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Cemeteries        1883 Wagon Train from Robertson County, TX to Cedar Gap, TX

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Cedar Gap Homecoming is now a musical. Originated in the newspaper columns that later spun off into three books. Y2K Jack Boyd, 67, music professor emeritus at ACU wrote new situations to the old friends he introduced in the late 1980s in his five years’ worth of Reporter-News columns, “Cedar Gap Chronicles.” and Ed George, currently ACU music professor  put music to Boyd’s lyrics.

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Biographical sketches found in  A Baker's Dozen
Anderson, John N. Embree, A.E. Knause, T. Frank Roberts Brothers
Baird, A.R. Floyd, Tom Lackey, Wiliam family Rumph, Dr. John M.
Baker, Robert Frank (The Mexican) Landers Family Self, P.G.
Barnard, W.C. Fuller, L.K. Lemons, W.R Standard, J.L.
Blackwood, J.W. Graham, Ben F. .McBee, Jake Stephenson, T.W.
Booker, C.P. Graham, John Lewis McCormick, Thomas W. Swindle, Cason B.
Bowman, J.A. & Sam Groves, L.J. McDavid Family Taylor, A.B.
Brookerson, Fred Hafner, George Miller, Morries Wallace, Dr. Hrrmon .
Brown, Otto G. Hardin, J.B. Moorhead, J.L. Wilkinson, James A.
Burford, T.A. Harkrider, D.T. O'Bar, T.P. Wilkinson, J.B.
Carter, H.Y. Heller, W.D. O'Connell, Dan O. Williams, Nimrod
Carter, S.F. (Sam) Hodge, Frank Parramore, Capt. J. H. Wright, Isham
Cash, Dr. Clarence M. Hurt, P.T. Powell, John R. Wright, Isham
Childress, O.M. Ivey, L.B. Pruitt, Eligah D. Yeates, R.A.
Cox, A.B. Jones, Capt. Ben F. Redell, R.Henderson Casey Family
Cunningham, T.G. Kidd, Thomas W. Rippy, Thomas A.

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Etta Pruitt Martin, a fifth generation Texan, was born 1915 in a small town (probably Merkel) near Abilene, Texas. The fourth of seven children. In 1933 she married Lindle Martin and moved to northwest Arkansas. She has put pen to paper numerous times. In 1994 her book MOLLY ANDERSON The saga of a Pioneer Women was published by ARC Press of Cane Hill, AR. The book is based on Mrs Martin’s ancestor. Molly Anderson, born 1801, died at her home on the ‘Anderson Cattle Ranch’ with its double AA brand in Robertson County, Texas on October 10, 1878. She dedicated the book to the memory of O.D. Pruitt whose faith, wisdom and humor guided her through her growing up years and acknowledge Muriel Pruitt who provided her with hours of research material. Her other writing include:
Chronicles from the Past – A history of her family
This and That – A personal biography
Over the Mountains and Through the Woods – An in-depth diary of her years in the Zuni Mountains of New Mexico
The Martins and Their Kin – A genealogy written in story form.

"Taylor County where the wind seldom ceases to blow and the feeling of dust in your eyes gives one the courage to fight the elements and learn to enjoy life. A land that soothes your hurts and looking to the hills, I once thought were high mountains, we are assured God is near and will guide us if we follow. " E.P.M.

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Juanita Zachry
502 E. North 16th
Abilene, Texas 79601

"History is the fun stuff of footnotes and fodder, blown up Texas-size for our edification and entertainment." Juanita Zachry Oct. 1999.


Songs of Texas

Wagon Wheels	           (1934)	  
Deep in the Heart of Texas (1941)
Tumbling Tumbleweeds	   (1930)
Empty Saddles		   (1936)
The Last Roundup	   (1933)
Back in The Saddle Again	   (1938)


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