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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer


 Record of Wills 1792-1819



Record of Wills--1792-1801


page 51

  Page 127--ASHMORE, CLARY. Nov. 8, 1794. To dau. Margaret Terry five shillings and what she has had already. To son Wm. Ashmore 150  

page 52

  acres of land, he to pay all debts. To son Walton Ashmore five shillings. To daus. Alender and Mary Ashmore, mare, feather beds, cattle, household goods, etc. To dau. Patience Ashmore feather bed, etc. Probated Dec. 17, 1794. Richard Madden, William Ashmore. Test.  
  Page 162--ACREE, WILLIAM. To dau. Elizabeth all land upon which he lives. To son William land in the fork of Little river where Job Bird lives. To dau. Jenea Acree, the land above the spring, etc. To son Shearrin Acree cow and calf. To son John Acree two pair door hinges. To dau. Susannah Woodall saddle. To dau. Sarah Smith one steer. To dau. Frances Meadows one calf. To dau. Nancy Dismack one sheep. To dau. Priscilla Acree residue of estate. Son John Acree and friend Edward Gresham, Excrs. Signed Feb. 21, 1796. Probated Apr. 7, 1796. Gravner Stewart, Solomon Ray, Edward Gresham, Test.  
  Page 168--ARNOLD, MOSES. To wife Molly land, plantation and house where I live, at her death to son Stephen. To daus. Elizabeth and Sally, bed, etc. Mentions 1000 wt. of tobacco in the hands of Robt. Jennings. William and Stephen Arnold, Excrs. Signed June 21, 1796. Probated Oct. 25, 1796. John Arnold, Susannah Arnold. Test.  
  Page 251--APPLING, THOMAS. Estate to be divided among my children Joel, Thomas and David Appling. "Heirs" Elizabeth Laurance, Martha Douglas, Mildred Green, Susanna Harris. Son Joel and James Muckleroy, Excrs. Signed Mar. 19, 1800. Probated July 21, 1810. James Spratling, Joel Appling, Thos. Appling, Test.  
  Page 10--BENTLEY, WILLIAM. After the death of wife Jane property to be divided among my dear children, John, Lewis, Susannah, James and Catharine. Wife Jane and trusty friends Benjamin Ballard and Peter Smith, Excr. Signed Feb. 26, 1791. Probated May 2, 1792. Peter Smith, John Chandler, Wm. Hammock, Sr., Sarah Thornton, Test.  
  Page 153--BLALOCK, JOHN, Sr. To wife Mary the home place of 170 acres on Soap creek and all other property for life, the minor children to receive their proportion at majority or marriage to correspond to those already married. To son Caide Blalock, 20 shillings, and then to Catey Wallow, David Blalock, John Blalock, Jr., Elizabeth Gibson Blalock, Mary Blalock, Patsy Lucey, "the nine survivors" to share equally. David and John Blalock, Jr., and John Wallow, Excrs. Signed Feb. 3, 1795. Probated Dec. 14, 1795. Samuel Crawley, Abel Tatom, Milley Tatom, Elizabeth Wells, Test.  
  Page 10--BURNEY, SIMON. To grandson John Burney, all estate real and personal, including three slaves, Ephriam, Ben and Dave. John to be sole Excr. Signed May 29, 1789. Probated Mar. 6, 1792. Samuel Davis, John Black, William Beazley, Test.  
  Page 159--BALEY, HANNAH. To Pegge Brag my cotton wheel. To Molley wife of Greene Baley by cloke. To Thomas son of Greene Baley bedand furniture.  

page 53

  To Molly wife of Stephen Baley a cow now at Greene Baley's. Residue to be sold and after debts are paid to be sent to my mother, Mary Oar, if living, if not to be divided among my sisters, Rosey, Anney, Betsy, Sally and Alesey. Signed Jan. 2, 1796. Probated Jan. 6, 1796. John Wingfield, Elizabeth Ridley, Test.  
  Page 171--BAILEY, JAMES. To wife Littisha plantation where I live of 250 acres and all personal estate for life, to be inherited by my son John Guienn Bailey. To son James 200 acres according to a grant. At the death of my wife all personal estate to be sold and equally divided among all my children, to-wit, Azariah James Bailey, Joseph Bailey, John Guienn Bailey, Mary Bostick, Letissha Street and Ann Jones. Azariah and John Guienn Bailey, Excrs. Signed Jan. 31, 1795. Probated Aug. 1, 1797. Richard Heard, Jesse Bailey, William Heard, Test.  
  Page 173--BLACK, EDWARD. To my five grandchildren, viz, Rebeckah, Lydia, Edward, Jean, and Anna Black all estate real and personal. Edward Butler of this Co., Excr. Signed Feb. 5, 1794. Probated Feb. 14, 1797. Pleasant Wilkerson, Garland Wingfield, Betsy Butler, Test.  
  Page 201--BILLINGSLEA, FRANCIS. To sons Samuel, William, Walter, Francis and Cyrus and dau. Sarah Norris, money already received. To son James money already received, a slave Rachel and bed and furniture. To son John money already received and bed etc. when of age. To dau. Polly Billingslea slaves Harry and Aggy, bed, silver, etc. To son Clement Billingslea slaves Esther and Pug, bed etc. To son Howell slaves Lawson and Milley, the plantation where I now live and 330 acres laid off from Watts Billingslea's line, adjoining Strozier, money, silver, etc. when he is 18 years old. To grandau. Asenath Norris three large silver spoons. Mill and land to be sold to make the children equal. Samuel and James Billingslea, Excrs. Signed Dec. 2, 1798. Probated Jan. 1, 1799. Actor Nash, Cyrus Billingslea, Test.  
  Page 209--BOLTON, JOHN. To wife Kitty all real and personal estate except $100.00 to be paid to daus. Elizabeth, Sarah and Mary Bolton when of age. To sons Thomas, John and Chas. all lands to be divided equally, eldest son Thomas to have first choice. Obadiah Wynne, Geo. Hamilton, and sons Thomas, John and Chas. Bolton, Excrs. Signed Jan. 25, 1799. Probated July 9, 1799. John Owens, John Ready, John Tod, Test.  
  Page 247--BALLARD HUMPHREY. To son Nathan bed and furniture. To son Phillip money, part of a note against Nathan. To son B (torn) money due from Nathan, all these items to be given after the death of the testator and his wife (not named) Signed Sept. 19, 1800. Probated July (torn) 1801. Josiah Gordin, John Dyson, Test.  
  Page 21--COX, BARTLEY. To son Pleasant slaves Cit and Jim, and 100 due from Richard Brown of Va., bonds for which are now in the hands  

page 54

  of my friend James Boling. To daus. Ann Clark Cox and Mary Coleman Cox slaves Edmond and Crease, my stage waggon and horses. To wife Susannah all residue of real and personal estate for life or widowhood, to be divided at her death between her seven children. Should she remain single till son Henry is 21 a division may then be made. Son Pleasant and daus. Ann Clark Cox and Mary Coleman Cox to remove to Va. if they choose, dau. Ann to have the care of son Pleasant till majority. His part of his fathers estate after the death of his mother (neither named) to wife Susanna on the same terms. Wife and trusty friend David Ellington, Excrs. Signed July 3, 1792. Probated Nov. 1, 1792. Henry Carlton, Daniel Grant, Gabl. Carlton, Test.  
  Page 52--COX, MARY COLEMAN of Wilkes Co. Ga. To dau. Ann Clark Cox whole estate. If she dies in minority to go to my brother Pleasant Cox. Friend Henry Carlton, Excr. Signed Aug. 4, 1793, Probated Sept. 6, 1793. Gabl. Carlton, William Puryear, Sally Hester Gibson, Test.  
  Page 109--CHEAVIS, ELIZABETH. To dau. Sarah Cheavis a bay mare, Poll. To dau. Mary Cheavis a black mare, Bonny. To dau. Elizabeth Cheavis, a bay horse, Toby. All other property to be equally divided between daus, above. To my three daus. 230 acres of land on Oconee river the right to be made by Mr. Jesse Heard, Friend John O'Neil, sole Excr. Signed June 4, 1792. Probated Apr. 9, 1794. John Barclay, Starling Jenkins, Test.  
  Page 126--COX, MARY. To three grandaughters, Jane, Susannah, and Elizabeth Cox, daus. of dec'd. son Bartley all estate real and personal. Signed Oct. 4, 1793. Probated Dec. 5, 1794. Gab. Carleton, William Puryear, James Burnes, Test.  
  Page 144--CORNEALISON, CONROD. To sons John and Conrod, 450 acres on Broad river, Franklin Co. "it being the second piece of land I purchased from William McCree." To daus. Anney Morgain and Hannah Todd 300 acres in Franklin Co., purchased of Alex McCree. To son Andrew 300 acres in Wilkes Co., "it being the first land I purchased of William McCree." To son William 200 acres where I now live after the death of my present wife Anney. 12 to grandchildren heirs of son Garrett, dec'd. Wife Anney and son Conrod, Excrs. Signed Oct. 17, 1789. Probated Mar. 30, 1795. James McClean, Thomas Lackey, William Ader, Test.  
  Page 165--CARLETON, ROBERT. To dau. Patsy slaves Phil and Rhoda, bed, etc. To son Robert part of land whereon I live adjoining Col. Talliaferro, slave Lue and Aggy, etc. To son Jacob residue of the tract whereon I now live, slaves Will and Jane, etc. "immediately after my death whether of age or not." Residue to be divided among the whole of my children to-wit: my daus. Lucy, Rebeckah, Catharine and Patsy and my sons Robert and Jacob. Son-in-law James Matthews and son Jacob, Excrs. Signed Mar. 11, 1796. Probated Sept. 6, 1796. Wm. Harper,  

page 55

  Wm. Williams, Elijah Norman, J. Wootten, Test. Note. Inventory mentions notes due in Va. Currency.  
  Page 185--CLEMONT, STEPHEN. To wife Sarah all estate in fee simple for life. At her death land, etc., to nephew Aaron Clemont. To John, son of friend Joshuway Abston slave Nutty. Wife Sarah, nephew Aaron Clemont and trusty friends Jesse Heard and James Anthony, Excrs. Signed Oct. 31, 1796. Probated Feb. 5, 1798. Jesse Heard, Test.  
  Page 24--DAVIS, BENJAMIN. To wife (not named) certain property, one-third of household goods, the rest to be divided between dau. Luse and child in esse, if a girl. If a boy to have the land I now live on. To son William 400 acres in Franklin Co. on Trail creek. Wife and Bird Booker Tindill, Excrs. Signed Aug. 5, 1792. Probated Nov. 9, 1792. J. Davis, Wm. Tindell, Test.  
  Page 71--DARRACOTT, THOMAS. To dau. Cicelia Terrell, slaves Chas. and Polly. If son-in-law Richmond Terrell survives Cecelia, he to have them unless he marries, in that case to go to their children. To son John slaves Matt and Davy. To dau. Mary Wingfield slaves, Moses and Milly. To dau. Peggy Borum slaves Joe and Anna. To son William 200 acres on Kettle creek formerly belonging to Daniel Terondet, Esqr., and slaves Leah and Matt. To dau. Elizabeth Darracott slaves Aggy and Lydia, provided she marries with the consent of her mother. To son James slaves Bob and Chloe. To son Francis slaves Billy and Judah. Slaves given to dau. Elizabeth and sons James and Francis not to be given to them till they come of age. To wife Elizabeth land where I now live and all slaves not otherwise disposed of, for life or widowhood. To son William 350 acres of land bought from Emanuel Wambosee. Wife Elizabeth, sons John and William, John Wingfield, Jr., Richmond Terrell and Benj. Bowrum, Excrs. Signed Sept. 4. 1792. Probated Dec. 19, 1793. Daniel Grant, G. Hay, James Willis, Test.  
  Page 97--DOOLY, THOMAS. To Peyton Wyatt, Esqr. my sorrel horse. Residue to be divided between my brother John Mitchell Dooly and sister Susannah Dooly. I desire that John or Jack Dooly should not have any part of my estate. William Bibb, Peyton Wyatt and Newell Walton, Excrs. Signed Oct. 28, 1793. Probated Dec. 31, 1793. Sally S. Bibb, Nancy Taylor, Test.  
  Page 17--ELSBERRY, BENJAMIN. To beloved wife (not named). "my land near Beaverdam creek where I have settled and lived," stock etc., at her death to be divided between all my daus. (not named). Wife and Benjamin Elsberry, Jr. Excrs. Signed Aug. 21, 1789. Probated Aug. 29, 1792. John Moore, Richd. Harvie, Test.  
  Page 86--EARLEY, JACOB. To wife Elizabeth for life, five slaves, Peter, Agg, Jude, George and Aaron, tract of land where we live, her ehold goods, etc. To dau. Ann Harris, slaves Glasgow and Sall. To dau. Sarah  

page 56

  Early slaves Annacy and Chas. To dau. Elizabeth Early slaves Dick, Jinny, Doll, Pat, Selah and Jim. To dau. Mary slaves Will, Nanny, Pheby, Moses, Randal and old Sarah. To dau. Ailcy slaves Cupit, Philip, Melinda, Peter, Hanna and Aron. Wife Elizabeth, Excx. Buckner Harris, Excr. Signed Jan. 16, 1793. Probated Feb. 7, 1794. William Terrell, Peter Terrell, Test.  
  Page 214--EDMUNDS, FRANCIS. To wife Rachel the land whereon I now live and half the land bought of Benj. Palmer, all personal estate for life or widowhood. To son Richard 167 1/2 acres on Newford creek. To son William the other half of the land whereon I live, and 40 acres bought of Jonas Moore. To son John at wife's death the land loaned to her. All slaves to be divided between all children, to-wit, Catherine, Richard, Mary, John, William, Dolly, and Eloi Edmunds, and Ann Dixon, Sally McClendon, and Elizabeth Bailey. Wife Rachel and son William, Excrs. Signed Feb. 16, 1795. Probated July 9, 1799. Azariah Bailey, Josiah Stovall, Hartwell Jackson, Test.  
  Page 148--ERWIN, ALSE. To daus. Margaret, Elizabeth, Jane and Agnes and to sons John, William and David, money, etc., as directed by their father's will. John Erwin and John Mason, Excrs. Signed Mar. 4, 1793. Probated Aug. 5, 1795. James Kinman, Daniel Lett, Test.  
  Page 238--FOSTER, JOHN HARDEN. Property to be kept together for support of wife and children (not named). Rev. Hope Hull, Garland Wingfield and David Meriwether, Excrs. Signed Apr. 21, 1801. Probated July 27, 1801. D. Meriwether, F. Meriwether, Test.  
  Page 61--GRANT, DANIEL. Expressing his belief that slavery is unjust and contrary to the Gospel, he asks that they be freed as soon as a law is made to that effect. In the meantime a limit is set to their service, they being required to pay 10 shillings annually to his son Thomas Grant for their protection, several of which he gives to Thomas. To son John Owen money, and asks that he teach the slaves to read and write. His part of 50 acres of land including mill seat, all other lands he may have any interest in on the Western Waters, stock in trade either personally or in partnership with son Thomas to be divided in five parts, one to be given to the poor, for the purpose of buying books and teaching white and negroes to read the scriptures. The other four parts to my daus., Amelia Owen, Fanny Gafford, Isabell Davis and Anna Wilkinson. Mentions money arising from public certificates in N. C. Son Thomas Grant, John Crutchfield and David Meriwether Excrs. Signed July 4, 1793. Probated Nov. 8, 1793. Alsey Harris, Sarah Beardin, Thomas Darracott, Test.  
  Page 130--Charleston, S. C. Sept. 22, 1794. GRAVES, HUMPHREY, of Washington, Wilkes Co. Ga., in bad health, appoints George Graves and James Perry of Augusta and William Stephens of Charleston, S. C., to collect and dispose of all  

page 57

  property among brothers and sisters except brother Thomas, except my horse to be given Mrs. Frish in Charleston for her attention and care in my present situation. Probated Nov. 11, 1794, in Charleston, S. C. John Sanford Dart, J. P. Q. N. Chas. Lining, Ordinary. Nicholas Shriner, Wm. Lehre, Abraham Markley, Test.  
  Page 187--GILLIAM, WILLIAM. All estate to brothers and sisters and heirs of John Hood, said children taking one share. Brother Deveraux Gilliam and sister Sally Williamson, Excrs. Signed Jan. 27, 1798. Probated Feb. 17, 1798. Joel Abbot, P. Williamson, Chas. Ellis, Test. Deveraux Gilliam relinquishes his appointment Feb. 3, 1800.  
  Page 208--GORDON, MOSES. To wife Nancy all estate for raising and maintaining my children, viz; Josiah, Polly, Isaac, Nancy, Delilah, and Betsy. Wife Nancy and trusty friend George Hamilton and William Cole, Excrs. Signed Nov. 18, 1798. Probated July 9, 1799. Secr (?) Stallings, Mary Stallings, Test.  
  Page 234--GILBERT, FELIX. merchant. To four daus., Sarah Gibson, Nancy Taylor, Mariah Christmas and Elizabeth Hay $200.00 each, they having already received property. To younger son Felix Heywood Gilbert 400. Residue to be divided between sons Wm. Grant Gilbert and Felix," all legacies to be settled as money now passes in Va., that is six shillings for every Spanish milled dollar." Above mentioned sons and friends Rev. John Springer and Benj. Taliaferro, Excrs. Signed Mar. 15, 1798. Probated Feb. 24, 1801. Abraham Tyson, Reuben Wright, Bedfd. Brown, Obadiah Wynne, Test.  
  Page 40--HEARD, JOHN, Whereas he, late of this county, dec'd. did appoint us his executors (as it is said) and whereas it has been and is still inconvenient for us to qualify, to remove all doubts and that no damage may be done we decline acting. Aug. 29, 1792. Signed, Jesse Heard, Stephen Heard. Ebenezer Smith, William Hughes, Test.  
  Page 100--HARPER, BANNISTER. To wife Sarah all property for two years, then to be divided as follows: All land, slaves, furniture and the tobacco due after Robt. Selfridge is paid during widowhood, at her death to dau. Abrilear Harper. To son Robert half the cattle, etc. To son John a slave Roger, etc. To son William slaves Chaney and Lydda. Wife Sarah and son John, Excrs. Signed Oct. 19, 1793. Probated Feb. 14, 1794. Abner Tatom, John Tatom, Jr., Edward Gresham, Test.  
  Page 4--HILL, ABRAHAM, Sr. To wife Christian several slaves, the use of all land on south side of Long creek, including my manor plantation, except 200 acres where son Henry lives. To son Abraham land on north side of Long creek. To sons Theophilus and Noah 200 acres of south side of Broad river, and 460 acres on Appalatchee river in Greene Co. To son Wylie another part of land willed to wife and son  

page 58

  Henry. To son Thomas remainder of land on Long creek, after the death of my wife, including four acres used as plant beds. To son Myles slaves, etc., at majority. To dau. Mary slaves, etc. To grandson Henry Blake, cattle. To grandaughter Mary Blake, cattle. To grandson John Pope, cattle. To grandaughter Sarah Pope, cattle. To grandaughter Patsy Jordan, cattle. To grandson Whitman Cocke, cattle. Out of the money due me from Edward Pride a young negro woman be purchased which my son-in-law Josiah Jordan shall have forever for himself and heirs and five shillings. All other money collected for outstanding debts to pay his own, and residue used to finish his house, and a horse purchased for his son Noah. After the death of wife cattle to be divided amongst my children; Theopilus, Noah, Myles, Thomas, Wylie, and Mary. All slaves given to above children to remain on the farm and work under the direction of my son Abraham and my wife till Noah, Miles, Wylie, Thomas and Mary come of age or marry. Wife Christian and sons Abraham and Henry, Excrs. Signed Nov. 23, 1790. J. Abernethie, Joshua Johnston, Test.
Codicil. Whereas in above will nothing was left to sons-in-law Benj. Blake and Henry Pope, Executors to pay to son Henry Pope, five shillings and to each of my sons-in-law Henry Pope and Benj. Blake five shillings. Probated Feb. 29, 1792.
  Page 204--HARPER, PLEASANT. To brother William Harper, 100 acres of land and all other property in fee simple. Signed Dec. 9, 1797. Barton Landrum, Samuel Landrum, Test. Probated July 5, 1799.  
  Page 177--HEARD, CHARLES. To wife Margit riding horse Briton and two cows white back and white face, household furniture, feather bed and tract of land on which I live, and slaves Rodey and Mingo. To dau. Ann Owens her choice of horses. To son Joseph my feather bed and quilt. To grandchildren Samuel and Anne Heard, children of son George, dec'd. 40 at majority or marriage. Residue of estate to my four sons; John, Richard, William and Joseph equally. Sons John and Richard and nephew Jesse Heard, Excrs. Signed Aug. 25, 1792. Probated Dec. 5, 1797. Jesse, Joseph, and John Heard, Test.  
  Page 218--HAMMOCK, ROBERT, Sr. To wife Milenor the whole of the land I possess, so she may raise the children under age in a creditable manner, to dispose of as she pleases. To Milley Bentley $16.00, which is to be considered her lawful claim against the estate. To my first son (not named) the plantation where he lives. To second son Robert 100 acres adjoining his brother Lewis, and McFarlin. To third son Joshua 100 acres adjoining his brother Robert and Perry's survey. To fourth and fifth sons John and William 200 acres in the Stewart survey. To sixth son Edward 200 acres including the house and plantation where I now live. The remainder of my survey and the Stewart survey to dau. Katey. Wife not to be disturbed in her possession of the land, etc., but to freely enjoy for life, sons not to sell their land without his consent,  

page 59

  and after his death to give the refusal to each other so as to keep it in the family. Money etc., from debts to be divided among wife and daughters. Signed July 9, 1799. John Battle, Henry LeCrass, John Hill, Test.
Codicil. To avoid a misunderstanding of above will, I hereby annex this codicil. To oldest dau. Anna Ray a calf. To Betsy Moncrief a calf, to be considered all their claim against the estate. Residue of movable effects to be divided between daus. Lucy, Polly, Lurina and Katey at their mother's death. Probated Feb. 24, 1800.
  Page 249--HORN, JOHN. To son Edward $80.00. To dau. Hannah bed etc. Moveable estate to be sold, proceeds divided amongst the following children: William, John, Isaac and Nelly Horn, Margaret Harrison, Nancy Horn, Edward and Hannah Horn. To son-in-law John R..... (torn). John Horn and Cyrus Billingslea, Excrs. Signed ..... 14, 1800. Probated July 27, 1801. John Sappington, John Chaney, Henry McNatt, Test.  
  Page 258--HUFF, PETER. (badly torn) To wife Elizabeth for life, to be divided between daus. Angel and Hannah Huff. Signed Nov..... 1801. date of probate gone. John Pope, Martha Huff, Aaron Foults (?)  
  Page 11--JOHNSON, JOHN. To son Jo: a slave Jenny. To dau. Preshus Cash, slave Patt. To wife Sarah all moveable estate for widowhood. At her death to be divided between my other children, to-wit: Elizabeth, Sarah, Walter, Isaiah, Darcus, Upton, and child in esse. Land on Shoal creek, Franklin Co. to be sold and more land bought. Wife Sarah and son Jos., Excrs. Signed May 23, 1791. Probated June 30, 1792. James Spratlin, John Holmes, Test.  
  Page 27--JOHNSON, JAMES. To wife Rebecca slaves and a fourth of cattle, furniture etc. for life, to be divided at her death between my three children: Daniel, Elizabeth and James. All land to be equally divided when son Daniel comes of age. Jos. Echols, Glenn Owen and James Rutledge, Sr., Excrs. No date of signature. Probated Nov. 16, 1792. John Rutledge, William Duke, George Owen, Test.  
  Page 37--JONES, SAMUEL. To wife Darcus 200 acres of land, part of the plantation on which I now live, bed etc. To son Thomas a slave, Jerry, bed, etc. To dau. Catharine slave Henrietta, bed, etc. when 16. To child in esse if a son the remaining 200 acres of land at the age of 20, if a daughter at the age of 16. Son Thomas to be taught to read and calculate, and gives to him two books, Guthrie's Geographical Grammar and Scott's Spelling Dictoinary. Mentions a note on Thomas Leslie. Wife Darcus and Jos. Praither, Excrs. Signed Feb. 19, 1793. Probated Mar. 16, 1793. John Chandler, Francis Gartrell, Test.  
  Page 56--JENNINGS, WILLIAM. To grandson Garland Jeter, 5. To sons Dickerson, John, William and James Jennings what they have already  

page 60

  received. To son Moody 200 acres including his plantation and slaves David and Phillis. To son Joseph slave Dick. To son Robert slave Jack, bed, etc. To son Thomas 200 acres where he now lives and slave Hanna, bed, etc. To son Henry 200 acres whereon I now live, and slave Peter. Daughters Elizabeth Anderson and Sarah Robertson have received their share. To dau. Mary Jeter a slave Lucy, at her death to her children. To dau. Nancy Hix a slave Milly, to her children at her death. Robert Walton and son Moody Jennings, Excrs. Signed Oct. 19, 1793. Probated Nov. 1, 1793. Oliver Jeter, Robt. and Henry Jennings, Test.  
  Page 83--JONES, WILLIAM, of Warren Co. Ga. To grandau. Polly Harper 300 acres where I now live. To wife Susannah all my slaves for life, viz: Frank, Sarah, Nan, Jenny and Silvey. Confirms gift to dau. Mary Varden and to son James Jones, to daus. Sarah Chainia, Martha Harper. To son Sterling slaves Prince and Betty and what he has already received. James and Sterling Jones, Excrs. Signed Jan. 1, 1794. Probated Jan. 24, 1794. Geo Weatherby, Abr. F. Ellin, Richard B. Fletcher, Test.  
  Page 103--JACKSON, DRURY. To wife Ann all property for widowhood or life, to be divided among all children (not named) Wife Ann and John Collier, Excrs. Signed June 21, 1792. Probated Feb. 20, 1794. Edward Calahan, Will Ely, Test.  
  Page 256--KELLY, JAMES. To wife Hannah all land I possess, slaves, Joseph and Esther, cattle, etc., to be disposed of as she sees fit. Wife Hannah and . . . . . (torn) Walker, Excrs. No date of signature. Probated July 28, 1801. Susannah Bush, John Bush, Jr. John Bush, Sr., Test.  
  Page 19--LOYALLESS, JAMES. Wife Sarah to have a living out of estate till children come of age, then to be divided between her and my sons James and Sarah (?), and my dau. Lucy. Wife Sarah sole Excx. Signed Dec. 13, 1790. Probated Oct. 20, 1792. Elisha Pruitt, Jesse Armstrong, Mountain Hill, Test.  
  Page 59--LEWIS, WARNER. All estate to wife Fannay till youngest child Fanny Lewis comes of age or marries, then all estate real and personal to be sold and divided between wife Fanny and my four children to-wit: Polly, John, Warner and Fanny. Wife Fanny and brother Chas. Lewis, Excrs. Signed Apr. 2, 1793. Probated Nov. 6, 1793. David Burks, Nathan Ward, Elizabeth Sirls, Test.  
  Page 112--LEA, WILLIAM. To wife Nancy for life or widowhood, the plantation whereon I now live, all the furniture within the walls, stock, etc., and slaves Ben. Jude, Jenney and Osborn. To son Thomas slave Hannah. To son John slave Daniel. To son Jonathan slave Dinah. To dau. Nancy for life slaves George, Milly and Elix, the still, 100 acres of land, etc., at her death the land to be given to my son Solomon, the  

page 61

  negroes and stock to Nancy's five children (not named). To grandchildren William and Sarah Ropers slave Jenny at the death of my wife, when they come of age. To grandau. Susannah Lea slave Osborn at wife's death. 30 to be divided among the heirs of my dau. Rosanna Gean at wife's death. Aquilla Burroughs, John Lea, and Joseph Henderson, Excrs. Signed Jan. 9, 1794. Probated May 3, 1794. Spencer Runnels, Geo. Griggs, John Henderson, Test.  
  Page 233--LENOIR, WILLIAM. A letter to John Pope, Esqr., saying he is in exceedingly bad health and can't live much longer, that John has always been his particular friend and neighbor, he asks that he take charge of all property till his lawful heirs come forward, namely, Thomas Lanoir, John Lanoir, Robert Crawley Lanoir, Lamar Lewis Lanoir, Winnefred Chelcy and Nancy Willson. Mentions notes on Samuel Wilbourn and his brother Johnston Wilbourn, Henry Jones, "one against my brother Robt. Crawley Lanior never to be collected." Requests him to pay Sammy Clark a certain sum, and mentions another sum in the hands of Archibald Simson. Requests Rev. James Matthews to preach his funeral. Signed June 3, 1800. Probated July 31, 1800. Archibald Simpson, Samuel and Hannah Wingfield, Test.  
  Page 224--LESLEY, THOMAS. Daughter Lidia Lesley principal beneficiary, two shares of all the property. To son Thomas horses, tools, etc. The remainder of the estate to be equally divided among my four children: Thomas Lesley. Lidia Lesley, Mary McNight and Hannah Diar. Son Thomas, Excr. Signed May 27, 1798. Probated Feb. 26, 1800. Wm. McClure, Spencer Douglas, Test.  
  Page 32--MOORE, JOSEPH. To son William his choice of horses. To wife Elizabeth all estate real and personal for life to raise our dear little children on. To son Jesse mill and plantation where I live, at his mother's death, and all property then to be divided among all the children, viz: Abednego, Benjamin, John, William and Jesse Moore, Sarah Crawford, Nancy Bankston, Anass, Sararener, and Mary Moore. Wife Elizabeth and William Moore, Excrs. Signed Aug. 2, 1791. Probated Jan. 28, 1793. David Kerr, Alle Kerr. James Scott, Test.  
  Page 34--MAYS, VALENTINE. To wife Ann a child's part for life to be equally divided among my five children, mentioned, Valentine, Elizabeth, Martha, Nancy and James Mays. To daus. Mary Williams, Ruth Barnett, Sarah Burnet and son Thomas Mays, one shilling each. Son Valentine and wife Ann, Excrs. Signed Nov. 30, 1792. Probated Feb. 7, 1793. Thomas Reoynalds, Jams Scott, John Lackey, Test.  
  Page 106--MOSELY, BENJAMIN, Sr. To wife Winney all personal estate for life to be divided between my two last children, Mildred and Jonathan Mosely. To children Polley York, Benjamin Mosely, Wm. Mosely, Betsey Paradice, Sealley Meroney, five shillings each. To son Jonathan at wife's death the home plantation of 200 acres on Soap creek adjoining  

page 62

  Abel Tatum and Benj. Mosely. Wife Winney and son William, Excrs. Signed Jan. 14, 1793. Probated Dec. 14, 1793. Samuel Crawley, Alex Mosely, David Stoval, Test.  
  Page 118--MARSHALL, MATTHEW. To wife Rhoda and son Dickson, 100 acres where I now live for life or widowhood. To sons Matthew, John and James 100 acres each. To dau. Rhoda Marshall, horse, etc. To grandaughters Linney McNeal and Betsy Parker a calf each, daus. of Marget McNeal and Constance Parker. Signed Mar. 11, 1794. Probated Apr. 21, 1794. Wm. Covington, David and Martha Douglas, Test. Wife Rhoda and son John, Excrs.  
  Page 41--McCLENDON, JACOB, Sr. To son Isaac slave Ben. To son Samuel 500 acres on Reedy branch including the land where Samuel now lives and a slave Neroe. To son Travis a slave Primas. To son Dennis 650 acres part of which belonged to John Westbrooks, dec'd. and slaves Adam and Dinah. To son Amos 600 acres, residue of my land, slaves, cattle, etc., after his mother's death. Legacies to daus. Jemima, Laney, Penelope, Nancy and Bethaney. Isaac and Martha McClendon, my beloved wife, Excrs. Signed Aug. 16, 1791. Probated Apr. 23, 1793. Joseph Bailey, Henry and Sarah McKie, Test.  
  Page 115--McLANE, (McLAIN), JOHN. To wife Marina, slave Fann, choice of beds and child's part of all personal estate forever. To eldest son Jesse slave Lucas, etc. To dau. Sally McLain slave Charlot, etc. To son James 40 to buy a slave. To youngest dau. Betsy McLain slave Silvey, etc. Wife Marina and trusty friend Jesse Stallings, Excrs. Signed June 25, 1794. Probated July 29, 1794. Salley Stallings John Milner, Sanders Walker, Test.  
  Page 205--McCLENDON, JACOB. To son Francis all the land on Morris's creek and slave Dick. To son Stephen, remainder of land where I live and slaves Peter, Beck, Abel, and Fann. To dau. Amy Hill slaves Nann, Darcus, and Sally. To dau. Nancy McClendon slaves Fellan and Isabell, etc. Francis McClendon, Theopilus Hill, and Azariah Bailey, Excrs. Signed Mar. 9, 1799. Probated July 9, 1799. Jesse Bailey, Wm. Bailey, Samuel Bentley, Test.  
  Page 240--McLANE, MARINAY. To son Jesse a debt of $30.00 and an equal part of the residue of my estate not otherwise disposed of. To dau. Salley McLane a slave Celia, etc. To son James a slave Aaron. The land to be sold and proceeds divided among the children as directed by their father's will. Brother Jesse Stallings, sole Excr. Signed Dec. 22, 1800. No date of probate. N. Long, Sally and Palatiah Stallings, Test.  
  Page 141--OXFORD, EDWARD. "On the decline of life." To wife Mary home plantation, etc., to be divided as she thinks best at her decease. To son Jonathan 100 acres part of the land on which I now live, on  

page 63

  Rocky creek adjoining Silas Hopkins and Richard Reaves. To son Edward 200 acres a part of above tract. To dau. Elizabeth, horse, etc. To dau. Nancy Richardson five shillings. To dau. Polly Wade cow and calf. To grandau. Rody Oxford 50 acres part of above tract. Wife Mary and Jonathan Oxford, Excrs. Signed June 16, 1794. Probated Feb. 26, 1795. W. F. Booker, Elizabeth Booker, Test.  
  Page 179--OLIVER, JOHN. To wife Betsy 650 acres "on which I now live," 500 of which I bought of Col. Glascock, 150 of William Callaway, one-third of the stock, silver spoons, slaves, etc., for life, at her death to dau. Jean McCarty Oliver. Also to Jean 500 acres in Oglethorpe Co., on Bushy creek, to be sold and money to be put at interest till majority or marriage. If she dies previous all to be enjoyed by my natural born dau. Polly Glover, Polly to inherit all claims as his right in marrying Rhoda Goodman. Wife Betsy, Col. Benj. Talliaferro, Wm. Barnett and brother Dionysius Oliver, Excrs. Signed July 11, 1796. Probated Aug. 18, 1796. Wm. Lenoir, Betsy T. and James Edwards, Test.  
  Page 211--OWENS, JOHN, Sr. To wife Mary all property for life or widowhood to be divided among my children John, Jemima, Sally, Mary, Denny C., and Fanny Owens. Wife Mary, John Owen, Jr., and Obadiah Wynne, Excrs. Signed Oct. 29, 1798. Probated July 9, 1799. James Combs, John Bolton, Jemima Owens, Test.  
  Page 229--O'NEAL, NATHANIEL. To wife Sarah all estate for life. To dau. Sarah slave Cary. To son Theopilus, minor, slave Sam. To dau. Tabitha a slave Harry, etc. To child in esse equal share at final division. Requests all children to remain with their mother till majority. William Stephens of Greene Co., and William Wilson of Wilkes Co., Excrs. No date of signature. Probated July 28, 1800. Wooten O'Neal and Nathaniel Stevens, Test.  
  Page 13--PETIT, BENJAMIN. All estate to wife Jane for life or widowhood, to be divided among all my children, not named, at her discretion. Signed July 8, 1790. Probated July 9, 1792. Daniel Terondet, Morgan Richardson, Benj. Elliott, Test. Wife Jane sole Excx.  
  Page 48--POTTS, MOSES. "Aged and infirm." To four married daus. towit, Margaret Stewart, Mary Irving, Jean Potts, and Rebecca Simonton 10 each. Mentions land in Franklin Co. on Oconee river to be equally divided between my five sons, William, Henry, Moses, Stephen and Samuel Potts. Samuel to have half the home place also, to be in possession of his wife Elizabeth till Samuel arrives at majority. To dau. Elizabeth Potts feather bed, etc., equal to the other daus. Wife Elizabeth, sons William and Henry, Excrs. Signed Apr. 20, 1793. Probated Aug. 8, 1793. J. Stewart, James Thomas, Stephen Potts, John McWhorter, Test.  
  Page 89--PHIPPS, AARON. To wife Mary all estate for life, to be inherited  

page 64

  by youngest dau. Mary Phipps. To eldest son Robert and eldest dau. Sarah McConkey 20 shillings each. Wife Mary and youngset dau. Mary Phipps, Excrs.
Codicil: After the death of dau. Mary Phipps her children Rhuhema, Thomas and Joseph Fipps to have residue of my estate. Signed Sept. 15, 1793. Probated Feb. 8, 1794. Samuel Crawley, Samuel Farr, Elizabeth Farr, Test.
  Page 137--PHAIR, EPHRAIM. To dau. Rachel Robinson one shilling. To dau. Margery Wallace, cow and calf. To son Ephraim one-third of the price of land sold to Nathaniel Hicks. To son Samuel, a horse. To dau. Margaret Wilson, a ewe. To dau. Ann McErvin (McEwen?) a horse. To sons Jonathan, Edward and Francis, land bought of Hughes & Walton. To son John Houtten Phair land in Greene Co. Sheep to grandsons Ephraim Phair, and Ephraim Phair McEwen. Signed Aug. 27, 1793. No date of probate. Alex McEwen, Francis Phair, Test. Sons Ephraim, Samuel and Edward, Excrs.  
  Page 91--ROGERS, TABITHA. To son Burwell slave Phillis. To dau. Phatha Rogers slave Sylva. To dau. Polly Rogers and sons Micael and John Rogers, slaves, household goods, etc., till the youngest John is 21. To son Brittian Rogers, daus. Tellathy Stokes, Tabby Kendrick, Sally Womack and Celia Rimes one shilling each. Sons Brittain and Burwell, Excrs. Signed Oct. 28, 1793. Probated Feb. 11, 1794. John Rice, Abrahma Bell, Test.  
  Page 45--STARNES, EBENEZER. To dau. Elizabeth Starnes forever a mare called Pleasure and all willed to her by her grandfather David Calahan. If not secured to share with other children. To wife Elizabeth for life all estate to be equally divided between my children Moses, Samuel, Daniel, John, Ebenezer, Mary, and Joseph Starnes. Friends William and George Franklin, Excrs. Signed Mar. 25, 1793. Probated May 13, 1793. Parsons Poe, Anthy Carroll, William Franklin, Test.  
  Page 54--STEWART, MARTHA. To each of my children, Elizabeth, Jehu, Isaac, Catherine, Gravener, Rachel, and Hannah five shillings each. To grandaughter Martha Brooks feather bed when she is 18. To son Amos, 150 acres land whereon my son Gravener now lives, cattle, etc., Amos to be sole Excr. Signed Mar. 27, 1791. Probated Sept. 20, 1793. Daniel Williams, Jesse Pugh, John McGinty, Test.  
  Page 67--SHANNON, THOMAS. To two grand children Elizabeth Ward and her brother John, children of Lewis Salmon, dec'd., cattle. To grand children Thomas and Mary Paxton, colts. To dau. Hanna Owen and son John Shannon ten shillings. To sons Owen and Thomas Shannon the 400 acre tract on which I live, adjoining General Clarke, after the death of my wife Ellinor. Wife Ellinor, sons Owen and Thomas, Excrs. Signed Nov. 28, 1793. Probated Dec. 12, 1793. Drury Harrington, Mary Paxton, John Salmon, Test.  

page 65

  Page 95--SCHRODER, ISABELLA. To four sons, Alex,, John, William, and Magnus all the land I possess, except a strip adjoining Edmond Daniel, which he is to have when he secures the grant. To George Rutledge 100 acres of above land which he purchased. To son-in-law, Thos. Thomas, five shillings. To grandaughter Isabel Thomas feather bed. Residue to four daus. Agnes, Isabel, Margaret and Easther. Edmond Daniel and Henry Thomson, Excrs. Signed Oct. 6, 1793. Probated Feb. 12, 1794. William Evans, Abraham McAlhattan, Test.  
  Page 123--STARKE, THOMAS. To wife Elizabeth, plantation and appurtenances for life. To daus. Mary Staples, Sarah Hilliard and Elizabeth Cummings 45 each. Confirms former gifts to son William Starke. To son Jones Starke 300 acres whereon he now lives, part of a 600 acre tract, slaves, etc. To son John, land in Greene Co., adjoining the Academy lands, slaves, etc. Son William and Alex. Cummings, Excrs. Signed Nov. 11, 1793. Probated Nov. 26, 1794. Henry Mounger, Lidia McCullough, Test.  
  Page 135--SMITH, JOHN. To wife Sarah all land, etc. and slaves for life to dispose of as she sees fit. The residue to be equally divided among my children when the youngest arrives at 18 years. To son Alex. and dau. Mary bed and furniture each. James Kinman, Thomas Grier, Excrs. Signed Apr. 27, 1794. Probated Jan. 30, 1795. James Melton, David Erwin, Test. ("Called will of Capt. John Smith").  
  Page 139--SUDDUTH, JAMES. To wife Hannah all estate for life, to go to youngest son James. To son Jared that part of the land that he lives on. To dau. Jean feather bed and slave Harry as long as she is single, after that to son James. To dau. Polley feather bed, etc. To nephew John Newbel a horse. To son Laurance two pewter dishes. Son Laurance to be sole Excr. Signed Dec. 16, 1793. No date of probate. Jesse Norman, James Sudduth, Jared S. Sudduth, Test.  
  Page 160--STRIBLING, FRANCIS. To wife Dorothy plantation I now live on containing 420 acres for life, at her death to be divided between sons Thomas and Anthony, and to son Toloforo land where he now lives. To daus. Elizabeth McClendon and Clary Collins 10 shillings each. To dau. Frances Wells, slave Andro. A certain slave to be sold at wife's death and proceeds divided among sons and Peggy Wilburn. Wife Dorothy, Isaac McClendon and Toloforo Stribling, Excrs. Signed Feb. 3, 1796. Probated Apr. 25, 1796. Nipper Adams, Wm. Benson, John Edmonds, Test.  
  Page 195--SPRINGER, JOHN. To wife (not named) land where I now live, slaves, etc., for life. To dau. Sally a slave Aggy received as security from Col. Cocke of Augusta, and the land on which she lives. Confirms a gift of slaves to dau. Elizabeth in 1782. To dau. Nancy and son William land in Hancock Co., purchased from Nathaniel Chrismas. To dau. Susannah land in Pendleton Co. S. C., slaves, etc. To dau.  

page 66

  Mary Ann tract of land where I live after wife's decease. Speaks of "children by my present wife." Wife, father-in-law William Green and bro-in-law Solomon Green, Excrs. Signed ....., 1795. Probated Dec. 19, 1798. John and Rebecca Long, Test.  
  Page 213--SMITH, JAMES. To son John and dau. Patty Barron land in Oglethorpe Co. on Long creek. To son Joseph land in Wilkes Co., on which I live. Other children Nathan Smith, children of my son Jacob, Mary White, Elizabeth and Rachel Smith, and Sarah Thompson. Signed Jan. 2, 1797. Probated July 9, 1799. Edward Butler, Nathaniel and Samuel Rice, Test.  
  Page 222--SIMMS, JOHN. All estate to be equally divided between wife Milley, sons William and Frederick and dau. Emily Wingfield Sims when William comes of age. Wife Milley, Benjamin Simms, John Wingfield, Sr., and Thomas Wingfield, Jr., Excrs. Signed Mar. 12, 1799. Probated Feb. 26, 1800. Littleton Harris, Benjamin Simms, John Wingfield, Sr., Test.  
  Page 237--SMITH, ANNE. To William Hemmins, John Leonard, Thena and James Hogan Leonard twenty-five cents each. To Nancy Smith dau. of my brother Esau and to Celia Smith dau. of Barshaba Hogan, personalty. To sons Esau and Anthony a debt they owe. Residue to dau. Melina Smith. Son Esau, Excr. Signed Jan. 26, 1798. Probated July 25, 1798. John Abernathie, Chas. Finch, Test.  
  Page 121--TATOM, JOHN, Sr. Wife Sarah to use all estate for her subsistence during life. Son William to have a cow, etc., in proportion with other children. The estate to be divided into nine equal parts, one to the children of my dec'd. dau. Henrietta Fullilove, one to the children fo my dau. Elizabeth Ann Hicks, one to the children of dec'd. dau. Keziah, five pounds of said share to Samuel Goodwin, her eldest son, the remainder in three parts, one to the other son, and the other third to her daughters (not named). The other six parts to be divided equally among the rest of my children, not named, my son in this state to give notice to those in N. C., before a division. Sons Abel, Abner John and William, Excrs. Signed Mar. 21, 1793. Probated Oct. 8, 1794. Thomas Owens, James Hester, Thomas Shannon, Test.  
  Page 146--TERRELL, PETER. Confirms gifts of slaves to sons Thomas and John. Gives to son Joel, son Charles, dau. Fanny Wingfield Terrell and son Henry a family of slaves. Edward Butler and three sons Thomas, John and Joel, Excrs. Signed Aug. 22, 1794. Probated Apr. 21, 1795. George Herrage, Elizabeth and J. W. Butler, Test.  
  Page 149--TERONDET, DANIEL. To son James Carter Terondet slave Ben, feather bed, etc., and to be given instruction in English, French and Latin and mathematics. To wife Salley residue till marriage or death, to be given to son James Carter Terondet at her death or the  

page 67

  age of 21. Signed Apr. 15, 1795. Prob. July 8, 1795, John F. Gardiner, Wm. Maxwell, John Griffin, Test.  
  Page 155--TERRY, THOMAS. To sons John, Thomas, Jasper and Jesse Terry and daus. Mary Green, Elizabeth Ingram, Sary Hunt and Jemima Terry five shillings each. To son Moses a horse called Black. To wife Sarah all estate in fee simple. Wife Sarah and James Hunt, Excrs. Signed by Thomas and Sarah Terry and James Hunt. Feb. 7, 1792. John W. Burns, Elijah Cowen, Test.  


Page 174--TURNER, REBECKAH. To dau. Polly Turner a slave Judy. All the land which is child's part of the estate of my husband Meshach Turner dec'd. slaves Piety and Joe, all household furniture, etc., to be sold and equally divided between Meshach, John and James Turner, Rebeckah Ogletree, Susannah Wilhite and Sally Billingslea. Son James and John, Excrs. Signed Oct. 14, 1796. Probated Jan. 4, 1797. Chas. Dean, Jr., Urial Turner, Test.

Page 189--TALBOT, JOHN. To wife Phebe a large number of slaves, all houshold goods, 25 in the hands of James Murray of Liverpool, all land for life, at her death to son Matthew, he paying a certain sum to the other children, viz: Phoebe Creswell, Thomas Talbot, Mary Triplett and Elizabeth Walker. Phoebe Creswell's part in trust of Thomas and Matthew Talbot, at her death to go to her children, Mary Garlanton Creswell, John Talbot Creswell, Phoebe, Elizabeth and Zulumnia Creswell. To sons above mentioned land in Ky. or any claim by grant or warrant, except what I have sold to John Candler. To grandson John Hedgeman Triplett a slave George at majority. To grandau. Sarah Minge Walker a slave Milly. To grandau. Mary Mosely Talbot when 18, a slave Hannah. Sons Thomas and Matthew, Excrs. Signed Aug. 25, 1798. Probated Aug. 25, 1798. Freeman Walker, Massa and Elizabeth Thomas, Test. (An immense estate).

Page 199--TOOMBS, GABRIEL. To wife Ann practically all estate for life, to be divided at her death between my six children, Robert and Dawson Gabriel Toombs, Mary Barrott, Elizabeth Toombs, Ann Dawson Pearman and Sally Dawson Toombs. All this property to the children for life, to go to his grand children at their deaths, slaves to be treated kindly. "This is my desire, my dear children, fulfill my desire." Wife Ann and sons Robert and Dawson Gabriel Toombs, Excrs. No date of signature. Probated Feb. 25, 1799. Arkelis Stephens, Robert Dawson, Test.

Page 231--TOOMBS, DAWSON G. To wife Mary certain slaves and all the legacies due in Va. or elsewhere. Rest of estate to be divided according to my father's will. Wife Mary and brother Robert Excrs. Signed Dec. 12, 1799. Probated July 31, 1801. Jesse, Stephen, Judith, and Sarah Heard, Test.

page 68

Page 246--THURMAN, ABSOLOM. To dau. Betsy Jackson, son John, dau. Drusilla Willbourn, dau. Polly Woodrough, son Jesse, son Charles, and Dau. Susanna Thurman one shilling each. To dau. Nancy Thurman sorrel mare, feather bed and all land. To son Henry a colt. Son Charles to take the two last named children and live with them on the plantation till of age. Sons Charles and John, Excrs. Signed Oct. 3, 1800. Probated July 27, 1801. Daniel, and Susanna Hicks, Test.
Mary Thurman comes before the Inferior Court and declares she will not agree to the will of her dec'd. husband Absolom Thurman, but will claim one-third of the real estate and a child's part of the personal estate. July 27, 1801.

Page 1--WILBORNE, WILLIAM. (signed Welborn) To wife Aephzeleat, plantation where I live, slaves, etc., for life or widowhood, for raising and schooling my five youngest children, namely: Johnston, Abner, Nancy, Wilkes, and Shapely, to be divided among them at her decease, having given the rest of my children enough to exclude them from this will. Son Isaac Wilborne and James Matthews, Excrs. Signed Aug. 20, 1791. Probated Feb. 11, 1792. John Crabtree, James Denman, John Harkens, Test.

Page 29--WILSHIRE, BENJAMIN. To wife Mary all estate for life, to be divided between my four children; William, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Ann Wilshire, and child in esse. Wife Mary and brother William Wilshire. Excrs. Signed June 17, 1791. Probated Dec. 8, 1792. Jos. McMath, Allen Brown, Jos. Dupoys, Test.

Page 77--WILLIAMS, FREDERICK. To wife Jane, dau. Eliza Thornton and dau. Peggy Williams, and child in esse to share personal estate provided Joshua Thornton, husband of Eliza, will agree to consider slaves, etc., already given, him in such division. Wife Jane, friends Joshua Thornton and Harrison Musgrove, Excrs. Signed Dec. 14, 1793. Probated Jan. 2, 1794. John Collier; William Daniel, Test.

Page 81--WINGFIELD, JOHN. To son Garland the land whereon I live, about 660 acres, son John holding a deed to the residue. To dau. Ann Wingfield a slave Sall. To dau. Frances Meriwether a slave Amy. Speaks of having loaned a slave each to dau. Rebecca Darracott, dau. Pattey Foster, son John, all to be returned to the estate. Wife, not named, to have the use of the home plantation, at her death to be divided among all children, to-wit: Thomas, Garland, John, Sarah, Anne, Francis, Elizabeth, Mary, Rebeckah, and Patty, land in Va., to be divided among the daughters. Sons, Excrs. Signed Mar. 10, 1791. Probated Jan. 15, 1794. William Moore, Will Terrell, Hickerson Cosby, Test.

Page 157--WYNN, THOMAS. "far advanced in life." To wife Mary all the land where I now live. If she dies before the two daughters Rhodea and Lucy marry, they to have it with son Thomas Wynn. To wife Mary 6000 pounds of tobacco in possession of Dickson & Bostick, Inspectors.

page 69

To son Obediah the land on which he lives. Wife Mary, son Obediah and Sanders Walker, Excrs. Signed Aug. 29, 1789. Probated Apr. 7, 1795. Abraham Tyson, William Best, Samuel Freeman, James Scurlock, Test.

Page 152--WYLIE, ELIZABETH. To dau. Elizabeth Wylie the profits of one-third of the land whereon I now live, to go to son John Wylie at her death. To dau. Mary Doss my large iron pot. Son John sole Excr. Signed Aug. 26, 1795. Probated Oct. 8, 1795. John Abernathie, Robert Hughes, Benj. Thomas, Test.

Page 169--WILLIAMSON, MICAJAH, Sr. To eldest son Charles five shillings. To sons Micajah, Peter, William, and Jefferson Williamson, daus. Nancy Clark, Sally Griffin, Bird, Patsy and Elizabeth Williamson, five shillings each. To wife all other property, she to be sole Excr. Signed Apr. 29, 1790. Probated Dec. 5, 1796. John Clark, William Gillam, Thompson Bird, Test.

Page 183--WINGFIELD, THOMAS. John H. Foster and Peter B. Terrell to divide his land in three equal parts. To son Sam, the lot up the river, to wife (not named) the middle lot where the house stands for life, at her decease to son Charles. To son Thomas the third or lower lot. To dau. Molley Wingfield, slave, etc. To son John slaves, bed, etc. To dau. Fanny Wingfield slave, bed, etc. Sons Sam and Thomas and Edward Butler and Garland and John Wingfield my three friends, Excrs. Signed July 21, 1797. Probated Dec. 27, 1797. Samuel Whatley, John W. Butler, James Walker, Test.

Page 198--WOODALL, JOHN. To sons Joseph and Robert Woodall, daus. Sarah Blanks, Mary Bays (Bass?), Martha Medlock, five shillings. To sons Jonathan, James and John Woodall the land I live on. To son Martin Woodall 6. Residue to wife Dorothy, for life to be divided between dau. Eady Woodall and sons John, Jonathan and James. Ewen Manon and Edmond Daniel, Excrs. Signed May 25, 1796. Probated Jan. 1, 1799. Wm. Stevens, John King, Test.

Page 207--WILKEY, JOHN. To wife Ellender, sole heir. Signed Mar. 4, 1799. Probated Mar. 15, 1799. Levi Johnson, Meredith Catching, Test.

Page 226--WILLIAMSON, CHARLES. To wife Polly and son Charles, Jr., all estate real and personal. "To son Charles my bounty land as a late State Troop officer," "money due me as a militia officer on the frontier of this state," to be equally divided between wife Polly and son Charles. Signed July 31, 1799. Probated Feb. 27, 1800. B. Smith, Patsy, and William Williamson, Test.

Page 216--WADE, AKREE, To wife (not named), one-third of all estate for life. To son Joshua the land where I now dwell. Residue to daughters, not named. Signed Nov. 1, 1799. Probated Feb. 24, 1801. John Lynn, Edward, and Jonathan Oxford, Test.

page 70

Page 242--WATKINS, JAMES. "old and infirm." To grandaughter Sophia Manning a slave Nancy. To grandaughter Pamelia Thompson a slave Sally, these slaves promised son-in-law Robert Thompson. If he calls for them to be divided between my sons Robert and Joseph. To granddaughter Eliza Watkins, dau. of Samuel, a slave Sucky. To wife Martha 300 acres of land from the tract I now live on and a number of slaves for life, to be divided equally between sons Robert and Joseph and Isham. To sons William, James, Samuel, Thompson. slaves, etc. To dau. Sally Thompson, slave. Sons Robert and Joseph. Excrs. Signed Feb. 10, 1800. Probated July 27, 1801. Robert Thompson, J. Anthony, Test.

Page 252--WINGFIELD, THOMAS. To grandchildren Thomas, Lucy, John, Failing (?) and Wm. Garland Griffin, slaves. To son John Wingfield land in Va., left by my father. To daus. Sarah Garland Powell and Mary Worsham, feather bed, slaves, etc. To grandchildren Henry Pierce, Thomas, Wingfield, and Benjamin Dickinson Simms. slaves. To dau. Millv Simms, slaves, etc. To son Thomas Wingfield bed and slaves. To dau. Nancy Wingfield, slaves and bed. To grandson Wm. Garland Grimes a slave. To wife Elizabeth all land where I live and appurtenances for life, to son Thomas at her death, daughters L. G. Poulain and Nancy Wingfield to have privilege of living there. Sons John and Thomas, Excrs. Signed Aug. 21, 1799. Probated July 22, 1806. E. Mounger, Test.

Page 189-190--WOOTTEN, RICHARD B., dec'd. Receipts from Lucretia Wootten, James Cade, Robert Cade and Drewry Bud Cade to John Pope and James Cade, Admrs. for their part of their father's estate. James Cade relinquishes all claim to estate "having been provided for in my father's life time." Lucretia Woottens part to be divided amongst her three children: Patsy, Allen and Richard Bradford Wootten. All must give their mother a comfortable support for life. Signed Aug. 24. 1798. Daniel Hogan, Thomas Wootten, J. P.

Page 2--YOUNG, WILLIAM. To son-in-law William Jains, 200 acres off the land I now live on, adjoining Gresham and Turner. All residue of real estate to wife Fanney for life to be equally divided between my sons John and Sherwood Young. Rest of estate to be divided by wife among my children, viz: John, Thomas, Betsy, Sherwood, and Lucy Young. Signed Sept. 8, 1791. Probated Feb. 29, 1793. Philemon Bird. Robt. Bird, Wm. Ogletree, Test.

WILL BOOK --1806-1807

Page 34--ANDERSON, GIDEON, To son William a slave Jude, and to live on the place only six years longer. To dau. Keziah Dukes a slave Celia, now in her possession. To son Martin slave Stephen and 80 acres where he now lives. To dau. Polly Ann Cooper slaves Nancy and Betty. Dau.

page 71

Patty to have use of the house and part of land, during widowhood. To son Charles, slave and 100 acres where he lives. To the heirs of my dau. Susannah Butler a slave Julia. To son James 27 acres where William Anderson now lives. Daniel Price and Ganaway Martin, Excrs. Signed May 11, 1801. Probated Aug. 2, 1802. Daniel Price, John Querns, William Martin, Test.

Page 59--ATKINS, FRANKY, (she), To dau. Lucy Atkins, sons Arnold, Asa Ransom, Lea, Jerry, and Willis Atkins, $1.00 each. To daus. Nicy and Lovicy all balance of estate. John Hendrick, and Samuel Billingslea, Excrs. Signed June 10, 1801. Hiram Buckley, John Langston, Jr., Test.

Page 66--ALLEN, PETER L. VAN, To wife (not named) and dau. Caroline, minor, and child in esse, all estate, to be divided upon marriage or death of wife. Wife, Matthew Talbot and Col. Wylie Pope, Excrs. Signed July 29, 1802. Probated Mar. 9, 1803. William Cox, Wm. Sanders, James Ryan, Simon Peteet, Test.

Page 76--ALLISON, JOHN, of Washington, Wilkes Co. All property in Ga., to be equally divided between wife Rebecca, and children Robt. McRae Allison, Wm. Candom Allison, James and John Allison. Having lately recorded a tract of land on Licking creek, Fleming Co., Ky., it to be sold. "Whereas I am entitled as a Col. in the Va. Line to 6000 acres in Ky." this to be divided between sons Robert, James, John and William, none of them of age. Wife Rebecca, and friends Gilbert Hay, David Terrell and William G. Gilbert, Excrs. Signed Apr. 14, 1803. Probated Aug. 2, 1803. Felix H. Gilbert, J. Darracott, Thos. Terrell, Test. (Called "Col. John Allison" in inventory).

Page 98--ANGLIN, DAVID. To wife and young son William the land where we live, profits to be used in raising my children. To sons John and David 450 acres on both sides of Jackson and Clark county lines. To dau. Anna 219 acres in Clark Co. To daus. Amelia and Rebecca 300 acres in Oglethorpe Co., children all minors. Benj. Porter and Samuel Whatley, Excrs. Signed May 22, 1804. Lesley Coats, David Sidwell, William Farwell, Test.

Page 153--ARNOLD, JOSHUA. To wife Persilla, certain slaves. To sons John, William, Stephen, Edmund and Richard Arnold, the heirs of Daniel, Elizabeth and Polly Arnold, to dau. Betsy Smith, dau. Caty, certain slaves each. Plantation, etc., to wife Persilla, sons William and Edmund, Excrs. Signed Apr. 9, 1807. Probated June 1, 1807. Joseph Henley, George Malone, Nicholas Leprester, Test.

Page 20--BIRD, WILLIAMSON. To son Price 100 acres where he now lives. To son Philemon 100 acres where he now lives. To daus, Betsy Woodall and Fanny Price, certain slaves. To dau. Tabitha slave and bed. To dau. Caty Switcher a slave. To dau. Dyce a slave and bed. To son Williamson Bird 100 acres in the fork of Little creek. To son John

page 72

100 acres where I now live. To wife Phoebe certain slaves, one to belong to grandson William Bird. Wife and son Price, Excrs. Signed Oct. 25, 1809. John Querns, Samuel Arnett, Rebecca Bonner, Test.

Page 54--BURNES, JOHN W. All estate to wife Susannah for life. To sons James W., and Samuel T. Burnes, daus. Nancy and Julia M. Burnes, slaves, etc. Wife Susannah and sons James W. and Samuel T. Excrs. Signed Dec. 21, 1801. Probated Mar. 7, 1803. Benj., John, and Mary Phillips, Test.

Page 57--BALLARD, NATHAN. To wife Mary house and land where we live for widowhood, to be divided at marriage between her and my four children, to-wit: John, James, Edne, and Nancy. Edne to be maintained by my present wife during widowhood. John Dyson, Bolling Anthony, John Cooper, Excrs. Signed Feb. 9, 1803. Probated Mar. 7, 1803. Philip Ballard, Test.

Page 58--BRAMBLETT, AMBROSE. To wife Janny home place, slaves, stock, etc. Residue to all my children: Jesse, William, Hughes, John, Lunsford, Meridy Bramblett, Thodeshus Netherland, Lydia Jones, Sally, Mary Ann and Elizabeth Bramblett. Wife Janny and son Jesse, Excrs. Signed Nov. 13, 1803. Probated Mar. 5, 1804. David Kerr, James Spratlin, Clayborn Laurence, Test. (wife called Jane in returns).

Page 101--BUSH, JOHN. Property to be kept together till the youngest child is 12. To dau. Elizabeth Bush, to two next daus. Polly Bryant Bush and Zilphah Bush, to dau. Jane Smith Bush, to dau. Susanna Franks Bush, furniture, silver, etc. Wife Susanna and son John Conrod Bush and Samuel Alexander, Excrs. Signed Mar. 10, 1805. Probated Aug. 5, 1805. Francis Flurney, Phillip Burrow, Littleton Taylor, Test.

Page 145--BOOKER, GIDEON, of Columbia Co., anxious to secure peace and happiness when I am gone, make this will. After debts are paid, all estate to beloved brother Wm. Flournoy Booker, he to be sole Excr. Signed July 28, 1794. Probated Apr. 6, 1802. Edward Moore, Jane Moore, Test.

Page 62--BEALL, JOHN. To wife Mary certain slaves and a living out of the property. To Joseph and Nathan Beall all they can make out of the land above the expense of maintaining the family and tuition for Polly and Lloyd his children. To daus. Betsy, Rachel and Harriott Beall slaves. To son John, bed, etc. above what he has. My two sons Joseph and Nathan, Excrs. Signed Oct. 6, 1803. Probated Mar. 5, 1804. Richard Revere, Daniel Gafford, Test.

Page 68--COLE, WILLIAM, To Wife Sally certain slaves, household goods, etc. To dau. Polly Armer (?) or Anne (?), certain slaves. To son Renne 100 acres on Fishing creek adjoining George Hamilton, whereon I formerly lived, half the land on the Oconee, slaves, etc. To dau. Sally Cole, slaves. To daus. Caty Cole, Jenny Cole, Suky Cole, slaves. To

page 73

dau. Betsy Gartrell, slaves. To son Wm. Cole, the land where I now live and the other half of land on the Oconee. Wife, son Renne, and friend John Dyson, Excrs. Signed Aug. 4, 1802. Probated Mar. 9, 1803. Pelatiah Stallings, Jesse Stallings, Test.

Page 104--COHRON, JOB. All estate to wife Elizabeth for the maintenance of herself and children, not named, she to be sole Excr. Signed Nov. 14, 1803. Probated Mar. 5, 1804. William Thompson, Andrew Wilson, Test.

Page 81--CALLAWAY, JOB, Sr. To wife Mary a number of slaves, one-third of all moveable estate, dwelling house, land, etc. To son Jacob 558 acres where he lives, slaves, etc. To son Joseph 540 acres where he lives and several slaves. To son Job 614 acres where he lives, slaves, etc. To son Joshua 666 acres where he lives, slaves, etc. To son Isaac two-thirds of the land where I now live, at the death of wife Mary, two stills, slaves, etc. To dau. Unice Griffin five slaves. To sons Joseph and Job in trust for my dau. Mary Parks and her children, certain land and slaves. Wife Mary, sons Joseph and Job, Excrs. Signed Feb. 15, 1803. Probated Mar. 5, 1804. Thos. McLaughlin, Johnson Wellborn, Adam Lovin, Test.

Page 131--CATCHING, UNESTACY. To son Meredith Catching a slave, he paying son Isaac Wilkey $150.00. To dau. Nancy Mulkey a slave. To grandson Richard Frale a horse. To son Richard Madden, bed. To grandson Dennis Madden, bed. My saddle to Stacy Fletcher, cow and calf to dau. Caty Fletcher. Signed Mar. 6, 1807. Probated Apr. 6, 1807. John Peteet, Hetty Peteet, Test.

Page 71--DORSE, STEPHEN. All estate to wife Mary for life for raising the children, to be divided among them at her death, except son William who has received his share. Signed Feb. 3, 1801. Probated Mar. 14, 1803. Wiley Pope, Archd. Riddle, John Heard, Jr., Test.

Page 126--DUGAS, LEWIS, of the town of Washington, Wilkes Co. To wife Poalien and dau. Fanny Dugas all my property within the jurisdiction of the U. S. A., and requests their care of his other children in their education, etc. They to be Excrs. Signed Sept. 15, 1801. Probated Nov. 2, 1801. Nicholas Long, Louis Piquet, Test.

Page 146--DANIEL, ANNA, To son Moses Echols, and dau. Catherine Daniel, stock, etc. To sons Jeremiah and Hopkins a certain tract of land in the county Pensylvania (Pittsylvania?) state of Va., 200 acres to be divided between them. Son Moses, David Bates and Geo. Willis, Excrs, Signed Aug. 20, 1806. Probated Nov. 3, 1806. Jeremiah Terry, Cyrus Billingslea, Reuben Echols, Test.

Page 159--DEARING, ROBERT. To son Robert, to daus. Kesiah and Lucy Dearing and to wife Zonna Dearing, bed, etc. a piece. Zonna's bed to go to son Jesse Dearing at her death. To son John B. a feather bed

page 74

and all the land on which I live, all personal estate for the maintenance of my wife. The rest of the children having received their beds. Son John B., Excr, Signed June 18, 1805. Probated Nov. 3, 1806. William Maxwell, Sr., William Maxwell, Jr. Test.

Page 143--FINNEY, JAMES. To dau. Sarah McCormick Finney all estate in fee simple except $50.00 to Mary Byington. Friends Alex. Harper and James Patterson, Excrs. Signed Feb. 4, 1801. Probated Mar. 8, 1803. Geo. Stewart, Delilah Beval, Test.

Page 49--FLUKER, WILLIAM. To wife Mary Ann a slave, horse, bed, 40 gallons of brandy, etc. To father Owen Fluker a slave. To brother Isaac a horse. To Nancy Hunnicutt $100.00. Residue to be divided between brother John and sister Betsy Fluker. Mary Ann and Isaac Fluker, Exers. No date. Probated Mar. 7, 1803. Barthalomew Johnson, Test.

Page 45--GLASS, JOHN. To sons Joshua, Thomas, William, Josiah, and to Lemuel Glass son of Joel, $80.00 each. To Dorcas Wilborn half a dollar. To Rachel Cheor (?) half a dollar. Residue for maintenance of wife while she lives. Joel Glass, Excr. Signed Jan. 19 1803. Probated Mar. 7, 1803. Robt. Dearring, Sr., Chas. and Susannah Hoff, Test.

Page 119--GREENE, WILLIAM. To wife (not named), all estate for her maintenance and support of our children. To dau. Mary Ann Christmas Green certain personal estate and the land after her mother's decease. To son Joseph Anthony Green slaves, bed, etc. To son Wm. Graves Green, slaves, bed, etc. To son John Springer Green, slaves, bed, etc. To all three sons land on Shoulderbone creek, Hancock Co. All property to be left together till they come of age or marry. Mentions land on Fishing creek willed by his father and bought of Creswell. Wife, Solomon Green, Bolling Anthony, and John Green, Excrs. Signed Mar. 14, 1805. Probated July 7, 1806. John Graves, Geo. Hamilton, Thomas Jones, Test.

Page 133--GRESHAM, JAMES. To wife Talaitha, slaves, land, cattle, furniture, etc., all three beds, one of which I received from the estate of Drury Williams. To daus. Mary Davis, Elizabeth Langdon, Judith Davis, and Jane Mattox several slaves and one soldier's bounty for State Troops for 640 acres, and my right to two draws in the last purchase. To son Chas. W., slaves, feather bed and half the cupboard furniture that belonged to me before married to Talitha. Thos. Gresham to have certain houses on the plantation. Chas. W. Gresham, Thos. Gresham, William Davis and Isaac Langdon, Excrs. Sgined Apr. 11, 1807. Probated June 1, 1807. Cyrus Billingslea, John Henly, James D. Gresham, Test.

Page 25--HURLEY, JOHN. To wife Elizabeth all estate for her support to be managed by son James Hurley, to be divided at her death among my sons Henry, Joseph, David, and dau. Ann Morrison, and to John

page 75

Green Hurley, son of Joseph cow and calf. To Elizabeth Chaney now living with me a year's schooling. To son James the plantation and appurtenances, slaves, etc. Signed Oct. 24, 1797. Codicil. To grandson Yeates Hurley, $3.00. Probated Mar. 14, 1802. Chas. Phillips. John Chaffin, Patience Chaffin, Test.

Page 39--HENLEY, JOHN, Sr. All property to be in charge of present wife Catherine as long as she is a widow. If she marries, Thos. Terrell, Jr., and John McLowd to be trustees. Children named Sukey Henley, son John, and John, son of said John, sons Philip, Edmund, William, James Darby, Elijah and Micajah. Certain property to son Abner, "by my present wife, and the rest of her children." Signed July 19, 1801. Probated July 24, 1806. Francis Willis, Abraham Tyson, William Prince, Test.

Page 46--HENDRICK, JAMES. All estate to wife Kitty except the slaves which are to be set free, provided my brother John Hendrick dies first. Advises his wife to live with her sister Mrs. McKie and her niece Mrs. Allison till she decides what to do. Friends Nicholas Long, Dr. Gilbert Hay, Dr. John Jos. Long, John Wingfield and Robt. McRae, Excrs. Signed June 2, 1803. Probated Mar. 7, 1804. Proved by the oath of Dr. Gilbert Hay.

Page 51--HEARD, JESSE, planter. All that he received by his present wife and all that he bought of the legatees of Jacob Early, be returned to the estate. A legacy to wife in lieu of dower. Residue of estate to be divided among my children, Stephen, Lucy, Salley, Judith and Jesse, Polly, Betsy and Sukey. Ebenezer Smith, Jonathan Webster, Peter and David Terrell, Spencer and Benj. Branham are requested to divide his estate. Son Stephen, friends Peter Early, Ebenezer Smith and Seaborn Jones, Excrs. Signed Dec. 30, 1801. Probated Mar. 7, 1803. Robt. Hughes, Nathan Holtzclaw, Francis Patterson, Test.

Page 61--HOLMES, JOHN. To wife Cloe whole estate for life. To dau. Apsilla Milner, beds, cows, etc. To dau. Penelope Milner horse, bed, etc. which she has already received. To dau. Mary Parks, ditto, already received. Land to be divided among his four sons, Josiah, John, and James, called oldest. To Moses a slave Isaac also. To dau. Elizabeth and son Moses a horse each at majority. Wife Chloe, Geo. Willis, Sr., Jere. Bentley and my three oldest sons, Josiah, John and James, Excrs. Signed Sept. 4, 1802. Probated Mar. 8, 1803. Jeremiah Reeves, Malachi Reeves, Test.

Page 115--HUDSPETH, WILLIAM, "being far advanced in years." To wife Mary my plantation of 300 acres and five slaves, with exceptions made. To son Robert a slave and a note on Stephen Lyons now in his possession. To dau. Mary Laurence, slaves. To son Thomas 200 acres adjoining Joel Appling and slaves. To son George certain slaves. To son Richard four slaves and 300 acres of land. To grandchildren Tabitha

page 76

and George Laurence certain slaves, all legacies at death of wife. Friends John Hanson and Thomas Terrell, Excrs. Signed Aug. 13, 1802. Probated Jan. 6, 1806. David Kern. M. Roly, Harris Coleman, Isaac McKleroy, Test.

Page 111--JOHNSON, ELIJAH. To wife Rachel and her heirs all estate forever. Wife and Edward Butler. Excrs. Signed Oct. 21. 1804. Probated Mar. 3, 1806. John Black, Geo. Moreland. William Russell, Test.

Page 94--LOYD, DANIEL. To wife Sarah all estate for life under the direction of son Edmond Loyd. Young Stokes, Glenn Owen and Edmond Loyd, Excrs. Signed Jan. 2, 1804. Probated Aug. 6, 1804. Young Stokes, B. Smith, Test.

Page 17--McRAE, ROBERT. To wife Nancy alias Agnes. daus. Nancy and Margaret McRae, sons Robert, Henry Lyles and Allison McRae all property as the children come of age, sons James William and John and daus. Catherine and Rebecca having been provided for. To sons Robert, Henry L., and Allison all real estate in Penna, Va. or Ga., subject to support of wife for widowhood. Wife Nancy, alias Agnes, Col. John Allison and son Robert, Excrs. Signed Aug. 25, 1800. Probated Mar. 8, 1802. John W. Burns, Samuel T. and Julia M. Burns. Test.

Page 30--MINTON, TABITHA. To dau. Mary Ann Minton all property now in possession of my brother Wm. Minton. "Consisting of slaves left by my grandfather Thos. Ballow." Aunt Hughes and her dau. Selinda Hughes to raise my dau. Wm. Minton and friend Robt. Hughes, Sr. Excrs. Signed Nov. 8, 1803. Probated Mar. 15, 1804. Robt., James, and Mary Hughes, Test.

Page 31--McLEAN, JAMES. To daus. Elizabeth Sherrell, Susanna Stamper, Polly, Louisa, slaves, etc., to them and their heirs forever. Youngest children John, Polly and Louisa. Son John, Excr. Signed June 12, 1802. Probated Aug. 2, 1802. Robt. Killgore, Francis Gidden. James Pratt, Test.

Page 92--MILLIGAN, JAMES. To wife Nancy all estate, she and John McDoowel, Excrs. Signed Jan. 23, 1804. Chas. Haft, Wm. Arthur, Wm. Maxwell, Test.

Page 112--MOORE, JONAS. To sons James, Benj., and Jonas, the last under age. To dau. Sarah Wood $4.00. To dau. Polly Moore and Peggy Brydun cows. To dau. Prudence Moore, bed. To James, Sally and Polly children of my son Richard a cow each. Samuel and James Walker. Excrs. Signed May 13, 1805. Probated Aug. 5, 1805. Samuel Walker, James Walker, James Moore Test.

Page 125--MERIWETHER, DAVID. To wife Mary all estate at her disposal "to give to my dau. Mary, or any of the said Martha Taliaferro's

page 77

children or grandchildren." No date. Probated Sept. 1, 1806. Isam Watkins, Francis, Valentine and Nicholas L. Meriwether, Test.

Page 165--MOORE, SETH. To wife Mary slaves, etc., with the proviso that she give to five youngest a bed at majority. To dau. Nelly Lawson, to son Barnard Moore, to dau. Sally Winsted, to Rebecca Norris, to sons Thos. Moore, Seth Moore, Burnett Moore and John Moore, slaves, etc. already received. Wife Mary and son Thomas, Excrs. Signed Jan. 11, 1807. Probated July 6, 1807. Jos. Hurley, Elijah Phillips David Simpson, Test.

Page 123--OWEN, MILDRED. Being possessed of a slave Abel to dispose of at my discretion, I give him to my grandson Daniel Grant provided he pays to my grandson Thos. Moore $50.00. Son-in-law Seth Moore, Excr. Signed May 8, 1805. Probated Nov. 3, 1806. Thos., William, Milley Grant, Test.

Page 108--PATTEN, MATTHEW. Property to be equally divided among my four children: Solomon, Samuel, and Thomas Patten and dau. Rebecca Winfrey, Samuel to have a slave called Lott. Wm. Henderson, Geo. Barber, Christopher Orr, Excrs. Ignatius Rains, Sr., Henry Rains, Ignatius Raines, Jr., Test. Signed Apr. 20, 1798. Probated Mar. 3, 1806

Page 156--REEVES, JEREMIAH. Certain horses and cattle to be divided among six daus. not named. To wife Jane all stock, plantation, tools, etc. To dau. Rhoda two cows and calves. To my two sons James and John all land after the death of my wife. Sons Malachi and Jeremiah, Excrs. Signed July 21, 1806. Probated Sept. 1, 1806. Ichabod and James Reeves, Test.

Page 160--RICHARDSON, WILLIAM. All estate to wife, not named, for life, then to son Wm. Richardson except a slave Sam "on condition that Wm. Mills pays the value of the slave to son Wm. Richardson." Wife and two sons John and Thomas, Excrs. Signed Jan. 13, 1806. Probated Mar. 4, 1807. John Russell, Jane Mills, John Richardson, Test.

Page 64--SLADE, NICHOLAS, planter. Wife Martha to have use of land, etc. for life, to son Josiah at her death. To dau. Polly Slade a feather bed. To daus. Belinda, Nancy, Sally, Patsy, Charlotte, Susanna and Rebeckah a feather bed as they come of age. Wife Martha and son Josiah, Excrs. Signed Mar. 24, 1799. Probated Mar. 9, 1803. Thos. Porter, Mary, and Josiah Slade, Test.

Page 73--SLAYDEN, ARTHUR. To wife Rosamond all estate for life, at her death son Samuel to have the land, etc. To sons Elisha, Daniel, John and Willouby $1.00 each, and what they have received. To the lawful heirs of dau. Susanna Bankston, bed, etc. in possession of her and her husband Hiram Bankston. Residue to Phoebe Martha Jones, Rachel, Joseph and Elijah Slayden. Samuel Jones and son Joseph, Excrs. Signed

page 78

Mar. 17, 1803. Probated Mar. 14, 1803 (?) Recorded May 28, 1806. John Johns, John Henley, Rachel Slayden, Test.

Page 79--STONE, JOHN. To wife Mildred all estate for life without interruption, at her death son James to have land, etc., and daus. Elizabeth Cunningham and Ann Stovall $350.00 each. Calls these "my three children." Wife, son James and Anselm Cunningham. Excrs. Signed Feb. 8, 1805. Probated Mar. 4, 1805. Wm. Jones, John and Joseph Scott, Test.

Page 91--SMITH, JOHN To friend David Anglin all estate "which is nothing more than compensation for support, etc. during my present illness." David Sidwell, Jr., and John Sidwell, Excrs. Signed Apr. 29, 1803. Probated Mar. 15, 1804. Da. Sidwell, Lewis Coppage, B. Porter, Test.

Page 93--SHANNON, PATRICK. To wife Mary all estate during her single life, to go to the use of my children Evans and Mary Shannon under the direction of my friend Edward Short. Wife Mary, Excx. Signed Mar. 25, 1804. Probated Aug. 6, 1804. Wm. Thompson, James Edge, Joseph Cohron, Test.

Page 96--STAPLES, STEPHEN. "To dearly beloved and truly affectionate wife, Mary" all estate to be disposed of as directed hereafter. Confirms gift to daus. Elizabeth Dozier, Mary Harris, Sarah Vaughn and Charity Alexander. To daus. Nancy, Rebecca and Ginia Staples slave each, etc. To son Thomas 200 acres of land. To Zillah, Jincy, Julia, Franky, Sukie, Lucy and Judith Staples all personal property of their mother at her death as they come of age. Friends Joseph Evans and William Berry, Excrs. Signed Feb. 6, 1804. Probated Mar. 4, 1805. Thos. M. Berry, Woody Dozier, Andrew B. Stephens, Test.

Page 23--TUCKER, DANIEL. Property to be divided between wife (not named) and Sarah Tucker dau. of Thomas Tucker. Wm. Ashmore, John Lynn, Excrs. Signed Sept. 27, 1803. Probated Mar. 13, 1804. John Lynn, Leven Parkenson, James Beys (?), Test.

Page 137--TALBOT, PHEBE, widow. "My body to be buried in the meeting house lot as near the grave of my dear deceased husband John Talbot as it can be placed." As said husband gave each of the eldest children of such of our sons and daus. as were then married, a slave, and as our son Matthew has married since his death, I give to his dau. Euphenia West Talbot a slave. As my grandau. Mary Garlington Walker, wife of Freeman Walker lost the slave given her by her grandfather, gives her a slave, Satira. To grandson Samuel Creswell, slave bed, etc. To Mrs. Martha Arthur $50.00. To Miss Martha Arthur $50.00. To my old acquaintance Mrs. Mary Doss, $25.00. To Matthew half of household furniture, the residue to be divided into five parts to be equally divided unto son Matthew, son Thomas, dau. Mary Triplett, wife of Wm. Triplett, dau. Elizabeth Walker, wid., and the remaining

page 79

one-fifth to grandchildren, Mary Garlington Walker, wife of Freeman, John Talbot Creswell, Phebe Creswell, Zulenia, Elizabeth and Samuel Creswell children of my deceased dau. Phebe Creswell, as they arrive at majority, to be managed by sons Thomas and Matthew, said sons Excrs. Debts of sons Matthew and Thomas, son-in-law David Creswell and Wm. Triplett, dau. Elizabeth Walker and estate of Geo. Walker, dec'd. not to be paid. Signed Apr. 12, 1806. Probated Aug. 6, 1806. Massa Thomas, Nathaniel McCoy, Robt. Jackson, Test.

Page 128--THOMPSON, GEORGE. To wife Ann all estate for life to be equally divided among my children as follows; Confirms gifts to son Jos. Thompson, dau. Frances, wife of John Ferguson. Residue to be divided among sons John and George, daus. Mary Phillips, Peggy Evans, Sally Trammel, Anne Boman, Lucy Richardson, Betsy Crews, Nancy Formby, Frances Forgerson, Mourning Huddleston, and Susanna Formby. Brother-in-law John Ogletree and friend Nathan Formby, Excrs. Signed Jan. 16, 1806. Probated Mar. 2, 1807. Allen G. Arnold, Burwell Ferguson, Israel Moore, Test.

Page 10--WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM. To wife Molly all estate for widowhood. To son James a slave in his possession. To sons Claybrook, Micajah, Thomas, William, Jonathan and Robert, daus. Betsy, Lydia, and Polly Williamson certain slaves, bed, etc. Land in Franklin Co. on Hunters creek to be sold, money to be divided between four sons, Micajah, Jonathan, Lilborn and Robert. Wife Molly and sons Micajah and Jonathan, Excrs. Signed Oct. 13, 1800. Probated Mar. 6, 1801. David Kerr, N. Jarrett, Jos. Pollard, Test.

Page 15--WINGFIELD, JOHN, Jr. To son Garland the plantation known as "Solitude" at majority. To sons Overton and John the home plantation at the death of my wife Mary. Land in Jackson and Clark counties to be sold and equally divided among all my children as they marry or come of age. Wife Mary and brother Garland Wingfield and Hope Hull, Excrs. Probated Mar. 8, 1802. J. Daracott, John Pettris, Test.

Page 27--WHITE, JOHN. To wife Lucy half the profits of farm and grist mill. To son David the other half, slaves, bed, etc. To Thomas the place I now live on, slaves etc. at 18 years of age. To friend Wm. Stone the place he now lives on for ten years, then to my son Thos. White. Wife Lucy, son David, friend Wm. Stone, and Bolling Anthony, Excrs. Signed Mar. 1, 1804. Probated Mar. 5, 1804. Richard Town, Robert Matthews, Wm. Thompson, Test.

Page 37--WEBSTER, ABNER. To wife Elizabeth 150 acres where I now live for life for the support of herself and my children (not named), dau. Maria Webster to have a certain sum of money above her share, because of the loss of her hand. Mentions land adjoining Benj. Gresham and a note from James West, due his son John Webster. Wife Elizabeth,

page 80

Solomon Thornton and Jonathan Webster. Excrs. Probated Aug. 3, 1803, John Martin, John Raikes Brown, Joel Abbott, Test.

Page 105--WILLIAMS, DRURY. To wife (not named) all estate for widowhood, one-third if she marries. Wm. M. Williams, son of my son Wm. M., dau. Polly Webster and son Zachariah Williams not to draw an equal share out of my estate until my children hereafter named shall receive enough to make them equal with above named children for property left them by my father Wm. Williams. Children to be named are John Williams, Jesse Williams, Sally Walton. wife of Augustus G. Walton, Nancy and Willis Williams. Wife (not named) Jonathan Webster and John Dyson, Excrs. Signed Sept. 6, 1805. Probated Mar. 4, 1806. Thomas Anderson, William Reeves, Wm. Williams. Test.

WILL BOOK --1810-1816

Page 26--ANDERSON, JOHN. To loving wife all property for widowhood entirely at her disposal. To sons Thomas, and John R. land whereon I live, with the mill. To seven grandchildren, children of Sally Davis, a certain sum, $300.00 given to Anderson Davis to be deducted. Final division to my six children, viz: Catherine Nowlan, Jean Heard, Thomas Anderson, Fanny Smith John R. Anderson, Polly Anthony and grandaughter Betsy Lane. To Lewis C. Davis $1.00. Wife and sons Thomas and John R., Excrs. Signed Sept. 11, 1806. Probated Nov. 5, 1810. Bolling Anthony, William Binns, Test.

Page 44--AKINS, THOMAS, Sr. Robert Akins to have the full enjoyment of land forever, "as I hope he will be affectionate to his brother Francis Akins as long as they both live." Personal estate to be divided into fifteen parts, one to the following heirs (relationship not given), Francis Akins, Fanny Leggett, children of Jos. Akins, children of Jacob Akins, Thomas Akins, Jr., Benjamin Hubbard, William Hill, ..... Hathcock, Peggy Floyds children, James and Nancy Wilder's children, Willis Gunnels, Stephen Gunnels, Daniel Gunnels, John Bridges. Peter Strozier and Dr. John J. Gilmer, Excrs. Signed Apr. 15, 1810. Probated July 2, 1810. Nicholas Sheats, Benjamin Stovall, Jr., Drury Stovall, Test.

Page 50--ALBERT, JOSEPH. Horse, saddle, books, etc., to be sold. Residue to children, Sally, Johnny, William and Tommy Albert. Friends John Callaway, Sr., and Daniel Carrington, Excrs. Signed Jan. 16, 1811. Probated Mar. 4, 1811. John Hingson, Joseph Adnes (?), Test.

Page 72--ANTHONY, JOSEPH C. To wife Betty a slave, bed, etc. and the house we live in with one acre of ground, to be inherited by son Wm. Augustine Anthony. If he should die before majority to go to Micajah and Anselm Anthony and the children of Nancy Eastey. Wife Betty and brother Mark Anthony, Excrs. Signed Nov. 20, 1810. Probated Nov. 5, 1811. John Tuttle, J. P., Milton Anthony, Test.

page 81

Page 2--BAIN, BALDWIN. To nephew Williamson N. Bain slaves, etc., and debts due me in Amherst Co. Va., said nephew and Henry L. Reveire, Excrs. Signed Apr. 17, 1807. Probated Nov. 2, 1807. James Ford, John Ford, Test.

Page 3--BRANTON, JACOB. (non cupative) To my four children, Isaiah and Joseph Branton, Elizabeth Cooper and Hannah Boon $1.00 each. To step son James Terrence land in Lincoln Co., and all other estate provided he supports my wife Mary for life. Proved by Jonathan Oxford and James Ford who were present. Signed Nov. 28, 1805. Called Jacob Brinton in inventory.

Page 12--BIRD, PHILEMOND. To wife Molly all estate for life, to be finally divided between all my children: Susanna Evering, Lee Bird, Job Bird, Molly Ogletree, Robert Bird, Williamson Bird, James Bird, Caty Heard, Buford Bird, Elizabeth Jourdan and George Bird, and to the heirs of Philemon Bird, dec'd. Wife Mary and sons Williamson and Buford Bird, Excrs. Signed Nov. 21, 1809. Probated May 9, 1810. John Hendrick, John Mercer, Test.

Page 17--BUTLER, EDWARD. "Whereas my dec'd mother Susanna Butler of Hanover Co. Va., by her last will May 20, 1770, bequeathed slaves Ben. Gillo and Lew to my children. Ben went off with Lord Cornwallis when he ravaged and plundered our settlement in 1781, Lew is dead and Gillo has certain children and grandchildren, wills them to wife Elizabeth for life. If any child or their heirs object to this, they forfeit their part of my estate. All estate to wife Elizabeth for support of the family. To son John W. Butler, to dau. Elizabeth Wingfield, to dau. Kitty G. Terrell to dau. Frances Terrell, to dau. Nancy Butler, certain property already delivered and recorded in a book. 1000 acres in Jackson Co. formerly Franklin, to daughters. To son Zachariah slaves, etc. To son David at majority certain lands at death or marriage of wife. To dau. Lucy Butler a family of slaves, etc. at majority or marriage. Wife Elizabeth sons John, Zachariah and David, Excrs. Signed Dec. 7, 1809. Probated Mar. 3, 1810. Chas. Pettus, Stephen G. Pettus, Mary Shackleford, David Terrell, Test.

Page 47--BOSTICK, WILLIAM. To wife Mary all estate for life final division to children. To youngest boys Berry and James B., bed, etc., as the rest of the children have received, and a tract of land in Morgan Co., on Jack's creek. Daughter Amy Nowlan to have $1.00 only. James B. to be trained in architecture. Wife, sons Azariah and Berry, Excrs. Signed Apr. 4, 1811. Probated July 1, 1811. Joseph Anthony, William Saffold, Reuben Blakey, Test.

Page 61--BOREN, JAMES. To wife Hannah all estate for life to go to sons Joseph and Jalfre J. Boren and daus. Polly and Sally. To sons William, John, David and James certain lands. To daus. Delilah, Elizabeth, Annis and Nancy certain slaves, etc. Friends Dr. Gilbert Hay, William

page 82

and John Boren, Excrs. Signed July 12, 1810. No record of probate Nicholas Long, James Boren, John Boren, Test.

Page 74--BOND, THOMAS. To Liddy Fraser $200.00 worth of household goods. To Thomas Formby 225 acres land in Wilkes Co., and certain slaves. These legacies given for service rendered. Thomas Formby, Oliver H. Prince and John Graves, Excrs. Signed Jan. 13, 1812. Probated Mar. 1, 1813. Aaron Formby, Peter Bailey, Burwell Ferguson, Micajah Davis, Test.

Page 23--CHIVERS, THOMAS, Sr. To son Thomas home plantation, certain slaves to be divided amongst my children. viz: Jemima Wilkerson, Lavinia Wingfield, Robert, Joel and James Chivers, Sally Mercer, Thomas Chivers and Jane West. To grandaughter Polly Terrell a slave and to grandaughter Fanny G. Terrell a sum of money. Sons Robert and Joel and Samuel Wingfield, Excrs. Signed Nov. 15, 1809. Probated July 2, 1810. Thomas Wingfield, John F. Simpson, John Wingfield, Test.

Page 78--CALHOUN, SALLY. (non cupative) "I wish Sally Lesley and Polly Woods to have everything that I have on earth between them." Signed Oct. 2, 1812. Probated Oct. 7, 1812. Temperance Ivey, Test.

Page 109--CORBETT, WILLIAM H. Estate to be divided between wife and children, not named. Thomas Terrell and James Wingfield, Excrs. Signed Aug. 25, 1814. Probated Sept. 5, 1814. Benjamin Branham, Eleanor Corbett, Wm. L. Reviere, Test.

Page 120--CREIGHTON, ANDREW. To Jonathan Orr certain lands in Wilkinson Co. To Watkins Orr, Martha, Elizabeth and Oery (Ora?) Orr, certain lands in Wilkinson and Baldwin counties. To Gehu Orr land in Wilkinson Co. To Hardendon Henderson land in Wilkinson Co. To Martha Dowdy land in Oglethorpe Co., on Millstone creek. Christopher and Jonathan Orr, Excrs. Signed Jan. 11, 1815. Probated Feb. 6, 1815. Thos. McLaughlin, Philip Orr, Henry Raine, Test.

Page 122--COLLEY, JOHN. Slaves to be bought for sons France and Spain. To daus. Polly and Louisa, slaves, etc. To dau. Betsy a slave and the money coming from my father-in-law's estate in N. C. To dau. Nancy, ditto. To son Gabriel $300.00. To wife Sarah residue for life. To grandaughter Lucinda C. Tindal, dau. of my dau. Betsy a slave. Son France and David Terrell, Excrs. Signed May 30. 1815. Probated Nov. 27, 1815. Job Callaway, H. Terrell, D. Terrell, Test.

Page 133--COATS, NATHANIEL. To wife Lucinda eight acres adjoining the home place, etc. To sons Nathaniel and Henry all books, etc. To grandaughter Patsy L. Chatfield feather bed. To William and James Coats, Sarah Adamson and Polly Chatfield twenty-five cents each. Signed Jan. 11, 1816. Probated May 4, 1816. William Jones, John Coats, Lesley Coats, Test.

page 83

Page 10--ERVIN, ELIZABETH. To daus. Metildy and Polly Hutchins, beds, etc. To dau. Metindly Hutchins a slave. Thomas Hutchins to pay the five girls, Genny and Sally $200.00. Mentions Lot No. 85, 9th District Baldwin Co. Son Thomas Hutchins, Excr. Signed Apr. 8, 1808. Probated May 2, 1808. Frederick Huskey, Elizabeth Edge, Wm. B. Allison, Test. (This is very poorly worded).

Page 14--GRADY, JAMES. To wife Elizabeth all property "as I have provided for all my married children, except Elizabeth Grady who is now living with her mother." Son John Grady also provided for. Signed Nov. 10, 1807. Probated May 2, 1808. Thomas Talbot, Joseph Prather, John Burdett Test.

Page 6--GUEST, THOMAS. To wife Elizabeth use of all land for life. To dau. Hannah Guest, bed, etc. To son Thomas the land whereon I live, bed, etc. To dau. Elizabeth, bed, etc. To my little son Daniel all residue, his mother and sister to be trustees. Signed Nov. 15, 1807. Probated Feb. 1, 1808. Uriel Farmer, Moses Jackson, Thomas Scott, Test.

Page 41--GUNN, GEORGE. All estate to wife for life, final division "to all my children," not named. Nancy and John Gunn, Excrs. Signed Nov. 15, 1807. Probated Mar. 7, 1808. James Lewis, Sally Bethshires. Elizabeth Gunn, Test.

Page 114--GRIFFIN, JOHN., of Washington, Wilkes Co. All debts to be paid, residue to beloved and highly esteemed wife Sally for widowhood. If she marries, half of his estate in trust for her not to be under the control of her husband. The other to be divided between nephew John Griffin Bird, who lives with me, and my two nieces Sally Griffin Williamson Thweatt, and Sally Griffin Campbell. Wife Sally sole Excr. Signed Mar. 3, 1810. Probated July 12, 1814. Duncan G. Campbell, Benjamin Rounsvill, John Smith, Test.

Page 84--GILBERT, FELIX H. To dau. Sarah Hilllhouse Gilbert, under 14, $20,000 in trust of certain trustees till she is 21 or married. If the income is more than she needs, mother-in-law Mrs. Sarah Hillhouse to enjoy it. If dau. dies before she is 21, the legacy to be equally divided among my five nieces, Ann G., and Maria F. Hay, Elizabeth Shepherd, Caroline Gibson, and the eldest daughter of my nephew John M. Taylor. To more effectually guard against the uncertainties of life, I appoint nine persons trustees of this fund, viz, Mrs. Sarah Hillhouse, Wm. G. Gilbert, David P. Hillhouse, Henry B. Gibson, Oliver H. Prince, Gilbert Hay, Matthew Talbot, the brother of Thomas Talbot, Esqr., Joel Abbott, and Augustus H. Gibson. To the friend and sister of my heart Mrs. Bridget Whitney of Rhode Island, money, at her death to her daughter Eliza. To sister-in-law Mary Shepherd my carriage and horses. To my friend David G. Hillhouse $2000.00 for brotherly regard. Speaks of a legacy expected from his brother William Gilbert. "To daughter Sarah a slave Betty, hoping she will remember that said Betty has been a

page 84

faithful servant to her lamented mother and now dying father." If daughter Sarah dies before 18, the legacy to be divided among Mrs. Sarah Hillhouse, Sarah H. Gibson, Felix Gilbert, William and James Hay, sons of Dr. Gilbert Hay, my nephew Felix Taylor and John R. Christmas. Appoints Mrs. Sarah Hillhouse. Wm. G. Gilbert, David P. Hillhouse guardians of dau. Sarah, Mrs. Hillhouse to have the directing of her education hoping her maternal care will develop as fine character as her lamented mother. Requests his daughter be taught religion, etc. Wm. G. Gilbert, Gilbert Hay and David P. Hillhouse, Excrs.
Codicil. To sister Ann Taylor $400.00 to buy carriage and horses. Signed Oct. 15, 1813. Probated Jan. 6, 1814. Osborn Stone. J. Wingfield, Jas. Edwards, Test.

Page 57--HURLEY, HENRY. All estate to wife Fanny for life, final division to two daus. Jane Lewis and Ann Phillips, and son James Hurley. Wife Fanny and son-in-law John Lewis, Excrs. Signed Sept. 23, 1811. Probated Nov. 4, 1811. George Smith, Joshua Starr, J. T. Smith, Test.

Page 83--HILYARD, RICHARD. To wife Elizabeth a slave, 25 acres where I now live, etc., for life, final division to daughters Matilda, Sarah, Mary, Nancy, and to dau. Elizabeth Digby a slave. Residue to be divided between all my children, namely Richard, William, Leonard, Nancy, John, Matilda Hilyard. Son William Excr. Signed July 14, 1810. Probated Sept. 6, 1813. Charles R. Carter, William Moore. Richard Maddox, Test.

Page 97--HUGHES, WILLIAM. To wife Molly the home farm on Uptons creek, final division to sons Barnard H., William and Stephen H. Hughes. To daus. Nancy Hudspeth, Elizabeth Woodall and Lucinda, slave each. To all children 1000 acres in the Tenn. Company purchase. Son Barnard H., friends John Dyson, Thomas Lasley, Barnard C., Geo. W., and John A. Heard, Excrs. Signed Nov. 8, 1813. Probated Mar. 7, 1814. James Anderson, Joseph Bell, Martin Anderson, Test.

Page 101--HANSON, JOHN. To wife Mary and possible child in esse all estate, she to be sole Excr. Signed May 3, 1806. Probated Apr. 4, 1814. Matthew Roby, Mary Roby, William Collier, Test.

Page 115--HOLTZCLAW, NATHAN. "To be decently buried on the east side of a walnut tree back of my garden with my head against the tree." To wife Jincy a tract of land described in my father's will adj. Patsy Foster and Elizabeth Holtzclaw, also land on Beaverdam creek, slaves, household goods, etc. and the distributive share of the estate of Richard Beasley now coming to me, for widowhood, final division to wife Jincy and my two children, Lucinda Jordan Holtzclaw and Wm. Beasley Holtzclaw. Joseph Henderson, Jr., and Peter B. Terrell, Excrs. Signed Aug. 8, 1814. Probated Nov. 7, 1814. Elijah Holtzclaw, Charles Kerr, Billy Kerr, Henry Holtzclaw, Test.

page 85

Page 112--JACK, SAMUEL. To wife Margaret and my five children by her, Mary Evalina, Samuel Stewart, John McCormick, William Dysart and Amanda Malvina, certain slaves. To wife and two last named children mentioned, called the youngest, 200 acres adjoining the tract where I live, formerly owned by brother James, now occupied by William Elliott. "Whereas at the time of our marriage my wife owned a house and lot in Chambersburg and 300 acres in Dist. No. 2 Westmoreland Co. Pa., willed to her by her former husband Alex. Stewart, she shall still hold it." Having sold May 24, 1802 to James Lee of Charleston, S. C., 18,000 acres of land in Camden Co., three lots of which were reserved for my children, James Knight Patrick, Eliza Douglass, and Wm. Dysart Jack. If not paid for to return to wife and these children. My claim to 75,000 acres in the Tenn. Purchase of Zachariah Cox, to them also. Wife Margaret and friends Abraham Simons and Matthew Talbot, Excrs. Probated Sept. 5, 1814. Charity Dysart, Wm. H. Jack, John C. Nickelson, Test.

Page 103--KILLGORE, JAMES. "Being about to embark on a tour of duty in the service of the United States." To brother Benajah a slave, horse and saddle. Residue to my two brothers Allen and Benajah Killgore. William Killgore, sole Excr. Signed Aug. 26, 1813. Probated May 2, 1814. Wm. C. Boren, Simpson McClendon, Amos McClendon, Test.

Page 76--LAWRENCE, GEORGE. To wife Lydia all estate for widowhood, then to my two sons, William H., and Enoch C. Lawrence. Wife Lydia and Enoch Callaway, Excrs. Probated May 3, 1813. Enoch Callaway, John Callaway, Test.

Page 42--LINDSEY, JOHN. All children by present wife Clarissa shall have an equal portion, except about $2000.00 for the use of sons Jackson Clark Watkins Lindsey and Benjamin Fero Hamilton Lindsey in the hands of my brother Benjamin Lindsey. "I recognize as my dearly beloved and legally begotten children, Numesis Creswell Christmas Lindsey, Matilday Marbury Somervilla Lindsey, Clarissa Harlow Bullock Lindsey, Fanny Hawkins Bullock Lindsey, and Sally Collier Billingslea Lindsey." Wife to take as her share, her marriage portion from her father Nathaniel Bullock or dower. Wife Clarissa of Wilkes Co., and son James M. Lindsey of St. Mary's, and Gen. John Clark, James Corbett and Ebenezer Harlow Cummings, Excrs. Seaborn Jones to make a settlement of my lands held by Col. George Dooly and Thomas Mitchell. Signed July 31, 1804. Probated Sept. 5, 1809. Francis Willis, James Montfort, Micajah Henty, Test.

Page 94--LANDRUM, THOMAS. To grandson Zacharias, son of Samuel Landrum, 100 acres of the land where I now live. To grandson Boikinhead Wright 100 acres adjoining above, provided my dau. Polly Wright is left in peaceable possession for life. All residue to daus. Nancy and Peggy, they to support wife Mary for life. To sons John and Boikinhead and

page 86

son-in-law William Banks as the legal representative of my dau. Tourson Banks, one shilling. Benjamin Talliaferro, son John and daus. Nancy, and Peggy, Excrs. Signed July 3, 1813. Probated Mar. 7, 1814. Thomas Wortham, John Norman, Joshua Norman, Jr., Test.

Page 131--LYON, MARY. To daughters Eunice, Mary and Sarah, and sons Elijah and Elisha $1.00 each. To dau. Elizabeth, slave Easter and all other property. Elisha Lyon and William Patridge. Excrs. Signed Dec. 30, 1813. Probated May 6, 1816. Richard Sappington. Reuben Sappington, Wm. Rutledge, Test.

Page 8--McCLENDON, JACOB, Sr. Planter. To sons Isaac and Francis slave each. To son Samuel 500 acres including his own plantation and a slave. To son Dennis 750 acres, part of which formerly belonged to John Westbrook. To son Amos, the land whereon I now live, cattle, slaves after his mother's death. To daus. Jemima, Laney, Penelope and Nancy 25 annually. To dau. Bathaney a slave Sall. Wife Martha and son Isaac, Excrs. Signed Aug. 16, 1799. No date of probate. Joseph Bailey, Henry McKee, Sarah McKee, Test.

Page 80--McRAE, NANCY. House and lot where I reside to daughters Margaret and Nancy Allison jointly. To dau. Margaret McRae all the household furniture except one bed to Nancy Allison McRae. Robert McRae and Oliver H. Prince, Excrs. Signed Sept. 13, 1812. Probated May 3, 1813. Rebecca Allison, Richard H. Long, Elizabeth Sansom, Test.

Page 1--MANKIN, TABMAN. (non cupative) George Smith and Nathaniel Harris swear that they were sent for Dec. 21, 1807 to go to John Spearman's to see Mankin who was very sick. That he said Spearman was his biggest creditor, he to keep his colt and pay Nathaniel Harris and David Terrell, and keep the rest. Mentioned a debt owed by Jesse Baswell. Sworn to Dec. 29, 1807.

Page 25--MAXWELL, JOHN. To brother Robert Maxwell $500.00 To brother Francis Maxwell $5.00. To brother David Porterfield $50.00. To brother Thomas Maxwell 500 acres on Fishing creek, Lincoln Co., all personal estate, said Thomas to be sole Excr. Signed Aug. 25, 1807. Probated Sept. 5, 1809. Harris Colman, Matthew Phillips, Frankey Colman, Test.

Page 59--MURPHY, FRANCES. of Oglethorpe Co., at present of Wilkes. To brother Paschal H. Murphy, slave Nancy. To Fanny Murphy, dau. of William, a slave Andrew. To Amanda Dillon, dau. of Thos. Dillon, bed, furniture and wearing apparel, $50.00 cash. Residue to brother Benjamin, he to be Excr., with brother Paschal H. Signed Aug. 9, 1809. Probated Mar. 1811 George Phillips, Jacob Hodges, Test.

Page 52--MILLS, JOHN. "To be buried as near my dear deceased wife Lucy Mills as possible." To son Chas. Carter Mills, the land where I live, 700 acres in Wilkes, 25 in Columbia and Warren Co., on Little

page 87

river, and $500.00. To dau. Nancy Simons $50.00. To dau. Sarah Mills $500.00, feather bed, etc. To dau. Matilda, $500.00, feather bed, etc., the last two to live with brother Chas. C. Mills as long as they are single. To dau. Polly Porter $1.00. Residue to be given to above named children, and daus. Rebecca Gartrell, Ketura Grant, and to dau. Lucy Moore, wife of Edward Moore for life, final division to Lucy's children. A portion to grandchildren Louisa, Augusta, Lucy Mills and Matthew Porter, children of dau. Polly Porter at majority or marriage to be in trust of William Grant and Abraham Simons. These two and Matthew Talbot, Excrs. Signed Dec. 16, 1807. Probated Feb. 3, 1812. James Dozier, Henry L. Reviere, Matthew Talbot, Test.

Page 96--MAUK, RACHEL. To beloved and only son Jepthah Mauk, $100.00 for which I have a judgment against Noah Lee. Theodorick Monfort, Excr, and guardian of son. Signed Aug. 6, 1813. Probated Mar. 7, 1814. Joseph Hurley, William A. Wheeler, Susanna Wheeler, Test.

Page 130--MONTFORT, JAMES. To wife Lucy Kennon Montfort all estate in fee simple. She and John Griffin Esqr., of the town of Wasington, Excrs. Signed Apr. 4, 1807. Probated Feb. 6, 1815. Joseph Worsham, Felix A. Burns, William Jay Minton, Test.

Page 134--MILLIGAN, SARAH. To son Seaborn Jones Milligan, all the money due me to purchase a slave. Legacy to niece Jane Ingene Parks. To executor all claim I may have in the will of James Ham of S. C. Marino (?) Roby, Excr. and guardian of son. Signed Oct. 14, 1811. Probated Mar. 4, 1816. John McDowell, Robt. Parks, Martha T. Roby, Test.

Page 126--MOUNTCASTLE, LUDWELL. of town of Washington. To brother John B. Leonard lot on the corner of Main and Spring streets, 590 acres in Wayne Co., provided he pays within three years $500.00 to the children of my sister Elizabeth Moore now residing in Prince George Co. Va. To my father's three youngest children by his last wife Elizabeth Chauncy that part of father's estate due me. Friend John B. Leonard, Excr. Signed May 6, 1815. Probated July 3, 1815. Daniel Stone, Benjamin McLaughlin, Joseph W. Robinson, Test.

Page 22--PRICE, DANIEL. To wife Frances, slaves, etc., to raise and support my children. To dau. Phebea Bird 12 1/2c. To daus. Catherine, Diana, Lemuella, certain slaves. To son Bird Price slaves, Two tracts of land in Wilkinson Co. to be sold for two youngest daughters, not named. Leonard Surtza and Philemon Bird, Excrs. Signed June 10, 1808. Probated May 7, 1810. Abner Dier, Hannah Dier, Elizabeth Surtza, Test.

Page 64--PEARSON, HENRY. To wife Frances for life all land, slaves, etc. To eldest son John, bed, etc. To sons Henry, Michael, Andrew and Garland, and daus. Frances, Mary, Elizabeth and Nancy, certain slaves,

page 88

money, etc., after death of wife. Friend Chas. R. Carter, son-in-law Joel Chivers and son Henry Pearson, Excrs. Signed Apr. 9, 1811. Probated Mar. 3, 1812. John Flint, George Willis, John Garrard, Test.

Page 136--PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH. All estate real and personal to be equally divided between my three sons, Whitmell, Zacharias, and Elijah and my two daughters Mary Allen and Sarah Powell, and granddaughter Polly Hackney, dau. of William Phillips, dec'd. and the heirs of Joel Phillips, dec'd. Signed Aug. 13, 1812. Probated Mar. 4, 1816. James Lee, John Lee, John Lee, Sr., Test.

Page 29--QUEARNS, JOHN. To be buried at Smyrna Meeting House. To nephew Samuel Arnett 420 acres where I now live, slaves, etc. To nephew William Arnett 100 acres where he now lives which I purchased of Price Bird, and slaves, slaves to be set free, and 100 acres purchased of Philemon Bird set aside for their maintenance. Thomas Lesley and Thomas Talbot, trustees. To Catherine, widow of Edward Arnett 100 acres, where she now lives which I purchased from Williamson Bird, at her death or marriage to her sons John and Felix Arnett, and slaves to be set free as above. To John Spear, to Mary Stephens wife of John, to Nancy Anderson wife of Martin, to Margaret wife of Chas. Anderson $50.00 each To Margaret, wife of John Murphey $300.00. John Wingfield, Thos. Lesley, and Thos. Talbot, Excrs. Signed Aug. 15, 1814. Probated Jan. 8, 1816. Nathaniel Twining, Matthew Talbot, D. Creswell, Test.

Page 81--REYNOLDS, GEORGE. Wife Rachel to have half my estate, as recorded in the Clerk's office. The other half to my children, Hamilton and Hugh Reynolds, Betsy Attery (Autrey?) Jany Reynolds and Phebe Dickens. Friend Joseph Henderson, Excr. Signed June 16, 1813. Probated July 5, 1813. Jincey Holtzclaw, James Brummett, David Kerr, Test.

Page 67--SPRATLING, JAMES. To wife Winny the land whereon I live, 200 acres, slaves, cows, etc. To son Jesse 200 acres where he lives including the spring adj. Sherrod Wise and Wm. Norman, slaves, etc. To dau. Sarah Spartling, slaves, etc., she and her property to be in the care of son James Spratling. To dau. Winny Phillips two slaves. To son James 200 acres where he now lives, slaves, etc. To daus. Mary Phillips and Elizabeth Callaway certain slaves. To sons John and Henry the land whereon I live after their mother's death. Son James, William Johnson, and Christopher Orr, Excrs. Signed Apr. 6, 1812. Probated Sept. 7, 1812. Thomas McLaughlin, Sylvanus Gibson, John Gibson, Test.

Page 84--STROUD, MARTHA To son-in-law James Arnold, all estate. To daus. Sarah Little, Susan M. Carter and son Sherod Stroud $1.00 each "in full of the balance of all I ever intended for them to have." Son-in-law

page 89

James Arnold, sole Excr. Signed Oct. 21, 1816. Probated Sept. 1, 1817. Rob. Pope, Martha Arnold, Dabney A. Martin, Test.

Page 106--SHEARER, JAMES. All estate to be equally divided among my six children and Anna Steele, the dau. of Eve Steele, to be divided between Anna and all the heirs of her mother, one-seventh. One-seventh each to William Shearer, Susanna Shearer, Polly Dukes, John Shearer, Nancy Shearer, and Elijah Shearer. To wife Anne Shearer a sufficient maintenance furnished by all the legatees at her request. William Shearer and James Rutledge, Jr., Excrs. Signed Oct. 20. 1808. . . . Hamilton, J. P., Thomas Anderson, J. P., Test.
Codicil. Nov. 11, 1808, giving wife a horse and saddle. No record of probate.

Page 107--SMITH, FRANCIS. To wife Lucy all property for life to dispose of at her death as she thinks proper. To son Reuben certain slaves extra, "he having been absent." Son-in-law Peter Early, Excr. Signed Oct. 31, 1812. P. S. The tract of land in Wilkinson Co. drawn by me in 1806 already given to wife Lucy. Anderson Riddle, Henry C. Dawson, Jane Hughes, Test. Probated July 4, 1814.

Page 4--TURNER, MESHACK. To wife Sally the land where I live, slaves, etc. for life, final division between my children. Daus. Nancy and Sally to be made equal with the other children. To son Meshack land when he is of age. To son James 106 acres where he now lives. To dau. Jinnie Lawson, land, etc. To dau. Rebecca Pruitt, land where Bird Pruitt now lives. Bird Pruitt, John Turner and Daniel Ogletree, Excrs. Probated Feb. 1, 1808................Parker, John Ogletree, Test.

Page 15--THURMOND, WILLIAM, Sr. "Far advanced in age." Confirms gifts to sons John, Richard, Charles and William and daus. Betsy, Anne, Lucy, and Sally. To sons James, Stephen, Philip and Micajah, slaves, bed, etc. To dau. Mary Colbert under age, not married, slaves, etc. for life, to children, if any, at her death. If not to be divided among my seven sons, William, Charles, Benjamin, James, Stephen, Philip and Micajah. Benjamin, Philip and Micajah Thurmond, Excrs. Signed July 11, 1809. Probated May 7, 1810. A. Edwards, Leroy Wilkins, Atlandon Wilkins, Test.

Page 33--THOMPSON, JOSEPH. To son William Thompson for life the use of lands bought from Edward Shorts and Stephen Brown, and certain slaves, to go to grandson Joseph Thompson. On the decease of their father William, I give to grandson William Thompson, grandaus. Julia and Eliza Thompson, certain slaves. To wife Elizabeth, slaves, the plantation where we live lately bought from John Travis, near Ware Falls. To son James B. Thompson, certain slaves. To son Henry Bradford Thompson, slaves, cotton machine, etc. To dau. Fenson Hargraves, certain slaves. To grandau. Annes Semmes, not 16, a slave under the management of my son-in-law George Hargraves and son H. Bradford

page 90

Thompson. Should Henry Semmes or any Semmes grandchildren die before 16, property returns to my estate. To grandson George Hargraves a slave. Gives land for a priests home, according to the rights of the Roman Catholic Church if established within two years. Two acres to be laid off by son Henry Bradford Thompson so as to include the burying ground, chapel and spring, the northern line to be fixed about five yards from lgnatius Semmes grave, gift to the Roman Catholic Church for a grave yard. Mentions a deed of gift from Ignatius Semmes to his daughters Annie and Henriette Semmes of slaves. Wife Elizabeth and son Henry Bradford Thompson, Excrs. Signed Dec. 9, 1809. Probated May 7, 1810. John McLaughlin, John Brooks, A. Giver, Test.

Page 39--THORNTON, SOLOMON. To son William a certain sum in two years after my death. To son Martain a certain sum in four years. To son John $1.00 cash. To dau. Nancy, wife of John W. Cooper $1.00 cash. To dau. Judy, wife of Samuel L. Hunter $1.00 cash. To grandsons Philip and Martain Thornton, sons of my son John, a slave now in possession of Rachel Thornton. Residue to wife Sally to be divided among our following children, Joshua, Polly, Betsy, Aggy, Caty, and Samuel Thornton. Wife Sally sole Excr. Signed Jan. 18, 1809. Probated Mar. 6, 1809. Matthew Talbot, Thomas Lastly, William Thornton, Jr., Test.

Page 48--TARVER, JOHN. All estate real and personal to be divided between wife Elizabeth and my six children, Richard Tarver, Patience Gibson, Moses, Charlotte, Benjamin and Andrew Tarver. Friends David Bates and James Jordan, Excrs. Signed Apr. 20. 1808. Probated Jan. 7, 1811. Anderson Bates, James Duke, Josiah Jordan, Test.

Page 110--TOLE, JAMES. To wife Priscilla for life or widowhood all estate, final division to all my children, not named. Jesse Norman, sole Excr. Signed Aug. 4, 1803. Probated May 2, 1811. James Hinton, Sophie Hinton, Test. Jesse Norman relinquishes his executorship May 2, 1814.

Page 70--WILLIS, JAMES. To wife Judith tract of land where I live, final division to sons Benjamin Franklin and William Berry Willis and child in esse. Residue to all the rest of my children except the shares of Fanny Gafford and Elizabeth Hansford to be given their children. Friend William Berry, Jones Kendricks and son James Willis, Excrs. Signed Jan. 19, 1813. Probated Mar. 1, 1813. Chas. R. Carter, Michael Pearson, Garland Pearson, Test.

Page 13--WILDER, DRED. To son Sampson land whereon I live. To grandson Jesse Bullard $250.00. To dau. Mary Champen a slave. To dau. Phanny Cody three slaves. To grandson Dred Cody $50.00. Friends Jesse Cody and Henry Champen, Excrs. Signed Sept. 5, 1808. Probated Nov. 7, 1808. Edward Stevens, Collin Wooten, William Sanford, Test.

Page 104--WILKINSON, BENJAMIN. To Stovall Pool $5.00. To daughter

page 91

Williams certain slaves, bed, etc. To Christopher Render $5.00. To daughter Sherman slaves. To daughter Heard $5.00. To son John Wilkinson $1000.00, slaves, etc. Residue to wife Ann for life. Wife Ann, Excr. Signed Jan. 19, 1810. Probated May 5, 1817, John L. Ray, Sr., John L. Ray, Jr., Mary Ray, Test.

Page 128--WISE, SHERWOOD. To wife Sarah plantation on which I live, final division to sons Zachariah and Josiah. To dau. Ruth, feather bed, etc. Erwin and Patterson Wise have already received their share. Signed Mar. 10, 1816. No date of probate. William Johnson, Daniel Jackson, Henry Spratling, Test.

Page 31--YOUNG, THOMAS. Personal estate to be sold, land on which I live to be divided into three equal parts, one for the use of wife Elizabeth for life, to go to William Randolph, youngest son. To other two parts to two oldest sons, Samuel and David at majority. Certain slaves to oldest dau. Nancy, second dau. Polly when of, age. Two youngest daughters Elizabeth and Susan to draw their shares when of age. Charles Smith and William Saffold, Excrs. Signed Aug. 10. 1810. Probated Nov. 5, 1810. Richard Woodruff, Burwell Binns, Test.

WILL BOOK--1818-1819

Page 114--ASHMORE, WILLIAM. To wife and two daughters (not named) all estate, final division to daughters. Mentions notes on William Leverett in his lifetime for services rendered, on George Tucker, William Leverett, Jr., and Henry Leverett. These to be collected and equally divided between my brothers John and Peter Ashmore and sisters

page 92

Elizabeth Tucker and Mary Lynn. Wife, Jeremiah Sanders and Silas Catchings, Excrs. Signed Jan. 15, 1817. Probated Mar. 2, 1818. Spencer Carlton, Silas Catchings, Reuben Sanders, Test.

Page 15--BROWN, WILLIAM. To grandaughter Betsy Ann Williams, horse, bed, etc. To dau. Lucretia Williams, $5.00. Residue to wife Elizabeth and son James for life, then to dau. Lucy Williams for life, final division to her heirs. Bolin Smith and Young Stokes Excrs. Signed Feb. 8, 1816. Probated Jan. 6, 1817. Woodward Trammel. Moses Smith, Rebecca S. Trammel, Test.

Page 24--BURDINE, JOHN. To wife Margaret for life, land, stock, etc., final division among all children. To son Reuben certain slaves. To son Clark when he comes of age, certain slaves and $500.00 to complete his education. To four younger children, Sophia, Julia. Matilda and George certain slaves as they come of age. Having purchased at sheriffs sale the land whereon Mrs. Elizabeth Whitman lives to enable her to live in peace and quiet, executors to give her clear title as soon as she completes the payments. Wife, son Ruben, Shaler Hillyer, Bolling Anthony and Thomas Anderson, Excrs. Signed Dec. . ., 1815. Probated Mar. 4, 1816. Wm. Williams, Benjamin Russell, Anthony Spitling, Test.

Page 40--BOLTON, ISAAC. To son Mansah Bolton slave, bed, etc. To James Henderson, slave, bed, $200.00 for the hire of a slave two years. To son William Bolton, slave, horse, etc. To wife Elizabeth all estate for life, final division to all children, she to pay my son William Bolton $200.00 at once. Son Mansah sole Excr. Signed Dec. 13, 1817. Probated Mar. 2, 1818. Drewry Johnson, John Johnson, Thos. D. McLaughlin, Test.

Page 61--BARNES, HENRY MONTFORD. "About to enter the service of my country," gives to his cousin Theodore Montford Barnes all estate. Signed Nov. 8, 1814. Recorded Apr. 11, 1818. Samuel Jones, Leonard Chafin, John Billingsle, Test.

Page 122--BURDETT, THOMAS. (non cupative) Wife Polly to have all estate in fee simple. Made July 6, 1818. Proved July 22, 1818 by John B. Nelson, Charles H. Nelson, Sarah Taylor.

Page 137--BREWER, JAMES. To heirs of dec'd son Caleb, to son Sackvil, daus. Polly and Betty, son Hundley twenty-five cents each. To dau. Nancy all household goods and a slave. To grandson John A. Walker the land where I live. Signed Sept. 28, 1817. Pro-bated Apr. 5, 1819. John Brewer, Hundley Brewer, Ransom S. Walker, John Ridley, Sr., John Ridley, Test.

Page 2--CHIVERS, THOMAS H. Joel Chivers to have my land at $12.00 an acre, if he does not take it executors to sell it and purchase more for the use of my family. To wife Frances, slaves, horse and gig, etc. To

page 93

sons Algernon and James, slave, etc. To dau. Jane A. T. Chivers a slave. To child in esse a slave. Sons James and Robert to be educated for (torn). Signed Oct. (torn) 1816. Probated Mar. 3, 1817. John Wingfield, Michael Pearson, John B. Nelson, Test.

Page 34--CORBETT, JAMES. To wife Elenor the lot and all appurtenances, slaves, etc. for life. final division to children To daughters Mary Ann and Hannah Janett Corbett and dau. Harriott Lycester Corbett certain slaves. To son Francis certain slaves, store and lot adjoining dwelling lot. All children minors. Piano to dau. Mary Ann. Amanda and Harriott a bureau each and education equal to my other daughters. Wife and friends Joseph W. Robinson, Gilbert Hay and David Terrell, Excrs. Signed May 14, 1813. Probated Mar. 4, 1816. Wm. M. Bear, Augs. Henry Gibson, L. Mountcastle, D. Terrell, Test.

Page 50--COLEMAN, HARRIS. To wife Franky all estate except a horse to David Young at majority, he to be educated. Brother John Coleman and Thomas Wootten of Wilkes Co., Excrs. Signed Aug. 1, 1815. Probated Sept. 2, 1816. John H. Pope, Elijah Echols, Jane Echols, Test.

Page 52--CARTER, JOHN. To wife one-third of all slaves, the plantation, etc. for life. To Rebecca Burgone, a slave. To sons Robert Turner Carter, John Collin Carter, Joseph Carter, James Henry Carter, George Washington Carter, a slave each. All seem to be minors. Son Charles has received his part. Wife Wineford and son Charles, Excrs. Signed Oct. 17, 1783. Probated Jan. 8, 1816. John Ridley, Sr., Thomas Blakey, Sterling Carter, Test. Proved by the oaths of all three, but John Ridley swears the date of the will is a mistake.

Page 100--COMBS, JAMES. To wife Milly all property for support of children. Two eldest sons Thomas and John to support themselves. Sons William, James and Francis to be bound out to a trade. Wife Milly and Thomas W. Sims, Excrs. Signed July 27, 1817. Probated May 4, 1818. John Bolton, Demcy C. Owens, Polly Cox, Test.

Page 126--CADE, WINEFORD. To two youngest sons Robert and Drewry B. Cade all estate, except a slave to be set free. Signed Mar. 15, 1812. Probated Nov. 2, 1818. A. E. Stokes, Pleasant Ward, F. L. Thurman, Test.

Page 3--DANIEL, SARAH. Certain slaves to be valued and divided between my sons Stephen G. and John Pettus, and the children of son Charles Pettus and wife Mariah, viz: William, Sarah, Mary and child in esse. To dau. Elizabeth Pettus my white counterpane. Son Stephen G., Excr. Signed July 22, 1816. Probated Sept. 2, 1816. Daniel Fouch, G. Wingfield, Jr., John Wingfield, Sr., Test.

Page 76--DODSON, IGNATIOUS. farmer. All property to wife Cloe for life or widowhood to be equally divided among "my children," not

page 94

named, apparently minors. Signed Dec. 23, 1816. Probated Mar. 3, 1819. William T. Weems, Marcus Roby, Benedictine Mankin, Test.

Page 93--DAVIS, RICHARD. To son Wylie, dau. Betsy Brown and son-in-law Martin Howard, fifty cents each. To sons Grant, Thomas, Absalom, certain slaves. To dau. Polly Davis certain slaves, "to act for herself." To dau. Lucy Davis certain slaves, when 18. To grandson Solomon Howard, minor, certain slaves. To wife Isabel for life the land where I live for life, stock, etc., final division to children. Sons Grant and Thomas, Excrs. Signed June 28, 1816. Probated July 7, 1817. John Willis, Augusta A. Willis, Chas. H. Ellington, Test.

Page 99--DARRACOTT, FRANCIS. All estate to be divided between Sarah G., and Nancy O. Wingfield, and Elizabeth and Fanny Darricott. John Terrell, Excr. Signed July 11, 1807. Probated May 4, 1818. Mary Wingfield, John L. Wingfield, Overton Wingfield, Test.

Page 119--DAVIS, WILLIAM. Confirms gifts to sons Edward, William, James, Joshua, Charles, daughters Elizabeth and heir or heirs of dau. Lucy. To youngest sons Samuel, Lewis, Lanier, Micajah Washington, and Baxter Boxwell Davis, all residue. Joshua and Lewis Lanier Davis and George Willis, Excrs. Signed July 28, 1813. Probated July 6, 1818. William Brook, William Evans, Claybrook Williamson, Test.

Page 33--EDWARDS, JOHN. To wife Precious 81 acres on Hardins creek, slaves, etc., "for the trust contained and specified in this will," but not named. No children mentioned. Signed Nov. 26, 1810. Probated Jan. 6, 1817. Miles Crenshaw, Patience Crenshaw, Test. (Signed Patience Barron) when probated, 1817.

Page 134--ELLINGTON, JOSIAH, Sr. "Advanced in life." To wife Elizabeth home place on the Augusta Road, all personal estate for life or widowhood, final division to daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Wilson, and all my children except the heirs of David Ellington, dec'd. Confirms gifts and adds $2.00 each to the heirs of David Ellington, dec'd. to dau. Elizabeth Wilson, son Simeon Ellington, grandchildren, the heirs of Josiah Ellington, dec'd. son Hezekiah Ellington, dau. Sarah, wife of James Chivers, dau. Polly, wife of James D. Gresham, dau. Nancy, wife of Richard Daniel, dau. Dolletha, wife of Springer Gibson. To niece Frances Gibson a slave. James D. Gresham and William Jones, Excrs. Signed Dec. 11, 1818. Probated Feb. 1, 1819. Buford Bird, Thos. G. Jones, William Ogletree, Test.

Page 57--FREEMAN, HOLMAN. To wife Pereinah, slaves, etc., and half of the home plantation on Chickasaw creek, for life or widowhood, the other half to son John W., with slaves, etc. To son Fleming another part of the land on Chickasaw creek adjoining Richard Aycock and James Freeman, slaves, etc. To William W. Bibb certain slaves besides former gifts. To "my beloved boy George B. Bibb" a slave as a token of

page 95

remembrance. To grandaughter Edny Freeman eldest child of son Fleming, a slave. Land in Green Co. Tenn., lot in Lisbon to be equally divided between wife and three children. William W. Bibb and John W. Freeman, Excrs. Signed Apr. 26, 1817. Probated Nov. 3, 1817. Wyche Jackson, Green Wood, John Meloy, John Pope, Test.

Page 67--FLING, JOHN. To wife Anna (Amy or Anna?) all estate for widowhood or life, to raise the children, all minors. Final division between her and my children, Kitty, Thomas, John, Daniel and Jasper. One-quarter of an acre where I shall be buried to remain a burial ground forever. Signed Jan. 3, 1816. Probated Mar. 4, 1816. Isaac Callaway, Henry Terrell, D. Terrell, Test.

Page 117--FOUCH, DANIEL. All estate to be kept together till the youngest child is of age, then to be divided between my wife, Sarah, Sidney F., Isaac P., Daniel Willford, and John Fouch. Brother, Jonathan Fouch and friend Stephen Pettus, Excrs. Signed, June 1, 1818. Probated July 6, 1818. John Wingfield, Sr., Sterling Carter, Robert P. Carter, Test.

Page 30--GARTRELL, JOSEPH, Sr. To son Jeremiah for life a slave Felix, at his death to my five youngest children, viz, Jefferson, Charles, Luceahanna, Nancy Simons and Mary Adeline, minors. To wife Rebecca in trust for son John half the goldmine tract etc. To the lawful heirs of son Francis certain slaves. To son Joseph land adjoining that given to the Methodist meeting house. To lawful issue of dau. Matilda Murray, three slaves given her at marriage. Wife and Abraham Simons, Excrs. Signed Sept. 9, 1816. Probated Mar. 3, 1817. Samuel Brooks, James Mackintosh, Jacob Ammons, Test.

Page 116--GREEN, JAMES. To sister Elizabeth Green money to buy a slave. To mother Ann Green $100.00 and my trunk. To John, Willis, Thomas, Eliza, Alex., and Felix Green $300.00 to be equally divided among them. To father Thomas Green a set of rasors, he to be sole Excr. Signed Feb. 9, 1818. Probated July 6, 1818. David Walser, Charles Strozer, Test.

Page 20--HOLTZCLAW, TIMOTHY. To grandchildren William and Lucinda Holtzclaw land, slaves etc, in possession of their mother for widowhood. Confirms a slave to dau. Charlotte Burns. To son Henry land etc. To son Elijah land etc. To Jincy Holtzclaw feather bed etc. To sons Silas and John Gresham Holtzclaw remainder of land, at their mothers death. To dau. Sally Russell a slave. To dau. Emily Holtzclaw, slave, bed etc. To wife Rhoda land whereon I live, slaves etc., final division to all my children, named above. Sons Henry and Elijah, Excrs. Signed Apr. 20, 1816. Probated July 1, 1816. David Kerr, Arnold Atkinson, Jacob Callaway, Test.

Page 72--HUGHES, ROBERT. farmer "being old." To wife Ann certain slaves for life, final division to following children, Molly Holmes, Elinor Crawley, Simon Hughes, Amey Moore, Robert Hughes, Jr.,

page 96

George H. Hughes, Charlotte Roberts and Jane Hughes and grandaughter Polly Hughes, Robert's share to be kept till he comes for it or sends a reliable person. To dau. Silenda Hughes a slave. To wife Anna all residue for life, final division to children. George H. Hughes and Benjamin Holmes, Excrs. Signed July 3, 1815. Probated Nov. 5, 1815. Marcus Roby, Allen Martin, Simpson Montgomery, Test.

Page 78--HULING, JAMES. To wife certain property for life or widowhood, for supporting children, some of them minors. To dau. Elvira Brown, son James certain slaves already received. To dau. Catherine never having received any property, her share to be given her at once. Wife (not named) friends James Brown, Gilbert Hay and Isham Gresham, Excrs. Signed Apr. 19, 1816. Elenor Ruddell, Sally Hines, Henry C. Dawson, Samuel Huling, D. Terrell, Test.
Codicil. Feb. 5, 1817. To son William "not endowed with happy intellect" to have a support for life. George Ruddell, Job Abbott, Sam M. Smith, Peter B. Terrell, Test. Probated Apr. 14, 1817.

Page 97--HARTSFIELD, GODFREY. To son Andronickus, slave feather bed etc. Wife Sarah to continue in possession of estate for life, final division to all children, former gifts to some of them mentioned but not named. Wife Sarah and son Absa., Excrs. Signed Nov. 14, 1808. Probated Jan. 2, 1809. Thomas Watkins, Nich. Sheets, Holman Freeman, Test.

Page 121--HINDLEY, JACOB. Wife Barbara sole heir. Friend Joshua Starr, Excr. Signed May 31, 1816. Probated Sept. 7, 1818. William Littleton, John Poyner, Test.

Page 28--LOVELL, WILLIAM. Whole estate for life or widowhood to wife Mary. To dau. Polly Anthony a slave. To the two oldest children of son Thomas Lovell a slave. To the children of my dau. Lucy Bird a slave. To sons William D., Lemuel and Benson a slave each and land equally divided except one-fourth acre including the graveyard. William D. and Benson Lovell, Excrs. Signed Aug. 27, 1817. Probated Jan. 6, 1818. Thomas Lesley, Richard B. Clayton, William Hughes, Test.

Page 128--LEVERETT, JOHN. To wife Mary all property for life, except a horse to dau. Patsy Leverett. Final division to all children (not named). Son Joel P. Leverett and son-in-law William Evans, Excrs. Signed Feb. 16, 1811. Probated Nov. 2, 1818. John Rice, John Saunders, Test.

Page 123--MASON, NANCY. To son David all land in Wilkes Co., provided he pays my dau. Mary Mason $500.00. To Mary a note on John Bird provided she pays debts. Thomas Hutchens, Excr. Signed July 29, 1818 Probated Nov. 2, 1818. John Allison, Cornelius Cohron, Robt. Grier, Test.

Page 47--PATTERSON, ISABELLA. To Margaret Patterson a clothes

page 97

press. To Jane Laughten a cupboard. To Isabella J. M., dau. of William and Mary Walker bed. To Isabella H., dau. of James and Rebecca Walker, bed. To Agnes, wife of Samuel Walker side saddle and chest. Residue to be divided among my children, Margaret Patterson, Mary wife of Wm. Walker, Agnes wife of Samuel Walker, Rebecca wife of James Walker, Jane, wife of Henry Laughten. Joseph W. Cooper, Excr. Signed June 24, 1815. Probated July 1, 1815. James Burdett, Joseph W. Cooper, Obadiah Flournoy, J. P., Test.

Page 86--PARTRIDGE, WILLIAM. Having given each of my children their part of my perishable property, now gives son John that part of my land on which he lives, 80 acres, the other half to dau. Elizabeth where she lives. John Partridge and William Rutledge, Excrs. Signed Jan. 31, 1814. Probated July 7, 1817. Richard Sappington, Rebecca Sappington, James Rutledge, Test.

Page 90--PEARMAN, WILLIAM. To wife Isabella half the land where I live, slaves etc for widowhood or life. To daus. Polly and Sally Duke, $2.00 each. To son Robert bed etc, "already lent." To sons Samuel, William and Weakly and daus. Susanna and Elizabeth feather beds and furniture, William and Weakly and Elizabeth called minors. Simeon Walker and sons Robert and Samuel, Excrs. Signed Mar. 17, 1817. Probated July 7, 1817. Mary Walker, Sanders Walker, William Albert, Test.

Page 129--PORTER, THOMAS. "being infirm." To be buried on his own land and no funeral preached. Wife Polly and three youngest children, Lucy Mills Porter, Martha Hansford Porter, and Solon Winslow Porter to possess and enjoy all estate, any child getting married to draw on estate for property equal to that given Louisa Hany Willis and Augusta America Willis on their marriage. Mentions land in Jackson, Columbia and Washington counties. To all five children certain slaves illegally taken from him by two of his brothers, and Va. money on which he holds bonds dated Apr. 1, 1786, which the Admr. of his fathers estate threw in the fire before his face, debt against brother Benj. Porter in Va. money which his father paid after Benj. left the county. Property willed to three youngest children by their grandfather to be in control of executors. To sister Cunningham one moiety for her support in old age. John Robinson, Sr., Joshua and John W. Willis, Excrs. Signed May 20, 1817. Probated Jan. 4, 1819. Paul T. Willis, Andrew Tarver. Richard Tarver, Test.

Page 42--REVIER, RICHARD. To wife Dysa all property for life or widowhood, final division to all my children, some under age. Wife Dysa, son Holland and friend Jones Kendrick, Excrs. Signed May 1, 1816. Probated Nov. 5, 1816. Chas. R. Carter, John R. Reviere, J. G. Delisle, Test.

Page 44--RICHARDSON, ISHAM. To dau. Elizabeth Branham the land whereon I live for widowhood, then to go to Benjamin, son of son Joel

page 98

Richardson, dec'd. If Benjamin dies without heirs to go to Isham Branham. Daughter Elizabeth Branham and Theoderick Montford, Excrs. Signed Mar. 3, 1810. Probated June 4, 1816. John Rice, Garland Rice, Peter B. Terrell, Test.

Page 55--REEVES, WILLIAM. To wife Hannah all estate for life, provided she gives to the following children a bed etc upon marriage, Hezekiah, Judith, Cynthy, Jeremiah and Sally Reeves. At the death of wife Hannah all residue to be divided among the above named children after paying Robert Cunningham who married Lucretia Reeves, Alex, Seal who married Elizabeth Reeves, Robert Graham who married Hannah Reeves, all daughters of the testator, and John and Elijah sons of the testator, $5.00 each. Wife Hannah and Eustus H. Rhodes, Excrs. Signed May 18, 1816. Probated Nov. 5, 1816. Lewis McClendon, James Whatley, R W. Collier, Test.

Page 124--RENDER, JOSHUA. To wife Susan 200 acres of land where William Goolsby formerly lived, stock, slaves etc for life, final division to my seven heirs, viz; son Christopher, son James, dau. Susan, wife of Johnson Wellborn, son Joshua, Jr., dau. Martha, wife of Abner Wellborn, dau. Elizabeth Render, dau. Nancy wife of Nicholas Wiley. To grandchildren James and Nancy Callaway certain slaves. To son-in-law Joshua Callaway $1.00. Sons Christopher, James and Joshua Render, Excrs. Signed Apr. 1, 1817. Probated Nov. 2, 1818. Charles Hoff, John Dyson, John Burgamy, Test.

Page 17--SAFFOLD, REUBEN, "advanced in years." To wife Sarah dwelling house, farm, stock etc for life, final division as follows: To dau. Mary Barnett a support for life. To son Bird that part of the farm on Pistol creek. To make these children equal with others, certain sums, Mary Barnett, son William, dau. Elizabeth, dau. Sarah Ward, sons Bird and Reuben. Fielding L. Thurman, sons William and Bird, Excrs. Signed Jan. 26, 1816. Probated May 5, 1817. Charles Wittich, Frederick Wittich, William Williams, Test.

Page 62--SHERMAN, ROBERT, Sr. To son-in-law William Parks $2.00. To grandchildren Catherine Celia Parks and Sherman Parks, slave, cash, bed etc. To sons John, James and Clement and their children slaves cash, bed etc. To dau. Catherine and the children she has or may have certain slaves and the money due me from their father John Luckey for their hire. To son Robert the land where I live, slaves etc. To son-in-law Samuel Douglas $2.00, and to William and Robert Douglas, sons of my dau. Jane certain slaves. To son John land in Halifax Co. Va. Sons John and Robert, Excrs. Signed Jan. 1, 1816. Probated Mar. 2, 1818. Leroy Sale, John Wingfield, David Terrell, Test. (This said "about all the children").

Page 70--STONE, JAMES. To son Edmond slave, horse, etc. To son-in-law John Orr and dau. Estilla, his wife, slaves etc. To son John when of age.

page 99

slaves etc. To wife Johanna all residue for life. Son Edmond and friend Dr. John Nichols, Excrs. Signed Jan. 19, 1816. Probated Mar. 4, 1816. John Wynn, George Wynn, Nicholas Sheats, Test.

Page 81--SMITH, NATHAN. To wife Salley all estate for life. Having given some of the children property others to be made equal. Wife Salley, son Elburd and son-in-law James Dorsuger, Excrs. Signed Apr. 20, 1814. Bd Moore, Samuel Rice, Joseph Hurley, Test. (The son mentioned is Elbert Smith, son-in-law James Dorough).
Codicil. Apr. 27, 1816--Having given son-in-law Chas. Phillips certain property, to be considered his full share, and I make his children by his first wife, my dau. Sally my heirs. Probated July 1, 1816. Isaac Langdon, Benjamin Powell, Samuel Rice, Test.

Page 92--STARR, ASA D. All estate to wife Roda and my two minor children Samuel F., and Richard C., and a possible child in esse. His interest in the estate of Richard Watts, dec'd, in final division. Wife Roda and Benjamin and Elijah Starr, Excrs. Signed Aug. 25, 1817. Probated Sept. 1, 1817. Joshua Starr, Samuel Starr, John Lee, Test.

Page 102--SANSOM, WILLIAM. To oldest son Dorrell, a slave To oldest daughter Ann Burch, two slaves. To son William 530 acres land on Fishing creek, slaves etc, provided my wife Elizabeth can have a support from it. To wife house and lot in Washington where I now live and certain slaves. Final division to my following children, Richard, Mary, Eliza, and Patsy or Martha. Mentions "a slave now in the Western Country lent to Mary." Signed Nov. 4, 1817. Probated May 4, 1818. James Wingfield, George Ruddell, David Boren, William Rosier, Test. Friend Thos. Wootten and sons Dorrell and Wm. C., Excrs.

Page 113--SHORTER, SARAH. To daughter Selina Shorter, to second daughter Elizabeth Shorter and to son Henry A. Shorter, all estate. John Bramblett and Samuel T. Burns, Excrs. Signed Oct. 29, 1816. Probated Jan. 7, 1817. John G. Andrews, Garnett Andrews, Test.

Page 7--TWINING, NATHANIEL., of Clark County, Ga. To wife Sarah and the children she may have by me and to my grandaughters Euphemia W. Talbot and Sarah Ann Eliza Catherine Talbot, equal division. Wife Sarah and Matthew Talbot, Excrs. Signed June 14, 1815. Probated Mar. 1817. James Huling, Luke Turner, Thomas Freeman, Test.

Page 98--TERRELL, CHARLES. To Mary Branham daughter of Ben Branham, a slave. All other property to Fanny Wingfield daughter of John Wingfield, dec'd Brothers Thos., John and Joel H. Terrell, Excrs. Signed Dec. 15, 1806. Probated Feb. 1, 1808. Will proved by testimony of Chas. H. Carter, and Francis Darracott testified that the handwriting was that of Chas. Terrell, dec'd.

Page 108--TOOMBS, ROBERT. To eldest son Lawrence Catlett Toombs 300 acres adjoining Peter B. Terrell, slaves, stock in the Bank of Augusta

page 100

etc. Mentions children born or to be born to my present wife. Thomas W. Cobb to be Excr., touching Bank stock, wife Catherine and friend John Spearman Excrs for other property. Signed Aug. 1, 1815. Probated Jan. 2, 1815 (?) Sarah Hillhouse, Sarah Abbott. Joel Abbott, Test.

Page 5--WINGFIELD, FRANCES. To mother all money, clothes etc., and her claim to the lands in Jackson and Clarke counties. To brother John L. Wingfield all residue. William Simpson, Excr. Signed Aug. 2, 1817. Probated Sept. 1, 1817. G. Wingfield, Sarah Wingfield, David Simpson, Test.

Page 8--WILLIAMS, ROLAND. To wife Jane all land except some adj. Robt. Williams and the heirs of John Matthews, stock, slaves, etc. To son Roland land where he lives. To son Robert, ditto. To dau. Catherine Williams a slave bed etc. To grandaughters, Nancy Runnolds, Jane Wilder, Polly Jones, Patsy Jones, Jane Walker, certain sums of money. To the heirs of my dau. Fanny Claghorn. cash. Residue to be divided among all my children now living except Patience Wheeler, her part to go to Samuel Baker Harrises children by my dau. Patience. Trusty friends Jane, Roland and Robert Williams and John Favour, Excrs. Signed Apr. 16, 1817. Probated May 5, 1817. Isaac Williamson, Phebe M. Williamson, Elizabeth Turman, Test.

Page 12--WATSON, LUKE. "Stricken in years and very infirm." To wife Mary Ann for life or widowhood, all personal estate. To sons Solomon. Richard, Hardy and Jehiel and to daughters Rebecca Williams, Bethsheba Dorherty and Sintha Freeman, $1.25 each. To son Jarrett horse etc. To children, Jason Watson, John Langston Watson, William Wright Watson, and Polly Watson, the expense of an education at the discretion of their mother. Signed Nov. 21, 1816. Probated Jan. 6, 1817. Thomas McCormick, Nathaniel Day, Andrew B. Stephens, Test. Dearly beloved wife Mary Ann, Excx.

Page 87--WILLIS, LOUIS. Son Paul Tilmon Willis to take into his possession 110 acres adjoining the estate of James Ballard, dec'd, slaves etc. Daughter Jane George Willis to have a slave besides what she has already received. To son Josua a slave. To son John W. Willis 242 acres adjoining Daniel Owen and William Proctor on Hardins creek. To Sarah Elizabeth Willis, slaves. To son Louis at majority certain slaves and 500 acres on Little river, whereon I now live. To wife Edna land where we live, slaves etc, final division to three youngest children, John W., Sarah Eliza and Louis Willis. To daughter Frances Proctor land worth $150.00, besides what she has already received. James Willis, Jr., Paul T. and John Willis, Excrs. Signed Mar. 4, 1813. Probated July 7, 1817. Charles C. Mills, David McCoy, Thomas Porter, Test.


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