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My main surname is Rains (Raines/Ranes/Reins, etc.). Ignatius Rains is in the Wilkes Co., GA tax lists by 1791. Later, when Elbert Co. is formed from Wilkes a Dabney Rains is located in Elbert Co, and Ignatius is now in Oglethorpe (Ignatius' farm was located on the river where the 3 counties come together). Dabney isn't recorded (as far as I've researched) in any county until 1813 when he later sells a piece of land in 1820 to Gabriel Booth. This deed states:

Elbert Co., GA Deed Book S, 1820-1822 pg. 36 Elbert Co, : 10 July 1820, Dabney Rains to Gabriel Booth, both of sd. co., for $250, on Deep Creek waters in sd. co., 50 acres & 61 acres, adj. each other & in same grant with other land that belongs to Gabriel Booth, refer to 2 deeds recorded in clerk's office. The 1st made by John Collett to Dabney 25 Sept 1813, the 2nd made to Dabney by Robert Kenneday, 11 Mar 1817, in fee simple. (signed) Dabney Rains. Wit: Shelton Oliver, Robt. B. Christian, P.P. Recorded 13 Sept. 1820

I do not know the relationship between Dabney Rains and Gabriel Booth, John Collett, Robert Kenneday, or the witness, Shelton Oliver.

Earlier, in 1808, a deed is recorded, and many of the same names are listed as being associated with Dabney Rains...but there is nothing clear as to the relationship, if any, between them and Dabney.

pg. 39 Elbert Co.: 8 Feb 1808, William Dudley to Robert Kennedy, both of sd. co., for $100, on Deep Creek waters in sd. co., 91 acres. (signed) Wm. (o) Dudley. Wit: Jno. Collet, Nancy Kennedy. Proved...(next page wasn't transcribed).

In later deeds, it seems as though Dabney's mother later married John T. Dudley, and her name was Elizabeth. As to her maiden name, it is unknown, but she may have also been a Rains, and Dabney's father was from a cousin line of Rains'...again, nothing as proof positive has been found as per the last 50 years of research by a couple who has been researching this line.

Ebert Co., GA Deed Book U, 1824-1828 pg. 65 Elbert Co., 28 Oct. 1824, Stephen White to Benjamin Thornton, Jr., of sd co for $300, on Beaverdam Creek waters in sd. co., 61 1/2 acrews, adj. S.E. by Bond and Hilley, N.W. by sd Benjamin Thornton, S. W. by William Pulliam, in fee simple. (signed) Stephen White. Wit: William (x) Hansard, Dabney Raines, John Dobbs, J.P. Recorded 18 July 1825.

Dabney was married to Barbary White, the daughter of Nicholas White who's will was probated in 1805 in Elbert Co. If this Stephen White is related to Barbary, it is unclear at this point.

These are the following deeds located between Dabney Rains, his oldest son, John W. Rains (my husband's direct ancestor), or any of Dabney's 1/2 brothers, the Dudley's.

Deed Book V 1828-1831
pg. 19 Elbert Co.:.. Feb 1828, John T. Dudley to Dabney Rains, both of sd. co., for love and affection to Dabney Rains, my stepson, give 115 acres, in fee simple. (signed) John F. Dudly [this is how it was transcribed in the book.JWR] Test: Martin Deadwyler, Gabriel Booth, J. P. Plat: Dabney Raines 115 acres, adj. Broad River, a branch, James Dudley, Ignatius Dudley, road. No recording date.

pg 19 Elbert Co.: .. Feb. 1828, John T. Dudley to Ignacious Dudley, both of sd. co., for love and affection, to my son, Ignacious Dudley, give 195 acres as above plat, in fee simple. (signed) John T. Dudly. Wit: Martin Deadwyler, Gabriel Booth, J.P. Plat: Ignacious Dudley's 195 acres, adj. Broad River, road. No recording date.

pg 19 Elbert Co.: .. Feb. 1828, John T. Dudley to James Dudley, both of sd. co., for love & affection, to my son, James Dudley, give 95 acres in sd. co., in fee simple. (signed) John T. Dudley. Test: Martin Deadwyler, Gabriel Booth, J.P. Plat: James Dudley's 95 acres, adj. Broad River, Dabney Raines, branch, Penn, John Dudley. No recording date.

pg 222 Elbert Co.: 2 Feb 1830, William Faulkner to John W. Raines, both of sd. co., for $75, on Doves Creek waters in sd. co., 103 acres, adj N.W. by Coleman, S.W. by Darden's heirs, E. by Robert Booth, in fee simple. (signed) Wm. Faulkner. Wit: Gabriel Booth, Ignatius Dudley, Harrison Parham. Elbert Co; proved by Gabriel Booth, 16 Oct. 1830, Burley Andrew, J.P. Recorded 24 Jan, 1831

pg 222 Elbert Co.: 16 Oct. 1830, James L. Dudley to John W. Rains, both of sd. co., for $100, on Broad River waters in sd. co., 95 acres, adj. W. by Dabney Rains, N. by Widow Penn, E. by Isaac G. Mitchell's land formerly John Dudley, in fee simple. (signed) James L. Dudley. Wit: Gabriel Booth, Victor E. Booth, Burley Andrew, J.P. Recorded 24 Jan. 1831

Deed Book W 1831-1835 pg 72 Elbert Co.: 7 Jan 1833, John W. Rains to George S. Butler, both of sd. co., for $75, on Broad River waters in sd. co., 95 acres, adj. James Dudly, W. by Dabney Rains, N. by widow Penn, in fee simple. (signed) John W. Rains Wit: Thos. Johnston, Richard L. Aycock, J.P. Recorded 18 Jan 1833

Pg 75 Elbert Co.: 31 Dec. 1832, Dabney Rains to Wm. H. Moon, both of sd. co., for $200 on Broad River in sd. co., 115 acres, adj. Ignacious Dudley and John W. Rains (signed) Dabney Rains. Wit: A.P. Houston, David R. James, J.P. Recorded 28 Jan 1833

In every census where Dabney can state his place of birth he names VA. Dabney's father is unknown at this moment, but it seems likely that he was related to Ignatius Rains who was from Spotsylvania Co>Caroline Co>Amherst Co>Albemarle Co., VA (all areas where he is recorded to have been taxed or have deeds sold or given to him). However, since Elizabeth Dudley names her first son with John T. Dudley, Ignatius Dudley, it may be that Ignatius Rains was Elizabeth's father, thus the name Ignatius as prevalent among Dabney's descendants. Dabney's mother died sometime after birthing her 4th Dudley child in 1810 in Elbert Co., GA. John T. Dudley remarried after Elizabeth and then when Dabney was of age he deeded Dabney some land. It has been stated (but not personally researched by myself) that Elizabeth was listed as Mrs. Elizabeth Rains on her marriage certificate, so it's not exactly clear if she was married to a Rains and then was a Rains, or had another maiden name and married a Rains.

All of these surnames seem to be related to Dabney Rains in some sort of capacity: White, Dudley, Booth, Moon, Mitchell, Faulkner, Kennedy, Collett, Thornton, Oliver, and Penn.

Dabney moved from GA in about 1837 and went to Cherokee Co., AL where he is located until late 1850. He died in Marshall Co., AL where many of his children went to live right before the Civil War. My husband's ancestor, John W. Rains, stayed in Cherokee Co., AL and for the following 5 generations there has been a Rains born in Cherokee Co. from this line. Some of our sons were born in the neighboring Etowah Co, AL...but who knows what will become of the 7th generation!

I know this is much more than what was asked for...but I was hoping to give you more of a background in order to be able to understand that there are some surnames with which I do not know the relationship with Dabney Rains that should be kept close to Dabney somehow.


Jill Watters Rains

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