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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 11, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.



This Roster is on beautiful paper, in a clear, perfect handwriting almost like engraving. Service as Justice of Peace, and Sheriff is accepted eligibility to United States Daughters of 1812 from 1784 to 1816, which makes this Roll of utmost value to them or prospective members.

Most of the warfare on land was done by the Militia and every able-bodied male over sixteen was enrolled, subject to call upon alarm of raids by Indians. Certain days were designated as "Muster Days" and all reported at the county town for drill and instruction from their officers.

Vol. 1 also gives many records of service, and such records are sometimes found in returns of estates in this volume also.


I, John Holiday do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the State of Georgia and to the utmost of my Power and ability observe, conform to, support and defend the Constitution thereof without any reservation or equivocation whatsoever and the Constitution of the United States. Oct. 25, 1809.

SAPPINGTON, Caleb took the oath as Ensign 168th Militia Dist. May 11, 1816.
RICE, John, oath of Allegience Jul. 29, 1814.
WELLBORN, Johnson, oath to perform the duties of Sheriff, Dec. 18, 1809.
DAVIS, Joshua, oath as Lieut. 168th Militia Dist., May 11, 1816.
CHAFFIN, Leonard, oath as Ensign 169th Militia Dist. May 14, 1816.
WELLBORN, Johnson, oath as Lt. Col. 4th Regt. of Calvary of Ga. Sept. 3, 1811.
STATEN, Elisha, oath as Major 7th Squadron, 4th Regt. of Calvary of Ga. Oct. 7, 1811.
STOVALL, Peter, oath as Major 4th Div. of Militia of Ga. Oct. 12, 1811.
HEARD, Stephen G., oath as Lieut. 165 Company Dist. of Militia of Ga. Jul. 7, 1811.

Then follows day of appointment supposedly of J. Ps. in the several districts.

CALLAWAY, William, J. P. 14th Dist. Jun. 1811.

Page 320

CORBETT, James, J. P. Jun. 27, 1812. Aug. 28, 1812.
STATEN, J., J. P. Jul. 9, 1812.
SIMPSON, William, J. P. Jul, 12, 1811.
STOVALL, Drury, J. P. in 167th. Dist.
HILLHOUSE, David P., J. P. 164th Dist.
CALLAWAY, Joshua, J. P. 168th Dist.
MILLER, Samuel, J. P. 171st Dist.
BAYLEY, William, J. P. 109th Dist.
BROWN, Louis S., J. P. 164th Dist.
NOLES, John, Ensign 169th Co. of Militia.
EVANS, William, J. P. Aug. 1, 1812.
RENDER, James, J. P. Jul 7, 1812.
CORBETT, James, J. P. Jun. 27, 1812.
RENDER, James, J. P. Nov. 11, 1812.
KAIN, Wm. M., J. P. May 20, 1809. FROST, Jos., 169th Dist.
KELLY, Joshua, 165th Dist. BROWN, Louis L., 164th Dist.
WEEMS, Wm. L., 166th Dist. PATTON, Jacob, 167th Dist.
IVEY, Charles, 174th Dist.  
Officers of Col. Thos. Wootten's Regt.
GILL, William as Capt. 180th, Dist. Co. of Militia Jul. 9, 1812.
WOOTTEN, Jas., J. P. Jul. 9, 1812. CHARLTON, John K. M., 179th Dist.
BROOKS, Samuel, J. P. Jul. 4, 1811. LASLEY, Thos., J. P. Oct. 10, 1810.
ANDERSON, Thos., J. P. Aug 8, 1814. KAIN, Wm. M., J. P. Jul. 7, 1812.
BOREN, Wm. C., 174th Dist. COLEMAN, Samuel, 174th Dist.
MABREY, Jemeson, 177th Dist. WELLBORN, Abner, 177th Dist.
  KILLGORE, Jas., 175th Dist.
COLEMAN, Stephen, Sr. Oath as Lieut. 174th Dist. Co. of Militia, Oct. 10, 1810.
LASLEY, Thos., J. P. Oct. 10, 1810.  
WASHINGTON, Robt. B., J. P. Jul. 9, 1812.  
WOOTTEN, James, J. P. Jul. 9, 1812. WILLIS, John, 176th Dist.
  WELLBORN, Starnes, 177th Dist.
PASCHALL, Samuel, 177th Dist. WOODRUFF, Jas., 174th Dist.
WALKER, Sackfield, 175th Dist. KIMBROUGH, John, 179th Dist.
CADE, Guilford, 181st. Dist.  
HEARD, Jesse F., Oath as Capt. 165th. Co. of Militia, Jul. 7, 1812.
CALLAWAY, Wm., J. P. Jun. 1, 1812. ANDERSON, Thos., J. P. Aug. 5, 1811.
SIMPSON, Wm., J. P. Jul. 12, 1811.  
SHERRER, John, as Ensign 177th, Dist. Co. of Militia. Oct. 10, 1810.
LASLEY, Thos. J. P. Oct. 10, 1810. SMITH, Charles, J. P. Oct. 5, 1809.
WASHINGTON, R. B., J. P., Jun. 20, 1812. COOPER, Augustus, 175th Dist.

Page 321

MABREY, Jordan, 176th Dist. WOOTTEN, J., J. P. Jul. 9, 1812.
PEARSON, Garland, 176th Dist. BARRETT, Sterling, 181st Dist.
MOREMAN, John, 177th Dist. COX, William, 175th Dist.
WOOTTEN, J., J. P. Jul. 9, 1812. COMBS, John, 174th Dist.
KAIN, Wm. M., J. P. Sep. 3. 1808. BEISHELL, John, 179th Dist.
GAINES, Gustavus, Oath as Capt. of Riflemen, attached to the 18th Regt. Wilkes Co. Militia. Oct. 28, 1809.
BROOKS, Preston, Oath as Lieut. 166th Dist. Co. of Militia, May 14, 1816.
KENT, Gilbert, Oath as Ensign 170th. Co. of Ga. Militia, May 14, 1816.
FARMER, Uriel, Oath as Lieut. 170th Co. of Ga. Militia, May 14, 1816.
ORME, William, Oath as Lieut. 171st. Dist. of Ga. Militia, May 14, 1816.
CALLAWAY, Noah, Oath as Lieut. 165th Dist. Co. of Militia, May 14, 1816.
CARRELL, John, Oath as Ensign 166th Dist. Ga. Militia, May 14, 1816.
OGLETREE, Edmond, Lieut. 169th Dist. Co. of Ga. Militia, May 14, 1816.
SANFORD, James, Ensign 173rd Dist. Co. of Ga. Militia, May 14, 1816.

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