of his wife Tabitha formerly Tabitha Simpson, Esther Simpson and Jas. Simpson, legatees. Jan. 20, 1806.  
  SIMPSON, JAMES dec'd. Inv. Mar. 7, 1812. John N. Simpson, admr. (Probably Jas. Jr.). Receipts of John N. Simpson, admr Jun. 5, 1813 from John Lockhart, Jonathan Fouche, Easter Simpson and Richerson Booker for their distributive shares.  
  SIMPSON, ARCHIBALD dec'd. Robt. Simpson app temp. admr Jun. 9, 1829.  
  SIMPSON, JOHN N., dec'd. Jas. B. and Wm. L. Simpson app admrs Nov. 2, 1829. Jas. B. Simpson app gdn of Thos. P., John N., and Felix G. Simpson, orphs of John N. Simpson, dec'd. Jan. 3, 1831.  
  TUCKER, DANIEL, dec'd. Wm. Ashmore, excr. Receipt of Sarah Tucker for her part of her husbands est and of John Chapman, in right of his wife Sarah, both signed Feb. 8, 1806.  
  TODD, JAMES dec'd. est. Sale Feb. 14, 1799. Div. of proceeds between Elizabeth, John, James and Nancy Todd. Returns 1798 tuition for the children.  
  TRAYLOR, WILLIAM dec'd. Thos. Traylor app admr Aug. 7, 1791. Baswell Bridges, Sec. Inv. Aug. 19, 1791, W. Strother, Thos. Kennerly, Jas. Hay, apprs. 13 slaves, horse, household goods etc.  
  TATOM, JOHN dec'd. Abel and Abner Tatom, excrs. Receipt of Robt. Crocket for part of the legacy of Barnett Tatom of York Co. S. C. Nov. 18, 1797, signed in Lincoln Co. Ga. Receipts 1800 from Barnard Tatom and John N. Newby for part of legacies. Returns Mar. 1802, paid Benj. Taylor in part of the legacy of his wife Susannah Fullilove and John Taylor in part of the legacy of his wife Temperance Fullilove.  
  THURMOND, ELISHA dec'd. Inv. Nov. 13, 1786. Burwell and Barney Pope, Thos. Wootten and Jacob Franks, apprs. Horses, cattle household goods, 2 sleighs. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 71.  
  THURMOND, BENJAMIN dec'd. Jas. and Philip Thurmond app admrs Apr. 5, 1796. Alex. Moss, Elijah Clark, Jacob and Dennis McClendon and Stith Barksdale, Sec. Returns Feb. 1800 paid Thos. and Philip Thurmond and Francis McLendon in part of their legacies. Receipt of Wm. Overstreet Oct. 1802 in full of his wifes legacy. Also Wm.  

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  and Thos. Thurmond. Benj., orph of Benj. dec'd., to Jas. Thurmond, gdn, board and clothes from Jan. 1797 to Jan. 1802. Receipt of Thos. Thurmond for tuition 1802. Philip Thurmond and wife Polly and Wm. Thurmond and wife Nancy of S. C. vs Philip and Jas. Thurmond, admrs of Benj. Thurmond, dec'd, all of Wilkes Co. Polly and Nancy being daus and heirs of said Benj. dec'd, who died in 1795. The admrs claim the income from the est is so small there have been no profits to divide, so they ask for div of all the est. Nov. 26, 1799. Philip and Jas, admrs ordered to appear next court. Philip Thurmond, Philip Thurmond, Jr., Jas., Wm., Judah, Thos. and John Thurmond, Philip Moss and Wm. Overstreet, heirs of Benj. Thurmond, dec'd of Wilkes Co. Ga., to John Moss, Jas. Thurmond, Garland Lane, John Thurmond, John Stubblefield, (???)Fleming, Elizabeth Palmer, Lucy and Hudson Moss and John Connell, heirs of Alex. Moss, dec'd, 200 acres on both sides of Morris' creek adj Jacob McClendon, Jr. and said Moss' land, part of 400 acres orig. grant to isaac McClendon, Nov. 4, 1806. Signed by Philip Thurmond, Mrs. McClendon, J. Connell. Wm. Overstreet, Jr., John Carter, Francis Billingslea, J. P., test.  
  THURMOND, ABSOLOM, dec'd. Jesse Thurmond and Richard Woodroof app temp. admrs Sept. 14, 1801. App. admrs cum testamento Mar. 9, 1802. Augustine Edwards bill for making coffin 6 ft. 6 in. long at 50c a foot, 1801. Petition of the admrs to divide the real estate, Mar. 1810. Returns Nov. 5, 1810 paid Mark Jackson in right of wife Elizabeth, paid Jas. Heflin in right of wife Nancy, paid Henry, Jesse, John, Chas. and Jane Thurman, Richard Woodrough, Curtis Wellborn and Isham Jackson, $58.56 each.  
  THURMOND, WILLIAM, dec'd. Henry Pope app admr. Oct. 14, 1834.  
  THURMOND, FIELDING L., dec'd. Lucretia Thurmond, Wm. Saffold and Allen R. Wootten app admrs Jan. 6, 1818. Petition for division Jul. 6, 1818, signed by Lucretia Thurmond, wid., Wm. Saffold, gdn of Thos. R. Thurmond, Bird Saffold, gdn of Powhatan B. Thurmond. Receipt of John Dyson to Thos. Wootten, gdn of Tabitha Thurmond formerly Tabitha Pope, Sept. 30, 1828.  
  TALBOT, JOHN dec'd. Matthew Talbot, excr. Acct. of Dr. Gilbert Hay 1795 to Aug. 11, 1798. Jul. 22, 1798 consultation with Dr. Abbott. Aug. 4, assisting in tapping $10.00. Acct. of Dr. Joel Abbott July 1797 to Aug. 21, 1798. 20 hours attendance on last date. Receipt of John H. Foster Apr. 12, 1799, for tax for Henry and Judith Branch, for whom Matthew Talbot, excr is agent. (See will of John Talbot, Vol. 1, p. 67).  
  TALBOT, MATTHEW and wife vs Wiley Pope, gdn of Wm. Hayes. Interrogatories to be exhibited to Jacob Bethany, residing out of the county. Do you know Matthew Talbot who married the wid of David Hayes, dec'd? Did Matthew pay you a debt from said Hayes? Do you know  

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  whether said Matthew paid a sum of money to one Benj. Sims owing from the est of David Hayes? Did you not pay the said Sims a sum of money from the said Talbot due from the est of said Hayes which is mentioned on the bond given by Hayes in his life time? Relate all you know about any money paid by said Talbot for the est of Hayes since his death? A copy. G. Walker, atty for the defendant. Signed Oct. 29, 1796.
Cross interrogatories, by Seaborn Jones for the gdn of Hayes. Did you know David Hayes in his life time, and were you associated with Mrs. Hayes during her widowhood and before she married Matthew Talbot? Do you know whether she sold slaves, stock etc belonging to the est of said Hayes? If so was it before the admrs private or public sale? Do you know whether Matthew Talbot disposed of lands belonging to the est? If so, when, what value etc? Were there not several accounts due the est of said Hayes at his death? Did Mrs. Hayes in her widowhood or Talbot since their marriage collect them?
  TALBOT, MATTHEW dec'd. Account of C. F. Bruckner Sept. 18, 1827 for a raised top coffin. Thos. Talbot, admr. Bond for $20,000.00. In a suit vs creditors, it says it appears that there was a balance in the dec'ds hands at his death due the wife of Nathaniel Twining, dec'd, of whom the dec'd was excr, and due Geo. B. Lamar in right of his wife a legacy under said will.  
  TOWNS, WILLIAM dec'd Rebecca and Pleasant Towns, admrs. Returns 1817 board and clothes for six legatees. Returns for 1819 charges herself with rent of plantation and hire of slaves for the rupport of her six children; Hockey, Sherod, Polly, Thos., Nancy and Elizabeth Towns. Same for 1820-22. Petition of Hockey and Mrs. Rebecca Towns for division of slaves Nov. 1821. Distributees, the widow, Sherod, Hockey, Elizabeth, Nancy, Thos. T. Towns and John and Jas. Duberry, the share of the latter bought by the wid. Receipts of Hockey L. Towns and John Duberry, Jan. 30, 1822 for their slaves. (These people were cut off into Talliaferro Co. 1825 and Rebecca Towns will is of record there).  
  THOMAS, MICHAEL, dec'd. Ezekiel Benbrook, Jas. Bishop, Matthew Hubbard, Isaac Ball, Joshua Roe, app apprs Jun. 11, 1792, of the goods etc un-administered by Jeptha Vining, former admr.  
  THOMAS, PHILIP dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Aug. 2, 1798. Thos. Brown, Jas. Darden, Chas. Finch, Stephen Heard, Caleb Todd and Wm. Simmons app apprs. Personal property delivered to the legatees Oct. 30, 1798. Feather bed etc to Peggy Shepherd, same to Hannah Thomas, now the wife of John Holmes, same to Benj. B. Thomas (the excr). One lot molds for casting pewter to Benj. B., and Edward B. Thomas. Signed Mary Thomas, curviving excx. One slave man, Sill listed in inv.  

Page 299

  THOMAS, BENJAMIN B., dec'd. John Holmes app admr Jul. 2, 1798. Wm. Hughes, Benj. Holmes, Sec. Warrant of apprmt same day. Thos. Brown, Jas. Darden, Wylie Pope, John Pope, John A. Abernethie, Robt. Hughes and Caleb Todd, apprs. Returns Dec. 1799 paid lawyer for case against Benj. Goodwin. Returns for 1801 paid in part of a judgment obtained by Augustin Thomas vs the est. Seems to have been secured in Oglethorpe Co.  
  THOMAS, THOS. W., petition to Garnet Andrews, Judge of Superior Court of Wilkes Co., to practice law after two years study, no date. Affidavit of Nancy Davis of Columbia Co. before Wm. M. Thomas, J. P. that she knows Thos. W. Thomas, student at law in Washington, Ga., that he is upwards of 21 years old having been born Nov. 12, 1822. Feb. 12, 1844.  
  TELLEIR, ADRICH dec'd. Louis Maguire app admr Jan. 17, 1799, Louis Picquet, Nicholas Laprestre and Gilbert Gabriel DuBoisberrenger, Sec.  
  THOMPSON, JOHN dec'd. Mary Thompson app admx. Wm. Wakefield, Sec. Nov. 30, 1792. Alex. Thompson, Benj. Easley, Chas. Wakefield, Wm. Elliott and Jos. Hughes app apprs.  
  THOMPSON, JOSEPH dec'd. est. Returns Nov. 1810. Paid Wm., Elizabeth, and Jas. B. Thompson, John Travis and Andrew G. Semmes their legacies.  
  THOMPSON, GEORGE dec'd. est. Returns of Nathan Formby, excr Mar. 1822. Aug. 1817, $10.00 given Mrs. Anne Thompson to purchase things for herself. Paid John Dyson for order of court to sell personal est.  
  TERRELL, JOEL dec'd. David Terrell and Henry Mounger app admrs. Jun. 24, 1790.  
  TERRELL, PETER dec'd. est. Returns of Thos. Terrell, excr July 1800. Receipts of Joel H., and John Terrell for cash and slaves in full of legacy and including a legacy from the est of John Wingfield. Signed Jun. 3, 1799. Chas. Terrell orph of Peter Terrell. Returns of Thos. Terrell, gdn June 1803 four years board, washing and mending $300.00.  
  TERRELL, PETER B., dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jan. 7, 1822. Wm. B. Jones, admr. Petition of Penelope Terrell, wid of Peter B., dec'd, for her dower in several tracts of land May 7, 1823. Total amount $7270.50. one third of which she is allotted. Joel W. Terrell app gdn of Peter B., over 14 years old, orphan of Peter B., dec'd, Jan. 7, 1828. Paid Zacheus Butler board 1828.  
  TERRELL, JOHN dec'd. est. Receipt of Elizabeth O. Terrell 1823 to Peter T. Branham, acting excr for money to buy pork etc. Her receipt 626 for part of the sale of a slave in part of her legacy.  

Page 300

  TERRELL, THOMAS & Joel articles of agreement, Thos. of Wilkes Co. Ga. and Joel of Rutherford Co. N. C. Feb. 13, 1802. Joel's note to Thos. for $450.00 payable next Dec., Jas. Gray, Sec., for which he has delivered a slave Reuben as security.  
  TWINING, ARIANNA, orphan of Nathaniel Twining, dec'd. Sarah Twining app gdn Jan. 6, 1818. Jas. Hunton, Sec.  
  TRIPLETT, JOHN H., dec'd. Inv. taken at the house of Wm. Triplett Sept. 16, 1815. Horse, saddle, silver watch, spy glass, trunk. Wm. Triplett, admr.  
  TALLIAFERRO, BENJAMIN dec'd. est. Jos. A. Green, admr. Returns of sale of real est First Tuesday in April 1824. Nicholas M. Talliaferro bought all, nearly 2000 acres.  
  TURNER, MESHACK, dec'd. David Ogletree, Jas. and John Turner app admrs Jan. 28, 1794. Edward Gresham, Asa Adkins and Edward Jones, Sec. Returns Jan. 1797. Receipts of John, Jas., Rebecca, Shadrack, Meshack and A. B. Turner, all say "the just sum of etc." David Ogletree says "in part of my legacy." Receipts of Philip Wilhite and Wm. Billingslea in part of their legacies. Receipt of Elizabeth Pruitt May 10, 1794 "the just sum of L12." Receipts of Wm. Billingslea, Philip Wilhite, David Ogletree and Meshack Turner 1798 "in part of my legacy." Paid Jas. Turner trustee for Mr. Foster, $28.00. Polly Turner orph of Meshack Turner, dec'd, Jas. Turner, gdn. Receipt of Owen Holliday Apr. 19, 1800 to James for her legacy in full, "now Polly Holliday."  
  TURNER, MESHACK dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Feb. 1, 1808. Bird Pruett, John Turner and David Ogletree, admrs. Slaves George, Rachel, Will, Piety, Moses, horses, household goods etc. Returns 1814 paid tax 1807, 1810, 1812. No legatees mentioned.  
  TRAMMELL, THOMAS dec'd. est. Receipt of Joshua Davis in full of his share of said estate and of Elizabeth Trammell's est, and of Thos. Trammell's legacy in the est of Geo. Thompson, dec'd, as collected by Jas. Echols, excr, all signed 1823. Receipt of Jos. Alexander, gdn of Susan and Elizabeth Trammell for services in bringing to justice a negro Isaac for the murder of the orphans and an inquiry in the case against Trammell for murder Mar. 3, 1823. Affidavit of John Fraiser before Leonard Sims, J. P. Lincoln Co., "That he heard Nathaniel Bailey in the fall of 1821 say that there was no doubt but what Trammell was guilty of murder, or was instrumental in poisoning the two children for which the negro boy was then in jail condemned to hang, and that he thought said Trammell ought to be hung and would be if he could be got." Feb. 12, 1823.
Note. Susan and Elizabeth Trammell were daughters of Thomas, apparently children of his second wife. They were poisoned by their

Page 301

  half brother Woodward Trammell who was hung for the crime. See wills of Thos. and Woodward Trammell.  
  TYSON, ISAAC dec'd. est. Elizabeth Tyson, admx. Paid Chas. Stewart 1807, gdn of Wm., Aaron and Clary Tyson, orphs of said dec'd. His receipt 1808 to Micajah Little, admr. Receipt of Jos. Shelton Aug. 5, 1810 to Elizabeth Tyson, admx from the hands of John E. Little, part of Clarissa's legacy, now Clarissy Shelton.  
  TAYLOR, ARMSTED dec'd. Mary Taylor app admx Aug. 4, 1795. John Lane, Sec. Acct. of Henry Hill and Robt. Adams for whiskey and cash Jan. 1789 to June 1793. Sworn to in Oglethorpe Co. June 1795. Acct. of Aaron Phillips for board and washing 1794. Holman Freeman's acct. for taking care of the property of dec'd one year $100.00.  

THORNTON, SOLOMON dec'd. est. Petition of heirs for a distribution of the slaves, Jan. 6, 1814. Signed Elisha Reid for self and as gdn of Catharine Thornton, Barnard H. Hughes, John W. Cooper, Abraham Little and Matthew Talbot, gdn of Samuel Thornton. Receipts of Elisha Reid in right of wife Polly, formerly Polly Thornton, and of Abraham Little in right of wife Elizabeth, formerly Elizabeth Thornton for slaves, Jan. 25, 1814. Receipt of Barnard H. Hughes in right of wife Aggy, formerly Aggy Thornton, of Jas. P. Dozier in right of wife Elizabeth, formerly Elizabeth Thornton, of Elisha Reid in right of wife Polly and Wm. Henderson in right of wife Catharine, formerly Catharine Thornton, all in full except their parts of a tract of 202 1/2 acres in old Wilkinson Co., not yet sold. All signed Jan. 5, 1819.

  THORNTON, WILLIAM dec'd. Inv. Feb. 1800. Original inv. returned to Register, several slaves born etc. Agreement of legatees to divide the est Dec. 28, 1809. Signed John Hammock, Sr., Thos. Lasley, Benj. Gresham, Solomon Thornton, John Thornton, Jr., Wm. Thornton, Jr., Geo. Gresham for self and brother Thos. Gresham. John Hammock, Thos. and Benj Gresham, Solomon Thornton, Geo. Gresham and Thos. Lasley made a deed to John and Wm. Thornton to home plantation, tenants in common, except Thos. Gresham who is without the limits of the state is given 12 months. All make titles to Solomon Thornton to the tract whereon Geo. Gresham resided, all to receive a certain amount in cash in 12 and 24 months.  
  THORNTON, PHILIP orph of John Thornton, dec'd. Barnard H. Hughes, gdn. Return of hire of slave 1820-22.  
  TARVER, JOHN dec'd. est. Returns of Jas. Jordan, excr. Receipts of Elizabeth Tarver, Wm. Gibson, Samuel Tarver and Wm. Gilliam in part of their legacies 1815. Elizabeth Tarver, wid, vs. Richard, Samuel, Benj., and Andrew Tarver and Wm. Gibson, Wm. Gilliam, and Jas. Jordan. Bill in equity for dower in real estate, slaves Jesse and Hannah and Hannah's children. Filed Jan. 1815. Richard Tarver in his answer says while Elizabeth was living with his father as  

Page 302

  his wife, Richard owned land etc and that Hannah was loaned to his mother by the will of Geo. Jordan, and that Jim was given to said Richard and Hannah's other children are younger than Jim. Dower in land awarded July 1818. In her petition Apr. 18, 1814 Elizabeth says she married John Tarver, dec'd, Sept. 5, 1795 and Apr. 26, 1808 he signed his will in which he named his children, Richard Tarver, Patience Gibson (then and now the wife of Wm. Gibson), Mason Tarver, (then the wife of Robt. Tarver and since intermarried with Wm. Gilliam), Charlotte Tarver, (then and now the wife of Samuel Tarver), Benj. and Andrew Tarver, all of Wilkes Co., except Charlotte and Samuel who reside in Burke Co. That John Tarver died Sept. 6, 1810. That he app David Bates, now dec'd and Jas. Jordan now of Oglethorpe Co., excrs. That John purchased of Wm. Gibson in 1806 or 1807, 25 acres of land being Williams part of a tract he and his brother Geo. Gibson bought of Wm. Digby. That slave Hannah and her children were given to the first wife by a Mr. Jordan.  
  TOOMBS, WILLIAM, His account to Chas. McDonald Oct. 11, 1790 to Dec. 18, 1791 for mdse, smiths work, whiskey, cash to Robt. Toombs. Attachment issued to John Clarke, Sheriff Apr. 22, 1791. Levied in the hands of Gabriel and Robt. Toombs Apr. 27, 1791. Affidavit of Dawson G. Toombs Jan. 25, 1798 that a summons was served on him as Petit Juror to attend last Nov. court in the name of Gabriel Toombs and that he, (said Dawson G.), had never paid for tax. (Original)  
  TOOMBS, GABRIEL dec'd. Ann, Robt., and Dawson Gabriel Toombs, excrs qualified, Jul. 16, 1799. Div. of slaves of Gabriel at death of his wife Ann according to the will, Sept. 24, 1807. Lot No. 1, Mary Barrett's orphs, Lot No. 2 Robt. Toombs, Lot No. 3 John Spearman, Lot No. 4 Elizabeth Toombs, Lot No. 5 Robt. Dawson. The last gdn for Mary Barrett's orphs. also.  
  TOOMBS, ROBERT dec'd. est. Virginia Culpepper County towit: Robt. Toombs of the state of Ga., this day personally appeared before me Philip Slaughter a Justice of the Peace for the aforesaid County and made oath that he is entitled to the following slaves viz, Eliza, Maria. Jesse, Evan and Allen in consequence of his intermarriage with Sarah Catlett of the County and that he wishes to remove the aforesaid slaves to the state of Ga. Given under my hand this fifteenth day of Oct. 1798. Signed Phil Slaughter. John Jameson, Clk. of Court of Culpepper county certifies that Philip Slaughter, gent is duly commissioned etc. In Chambers Dec. 3, 1828. Whereas at the May Term of Court an order was obtained by Catherine Toombs directing Osborn Stone, Geo. Smith and Elijah Roberts to assign said Catherine her share of the est of Robt. Toombs, dec'd, and whereas Elijah Roberts has moved out of the county, John B. Lennard is app in his place. Returns of Catherine Toombs, excx of Robt. Toombs, dec'd for 1825. Paid Benj. Sims of Augusta board for Sarah Ann, and W. Brux for  

Page 303

  her tuition in music. The following receipts selected from the voluminous returns of this est give the intimate details of the lives of Robt. Toombs and his family, all to Catherine Toombs, excx. Receipt of Jas. Huling 1819 for mahogany sideboard; of Peter B. Terrell 1819 for $10.00 to pay Mr. Mercer for preaching the Gospel; of Samuel T. Burns for going four times to Dr. Durham at the Skull Shoals on Oconee river at $5.50 a trip. June 1820; of Jas. Huling for a carriage whip and cash advanced to pay expenses to Madison Springs, Aug. 7, 1820; of Christopher Render for tuition 1819; of Welcome Fanning for tuition 1821; of John F. Wallis for board, tuition and singing for Sarah Ann Toombs, 1819-20-22-23, at Bethlehem, Ga.; of Robt. Barrett 1819 for earrings for Sarah Ann; of Jas. Huling for bonnet and band box 1819 for Sarah Ann; of Jas. Huling for Sarah Ann's expenses to Commencement at Athens 1823; of Samuel Barnett, Treas. of Washington Academy 1822-23-24 for tuition of Robt., Gabriel and Jas. Toombs and their proportion of wood. Tuition for Sarah Ann; of L. A. Erwin of Athens for board of Robt. A. Toombs May 1825-Jan. 1826, and Tavern bill. Receipt of A. Hull, Treas. Franklin College Aug. 17, 1825 for the tuition of Robt. Toombs. Returns of Catherine Toombs, excx Jan. 1817. Paid for Greek Testament, Watts Logic, Horace, Murrays Grammar, English Dictionary etc for Lawrence C. Toombs, Henry C. Dawson for carrying Lawrence C. Toombs to Athens Jan. 25, 1817. It has been represented to the Court that Catherine Toombs, excx is totally unable to perform the duties, and since the est is going to waste, it is recommended that another be appointed, no date. Henry J. Pope app admr May 6, 1833 de bonis non, with will annexed, Robt. A. Toombs, Sec. Robt. A., Gabriel and Jas. H. Toombs, minors of Robt. Toombs, dec'd choose Henry J. Pope gdn, no date. Bond of Henry J. Pope as gdn of all three, Nov. 3, 1829. Catherine Toombs, Sec.  
  TOOMBS, LAWRENCE C., dec'd. Wm. H. Pope app temp admr Sept 8, 1829. Permt admr Nov. 2, 1829. Micajah T. Anthony, Sec.  
  TYLER, WILLIAM to Wm. Smith. To one horse bought May 1788 which was never returned, at L15 Va. Currency. Sworn to before J. Moore, J. P. Wilkes Co. 1792.  
  TURLEY, THOMAS dec'd. Jane Q. Turley app temp admx Nov. 25, 1835. Mary Semmes, Sec.  
  VARDEMAN, WILLIAM dec'd. Buckner Harris app admr Aug. 23, 1796. Micajah Williamson, Jr., Sec.  
  VASSER, JOHN of Elbert Co., letter to Wm. H. Dyson of Wilkes Co., Jan. 25, 1834, telling of his severe illness, and asking that he sell three slaves on his plantation where his son Wm. Vasser lives.  
  WYNNE, THOMAS dec'd. est. Obediah Wynne, excr. Receipts of Levi Marshall for slaves Phebe and Cate; of Wm. Arnold for Manuel and  

Page 304

  Jude?? of Wm. Booker for Nancy, Amy and Joe; of John Bolton for Merenda, Tabitha and Agnes, each "in full of my part of the slaves of said est." All signed May 6, 1795. Receipts of all above legatees in full Dec. 12, 1796. Mary and Obediah Wynne, excrs ordered to appear at court to make returns Mar. 5, 1800. July Term 1800, Obediah says he has fulfilled the directions of the will, and the widow has the property vested in her.  
  WYNNE, MARY dec'd. Inv. Feb. 20, 1801. Horses, corn household goods etc. John Cooper, Geo. Hamilton and Evans Long, apprs. Letter of Obediah Wynne to David Terrell, Esqr. Dec. 14, 1797 saying he has settled his fathers est, receipts for which he sent by his brother Thos. Wynne. The warrant I have misplaced etc.  
  WYNNE, OBEDIAH dec'd. est. Wm. Booker, admr. Receipt of Lucy Wynne, wid for $1125.00; of Levi Marshall, gdn of Betsy and Obediah Wynne; and Wm. Arnold, gdn of John and Sally Wynne in part of their legacies Dec. 12, 1801. Returns Nov. 1811, cash paid Levi Marshall, 1806 as gdn of Obediah Wynne. Receipt of Lucy Wynne for herself and her child Kibble T. Wynne. Signed Lucy R. Wynne. Returns for 1811-12-13. Receipts of John Wynne to his gdn Wm. Arnold for all of his father Obediah Wynne's est. Mar. 5, 1810. Receipt of Sally Wynne Jan. 1810 to Wm. Arnold for hire of a slave. Paid Wilson Lumpkin tuition for Sally and John 1804. Return of Levi Marshall, gdn of Obediah and Elizabeth Wynne, Mar. 1806. Paid for grant of land in Baldwin Co. Receipt of Lucy R. Wynne, gdn of Keeble Terry Wynne for hire of a slave 1802. Returns for 1804 to board and clothes.  
  WINN, MRS. LETTICE, Receipt of Jas. M. Carter to her for 7 hhds of tobacco for which he agrees to pay, but if he does not return from the northward, she is to have slaves Jinny and Will now in the state of Ga. Signed So. Carolina Mar. 3, 1797.  
  WYNNE, JOHN dec'd, est. Geo. Wynne, excr. Receipts of Thos. Amis in full in right of his wife Sally, formerly Sally Wynne; of John M. Sims in full in right of his wife Nancy, formerly Nancy Wynne, 1822; of John A. Davis for Thos. Apperson 1821, in part; of John A. Davis for Thos. Apperson of Ala. in full 1822; of J. Stuart in part 1821; of Billy Kerr in full in right of his wife Nancy Jones, 1822; of Evan Hubbard, 1821 in part of legacy. Paid Geo. Wynne his legacy. All sign as legatees. Receipt of Thos. Barnes, gdn of Ann W. Childs, for whom John Wynne, dec'd was gdn, in full of all money due her, 1822.  
  WYNNE, MARY, admr of Geo. Wynne, dec'd to John Nickels 120 acres on Clarks creek whereon John Wynne resided at the time of his death. Nov. 23, 1827.  
  WADE, PLEASANT dec'd. Petition of heirs Jul. 21, 1818 to divide 380 acres on Pistol creek whereon said Wade resided at the time of his  

Page 305

  death. Signed Sarah Wade for herself and as gdn of Henderson and Wm. H. Wade, and Bird Saffold as gdn of Powhatan B. Thurmond. Returns of Sarah Wade and Wm. Saffold, admrs. Receipt of Powhatan B. Thurmond in right of his wife Lucinda dau of said dec'd. for slaves and cash; of Sarah Wade for her share and as gdn of Henderson S. Wade and Wm. H. Wade, minors of said dec'd. Mar. 22, 1822.  
  WADE, SARAH, letter to John Dyson Mar. 4, 1825. Power of atty to Powhatan B. Thurmond to enter an appeal in the case of Mrs. Bradford vs me and John Hinton.  
  WADE, ACREE or AKREE, dec'd. Moses and Mary Wade qualify as excrs Feb. 24, 1800. Francis Gartrell and Jonathan Ogletree, Sec. Returns, paid Henry Leverett $45.00 Dec. 1799, Dec. 1800 and $14.00 Dec. 1801. Returns of Moses Wade and Mary McKnight, excrs 1803 Signed by Robt. McKnight.  
  WILSON, RICHARD dec'd. est. Mary Wilson, admr. She says Feb. 10, 1802 she has not taken in or paid out any money since last Feb. Sworn to in Oglethorpe Co. before Samuel Bellah, J. P. Receipt of Larkin Wilson 1807; of Leonard, Susannah and John Wilson, May 24, 1810 to Mary Wilson, admx "all my part of my fathers est."  
  WATTS, RICHARD dec'd. est. Wm. H. Watts, admr. Receipt of Elijah Starr board for J. B. and E. J. Watts orphs 1819 Thos. Watts gdn of E. J. Watts receipt for part of legacy. Receipt of Harvy Edwards to Wm. H. Watts, gdn of Nancy S. Watts "in full of all demands" Greene Co. 1820. Receipts of Rhoda Starr, Judith B. Watts, and of Thos. Watts, gdn of Elizabeth J. Watts in full 1821. Receipt of Thos. Stark in right of his wife 1821. Receipt of Benj. Starr in full of legacy of Richard C. Starr, orph of Asa D. Starr, dec'd 1821. Sale of slaves Dec. 1819. Judith B. Watts, Thos. Watts, Rhoda Starr, John G. Roberts purchasers. Shelton Lawson bought land. Receipt of Thos. Watts, gdn to Wm. H. Watts former gdn for property in full of Nancy S. Watts, orph of Richard, dec'd. 1824. Wm. H. Watts app gdn of Nancy S. Watts and Richard H. Watts, Elijah Starr app gdn of Betsy J. and Judith B. Watts, orphs of Richard Watts, dec'd. Feb. 1, 1819. Wm. H. makes returns as gdn of Richard H. till 1829 (It is quite probable Thos. Watts, gdn lived in Greene Co. as some of the accounts of the wards were made there).  
  WATSON, LUKE dec'd. est. Mary Watson, excx. Returns for 1817 paid Dr. Linton for attendance on dec'd. Paid Jesse Mercer for preaching sermon $2.00. Paid Jarrott and Jeheil Watson, Daniel Williams and Jas. Farmer (or Freeman) as per will. (See Vol. 1 p. 100). Returns 1818 receipts of Francis Dougherty, legatee.  
  WALTON, JOHN C., dec'd. Geo. Walton app admr Jun. 13, 1804. E. H. Cummins, Sec.  

Page 306

  WALTON, SIMEON dec'd. John Pettus app temp admr Nov. 3, 1829.  
  WALTON, GEORGE & CO. otherwise called Geo. & Newell Walton. Jos. Carson agreed to pay them on Dec. 27, 1784, 1000 weight of tobacco ten days after date. He failed and a case was prosecuted against him Aug. 28, 1787. Jos. Carson's note says Geo. Walton, Son & Co. John Wingfield's affidavit Aug. 19, 1786 that Geo. Walton gave his note Feb. 16, 1785 and has now absconded the state.  
  WHITNEY, JOHN M., dec'd. est. List of letters and papers found among his effects: Letter to Gov. and Treas 1798. one from the Gov. 1798. Certificate from the Treas. 1798. Account current with the Treas. 1793, 1794. List of furniture sold Elbert Court House Feb. 1799. Deeds for much land. Gen. Elijah Clarke's order. Capt. John Howell's receipt for two tracts of land. Capt. Burnes covenant and other papers respecting the Satilla lands. List of property sold by R. Cosby, Elberton. A list of claims of the soldiers.  

WILDER, WILLIAM dec'd. est. Mrs. Sarah Hills account 1793 "To tending on his wife when brought to bed."

  WILDER, LARKIN dec'd. Winnifred Wilder app admx Jan. 29, 1798. Britton House, Sec. Inv. Feb. 8, 1798, horse, saddle, two notes etc. Returns Feb. 1800 paid note due Jas. Wilder. Returns Aug. 1811, receipt of Jesse Cody for legacy left his wife Fanny and son Dread, and of Wm. Bullard for legacy of Jesse Bullard; of Samson Wilder for his legacy.  
  WILDER, JAMES dec'd. Division of slaves. Levi, Nancy and Sebron Wilder and Jas. Webb, distributees. No. date. Robt. Akin and Simeon Wilder, admrs. Receipt of Wm. Mallory for payment of note to Robt. Akin, admr of Jas. and Nancy Wilder Feb. 1811. Receipt of Jas. Webb, 1812 for his legacy. Geo. Wynne app gdn of Levi Wilder aged 17 years, Nov. 4, 1811. Levi Wilder app gdn of Seaborn Wilder, orph of Jas. Wilder, dec'd, Jan. 7, 1817. Simeon Wilder and Robt. Akin, admrs, and Nicholas Sheats to Thos. L. Gilmer 53 acres on Long creek. Oct. 2, 1817.  
  WEBSTER, JOHN dec'd. Inv. Aug. 10, 1791. White horse, saddle, trunk etc. Frederick Sims, Thos. Terrell, Anthony Powell, apprs. List of notes, one for Va. currency, signed Jonathan Webster. Wm. Waggoner's acct for feeding and doctoring a gray horse Jun. to Oct. 1791 paid by Jonathan Webster, admr, Philip Hendley for making coffin Jun. 12, 1791. Recorded in Book "D D", folio 105.  
  WEBSTER, ELIZA dec'd. Wm. L. Harris app admr with will annexed Mar. 6, 1832  
  WHITE, JOHN dec'd. Inv. Mar. 31, 1804. Slaves Anny, John, Catey, Nimbey, Jenney and Jim.  

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  WHITE, LUCY to son David White all my dower in 300 acres adj John Gibson, Jehu Pugh and Owen Holliday and known as John White's Mill Tract. Deed of gift, Aug. 21, 1805.  
  WHITE, JAMES dec'd. Wm. Slayton, admr. Returns for 1829, paid Mary Montgomery board for Sarah, Jonathan and Susan White. Paid Henry B. Lee tuition for the orphs 1828. Paid Wm. Finley tuition 1830. Mary Montgomery app gdn of Jonathan, Jas., Sarah, Susan and Martha White, orphs of Jas. White, dec'd. Mar. 7, 1831. Wm. Slaton, Sec.  
  WEAVER, WILLIAM dec'd. Jarrett Weaver, admr. Receipt of Wm. Guthrie, gdn of the orphs, not named for $185.00, and Lot No. 72, 1st. Dist. Appling Co., Dec. 29, 1830.  
  WEAVER, JOHN dec'd. est. Richard Sappington, admr. Receipt of Elisha Darden, Richard Cotton, 1817; of Lemuel Darden and Nimrod Ferguson 1818; of Geo. H. Washington, Jarrett and Edward Weaver 1819; of Wm. Weaver for himself and as gdn of Susannah Weaver 1820, all for their distributive shares. Warrant for distribution says to be divided into 10 shares of $237.96 each. Only nine shares paid.  
  WAGGONER, PHILIP dec'd. Wm. Gilbert, admr. Dr. Joel Abbott's account for "Waggoner the Dutchman, dec'd." Sept. 1799, Nov. 1800. Dr. Gilbert Hays account, visiting son Aug. 1800.  
  WESTBROOK, JOHN dec'd. Widow Westbrooks dower of one third the personal est set aside Nov. 16, 1790, slaves Hannah, Edom, Demps and Jenny, household goods etc., and the land N. E. of the spring branch where she lives be reserved to her by consent of the parties. Holman Freeman, Azariah Bailey and Edward Jones, Commr's. Recorded in Book "D D", folio 204.  
  WELLMAKER, JOHN dec'd. est. Felix Wellmaker, admr. Returns 1827, paid Geo. and John Bass, Elizabeth Wellmaker, Henry Shank, John H. Sybert, John and Israel Wellmaker, $250.00 each. Retained $250.00 for his own share. Felix Wellmaker app gdn of Peter and Elias Wellmaker, orphs of John Wellmaker, dec'd, Mar. 1, 1830.  
  WELCH, PATRICK dec'd. Inv. Jul. 27, 1778. Cows, horses, household goods. Abraham Booth, Thos. Gilliland and Wm. Burgamy, apprs. On the other side, Chas. Waters debtor to Sarah Welch for two bus. wheat.  
  WOODWARD, SARAH & ELIZABETH, orphs of Henry Woodward, dec'd. Wm. Gill app gdn Nov. 2, 1812.  
  WOODRUFF, RICHARD dec'd. Inv. Aug. 15, 1836. John D. Reeves, excr.  
  WAMBERSIE, EMANUEL of Augusta, Richmond Co., to Sanders Walker of Wilkes Co., 278 acres on Fishing creek, Wilkes Co., orig grant to Wambersie 1785. Jun. 13, 1788. Frederick Sims, Wm. Poe, test.  

Page 308

  WALKER, JESSE dec'd. Inv. Jun. 23, 1798. Jas. Wilson, Geo. Wilson and Francis Billingslea, apprs. Amt. of sales Aug. 4, 1798 by Peggy Walker, admx, Jeremiah Walker purchaser. Returns Jan. 1799. Mrs. Margaret Walker, admx. Felix Gilbert's acct with Jesse, 1794-96. Return of Baldwin Robinson and his wife Peggy, formerly Peggy Walker, admx, Feb. 1800. Returns for 1801 of Baldwin Robinson "who has married the wid," paid Wm. Rogers tuition for two minors. David Glaze app admr de bonis non Dec. 27, 1804. His returns 1807, 1809 paid Thos. Bond, gdn for the orphs, only one, Polly, mentioned. Paid tuition for Samuel Walker, heir, 1808. Paid John Frazier, gdn. of Jos. Walker, $254.00 in 1809. Returns of David Glaze, admr 1809, paid Lewis Glaze former gdn of Polly, Samuel and Lettice Walker. Paid John Frazer former gdn of Jos. Walker, Jan. 1810. Paid Thos. Bond Oct. 1810, gdn of Polly, Samuel and Lettice Walker. Receipt signed at Lincolnton, Ga. Wrapped around this return is summons to Col. Thos. Murray to send his hands to work the road from Fishing creek by Goshen to Soap creek, Lincoln Co., Oct. 15, 1810. Signed Newell Walton, J. P. (Autograph), on complaint of Wm. Statham. Sale of real estate of Jesse Walker, Mar. 7, 1814, 200 acres to Wm. Lunsford.  
  WALKER, JOHN dec'd. Wm. Q. Anderson in right of his wife Sophia, Robt. and Martha Walker, distributees ask for division of slaves, no date.  
  WALKER, JOHN dec'd. est. Richard G. Walker vs. Jas. Walker and Thos. Wootten, admrs. Interrogatories to Elizabeth Bradford, witness of Wilkes Co. Did she rememer all three above coming to her house 1828 to sell her land near Mallory's Mill after the sale of said land in 1827 etc. Jul. 17, 1832.  
  WALKER, WILLIAM, Account with Lewis Prudhomme, 1797 in a case William Walker vs Louis Prudhomme.  
  WALKER, PLEASANT dec'd. Mrs. Rebecca Walker, admx. Receipt to her of Richard Hudspeth Oct. 1806 for rent of Mary Hudspeth's plantation.  
  WHITLOCK, JOHN Deed of gift to his children; Polly Jarrald Whitlock, Betsy Willingham Whitlock and Beasley Whitlock, all of Wilkes Co., all my negroes viz, Fanny, Sarah and George Jan. 6, 1794. Robt. Ct. Beasley, Josiah Cole, H. Mounger, J. P. test.  
  WELBORN, SAMUEL dec'd. Mary Welborn, admx. Receipt of Alfred Wellborn Jan. 1, 1824 for part of his legacy. Bill of Henry C. Dawson for whiskey etc furnished Samuel Wellborn, Jr. 1819, listed and paid 1823 by Mary Wellborn, admx. Samuel W. Wellborn signs the account as correct.  

Page 309

  WELLBORN, JOHNSON dec'd. Nathaniel Bailey, admr. Bill of Wm. Dearing, goods bought by Mrs. Sarah Wellborn Mar. 1824.  
  WILLIS, GEORGE dec'd. Milly Willis and David Allison app admrs Nov. 5, 1816. Chas. R. Carter and Owen Holliday, Sec. Division of slaves Jan. 2, 1818. Mrs. Mildred Willis, Owen, John and Geo. Willis distributees. Receipt of Wm. Bull Jul. 6, 1822 for part of his wife's legacy, not named. Account of Wm. Bull for boarding Geo. Willis, minor 1825.  
  WILLIS, FRANCIS to Daniel Wallecon note for L75, Feb. 22, 1786. Chesley Bostwick, Dalziel Hunter, Test.  
  WILLIS, GEORGE D., dec'd. Inv. Jones Co. Ga., Nov. 21, 1815. Richard Willis, David Butler and Jeremiah W. Ray, apprs., 11 Vols. Newton's Works, London Medical Dictionary, Meteria Medica, Chisldons Antaomy, Burns Obstetrical Works and many other medical books, surgical instruments, horse, saddle, slave Samuel. household goods. Richard G. Foster, admr.  
  WILLIS, JAMES, Sr., dec'd. Jones Kendrick, excr. Returns for 1813. Receipts of Daniel Owen for himself and as gdn of Fanny Gaffords children; of Geo. Willis in part of legacy; of Chas. Hansford, gdn of Elizabeth Hansford's children; of Dunwody Harrison in part of his legacy, all according to the will. Returns Mar. 1816, paid Geo. Willis, Daniel Owen, Dunwody Harrison their shares in full. Paid Daniel Owen, acting gdn of Jas. Ballards children their part in full. Paid Jas. Hardin board and tuition for Benj. F. Willis, minor. Paid Jacob Bull board and clothes for Wm. B. Willis, minor, 1814-15. Receipt of Judith Willis for board, clothes and tutition for Benj. F. Willis 1813. In returns 1816 the admr Jones Kendricks says "in the spring of 1815 while I was in the service of the U. S. Mr. Jacob Bull received for me from sundry persons the sum of $331.75." Returns for 1819 paid D. Bruckner tuition for Benj. F. Willis and Jonathan Fouche board for him.  
  WILLIS, WILLIAM B., dec'd. est. Daniel Owen, admr. Receipts of Moses B., and Richard J. Willis, Elihu Talbot in right of his wife Sarah, formerly Sarah Willis, heir of Jas. Willis of Columbia Co., dec'd; of Fanny Gafford; of Thos. T. Buttrill in right of his wife Ann, formerly Ann Willis; of John Robertson in right of his wife Edna formerly Edna Willis, heir of Jas. Willis of Columbia Co. dec'd; of Chas. P. Hansford; of David Allison, gdn of minors of Geo. Willis, dec'd, viz, Jas., Frances, Elizabeth, and Joshua Willis, all signed in 1825. Receipt of C. W. Collier for board for Edny, Ann, and Sarah Willis at Powellton, 1821, Joshua Willis, gdn.  
  WILLIS, FRANCES dec'd. Elihu Talbot, admr. Returns May 1828: Paid Daniel Owen, gdn of James, Elizabeth and Joshua Willis $288.00. Paid John Robertson distributee. Receipt of Wm. O. Rutledge July  

Page 310

  1835, in right of his wife (not named), for her part of Frances Willis, dec'd interest in her fathers landed est. Receipt of Hiram Reid in right of his wife Elizabeth for his share of Frances Willis' interest in the landed est of her father Jas. Willis, dec'd., late of Columbia Co., May 16, 1835. His receipt as gdn of Ann C., Mariah H. and Sarah E. Robertson, orphs of John Robertson for their share as above, and also proceeds of sale of land in Fayette Co., same date. Receipt of Dr. Wm. McCraven of Columbia Co. for services Nov. 1, and 2, 1826. Receipt of Henry Winfrey to Elihu Talbot, admr Mar. 1835 for three sevenths of said Francis Willis' land in Columbia Co. on Harts creek, the same being the interest in said land of John C. Carter, Elihu Talbot and Proctor Willis.  
  WILLIS, THOMAS dec'd. Thomas Francis Willis, orph. Samuel Barnett, gdn. Paid tuition at Academy 1827-28. Paid for draw in Land Lottery 1832.  
  WILLIE, WILLIAM dec'd. Inv. Sept. 20, 1786. Land, three slaves, five horses, cattle, household goods. John Heard, Wm. Layson, Thos. Brown, apprs. Total L335-12s-6d. Widows share one third L111-17-6 six children, L37-5-10 each. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 74-75.  
  WILLIAMS, CHARLES dec'd. est. Memoranda of Mrs. Williams Sept. 25, 1784. Susanna Williams bought slave Dilk, household goods, cow etc. Recorded in Book "B" folio 41.  
  WILLIAMS, ELIJAH dec'd. Inv. Apr. 23, 1787, Greene Co. Ga., 190 acres in Greene Co. on Sandy creek, "no other goods found." John and Alex. Awtrey and Wm. Philips, apprs. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 83.  
  WILLIAMS, FREDERICK dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jan. 2, 1794. Jane Williams, Joshua Thornton and Harrison Musgrove, excrs.  
  WILLIAMS, WILLIAM dec'd. Z. Williams, excr. Receipt of Drury Williams, gdn for the heir of Wm. M. Williams, dec'd. $724.00 Mar. 20, 1805.  
  WILLIAMS, JAMES dec'd. est. Eliza Williams, admx. Her letter June 1794, saying she was very sick the day of the former app and forgot some articles and the horse had gone to Pendleton, and the notes were in Augusta, and she went down and made a list etc. Returns of expenses for 1795. Recording deed in Wilkes Co. Travelling expenses for son James, knife bought for Tom. Cash to grandson at various times. Cash to dau Sally. Ferriage at the fork on my return from Carolina. To Mr. Hardin, my sons board and tuition. "To my little boy" 1s., 2d. To son Tom cash, to dau Willis, $5.00. (These returns are written in a beautiful clear hand by the wid. herself).  
  WILLIAMS, WILLIAM M., dec'd. Nancy and Zachariah Williams app admrs. Jul. 31, 1800. Drury Williams, Sec. Returns Jan. 1802. Receipt  

Page 311

  of David B. Butler, Tax Collr. Richmond Co. for tax 1801. Real estate sold by order of court June 1803 to Henry Dowdy for $500.00.  
  WILLIAMS, WILLIAM M., orphan to Jonathan Webster, gdn board and tuition, and board to Stephen Martin while going to dancing school.  
  WILLIAMS, GEORGE dec'd. Inv. Feb. 24, 1803. Two trunks of dry goods, hhd of sugar and rum, Italian beads etc. John Williams app temp. admr Dec. 16, 1802. A. G. Walton, Sec.  
  WILLIAMS, DRURY dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Mar. 4, 1806. Tabitha Williams, Jonathan Webster and John Dyson, excrs. Returns 1806 Paid Jonathan Webster, gdn of Wm. M. Williams $224.00 Jan. 1807. Returns of Jonathan Webster, excr 1809. Paid A. G. Walton, John Williams, Jesse Williams for himself and his mother, paid John R. Anderson. Paid gdn of Wm. M. Williams, minor of Wm. M. Williams all in part of their legacies. Agreement of the legatees of the est June 1809 to sell the slaves. Signed by: Jonathan Webster, Zachariah Williams, John R. Anderson, John Williams, Jesse Williams and A. G. Walton.  
  WOOTTEN, BENJAMIN dec'd. Jas. and Richard Wootten app. admrs Aug. 7, 1792. Warrant of apprmt Aug. 10, 1792. Nathaniel Bradford, Joshua Glass, John and Roland Taylor, Reuben Saffold, apprs.  
  WOOTTEN, THOMAS dec'd. Inv. Dec. 1, 1785. Samuel Alexander, John Carson, and Drury Rogers, apprs. Horses, household goods etc. "Audited accounts," 200 acres in Wilkes Co., two tracts of 287 1/2 acres each in Washington Co. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 31, the 10th day of Feb. 1786. Holman Freeman, R. P.  
  WOOTTEN, JAMES dec'd. John T. Wootten, excr. Wm. L., Gilbert H., and Joel A. Wootten, orphs. Board and clothes for Joel A., 1827-29. Board, clothes and tuition for Wm. L. and Gilbert H., same date.  
  WOOTTEN, RICHARD B., dec'd. Lucretia Wootten and Jas. Cade app admrs Feb. 3, 1798. John Pope, Jas. Wootten, Sec. Returns Jan. 1, 1800 paid F. Thurmond his part in right of his wife, $100.00. Returns for 1803 paid F. L. Thurmond board and clothes for Martha, Allen, Benj., and Richard Wootten orphs of said dec'd. Division of est Mar. 10, 1810. Benj., Ann, Allen and Richard Wootten and Martha Saffold distributees. Benj. Wootten's receipt to his gdn John Pope, Feb. 1811 for his share in full of his father Richard B. Wootten's, dec'd est. John Popes receipt for slave Will, as gdn of Ann Wootten, orph of Richard B. Wootten, dec'd. March court 1811. Jas. Wootten, gdn of Allen R., and Richard B. Wootten. Returns 1811, 1816. Allen R. Wootten's receipt in full to his gdn Apr. 1816.  
  WOOTTEN, ALLEN R., dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jan. 12, 1824, Richard B. Wootten, Admr.  

Page 312

  WRIGHT, WYLIE dec'd. est. Moses Alexander, admr. Paid Robt. Matthews $167.00, 1805, paid Sarah Wright gdn of Sarah and Wm. Wright. $115.00 in 1806. Returned 1821.  
  WRIGHT, JAMES dec'd. Inv. of est of his minors (not named), Mar. 2, 1837. Two slaves Lydia and Critty, $1200.00 "Deduct one third for Beder Proctor as his distributive share."  
  WHITAKER, ISAAC dec'd. est. Enoch Callaway, admr. Returns May 1827, paid John Dyson for citation, paid Thos. J. Whitaker $31.00 his distributive share. Receipts of Jacob, William, John and Abraham Whitaker, Isaac Whitaker. Sr., and Henson Carrington, part of their legacies, Nov. 1825.  
  WILLIAMSON, CHARLES dec'd. Polly Williamson and John Clark qualify as excrs Feb. 27, 1800. Micajah Williamson and Wylie Pope, Sec.  
  WILSON, ANDREW dec'd. est. Jas. Patterson, admr. Receipt of Martha Wilson, May 1805 for part of her dower. Her return as gdn of John Wilson, minor of said dec'd, 1804-1807, purchased slave for said orphan. Receipt of Jas. Patterson, admr for $300.00 in part of Rebecca Wilson's dower. Signed Jos. Cohron, gdn.  
  WILSON, LUCY of Jackson Co. Ga., Copy of Will. To son John Wilson 300 acres on Mulberry Fork of Oconee river, whereon said John Wilson now lives, and all other est. Said John Wilson sole excr. Signed Sept. 9, 1830. Probated Nov. 7, 1831. Geo. Shaw, Horatio Webb, David Witt, test.  
  WILSON, RICHARD dec'd. est. Mary Wilson, admx. Returns Feb. 1801. Receipts of Wm. Wilson, Achilles Wilson, Samuel Edmondson, John Mason, legatees, Jan. 1801 and of Nelson Wilson, legatee, Nov. 10, 1800.  
  WILLBORNE, WILLIAM dec'd. Acct. of sales Dec. 29, 1799. Jas. Matthews and Isaac Wilborne, excrs. 300 acres sold by order of court $1000.00, slaves Jack, Nelly and Pompy.  
  WEST, JOHN M., dec'd. Wm. West, excr. Receipt of John West for his share of the slaves, Jan. 4, 1833. Receipt of Stephen Harris 1832 for his share of slaves, and in full of all legacy Feb. 25, 1833. Receipt of John Thornton for his share of slaves, same date for his distributive share. John Thornton's receipt as gdn of Nancy C. West same items and dates. Receipt of Mary A. West same items and dates. Receipt of Seymour Catchings same. Receipt of Ann C. West to her gdn John Thornton Jan. 8, 1835 in full of all demands against him. Receipt of Henry Gibson for her board 1831. Ga. Coweta Co., Feb. 15, 1841. Wm. E. Strong to Mr. John Q. West, Wilkes Co. saying he understood West to be admr of Mrs. Nelson's est and he had the entire interest of the orphs of Jas. West in said est and wishes John Q. West to send the money by Mr. Ragan.  

Page 313

  WILKINSON, JOHN dec'd. Thos and Daniel Grants bond as admrs de bonis non, of est un-administered by Wm. F. Booker, Feb. (???) year gone, with a copy of the will of dec'd annexed. (Probably John whose will was recorded in lost Book "D D") Inv. Nov. 10, 1806.  
  WILKINSON, BENJAMIN dec'd. est. Ann Wilkinson, excx. Paid John Wilkinson $1000.00 and Stovall Pool $300.00 in part of their legacies 1817.  
  WILKERSON, SAMUEL, Summons to court May 16, 1801.  
  WILKINSON, PLEASANT dec'd. Jemmima and Francis Wilkinson, admrs. Inv. Dec. 5, 1816. Jemima Wilkinson, wid petition for dower in land on Little river and Little Kettle creek, saying Pleasant died Aug. 2. 1816. Account of Jemima Wilkinson for 1818-19 for board for Lavina. Pleasant Lee, Rebecca Frances, Joel Jabez and John Wilkinson, minors of said dec'd. Bill in equity, May 26, 1818 Thos. Wilkinson vs Jemima and Francis Wilkinson. Thomas says Pleasant his father bought in 1813 from Wm. Johnson and wife Susannah 241 acres on Little river. In about 1816, Pleasant gave this land to Thomas if he would pay the said Johnson $150.00 due on it, which is exhibited as part of this petition. Said Thomas has lived on said land since 1816. Said Pleasant died very suddenly in 1816, without executing a deed to said land and leaving the following heirs: Jemima Wilkinson his wid, Francis Wilkinson his son of full age, Levina Wilkinson, his dau, Rebecca, Pleasant L., Joel J., and John Wilkinson his children, all under 21, Maria formerly Maria W. Wilkinson, his dau having married Chas. Pettus; Louisa Wilkinson, his dau having married Edward Black; Jane H. Wilkinson having married Greenberry Chapman, who died previous to the said Pleasant Wilkinson, all heirs and distributees, all residing in Wilkes Co. Prays that Jemima and Francis Wilkinson, admrs execute deeds to said land. Returns of Francis Wilkinson for 1829, lists slaves to all the above heirs. Receipt to Francis Wilkinson surviving admr. no date, for $73.00 in full of distributive shares, signed Edward and Louisa Black, Jane H. Chapman, Thos. B. Wilkinson, Hezekiah and R. F. Jones, Cyrus and Levina Billingslea.  
  WOODALL, JOHN dec'd. John and Jas. Woodall app admrs with will annexed Jul. 9, 1799. Noyal Nelms, John King, Sec. Henry Thompson, Jesse Lacey, Richard Asberry, Wm. Stephens, Jacob Parkerson, Fimothy McGuire, apprs. Returns Feb. 1801. Receipts of Robt. and Jas. Woodall and Jas. Blanks for legacies left by will John Woodall's promise to pay Creasy Huckaby $35.00 and 2 shifts, 2 coats, 1 jacket, 1 pr. shoes and stockings and the tax of one negro before Jan. 1, next. Signed Jan. 5, 1798. Armstead Atkinson, test. Returns for 1804 lists debts, the receipts for which were burnt in John Woodall, dec'd, house after he paid them.  
  WHEELER, RAPHAEL dec'd. est. Petition of Lewis R. Beaman in right  

Page 314

  of his wife Susanna, formerly Susanna Wheeler and John Dyson, excrs. to sell 600 acres on Fishing creek in Wilkes Co., 800 acres in Lincoln Co., 202 1/2 acres in 22nd. Dist. and the same in 15th, Dist. of Wilkinson Co., and lots in Petersburg, Elbert Co., for the benefit of the heirs, Mar. 24, 1818. In 1831 the heirs and distributees entered suit against John H. Dyson, who had succeeded his father John Dyson as admr and Susannah and Lewis R. Beaman, admrs. Contains amounts awarded Sylvester B. Crayton, gdn of Robt. B. Wheeler and Chas. A. Wheeler, Lewis Beaman acknowledges being indebted which is to be divided into six shares, Lewis having been excr of Bennett Wheeler, dec'd., and producing receipts from Jefferson and Washington Wheeler, the three younger heirs to receive all the amount. All legatees mentioned in this bill are Geo. W., John S., Thos. J., Jas. Bennett Wheeler, Robt. B. Wheeler.  
  WEEMS, EUGENIA, dec'd. Lock Weems app admr Jul. 5, 1830. Jas. Huling, Sec.  
  WORSHAM, JOSEPH T., dec'd. Samuel Barnett, admr. Returns for 1830, paid Jas. T. Hay, gdn of Elizabeth Worsham, expenses. Returns for 1831, received of Jas. T. Hay, admr of Chas. L. Hay part of the distributive share coming to the est of Jos. T. Worsham, $1000.00. Paid Jas. T. Hay, gdn of Elizabeth Worsham, board, clothes and tuition. Paid Thos. Berry, gdn of John W. Hay, and paid Jas. T. Hay his proportion of a suit in favor of L. S. Brown and Thos. Wootten, admrs of Felix G. Hay, vs Jas. T. Hay and others. (This case seems to have been Jos. T. Worsham and wife Maria vs Excrs of Gilbert Hay, dec'd).  
  WISE, SHERWOOD dec'd. Partition of land to Sarah Wise, wid, one third, John, Patterson and Ruth Wise, the representatives of Irwin Wise, dec'd., Zachariah and Josiah Wise, John Jackson in right of his wife Jane, formerly Jane Wise, Joshua Jackson in right of his wife Eleanor, formerly Eleanor Wise., Apr. 20, 1818.  
  WINGFIELD, JOHN dec'd. Returns for 1798. Receipts of John Darracott and J. Hardin Foster 1796, for their part of a sale of a tract of land in Va. left to his daus; of David Meriwether and Sarah Pettus for their legacy in a tract of land according to the will; of Hope Hull for his wife's legacy; of Edward Butler in full of his wife's legacy; of Wm. Terrell's bond for Va. land "of which my wife had one seventh part." Order of Thos. Terrells excrs to Thos. and John Wingfield, excrs for their part of the legacy in landed property. Division of slaves Mar. 1798. Garland, Thomas, and John Wingfield, Mary Terrell, Patsy Foster, Sarah Pettus, Fanny Merriwether, Nancy Hull, Elizabeth Butler, Rebeccah Darracott, distributees.  
  WINGFIELD, THOMAS. Letter to Nathaniel Willis, "near Washington," saying if he will send Wingfield the titles to their joint land he may  

Page 315

  be able to sell it. Jas. Wingfield, his brother's son is coming up to go "down the country" with him. Oct. 6, 1808.  
  WINGFIELD, JOHN dec'd. Chas. Wingfield, admr. Receipt of Archibald S. Wingfield, admr of Wm. C. Wingfield; of Joel W. Terrell for his wife Elizabeth's interest, 1830; of Wm. A. Terrell for his wife Sophia's interest; of A. S. Wingfield for his part, 1831; of A. S. Wingfield for his part of Wm. C. Wingfield's part in John Wingfield's est 1831; of Fielding Ficklen for his share of John Wingfield's est 1831; of John W. Butler for his part of Elizabeth Wingfield's share from John Wingfield's est and his part of John Wingfield's est also, 1831; of Mary S. Wingfield for her part of Elizabeth Wingfield's interest in John Wingfield's est 1831; of John W. Butler as gdn of Chas. Ann Wingfield 1831; of Zacheus Butler, gdn for the use of Patsy W. Wingfield, 1831; of John G. Colbert in full of his legacy from John Wingfield 1831. (Badly water marked).  
  WINGFIELD, JOHN, Jr. dec'd. Mary Wingfield, excx. Returns for 1816, paid John Terrell, gdn of John L., Sarah G., Nancy O., and Overton Wingfield, and paid Elizabeth Wingfield part of legacies. For 1817, paid Garland, Frances, and Elizabeth D. Wingfield part of legacies. For 1818, paid John L., Sarah G., Elizabeth D. Wingfield, paid John Terrell, gdn of Overton Wingfield, paid Lucius de Yampert his legacy, paid myself as excr Frances Wingfield's legacy and paid myself legacy as coming by my wife. (See will Vol. 1, p. 69).  
  WINGFIELD, SAMUEL dec'd. Chas. Wingfield, admr. Partition of real est on Little river. Lavina Wingfield, wid., Archibald S. and Wm. B. Wingfield, sons, only distributees mentioned. Sept. 6, 1821. Receipts of Lavina Wingfield for herself and as gdn of Frances A. Wingfield; of Archibald S. Wingfield for his legacy; of Wm. C. Wingfield for his legacy all in part, Jan. 1823. Above were all the heirs. Archibald S. Wingfield and Fielding Ficklen and wife Frances A., formerly Frances A. Wingfield, vs Chas. Wingfield, admr of Samuel Wingfield, dec'd. Interrogatories to Francis West pertaining to two rolls of money which Chas. Wingfield, admr, told Francis West was among Thos. Chivers, dec'd est of which Samuel Wingfield was an excr. Feb. 10, 1831.  

WASHINGTON, R. B., order to Mr. Thos. Chivers to pay to Mr. Thos. Grant one pound, one shilling "and this shall be your receipt." Jan. 4, 1795.


YOUNG, GEORGE dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Nov. 28, 1791. John and Geo. Young, excrs of last will etc. Inv. no date. Parmenas Haynes, Matthew Rainey, Joshua Tillery, apprs. (Recorded in Book "D D", folio 143) Receipt of Jesse Hodges in right of his wife, a legatee under the will, for L70 Va. money. Jan. 18, 1792. Joint receipt of John Gibson,


Page 316


Zadock Barnard, Jas. and Leonard Young and Mary Gibson for their legacies in full. Dec. 17, 1792. John Lumpkin, test.

  YOUNG, WILLIAM dec'd. Fanny Young qualifies as excx Mar. 1, 1792.  
  YOUNG, THOMAS dec'd. est. Return of Wm. Saffold, excr July 1817. Paid Isaac Jones tuition for David, Wm. R., and Susannah Young 1814. Paid Barnard Heard board and clothes for Wm. R. and Susannah Young 1814, for Wm. R., 1815. Paid D. B. Cade board 1815 and Elijah Norman tuition for Susannah 1816. Paid Elizabeth Young part of her distributive share 1816.
Petition for division of land, Jul. 6, 1818. We the undersigned being the only parties in interest etc. Samuel Young, Samuel Young gdn of David and Susan Young, Wm. Safford, gdn of Wm. R. Young, Barnard Heard, who bought the life est of the wid Elizabeth Young, (she still living), John Pullen, John W. Mallory.
  To the Sheriff of Wilkes Co.,
To bring into court Wm. Robertson to answer for not bringing Mansfield Shop, (ward of Martin Armstrong) agreeable to an order from court. Witness the Hon. Thos. P. Carnes, one of the Superior Court Judges. Mar. 27, 1798.
  Petition of practitioners of Law in the Western District to Superior Court of Wilkes Co. (no date), that no person be admitted to the Bar without three years study with an Attorney or Judge of Superior Court, and of good moral character, except those who have competent knowledge of Latin and Greek or Latin and French who shall be admitted after two years study, for which a certificate must be furnished. Lawyers from other states not to be allowed to practice till after one years residence in Georgia. Signed by the following: D. Allen, John Matthews, Geo. Walker, John Walton, John Griffin, Thos. Carr, Geo. Matthews, Peter Early, W. B. Tankersley, Geo. Cook, Peterson Thweatt, Wm. H. Crawford, C. Tait, John M. Dooly, Edward Paine, John Shackleford, Obadiah Jones, T. Gresham, Elijah Clarke, (Jr.?) Autograph signatures.  
  Tho' not practitioners of the Western Circuit we approve the petition. Seaborn Jones, Augustus Baldwin.  
  Recommendation of members of the Bar to enforce the law requiring practitioners of law to appear at the Bar in black silk surplus or gown. (no date) Signed by Peter Early, John Griffin, D. Allen, John E. Anderson for self and Geo. Walker, Tho. Combs, Geo. Matthews, W. B. Tankersley, Elijah Clarke, Geo. Cook, Wm. H. Crawford, John M. Dooly, John Carter Walton, John Shackleford, Peterson Thweatt, Stephen Heard, H. Tait, John Matthews, W. Harris.  
  Oath of Isaiah T. Irwin, John Favor, Geo. M. Walker, Richard Hudspeth, Benj. Russell, Daniel C. Heard, Abner Wellborn and Wm. M. Kain, not to register any name to distribute the land obtained from the Creek and Cherokee Indians passed at Milledegeville Dec. 15, 1818, until such person takes the oath prescribed by law. Jan. 4, 1819.  

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  Wm. Pollard, Sr., son John, 1792; Wm. Reeves, your schooling; Robert Pollard, one scholar 1792; Hugh Gilmore, teaching dau. 1792; Michael Ward, two scholars 1792; John Ward, one scholar, 1792; William Hooks, three mos. for two children, 1792; Benjamin Perkins, one scholar, 1792, all near Tennilles Mill, Washington Co. Francis Coleman, teaching Isaac, Frank and John 1790, Six scholars in 1792; Jesse Womack, one scholar, 1791-92; Est. of Francis Mountain, dec'd, two children 1791, one named Martha, all at Duharts Creek, Burke Co. William Hart, one scholar, 1791, Louisville, Burke Co. Benj. Tennille, three months for two scholars 1792. Affidavit made in Greene Co. Dr. James E. Murphey, two scholars 1789; John Parsons, Sr., three children, 1791; Thos. Galphin, one scholar, 1791; Benjamin Parker, three scholars 1787, no residence given.  
  Scrap of paper which seems to describe location of land. Stephen Van Zant, head of Turtle river Mobley Ponds, expected there is a vein of Silver Ore there.
Thomas Brantley, Cathren Forsyth's Land. Isaac McLendon and Geo. Hall lives adjoining.
  Barnard Heard's land six miles below Cribbs Mills on the Beaverdam of Richland creek and six miles from the Oconee river and ten or eleven miles below Greensborough, to Levingston's one mile from Cribbs Mill.  
  William Bibb the son of James Bibb. Ogden Cocroft, Edgefield Co.  
     State of Georgia  |
                              |   By his Honor Benj. Talliaferro, Esqr.,
                              |   Judge of  Wilkes County
  Superior Court of said county, To:
Jos. Stiles and John Hutchinson, Esqrs. Whereas there is a certain matter of controversy in the Superior Court of this county viz, Admr of Jas. Neesmith, applt, vs Elijah Clarke, respt. Whereas John Greene is an important witness in this case, you are appointed to examine him, agreeable to the interrogatories hereunto annexed, to be returned sealed before court to be held in Wilkes Co., Nov. 20th, next. Jan. 10, 1797. Benj. Catching, C. S. C.
  Interrogatories to be exhibited to John Greene of Richmond Co.  
  No. 1. Do you know the parties in the above case?  
  No. 2. What was the mode of disposing of property taken in the British lines during the late war and what was the character of the widow Neesmith and her family, also Col. Jas. McCoy, the Rev. Mr. Mobley, Wm. Ennis, Gill Thomas, Jas. Gray, Wm. Ryalls, Francis Paris, Mrs.  

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  Esther Griner, and Mary Miller, Relate specially and tell all you know relative to the above case in favor of the respondent. M. Williamson, Respt. Atty.  
  The Admrs. of Neesmith, Applt. vs Elijah Clarke. Respt. Georgia Richmond Co. Pursuant to a commission from the Hon. the Superior Court of Wilkes County to us directed. We have this day caused John Green, Esqr. the witness therein mentioned to come before us and after being sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God to answer the Questions therein proposed in truth deposeth and saith.  

Answer to 1st Question. I do know Elijah Clarke also Samuel Godby, who I am informed is the Admr. of NeeSmith.


Answer to 2nd. The mode of disposing of the Enemy's property was by selling and dividing among the Captors, and if property taken in the British lines proved afterward to belong to the friends of this Country it was returned to them after deducting one third for salvage. The character of the widow NeeSmith was notorious to be the enemy of the friends of this Country and that she did aid and assist the British and Tory's of every description all that in her power lie, and I do think and believe that the property of NeeSmith came as fully under the Act of Confiscation as any other person or persons whatever, not particularly named in that Act. I also know that Col. Jas. McCoy was an active officer, (and always believed him to be a good man) in the cause of the Liberty of this Country; The Rev. Mr. Mobley was an inactive Tory; Wm. Ennis I know nothing personally for or against; Gill Thomas was an active man in the cause of the Freedom of this Country; Jas. Gray was a Capt. of the Tory party and known to be an Enemy of this Country; Wm. Ryalls took protection under the British, but his general character was that of an houest man; Francis Paris I conceived to be an Enemy to this Country, but his character was that of an honest man; Mrs. Esther Griner, I did not know, her character was not very fair at that time; Mary Miller I do not know. The line between us and the British at that time was, (as I understood). from the Hudsons on Savannah river to the mouth of Little Ogeechee where it empties into Big Ogeechee. I also knew Michael Jones who acted as a Lieut, in the American Service, was very active and frequently down in the British Lines. I also knew Samuel Moore, a person named in the Act of Confiscation (as well as I recollect) that he was an Active Capt. in the service of the British and that he married the Daughter of NeeSmith, that he was a vile murderer and robber, and told me himself that he robbed Gen'l. Clarke of a number of Goods and that there was one man who was guarding the General's Wagons at the time, killed by one of his party and this happened sometime after the British left Savannah. That the said Moore was harboured at the widow NeeSmiths as well as many others of his character, and this deponent further sayeth that he had lost some property and went to the Widow NeeSmiths to enquire after the said Moore to get from him the property the deponent had lost, and


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  that the widow directed this deponent into the Swamp where he might find said Moore, who was only to be seen by such as would pledge their word not to take his life, that she could confide in; that the deponent went into the Swamp where he found the said Moore, who confessed he had taken it and made restitution and gave him the above information respecting the robbery of Gen'l. Clarke, and further this deponent sayeth not. Signed J. Green. Taken and sworn to at Augusta before us, this 16th, day of November 1797. Jos. Stiles, J. P., John Hutchinson, J. P.  

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