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Index Entry: Mustang Spring
County: Martin
Marker Location: FM 1212, 12 mile NW of Cortwey

Mustang Spring

Watering place known as early as 1849, when captain Randolph B. Marcy of the U. S. Army stopped here in route from fort Smith, Arkansas, to El Paso. Described in 1859 as "Mustang Pond, two miles north of emigrant's road", first Water West of Big Spring.

Mustang Draw

Mustang Draw rises at the confluence of Monument and Seminole draws, fourteen miles northeast of Andrews in northeastern Andrews County (at 3227' N, 10220' W), and runs a total of 100 miles, first southeast through Martin and Midland counties and then northeast through northwestern Glasscock County and on through part of Howard County before reaching its confluence with Sulphur Springs Draw at Salt Lake, seven miles west of Big Spring in Howard County (at 3212' N, 10136' W). Much of the course of the creek passes through remote oil and range lands. The communities of Tarzan (Martin County) and Lomax (Howard County) are near the draw. Baldwin Springs, on Mustang Draw in Martin County near the Midland county line, was named by Capt. Randolph B. Marcyqv during an 1849 expedition. Mustang Springs, in northeastern Midland County, was an important source for the draw until the 1940s. The draw passes through level to sloping terrain surfaced by quartz sands, gravels, clays, and sandy loams that support brush and grasses.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Gunnar Brune, Springs of Texas, Vol. 1 (Fort Worth: Branch-Smith, 1981)