Taylor County
The State of Texas began keeping Birth and Death Records in 1903. Some counties have some Birth and Death Record Books that go back to about 1850. For the first few years (1903-1925) as many as 20% of the deaths and births were not reported to the state. Birth and Death Indexes (name, date, location) are maintained at the State Archives, Austin, Texas. NOTE: All of the TXGenWeb Project databases shown on this page are located on the Rootsweb.com server so you will leave this website when you access the database. To return to the Taylor County Site, simply use the "BACK BUTTON" on your keyboard.

Texas Vital Record Laws at a Glance
  • Birth Records: Chapter 1192 (Senate Bill No. 861), 78th Legislature, Regular Session (2003) took effect on September 1, 2003. A birth record now becomes public information and available to the public on and after the 75th anniversary of the date of birth as shown on the record filed with the Bureau of Vital Statistics.
  • Death Records: Death records become public information after the 25th anniversary of the date of death as shown on the record filed with the Bureau of Vital Statistics.
  • Marriage and Divorce Records: Both are considered public records and have no time restrictions.



    TAYLOR/DIVORCES 1968-2001

    TAYLOR/MARRIAGES 1968-2002

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