Taylor County
This page contains other resources the viewer might have occasion to visit. While some of the items may appear to be far removed from the area of genealogy, they are placed on this page as a matter of convenience for the reader. If you need additional information about Taylor County or or other resources within the county, send an email to "Cody Summerlin" and I will try to help. If you find one of these URLs, addresses, or telephone numbers to be incorrect, notify me by email and I will make repairs.

ABILENE CITY POLICE- Telephone: 325-673-8331

ABILENE COMMUNITY SERVICES DIVISION - This is the city department responsible for the sprawling Municipal Cemetery and it is the very competent and friendly employees that you can thank for putting the burial lists online for the your use. Their offices are located at 633 Walnut Street, Abilene, TX 79601. Telephone: 325-676-6217. The Municipal Cemetery burial list is located at http://city.abilenetx.com/cemeteryview/

ABILENE HEALTH DEPARTMENT - Holds the records and issues Birth and Death Certificates for Taylor County. Will not provide access to records. Death Certificates $20.00, Birth Certificates $22.00. Located at 850 N. 6th Street, Abilene, TX 79601. Telephone: 325-692-5600. Make sure you have vwrified the death/birth before ordering a certificate because your money will not be returned if the record is not found.

ABILENE PRESERVATION LEAGUE - 102 Cypress Street, Abilene, TX. Telephone: 325-676-3775

ABILENE PUBLIC LIBRARY - This library is a real "sleeper". Few people realize it has a very comprehensive genealogy depertment with a full time director on hand to help point you in the right direction in your searches. Microfilm, microfiche, CDs, computers and copying equipment is readily available. There are many reference books touching every facet of genealogy. The library is located at 202 Cedar Street, Abilene, TX 79601- 5720. Genealogy Department telephone: 325-676-6029.

ABILENE REPORTER NEWS - The largest newspaper in the county. Back issues are archived on microfilm in the Abilene Public Library. Both Abilene and local area obituaries are published and have been put online for the past 4 years. Offices of the Reporter News at located at 101 Cypress, Abilene, TX 79601. Telephone: 325-673-4271. Website: www.reporternews.com

ABILENE STATE SCHOOL - Originally established in 1901 as the Abilene Epileptic Colony it was constructed on a 640 acre plot donated by the City of Abilene. In 1925 the name was changed to the Abilene State Hospital but treatment of epileptics remained the sole function of the facility. The 1957 renaming the facility as Abilene State School also signified the new functions of the institution as a residential center for the mentally retarded citizens of Texas. Currently the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation is in full control of the operation. I included this information because the facility has a fairly large cemetery and while it is closed to the public, persons with relatives buried there can arrange cemetery visits and gather some information about the deceased. You can contact the State School at P. O. Box 451, Abilene, TX 79604 or telephone 325-692-4053.

LDS GENEALOGICAL LIBRARY - Is located at 3325 n. 12TH Street, Abilene, TX 79603. Telephone: 325-672-9291

TAYLOR COUNTY APPRAISAL DISTRICT - County tax appraisals are public record and you may search the records by name or by address. Search may be made at the Taxing Authority offices or online at http://www.taylorcad.org/ . Their offices are located at 1534 S. TREADWAY 79602. Telephone: 325-676-9381

SCARBOROUGH LIBRARY OF GENEALOGY - McMurray College Library, McMurray Station, Abilene, TX 79605. Telephone: 325-793-4692. Provides the History & Biography of South and Southwest Texas.

TAYLOR COUNTY CLERK Records are available and assistance is provided. Copies are made at $1.00 per page. Located in the Taylor County Courthouse, 300 Oak Street, 79602. Telephone: 325-674-1202


     Abilene Funeral Home - 3349 N. 12th Street, Abilene, TX 79603, Telephone 325-672-7400

     Community Memorial Funeral Home - 443 N. 2nd, Abilene, TX 79601. Telephone: 325-677-5246

     Curtis-Starks Funeral Home - 542 East N. 7th, Abilene, TX 79601. Telephone: 325-672-4992

     Elliott-Hamil Funeral Home - 542 Hickory Street, Abilene, TX 79601. Telephone: 325-677-4355

     Elmwood Funeral Home - 5750 South Highway 277, Abilene, TX 79606. Telephone: 325-692-0655

     Fry-Bartlett Funeral Home - 502 Kent Street, Tuscola, TX 79562. Telephone: 325-554-7404

     Girdner-Brown Funeral Home - 111 Elm Street Abilene, TX 79602. Telephone: 325-670-9000

     North's Funeral Home - 242 Orange Street, Abilene, TX 79601. Telephone: 325 677-6246

     Starbucks Funeral Home - 1022 North 2nd Street. Merkel, TX 79536. Telephone: 325-928-4711


The one I like best is found at http://txdot.lib.utexas.edu/select.phtml?urn=urn:utlol:txdot.tctayl01 . This same map is available in three sizes at the Department of Transportation District Office located on Northwest Highway 83, 79601. Telephone: 325-673-3761


      Big Country Squadron Confederate Air Force, 4886 Newman Road, Abilene, TX 79601.
      Telephone: 325-6676-1944

      Buffalo Gap Historic Village - 133 North William Street, Buffalo Gap, TX. Telephone: 325-572-3365

      The Grace Museum - 102 Cypress Street, Abilene, TX. Telephone: 325-673-4587

TAYLOR COUNTY SHERIFF - Telephone: 325-674-1333

WEST TEXAS GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY- Send mail to P. O. Box 2307, Abilene, TX. Meetings are the 3rd Monday of each month at the Rose Park Senior Citizen Center on S. 7th at 6:30 P. M. Guests welcome. President: Terry Bull 325-698-1060
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TAYLOR COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Office in the Taylor County Courthouse, 300 Oak Street, Abilene, TX 79602. Tel. 325-674-1365


 County Coordinator:
Cody Summerlin

Texas State Coordinator:
Shirley Cullum

Assistant State Coordinators: