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This page has been included so news about new methods, sites, or procedures can be noted, hopefully so you can improve your genealogical searches. The page is not indexed but will have each item numerically identified. I guess this could be the first hint but if you have visited the site before, then the "Hints and Tips" are best read in reverse order!

1. Search Engines: Can't get a search engine to produce material relative to your request or it gives you too many "hits" most of which are not relative? Too many times people fail to read the information about the different means of using the search parameters and using "limiting" terms. One of the best examples is searching the USGenWeb Project Archives located at . It appears to be the essence of simplicity; select a state then type in the query. Before doing anything, scroll down just below the "Select the State" to the Search Tips and Examples. I guarantee that once you understand how to word your "search" properly, you will greatly increase the number of quality "hits" you will get with each search. Even the simple can do a better job if you follow the rules listed under "advanced searches".

2. A NEW GENEALOGICAL RESOURCE: The National Archives has recently released to the internet over 50 million records ranging from Civil War battles to US Immigration records. To access the database, CLICK HERE!


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